Thursday, May 10, 2012

Police Story

So I drive to UVU (My local University) around 7 pm and as I'm driving there I notice two people being pulled over by cops in different places. While at UVU I see someone out the window get pulled over by a cop. As I walk out to my car around 11 pm I see a police car drive past me. As I drive to the gym I see yet another person get pulled over. So at the gym I'm like, "Ah today must be a quota day. I oughta' be really careful on my drive home." As I leave the gym around 1 am I think, man I'm hungry I could go for a sandwich so I head down to Smiths in Provo. I was driving the speed limit the whole way and as I make my way down bulldog avenue I pull up to the stop light at 500 North. Across from me in the left turn lane is a police officer. There is no one else around and I'm thinking, this guy is going to pull around and pull me over for some stupid shit even though I've done nothing wrong. Then like a bat out of hell or for me a guarding angel 3 blocks behind me at the other stop light this guy with his brights on comes barreling down the road. This light is awful cause it stays red for like 2 minutes and only switches to green for like 15 seconds so I figured he wanted to get there before it switched on him. He drives super fast pulls into the left turn lane (with his brights still on) and stops right as the light turns green. He peels off turns left, the cop turns on his lights and turns right pulling him over and effectively saving me from getting pulled over.