Thursday, March 01, 2012


The only thing of note I did for leap day was that I did some blog hopping. Back when I originally created this blog back in 05, that's primarily what I did. The funny thing is, most of the early readers of this blog and if you identify yourself under the old categories of either 100 Hour Board people or Blue Beta people I met you because of blogging. And I met a lot of really cool people due to that. But basically what I did was I would start with a friend look through their friends and see what their friends were writing and if I had anything to say I would comment when I felt like it.

Funny thing is maybe this is too strange now. The internet is a much different beast then it was 7 years ago. Last night in doing this I went to a couple of friends blogs, clicked on their friends, read random stuff, happy blogs, depressed blogs, blogs on love, philosophies, movies, travel. There were two blogs which felt eerily similar to my own life a couple years ago and I wrote lengthy comments. I got on this morning and found one of them deleted the comment which I'm not surprised about, I actually probably would have deleted the comment to. If some random person wrote some comment about life getting better though still sucking in some ways I'd probably be like, "Crazy person 12 o'clock."

In 2005 I did this and made some of my best friends at the time. I didn't really believe the internet could produce those kind of results. Some of those friends I never did meet in person but we became blogging buddies and commented back in forth. There's one girl in Alabama that we talked about life for a good 3-4 years. I quit blogging sometime around 09 or so, it was when I had moved back to Utah from Boston and resumed my college career. At the time I was so focused on school that a lot of things like blogging didn't really seem important anymore. But in the past couple months I've been itching to write things again even if it was just simple thoughts, things about nothing. And as such I started blog hopping again. There's a cool local buddhist girl that I found, a gay dude that loves silent film, and a girl at BYU that does sculpture that I've found so far. All besides the ones I commented on last night.

So if I commented on your blog last night and you're coming here and you're like who the hell is this guy that wrote on my blog. I'm some wacky fellow who's nearing the end of his college life in Utah. I do know and am friends with someone you know (Or at least you know blogging-wise), but I haven't met you in real life. I'm as you can see a long winded guy who writes really fast. Most people would look at this blog post and be like man he must have spent an hour, it's only been 8 minutes now. It's just my morning streaming thoughts.

I like you blogging friends, I've found since I was gone most people don't check their readers any more as I didn't for a good couple years so there's only a smattering few of you. And you are awesome.

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Shinobi said...

I think I'm among the worst bloggers ever. I don't think I've blogged about anything, other than a little rant against the IT department, in about 2 years. I do enjoy other people's blogs quite a lot, though.