Sunday, February 19, 2012


One of the worst things about living in Utah is that all the gyms close down on sundays. This kills me because it's a lot easier for me to keep something up on a daily schedule and sometimes on tuesdays or wednesdays because I'm doing school I can't go to the gym. So by missing one of those days I just lose another day and can only do 5 days a week instead of 6. If Golds Gym was open on sundays I could go and be awesome. The closest one that is open is the one off of Van Winkle in South Salt Lake (murray maybe? I don't know suburb names up there) but that one is only open from 8 am to 4 pm. So if I happen to wake up at 3 pm then that no gym for the day.

I'm not complaining today however because I'll likely be laying in bed most of the day. There is a golds in orem that is open 24 hours but then on saturday night it closes at midnight and monday morning opens at 5 am and then stays open until midnight saturday. That's the one I tend to go to, it's not the closest but it serves my needs. So often if I want to do a saturday workout I have to plan for in the day or right before midnight so if I'm doing some sort of social party then no gym on saturday. Last night a bunch of my friends went to see Dave Foley do stand up, I was also invited by another friend to go see the oscar nominated shorts in salt lake, but as I spent too much money last week and know I will be spending a bunch of money next week (Jimmy's Karaoke birthday party! on Saturday and Oscar night at Brewvies on Sunday) I knew I didn't have the funds to do either thing. So last night I thought I'll go to the gym and get a good workout in. At about 8:30 my mom was like, "Hey I'm gonna watch Moneyball, you wanna watch it with me?" And of course I wanted to since i haven't seen it.

One thing that may surprise those that don't know my parents is they both have excellent taste in movies. Of course they do come to me first on most of their decisions to make sure something isn't over the top gory. We watched Drive the other day and didn't realize it had very sudden moments of over the top gore. There was one scene and I won't really spoil it, but if the first gore scene were the only gore scene I think the movie would have been better because it would have been one moment of insane terror to juxtapose the rest of the movie. I did like the movie even though it was quite weird. My dad is super into foreign movies, I probably would not have seen the beautiful French movie Jean De Florette if not for him.

My mom does prefer action movies but she also likes sci-fi which is fun as well. But both of them are always willing to watch oscar nominated films. So yeah we watched moneyball which i do think should win for sound editing. Then the movie ended at about 10:40 so I knew I had one hour to do the gym for the night. So I got on the elliptical and let the music decide how fast I would go. Often I'll just put my ipod on random and run to the music and see where it takes me, well if you read the title you can probably guess what happened. Here are some of the songs I ran to last night, you don't need to listen to all of them but you'll just find they are all quite fast paced. But if you're looking for some new music these are a good mix of decently fast songs. (apparently I don't know how to embed.)

We Are Scientists -- The Great Escape

Chiptuned Rockman -- Shadow Man Remix

Dj Satomi -- Waves

The Pillows -- Come Down

Apocalyptica -- Drive

Stratovarius -- Forever Free

Now click on the last one and listen to about 30 seconds and then see that it is a 6 minute long song and that it doesn't slow down at all. I clocked in 4 miles in 40 minutes and at the end was completely drenched in sweat. That last song especially I was pumping my fist as I ran mouthing the words "Forever Free!" It was pretty epic. Regardless I don't think I'll be moving much today because I am insanely sore. I'm a bit behind on my chinese movies class so it'll give me a chance to watch those movies.



Rachel Helps said...

I love We Are Scientists, especially for working out/dancing! I'm checking out the other songs you posted, I think I like DJ Satomi.

Shinobi said...

I totally forgot how awesome the Pillows are!!

Shinobi said...

and Stratovarius reminds me of Dragonforce.