Thursday, May 14, 2009


Two guys sit with their laptops.

1: Dude, the coordinated content this week is Penguins.
2: I love Puffins.
1: Yeah, they're so cool, all black and white and wait, what?
2: Puffins, they're awesome.
1: No dude, the coordinated content is on Penguins.
2: Did you know in New England they have their own cereal?
1: Penguins?
2: It's called Puffins. It's so delicious.
1: Dude, we're not talking about Puffins here, you gotta think of something about Penguins.
2: Okay so two Puffins walk into a bar...
1: Are you even listening to me?
2: Yeah dude, I've been listening to every word you've been saying. The coordinated content this week is on Puffins.
1: Penguins!
2: Yeah, Puffins.
1: Dude seriously. This is getting ridiculous.
2: What is? You don't want to do the coordinated content?
1: Of course I do!
2: Well then I'll leave you be, come up with something awesome for Puffins and we'll read each other's when we're done.
1: Alrighty, we'll do that.
2: Yes I am looking particularly attractive today thanks.
1: Um I didn't say that.
2: Dude, don't be down on yourself, there has to be a second place.
1: Okay seriously now you're starting to piss me off.
2: Look if you want me to write you a second Puffin piece I can do that.
1: Augh!
2: Dude, calm down. I don't know what you're getting mad at me for.
1: Bloom County.
2: Huh?
1: Bloom County, Opus, what is he?
2: A Penguin.
1: and we're doing coordinated content on...
2: Puffins. Okay, seriously you're creeping me out, good luck.

2 leaves the room.

1: I will kill him one day.

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