Wednesday, April 23, 2008

11:30 on a Tuesday Night

I was heading home from a good ol' time at a friend's place in Cambridge Mass this evening past when as I was leaving I came to realize I had not been to the facilities in a good long while. Being as how I was already a bit down the road from said friend's house I didn't really want to head back, however I have found it notorious in Boston so far to have no pubic bathrooms anywhere. There are none in any bus station, all stores do not have them even if you offer them money to use it. No can do, store policy. Well tonight I was at Harvard square thinking about just getting on the train to head home when I thought about going around the block and seeing if I couldn't find a bathroom somewhere. I found myself in an alley way that was under construction, I didn't see any stores around so I was about to go back to the street when I heard the most serene sound of a lone harmonica resonated through amazing acoustics of the alleyway. I decided to investigate and I found a homeless man with a push cart, he was blowing an amazing tune into his harmonica as a college student hippy kid strummed along with his guitar. I decided to sit around and have a listen. I sat in the road and listened as these two musicians played the blues together. The Harmonica man would play and then drop his harmonica and sing the blues. I put my bag behind my head and I lay down in the street looking up at the starry sky, just thinking about life as two random musicians played the blues together in the middle of a really well acousticed alley way. After they played for a bit they stopped and we talked about this and that, the man with the harmonica has encountered the boy strumming his guitar and asked if he could play with him. Neither had seen each other before. For but a moment, or maybe around 5-10 minutes, I was able to find a truly serene moment in an otherwise busy city. I hope next time I too will have an instrument to play.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thought of the day

"Don't give up just because now it doesn't look right."

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Today I had my first really big case of homesickness. I mean it's better that I'm out here. I'm eating better, I'm exercising more, I'm losing weight, I'm independent, have a god job and overall I'm happier then usual. But man I miss my friends right now.