Monday, March 31, 2008

This past week

I started last week with a sore throat monday morning and a throbbing head ache. I knew it was just the first sign that I was going to have a tough week ahead. I had been given my schedule for training, a whoping 54 hours of work. All interspersed throughout the days. For instance I would work a ten hour shift, be given 8 hours of time to go home and sleep and then start again with a 3 hour shift, 5 hour break during the day and then another 9 hour shift to finish out the evening. The schedule they gave me turned out to be literally impossible for me to be on time to all my shifts and be able to live where I'm currently living. After talking it over with my dad we decided the best possible action, though expensive would be to get a room at the inn in town. The week was about as hard as I had imagined but not so much because of the hours but because the sore throat I mentioned earlier never went away. I'd wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to sleep until I had relieved the throat somehow. But I did it, somehow I was able to survive the week and finally it was Saturday. My week had finished and I had survived, I had cursed the heavens but I still had survived. Saturday was an excellent day, full of fun and falling down, but the sore throat stayed. Finally on sunday I woke up to having no voice what so ever. I stayed home all day, lying down through most of it and trying to get as much sleep as possible and now here it is on monday and the sore throat has finally passed. I am so relieved. I start my first actual non-training shift tonight and I am actually quite excited. The job looks to be super fun when it's not my whole life, which it had to be last week. The eleven kids in my division are really fun. All autistic and all around 17-19 years old. One of the kids who apparently has this special way of showing you he approves of you, I'm only the second person ever of staff working there that he's done it to, and the first person was there for 6 months before he did it to him. So that makes me feel all kinds of happy. Also it's really cool being a minority when it comes to my co-workers. Only about 8 white people work there, and none in my division. Mostly African-Americans and Japanese. 

The other good news is I know I've lost some weight, I haven't been able to weigh myself but some pants which fit me in Utah are already starting to get loose enough that I need a belt. My goal is to be able to get onto a frisbee league in the summer and be able to keep up with everyone else. 

The difference in life more me has been like night and day from Utah to here. It's really nice to experience new things. Still I hope everyone is doing well and I'll let you know when I will come out and visit.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

R.I.P. Dave Da Bull

Update on Jon in Boston.

Many are probably wondering how I am doing now that I am in Boston. Well let's get the formalities out of the way. I got the job so I am here for good. I had an interesting day last Saturday. I flew the whole time with a four hour layover in Denver which is now my favorite airport. Then I spent the rest of the weekend with a rental car and staying at my uncle's place and going to the interview. Now however I am living in my apartment without a fourth wall. I have to wait a week before I can have a fourth wall. Everyone is allowed to look into my life. I know people are going to say, "What on earth is he talking about?" Well my room is technically a living room, and it has two doors, one to the kitchen bathroom area and one to the mini study which goes to the bedroom. Both doors are next to each other at one side of the room. So by putting up a fourth wall it would make that part into a hallway. This was supposed to be done last sunday but the dude who was going to do it got the flu, so I have to wait a week and live without a fourth wall. 

On Sunday I was walking along after church on my way to visit Eleka and this old man walking his dog struck up a conversation with me. I obliged and we started talking, it wasn't long until a second man walking his dog joined us and we were just talking about this and that when the old men started talking about work and how they were both Harvard Law Professors. Then the conversation turned to the economy and politics. It was really quite interesting. They both assumed I was a Harvard student as one of them even told me to go talk to a specific professor. 

Today I went exploring and I did a figure eight with public transportation. More like a figure eight lollypop on a giant stick. I found out how to get to my work, which requires a bus ride, then a train ride and finally another bus ride. It's a good trip as long as my ipod is charged.

Ikea is officially one of my least favorite stores on the planet. It was designed by a marketer who knew what he was doing and how to properly get the most money. See unless you know the layout of the store, then you get stuck going in this maze which takes you over every possible nook and cranny of the store before getting to the end. I had gotten what I wanted in the first 5 minutes and was ready to go and found out I had to go to the Marketplace, so I follow the arrows it says to go to the Marketplace. I ended up walking for 30 minutes cause I was with my great uncle who is slow because of his age. If I had known the layout of the store and had been able to knock out one placed wall it would have taken 3 minutes. But alas they want us to look at EVERYTHING before you leave. It's great for those with money and can spend all day there, but man it was so bloody annoying. Next time I have to go there, I go alone and I bring rollerblades. 

So there you are, the highlights of the trip so far... Oh and one more thing. My subject line. Yeah, that's currently spray painted on the sidewalk outside of my apartment! Boo Yah. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

In Case You Haven't Heard Yet...

I'm moving to Boston on Saturday. The Saturday that is three days away. Bye Utah!

Monday, March 03, 2008


no wonder I haven't received a call, the lady in charge went on a two week vacation after getting my application. So now I have to wait until the 6th of March. This really is the most I've had to wait in a long while and I'm not enjoying it too much. Yarrgh, Jon Smash!

Saturday, March 01, 2008


I love fortune cookies, mainly due to the fact that the fortunes seem to work out for me. For instance my brother came home with one about a month ago, I forgot about it and found it two weeks later still in the packaging. I opened it, did the ritual of eating the whole cookie before reading the fortune and the fortune said, "You will receive something important in the mail." I had not ordered anything, but I thought nothing of it until 15 MINUTES later when my mom opened the door from up stairs and said she had just gotten the mail and I had gotten a package. It was from my aunt with some useful technology stuffs that she didn't need. Keen!

So the other day I got another one, and it actually gave me a good answer to something in which I wasn't sure how to go about doing. I should have followed the fortunes advice cause I think I didn't, and I think I may have screwed it up. Crap. (Note: This doesn't have anything to do with Boston Job Hunting, so it's okay, not a big deal in that sense.)

Moral, always do what the cookie tells you, cause it's so tasty.