Monday, February 25, 2008

Day 2 Part 2

On my trip to Boston, I had a friday in which from noon until 6:30 pm I had nothing to do. So I decided to go out and wander. I left my hotel in the middle of downtown and was curious to figure out the transportation system. I was told the entrance to "The T" was next to a cheesecake factory and so in walking around I did find the cheesecake factory and then found the T. The T is this magnificent train/subway system for Boston and the suburbs all around. I found my way around pretty quickly and found myself leaving town on the red line. I was going to a friend's place at 6:30 who was at the end of the red line, so when I got to Harvard Square I decided to get off and explore Harvard and the surroundings. I walked around Harvard campus for about half an hour checking out the buildings and having a surprise nodding with none other then Christopher Walken. I found the film library which was one of the places I really wanted to find, found when and where they show student films and independent films as well. I found myself wandering around town until I got to a theater. A theater in which plays are performed and I decided to survey the local free magazines. It's been a while since I've been able to get free interesting magazines. Not since Nick Bryner lived in Colorado and would bring out to me a year's supply worth of Onion News Papers which he would get two of each issue that came out. 

I then walked along and ran into a homeless man named Gary, he gave me this crooked half smile and then said, "Hello there, you look like an interesting fellow." As do you I replied back and we ended up having a wonderful conversation, I said I was an out of towner hoping to move here and I was just wandering around for the day. He very closely guessed I was from Colorado, and then I told him he was one state off in Utah. He told me all the cool things to do around Harvard campus, some places I should check out while wandering. It was a nice conversation, but at some point we were done, we nodded and I headed on my way. 

I went to a medium class restaurant called "Au Bon Pain". It was a weird name for me as it seemed French but yet, since I didn't know French, all I thought was it had the word Pain in it. That intrigued me a little, but also the entire place was packed to the brim. So I decided to give it a chance. As is usually customary for me when it comes to new eateries I tend to get the Chicken Noodle Soup, also I was feeling like having my stomach being settled and there's nothing like Chicken Noodle Soup to calm my achy tummy. I asked for a bread stick as well and then was asked an impossible question. What kind of bread? I froze. Now dear readers, do not misinterpret here, most would think from this question that I have a hard time making choices, I do not. However I am quite ignorant when it comes to types of breads. I had no idea, I knew I didn't want pure wheat, but I didn't know what the other choices were. So I fought back. What are the choices? She froze. Obviously a question she doesn't get that often. She looked at the breads and said, "Uh... Well you know..." She clearly didn't know what to do, so I said, "Just grab one, doesn't matter which one." They grabbed one, and it was good. 

When trying to find a seat, I had to do two run throughs before I finally found an empty seat. It was by the window. I sat facing the window and began my soup. I eavesdropped a little cause I'm always interested in hearing proximity conversations. Two girls in their early 20s were telling each other about their lesbian girl friends and how neither of them had seemingly found the right ones. Both were figuring out how to break it off, I couldn't tell whether they would be getting together because they never mentioned anything of the sort, already implied? A man and a woman got into an argument first about whether the song playing in the background was a Bob Dylan song, and then whether or not Bob Dylan was any good. Then a man passed who looked like a in his 40s Bob Dylan. They chuckled as did I. When the conversations died I went to my book and started reading, but shortly after I started reading a dear old lady named Rose came over and asked me if this seat was taken. I said it was not and I'd be delighted if she sat there. We had a very nice conversation, she asked me if I was going to Harvard, I told her I was from out of town hoping to move in, this was my first time at the Au Bon Pain and she then told me how she comes here about 3 times a week for the past 20 or so years, however long it's been open. I told her I was from Utah and she told me she'd never been past New York. She gave me a bite of her sugary treat, I'm still not sure what it was, but it was delicious. We talked for about an hour and then I thought it best for me to be on my way. 

When I left the establishment I went in a different direction then I had previously, I found a free books table. I didn't find any I wanted at that moment and continued on. After about 5 blocks who did I run into but Gary! The homeless man from earlier. He gave a hearty belly laugh and said, "You weren't lying when you said you were wandering." He told me about the improv scene in Boston, I told him I was planning on checking it out and finding a group I liked and figuring ways to join them, and he told me he could tell I was one of those types, and if I ever did do a show that I should wander around again and give him an invite and he would come just like that. We talked also on alcohol, he told me about a good bar and I told him I've never drank. He was stunned and then smiled, "Let me guess, you never have the money for it." He laughed. I did too. "It's true" I said, "I never have enough money, and I've always figured alcohol to be an investment. I need a job before that can happen." I could tell he was delighted that I had no steady source of income but yet I was still so high on spirits. He told me I needed to come by and wander around again the next time I came out if I got the job to let him know how I was doing. I promised I would and then we went our separate ways. Shortly after that Darcy said she was on her way, I waited a little while, she arrived and we headed to Katie's place for the start of the third part of a wonderful day.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The True Meaning of Valentine's Day

One of my best friends wrote this last year and I thought I'd let everyone know the true meaning of Valentine's Day.

This year lets talk origins.

Todays modern holidays closest antecedent was the ever delightful Lupercalia
festival. Actually predating Rome, its original god(dess) of worship is
unsure; however most agree that it represents a time of purification and joy
in the coming year. So what did they do? Same things we do today ; a little
cleaning, a few parties, and blood sacrifice.

Now, back in the day, there is little doubt that this was a human sacrifice,
but by the time Remus and Romulus are suckling ol' Mama Lupas teat (I'm not
being gross or metaphorical here people; its history, learn it) the yearly
sacrifice is a goat and one or two dogs. One of the Luperci, a powerful
order of Roman priests, was lead naked to a cave in Palantine Hill (said to
be the same site of afore mentioned suckled Lupa teat ) where the sacrifices
were made. The blood of the sacrifice was wiped on the forehead of the
priest with the sacrificial knife, while the priest laughed. This was
actually part of the ritual. To be jovial was a sign that the gods were
pleased and therefore approved. Vestial virgins then wiped the blood off of
the priests forehead with cotton dipped in milk, after which the priests
loins were covered with part of the goats skin and the rest was made into a
many thonged whip.

Now here's where it gets interesting.

The whip is dipped in blood and the priest runs a specific path thru the
city, whipping and getting good old fashioned sacrificial blood on everyone
he passes, but most especially the women as its supposed to make them pure
and fertial. Naturally, women line the path of the loin-cloth whipper priest
for the blessing of a good bloody fertial whipping. It was considered the
highlight of the festival. After that a large container, holding the names
of all the single women in the area was brought out. All the single men drew
a name and that girl became the young mans lover, for the day, for the year
and sometimes for life. (this is probably the origin of the Valentines day
card). The date this occurred? February 15th.

Why the change? The Christians found the holiday distasteful and tried to
christianise it. They found a saint (three actually) and changed the date to
the 14th, most likely do to Chaucers love birds. And what of all this? Well
geeze people, either look it up yourselves or wait til next year.

The point here is to you ladies. If your particular valentine seemingly
"forgot" a gift or date on the 14th and then "remembered" on the 15th, why
he just an old fashioned love sick nostalgic.

Probably the same if he brought a whip.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gone for one week

So I've kept this sorta quiet from everyone, and it's one reason why I haven't posted on my blog cause my past two months has been sorta dedicated to this. So in the past two months I've been applying for jobs in Human Services in the Boston Massachusetts area. I'm actually headed out there tomorrow Feb. 13th and staying until the following Tuesday as I have a job interview out there and I'll be visiting friends and checking out apartments and the like. If I get the job then the plan is to fly back to Utah, pack up things and finish up stuff for about a week and a half and then move out there for good. If I don't get the job well then I'll just keep trying to get going out there with the other apps and I do have some possible things going on in Utah that I can have fun with. So that's the plan, I'm headed to Boston for a week and it's going to be awesome as I love new things, the one disappointing thing however is I have to cut my hair. I'm not buzzing it this time but I am taking a couple inches off. So wish me luck as this could be the start of the new chapter in my life.