Monday, January 28, 2008

An Interesting Night

I've had an interesting night. I know I haven't been writing on here much, but I won't apologize, so there. So right about the first of the month I suddenly got super sick, it was right around the time I decided to eat healthier and exercise more. I was sick for about eight days straight which is not something that happens to me often, usually if I'm sick, I'm sick for a day maybe a day and a half. This sickness can be described as a feeling of exploding. I finally got better on the day I went to the doctor. I went a couple of days then saturday I got a letter from the doctor saying after all the tests they couldn't find anything wrong with me. Then today I wake up with a relapse of the sickness again. So I was stuck inside all day.

But here's where it gets interesting. I'm rewatching the last episode of the Third Season of Lost when with just a minute left I get an email from facebook of someone inviting me to a group dedicated To the Passing of Gordon B. Hinckley. Literally a couple seconds later another email comes in from an old friend, one in which I've been friends with and still considered myself to be friends with since the age of about 12. It's a letter which I shant go into just that it's saying of said friends need to be away from his friends for a while as he's going through many tough times. I didn't even really have time to register Hinckley's death before this dire letter came in. Suddenly I'm a mix of emotions. Not sure where I'm to take it. I quickly wrote a reply to the friend and then turned on my DVR to a talk by President Hinckley from the past General Conference.

It was a good night though because I was able to talk and hash out some things with at least three other friends, about what had just transpired. It was nice to get my thoughts in order and I'm glad I could talk with them about it.

It's funny cause the past month due to being sick a lot, I've been holed up in my house for a majority of the month, and I've been going slightly stir crazy because of it. I had almost forgot that life still goes on without me, and then to have it all roll in, in one fell swoop was a nice wake up call and a good amount of time to reflect.

You were good to me President Hinckley, you'll be missed. Yet thinking about it, if I were to lose those good friends, the best, I'd be even sadder then I am today. I know from today, that my friends do influence me more then any other source. They're important, and I want them to know that. Thanks friends.