Friday, December 26, 2008

Do You Have The Time?

A very short surreal film.

The camera is done in perspective of a man's eyes. A cookie is shown being bought by this man at an airport terminal. He sits down and starts to eat his cookie. A man next to him is talking. He seems to be talking on one of those phones which are lodged in the ear. He talks for a while longer, notices the man and turns his head to the right looking directly at it him and asks for the time. On the left side of his face where his ear and the phone should be is another face talking right back to the first face. The scene quickly cuts to black.


Friday, December 05, 2008

Media Extravaganza

As you all should know by now I am into Media as a whole. Oh dear me goodness. My best group of friends being the film group of which are the most common readers of this blarg are as well. Well for those who do not know, they may be surprised at the current media I am going headstrong into.

Video Games started from an early age and has always just been a constant in my life, right now I have less need for it except in certain exceptions such as Kingdom Of Loathing and Civilization 4.

Music was the first in which I fell totally headstrong into. I went nuts collecting and finding so many different types of music. I still have a need to find but I have much less of one then I used to. Every once in a while there will be an exception but not too often anymore.

Movies have been a constant one as well though I've gone in and out at times.

Television started from a young age but has become probably my biggest one overall.

But here's the one which is the current one which I've gotten into. Comic Books in Trade paperback form. Over the next couple of posts I am going to get into each of the series I have been reading. Stay Tuned.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Face

A bunch of friends are chatting in a regular living room when the door knocks and a guy walks in. He nods to everyone then sits down, everyone is talking to each other but one by one they do a double take on the guy and then just stare at him.

Guy: Hey everyone, how's it going?
Girl 1:Uh, Hi Jeff.
Jeff: What's happenin'?
G1: Nothing, you look different.
Boy 1: Yeah, did you get a haircut?
Boy 2: No, there's something more about him.

Jeff gives off a smile and winks.

G1: Holy crap!
B1: What?
G1: Jeff has a face!

Everyone shows their realization. And make some sort of exclamation.

Jeff: Guilty, guilty. Yup I got a face.
G1: But you're the faceless man!
Jeff: Yeah but I was feeling like a change.
G1: How are you going to do your job?
Jeff: Oh I quit.
B1: But you're going to be noticed in a crowd!
Jeff: Yeah I've been self conscious about that.
B2: What really brought about this change?
Jeff: Well, my girlfriend wanted something to kiss.

All: Oh!

They all shake their heads.

B1: Women.


Monday, November 24, 2008

What Have You Been Working On?

I'm having some trouble with daily content, mostly I need ideas on stuff. But in the interim I've been writing more long form. What have I been writing?

My Super Hero Novel
A Badass Fantasy Novel
A D&D Musical

So if anyone has ideas, just give me a topic and I'll write about it. Gimme gimme gimme.

Friday, November 21, 2008

World Of Goo

Sorry no post today, being distracted by World of Goo.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

He's a Magic Man

A man sits alone in a room, he looks bored out of his mind, playing cards are scatted everywhere and he's wearing some Magician type outfit. He keeps throwing cards every once in a while.

M: I am so bored....

The camera pans around the room there is a door at the end of the room, it is shut. The camera pans back to the man.

M: When I took this gig I thought there would be fame, fortune. Not to just be turned into some kind of robot, having to wait here all day until fate came knocking at my door. I mean what could be out there? All manner of magic, cards, maybe even rabbits jumping out of hats, and yet here I am, stuck in here, all by myself. Just waiting, waiting, waiting.

He continues to throw cards randomly when suddenly an alarm goes off. He gets up excited.

M: Finally!

We here the door open and suddenly some 8-bit music starts to play/ The camera pans back to show a blue suited man walk in. The sinister music ends with a meter in the top right side of the screen going up and theme music begins to play. Magician Man throws his cards and the Blue man, but the screen is paused, he chooses Filibuster and turns into a Red White and Blue man. The action resumes and he shoots his blaster throwing a pulpit at Magician Man defeating him and making him disappear. The Blue Man turns back into Blue and jumps into the air victorious.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Breaking My Arm

Have you ever broken your arm?

It hurts you know, breaking an arm.
You fall on it and it breaks
then you have to spend months waiting until it heals.

You know what hurts worse then a broken arm?

Breaking it again.
Though not technically true
usually it hurts about the same amount

But then why would it hurt worse?

Well because it's all in your head
You know the pain that goes with it already
the long and slow recovery that is ahead.

Wouldn't the first time have hurt that same way?

Well not really as you don't know
the journey which is ahead of you
and you have an air of mystery

So what happens when you break it the third time?

Well then it's just getting old
You get bored with the process
it just hurts the same and you never see the end

And the fourth?

Don't even get me started
now you just don't even want to go out
You're done with the whole thing


Well haven't you been paying attention?
Breaking your arm requires that you be doing something
which has some amount of movement to it.

You want to just lie in bed?

You think you do
But then you don't
Does that make sense?

No. I thought I was asking the questions?

I thought I was you
when did we become
two separate entities.

Around the second or third stanza, what was the point to all this?

Oh it was supposed to become a metaphor
about life and love and all that comes with it
and failure over and over again.

Isn't that sorta dumb?

Yeah well poetry is dumb sometimes
deal with it alright?
Just be glad you exist at all.

Are you high?

Yes I am high.
Now go away I have something
better to do.

Like what?

Oh I don't know
ending this poem
by breaking my arm.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's Him!

Two friends are walking down the road. They both stop and look into the distance.

1: Hey isn't that?
2: Yeah i think it is.

The camera pans around to show a man very rigid talking to some people, some of the people are interested, some are walking away. Cut back to the two friends.

1: Hey let's go check him out.
2: Yeah I've never seen him out and about like this.

The two friends run up to this man who is spouting off information.

Man: and as such, both groups are thoroughly dedicated to ensuring that the changes involved are decidedly non-violent, entirely optional, and beneficial to as many people as possible.

Another person listening in interjects.

Person: Biology!

Man: Biology, is the study of life and a branch of the natural sciences which studies living organisms and how they interact with each other and their enviroment.

Cut back to the friends.

1: Holy crap it is him.
2: You're right it's...

Cut back to the man.

1 & 2: Wikipedia Man!

The Man and the friends are left alone.

1: So what if I want to edit something?

Man: Well you'll have to give me your log in name and password. If you don't have one you can also register, just tell me your name and your password twice so I know you have it, and then you're in.

2: Wikipedia Man, you're so cool.

Man: I know. I know.

Wikipedia smiles.

You've asked for it!

Now you're going to have it. Here is the beginning of Daily Content part 2!

(Note due to work schedules if I miss a day in the days of monday through wednesday, do not worry, it's only cause I didn't access the internet!)

This second run is thanks in part by John and William!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Today marks

The first absolutely successful time in which I was able to switch from a day to a night schedule in one day. I haven't been able to do that without two days before.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cool Weekend

One of my best friends from home is coming up to Boston this weekend. Freda and I will have some fun me thinks.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

The first ever, write your own ending contest!

I have a screenplay here and I'm not sure how to end it, I've come up with a couple of ideas but it is up to you the reader to give me an ending and then the best one will be chosen, so please, submit ideas in the comment section after reading this wonderful screenplay!

The Couch

2 men are sitting on a couch, it is currently falling from a great height, going past clouds, the men's hair is going into the air. A third person suddenly poofs onto the last seat on the couch, in the middle seat.

1: Welcome!
2: What on earth? Where in the hell am I?
1: You're on a couch.
2: I can see that, but are we falling?
1: That we are!
2: How can you be so cavalier?
3: He's been like that since I got here.
2: How did we get here?
3: Old Man Johnson.
2: Yeah, I was yelling at him for hitting my kid with his cane.
3: Yeah he's a mean old man.
1: Wheeee!
2: Well what do we do? We're gonna die.
3: I wish, I've been falling on this couch for three weeks.
2: Three weeks? And you said he's been here longer?
3: Yeah he was like that since I got here.
1: I am having so much fun!
2: Okay seriously, we're on a falling couch, how can you be having this much fun.
1: Cause I prefer to see the glass as half full, have fun while it lasts! Wheee!!!!


Where should it go from here? Comment!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Guess what I did today

So I did a lot of stuff at work today. I had a 12 hour shift today because every once in a while we have these 2 hour meetings to get lectured on stuff we already know. So during my regular shift I started work on my fantasy novel which I've had brewin' in my head off and on since elementary school. It's a lot different then the beginnings in elementary school but a lot cooler as I'm writing it as someone who generally thinks fantasy novels suck. But during the 2 hour extra meeting at the end of my shift, I sat in the back and didn't pay attention and made 15 3-panel comics outlined. So when I get on the generator I have them all mapped out already. Oh and I wrote one screenplay but I have no idea how to end it. Maybe I'll post it and see what others think for and ending.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Monday, October 06, 2008


Monday is the day I need to save backlogged stuff and put that up. Why? Well Sunday night Monday morning is always my first day of work that week, which means I'm usually not on the right amount of sleep, and so I have as little energy as it is and so I end up doing nothing productive at work on this day. Monday night however as I've slept all day monday usually tends to be my best night for creative juices. So from the backlog, the second of the comics from the comic sorta series I'm doing on that comic generator. I have 5 in total and I showed the third one first for some reason and then the first one so here's the second.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

First Comic

I've done five comics using the comic generator. This was the first one.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Spiritual Moments at the expense of others.

"I am a child of God, and he has sent me here."

The other day these words made me very angry. So angry in fact that I yelled at a bunch of people.

Wait, let me back up.

It was at the campout I mentioned earlier, one in which was a very creepy place as all of the places were church sites. You could do archery at the Sacred Grove! I had not had much sleep the night before the camp so around midnight I had been awake for 23 hours and was ready to get some sleep. As giant campouts like that go there are lots of campfires and people staying up. Near my tent there was the biggest gathering of people around a campfire, about 40 people singing songs. When I went to sleep even with 40 people, they were quiet enough that it wasn't all that bad. But then at 2 am, I was awoken by the loudest rendition I've ever heard of the song above. After the song was done, the group went into another very loud hymn. I wandered out there and there were only about 10 people, all singing at the top of their lungs these songs. Many had tears during this time. I allowed them to finish their song and then I chimed in.

"Alright, time for you guys to stop, it's 2 in the bloody morning, I don't mean to be a jerk, but you're really loud and if you could take it down a couple of notches I'd really appreciate it, I know you guys are having a really spiritual time and all, but it's not cool to have it at the expense of others."

I walked off and they all went to bed. I showed them.

Friday, October 03, 2008


I found this site a while back and have done a couple of comics on it. It's a fun little thing. Hopefully this time showing off this picture won't get me spammed by a bunch of weird people.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Balls To The Walls

A guy sits in a chair with his computer in front him opened to a page of wikipedia. A guy in a super hero suit is standing behind him.

Guy: Alrighty, I'm logged into Wikipedia, you ready to be immortalized?
Hero: I was born ready.
G: Let's start by putting in your name in the information field.
H: Remember it's Ben "Balls To The Walls" McAllister.
G: I got it Ben, alright, I just have to push next.

and error pops up.

G: You have got to be kidding me.
H: What?
G: There is already an article for a Ben "Balls To The Walls" McAllister.
H: I didn't know I had any fans.
G: No dude, apparently this is some other dude who goes by that name.
H: The reason why I chose this name was so I could get a damned Wikipedia page, and now you're telling me Balls To The Walls is taken?
G: Not just that, the whole thing, Ben "Balls To The Walls" McAllister.
H: Well who in the hell is he?
G: It looks like he's a Bass player for a band out of Nottingham England called "The Fandrastic"
H: Never heard of them.
G: Says here they became locally famous for winning third place in a best new bands tournament and broke up shortly after that.
H: So they're not even famous?
G: Well looks like they're more famous then you.
H: Dammit, well it looks like I need to go find another costume.
G: You know we could just input a bunch of names until one comes up.
H: No! That would be too easy, and it would take away the artistic passion. Someday I will conquer this wikipedia and that day will be a truly great day.

The Hero runs out of frame.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


A guy and a girl are walking together holding each other through a park.

M: I am so glad we finally decided to be together.
W: Oh I know, and isn't the world just so much more beautiful when you're in a relationship?
M: I know exactly what you mean.

They both sigh and continue to walk when a rock is thrown at both of them. They both fall down and a teenager with his shirt off runs past, he has a sack full of rocks and he's holding another rock in his hand. He is giggling as he runs past.

M: Damn that Rodney.
W: Hasn't he sinned yet?
M: Apparently not.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Inspired by a true story...

a couple is stuck in a darkly lit place like a crawl space, some items can be seen on top and below them, they are cuddling together.

W: I can't believe your roommate.
M: Well I did agree to the terms.
W: Yeah but he went way over board on this one.
M: Well I can understand his plight, I mean he is pretty lonely and so he doesn't like seeing other people making out.
W: He should be glad his best friend is happy.
M: Yeah. I mean I don't condone what he did, but when we first got the apartment we did agree to no making out in the front room.
W: Yeah but your room is so messy.
M: I guess I should just keep it clean cause at least this time we know he's serious.
W: Where on earth did he get one of these?
M: Australia I think.
W: Is this a sandwich?
M: Eew, that's gross, maybe he should be the one to clean up.

A light is seen from the top.

Voice: Have you learned your lesson?
M: Yeah, sorry Jeff, we won't make out in the front room again.
V: Alright.
W: Seriously Jeff, how on earth do you have a Magic Bag?

The screen is flipped upside down and the two fall out of the Bag.


Monday, September 29, 2008

2 Men and a beard

2 men in medieval garb are sitting enjoying a cup of some sort of drink in a house. One man has a beard.

Beard: How's the wife?
2: Oh she's great, she got a job as a seamstress.
B: That is good to hear.

They have a silent moment as they both take a drink.

2: I hear you've found a pretty nice job.
B: Oh yeah, it's an amazing job, I can work from home and I really don't have much to do.
2: That must be nice.

Another drink.

B: Yeah what with all the craziness going on out of town I'm sure the shipping business isn't going to well.
2: It isn't we actually lost someone the other day.
B: Terrible.

Another drink.

There is a knock at the door. The bearded man gets up.

B: Excuse me.

He goes and opens the door, a young spry man in green clothing holding a sword and shield is standing outside the door.

B: I am Error.

The bearded man closes the door. He goes to sit down when there is another knock at the door, he goes back opens it, the same spry man is at the door.

B: I am Error.

He closes the door and sits down.

2: That is amazing.
B: Best job ever.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cleaning duties

I had a dream last night in which one of those late night advertisements for some sort of cleaning solution was mixed into my cleaning duties at work. But it was also mixed with high school band stuff. Plus my job occurred in a parking lot.

So basically I had my high school band teacher explain my duties while showing me how a simple rub of his solution could get out any sort of stain.

My dreams, they be messed up.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


5 people all sit around a table wearing cloaks. There is some sort of design in the middle of the table. Candles line the room and the main guy has a book in his hands.

1: Tonight is the night in which we resurrect our God Alvis. It has been said that when the stars are aligned, the mortal ones will bring about the destructor. Here we are on this fateful day to bring you about.

They all start to chant and hold hands. They start to stand and the lights begins to flicker. The table shakes and a sound is heard.

1: Come to us Alvis we await as your faithful servants.

More moans as one of the 5 suddenly breaks the chain falling down, the lights go out. One of the five go over and turn on the light. The one who has fallen now has his head uncloaked and is sitting down reading a newsweek. He looks up from his magazine and says, "I am Alvis."

A: Thanks for ressurecting me.
1: We only live to serve you master.
A: Just so you know, you guys are dumbasses.

There is a painful silence.

A: Seriously did you honestly expect to summon a destroyer and leave with your lives? Don't you watch movies? You summon me, I am freed, I kill you all then go on my own murderous rampage.

Again a silence.

2: But we are here to serve you master.
A: You wanna serve me? Cook me some bacon and eggs, You, go to the store and buy US Weekly, You, go to the store and buy me some two ply toilet paper, I ain't wiping with one ply, and you, (He points at 1) I need you to commit some ritualistic suicide so that I can get some more points on my Xbox Live from Satan.

1: I live to serve.

He quickly grabs a knife and slices his neck falling to the ground.

A: Dammit, I didn't want you to make a mess. Go Go Go, looks like we're going to need a lot more two ply.

Everyone leaves the room.

A: Sigh.

Alvis stands up.

A: I should probably set up an eharmony account.

Fade to black.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Visigods

Band is playing on stage. They are screaming into the microphone and everyone is having a good time. Cut down to two girls at the concert, the song ends and they look drenched in sweat and they look incredibly happy.

1: Oh I love these guys so much.
2: They really are rockin.
1: No I mean I really love these guys. I love The Visigods so much that I want them to have my babies.
2: I do too.

The next song starts.

Cut to the band finishing their last song. They walk off stage.

Guitar: Yeah that was a good show.
Bass: I agree, I think we really rocked them to another planet.
G: Shut up Barry.

They enter their dressing room to find the two girls.

G: How did you get in here?

1: Hey now we're just two of your biggest fans.
2: Yeah please don't kick us out.
G: Alright, I think you can party with us, what do you wanna do?
1: I would like you to impregnate me.

The band stops confused.

1: I want you all to impregnate me so I can have the ultimate Visigod child.

Even the other girl looks at her curiously here.

1: I want to have your babies, so please. Everyone get naked.

There's a pause.

G: Alright!

The rest of the band woo and everyone starts to get naked, the drummer closes the door.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Death Of Superman


2 Doctors are doing an autopsy on superman who is dead on the table.

1: What do you suppose about the soul?
2: The soul? You religious now?
1: Well think about it, we've got someone like Superman here who is supposed to be invincible and he's dead, but let's say he comes back to life, does he still have a soul?
2: Now come on, no one comes back to life.
1: Jesus did.
2: So you are religious then?
1: Well I mean I guess I am, but I've never really gotten into it before, I've just been thinking about it lately what with superman being dead and all.
2: It is a shame, poor supes.

They both sigh and continue to go through his chest cavity.

2: What's this?
1: Hey, isn't that Kryptonite?
2: Yeah it's right next to his heart, it must have been injected.
1: No wonder he's dead. So do you think he'll gain his soul back?
2: That again? Look dude, we'll move the piece out, and he'll still be dead. Plain and simple.
1: I don't know man, he might jump up with his soul back and say, 'thanks for saving me fellas.'
2: I doubt it. Alright here goes.

They pull out the Kryptonite and Superman's torso jumps up.

1: See, i told you so.
Superman: Braiiiiins!

Superman looks at each man and uses his red eye beams to shoot each man, then jumps out of the shot onto one of them and you hear ripping and crunching and then slurping. Fade to black.

In Honor of the Volker

If you have not read his blog please go to my buddies blog.

I've decided because it would help me to exercise my writing and what not to follow suit to the pattern he is doing. At least as far as to post once a day. This post does not count as today's post. Though of course I won't be super serious about it, for that would lose the fun.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Deletion Issue

It's been a long time coming but in the past week I have realized that I no longer enjoy one of the blogs in my reader. I won't say who's it is obviously but it's not yours. (I am fairly certain the person never checks my blog). This person posts a lot and never says anything of which I find to be interesting, in fact as time has gone on I've become more dejected for writing style and writing content of said blog. However, the problem lies in the feelings of doing such a thing. Deleting said blog from my reader feels like a permanent thing, I am fully acknowledging that this person has no more place in my life. Of course this person has never really had place in my life but it still feels like I am betraying something or someone unknown. Perhaps they were to find out, a possible conversation between me (J) and (T)hem could go thusly.

T: I understand you deleted me from your reader.
J: Yes but you must understand, your life is no longer relevant in my scope of understanding.
T: Is a ladybug not still relevant to it's surroundings even if it does not touch the trees.
J: See if you wrote about that I would still tune in.

Thus we see the foils of mankind. Being able to add or delete friends on a whim. But do know that when it comes to judgement I will be able to say, "I thought it through, and I have deleted you with purpose, for it was right in mine eyes."

T: Thanks Jerk Face.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Talent Shows

I went to a campout last weekend where a talent show took place. The camp was at a really creepy place called "Zion's Camp" where there were different church sites miniaturized into little things. For instance you could go do archery at the Sacred Grove. Weee!

I've always been awesome at low key talent shows, and this one was no exception. If only talent shows were lauded by critics then I'd have something to go on. But for this talent show I got up and with a Where's Waldo book, I found Waldo. I did it on three pages.

It went over amazingly well, but what is usually the worst part of doing a talent show is that afterwards everyone who sees you refers to you as the defining characteristic of the talent. Like if I do "I will survive" I become I will survive guy. This time I became "Waldo". Thing is there is a good portion of the population who have no idea they are being dinks, take for instance a random passing, "Hey Waldo, where's your Waldo clothes?"

To this type of person I decided to destroy the dream for, "Can I tell you a secret? In my act I never did find Waldo, it was all a lie."

For those who actually paid attention to my name and said, "Hey Jon, I really liked your talent," I replied, "Thanks, I actually did find him, it was an enjoyable experience."

So be careful dinks of the world, I am out to destroy your dreams.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Helping Little Old Lady

I forgot to mention this but a couple of weeks back. Perhaps it was about 2 months ago. Back when I was still riding the bus daily. I was on my way to work and I was getting off at one of my stops which was a bus station. I got behind a little old lady and decided to take a moment instead of passing her to help her off the bus. It took about 20 seconds. 30 seconds after that I got to my next transfer and there was my bus ahead of schedule pulling out, I had missed it by 20 seconds and I knocked on the closed door to see if the bus driver would let me on (he was stuck from traffic and couldn't yet leave the station). He looked at me and shook his head no. I was late for work.

Moral: Never help old ladies.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Scary Dream

I had a dream last night that due to the popularity of the US television show "The Office", Ricky Gervais decided he needed to resurrect the British Office and make as many episodes as the US one. Luckily I woke up and realized he wouldn't do such a thing.

Screenplays I need to re-write

So my computer died recently and I lost the documents. So to remind myself here is the list of screenplays I wrote which i need to re-write at work.


The Magic Bag


The Haircut

Friday, August 22, 2008


So I posted my latest blog on a cool site I had found. It was very short and sweet and somehow in posting this, I got two quick comments. One from some dude in India who was a comic book writer, and the most messed up Jesus Fanatic I have seen in a very long time. Yeesh.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Busy Week

You'd think with being on vacation that I would have a lazy week but I have almost the whole week full of stuff.

My parents are coming into town.
I have a meeting for the documentary.
Pat and Kristin might come up and Joey is going away.

I think I still have a little bit of time to do nothing, I know I need to go see Tropic Thunder on Wednesday at least!

Thursday, July 31, 2008


So life is going swimmingly, I haven't updated in a while probably because my reasons for having this blog have changed over the years. But anyways here's a list of cool things happening in my life.

I met a girl named Lumina who has put me on as Producer for her Documentary.

I got my work schedule for after the long break and it's exactly the same and my lazy and complaining co-worker got moved to a different division, which is the one thing he said would make him quit, so he's quitting, and so I won't have to deal with him any more.

I have a four week break coming up.

My parents will be moving to Massachusetts in August.

Bad news for Provoians, I won't be out there as long as planned (planned was the entire break), now if I do end up coming out there it'll be for about three days or so.

I've made a bunch of pretty solid friends out here, nothing to the level of the guys yet, but pretty good.

I went and visited Pat in NYC this past weekend and went to a really good Ween concert.

I seriously live in one of the best places ever and even with cost of living and price of gas I'm making more money then I could have in Utah.

Life is pretty good right now and I'm enjoying it.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008

Parents and Moxie

My parents are coming into town today. I've been awake far too long and really should be sleeping but I need to go to the RMV (It's what Massachusetts calls the DMV, but for some reason they like changing it to R. Like a pirate car place.

We're going to make a movie called Dial M for Pirates, it's about a bunch of illiterate pirates.

Anyways, it'll be nice seeing my mum and pop again, they're out here specifically for an interview as my parents may be moving to MA in the next couple of months. How weird would that be? That I moved to Boston and then they moved out after me because they wanted to still be in my life. Ha. What this also means is I'll have a car. I will only be using the car for going to and from work and for those once in a while trips to Maine or Vermont. Speaking of which!

July 11th and the 12th is the Moxie Festival in Lisbon Maine and I am going to go no matter what but I would love to get a couple of people who wanna come for a road trip! Let me know if you're interested, it's a super fun festival and you get super cool t-shirts and stuff too! Moxie for everyone!

Edit: Maine also has some of the absolute best thrift store shopping and photograph taking spots I have ever been to, so that will likely be a part of the one to two day trip as well!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


You know it's funny, but this same thing happened at 100 and 200 posts, I would stop at 99 and 199 and think of ways to commemorate the amount of posts I was on, and then I would never do it, until I did something like this where I just had to come on and say it was the 300th post so that I could get back on with my life and post about less dramatic things. So here it is. Post number 300. Awesome.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

One of those nights you never forget.

I had thought of how I was going to celebrate my 300th post on my blog. This is actually 299 and I wanted to do some sort of, "IN preparation for..." However, this past night was so interesting and weird that I really need to write it down while it's still fresh in my mind. Let's start with the whole day, so my day started a whole 22 and a half hours ago. I woke up at 4 in the morning and had no idea how I was going to be able to get back onto a night schedule by sunday night. Now, not so much of a worry. Things I did know when i woke up.

1. My roommate had his birthday the day before and so he was having a social gathering at our place at 5 pm.

2. A girl I had met through improv invited me to go to a concert in Cambridge at 10 pm that night.

So I started off the day with no caffeine and I talked with people online and got some work done. I cleaned a little bit of my room. By about noon I had thought if I could get a nap from noon until 4, then I should be set. I tried to sleep, and got half an hour of sleep but then woke up and was super hungry as it was now 1 pm and I had forgotten to eat since waking up at 4 am. So I ate and tried to sleep again but to no avail. 5:30 rolled around and people started showing up for the party.

Only 5 people RSVPed and about 15-20 people showed up including two just out of high school girls who got the email and thought there would be younger people at the party. There were not to their dismay and so they looked like deer in headlights for the party until they could make a viable excuse to leave. The party overall was a success, I got to know many people and it was really nice. Most people left at 8:30 and so I got ready to go to the concert.

I left for the concert at about 9:30, but the red line was down between two stations so it ended up taking me longer then expected and I arrived around 11. The girl whom had invited me was no where to be seen and I wished I had somehow gotten her number to see if she was really coming. The venue was a really small tavern and the place was filled enough to fill every seat but not overly full. The band was probably the best rockabilly band I've ever heard, here is their myspace page --

It was a really good show, but about halfway in I noticed this couple. They were doing some interesting things. They both looked to be about 25. The girl was drunk and trying to get away from her boyfriend and have a good time and cut loose. Her boyfriend though was really creeping me out as he only had a stern look on his face and he stared at her the entire time. Every about three minutes he would walk towards her grab her by the shoulder and tell her something, she would then push him away and go dance in another part of the bar, and he would stare for about three minutes and so on repeating over and over and over again. I was really getting bothered by it. I was near the bathroom when she hid in the bathroom hallway, he went in there and started to hold her back not letting her leave. I started fuming, so I got up from my chair and she went across the bar. Well when she finally did come back across the bar past me, when he went to follow I blocked his path. I told him to calm down but he pushed past me. She ran to the other side and again I blocked his way and told him to cool his jets and give her some space. He pushed past me again but after I had done that his advances on her became much less frequent with more time intervals between. I had lost sight of them for a while and realized they had left the building so I continued to rock out knowing there was nothing more I could do. When the concert was over I left the bar at about 1 am. I knew there was a bus coming by there at about 1:30 so I could wait there for that one. When I went outside there they were yelling at each other, "I don't love you." was said by both of them quite a bit. Finally she came over to the small group and said help me out here please. We all got in there and he said he was done with the relationship but still wanted to make sure she got home alright. We said we'd call a cab, we did, she was put in the car and he left. Crisis averted at least for a night. The bus came along and I got on the bus to go home.

The story does not end there. Not by a long shot. Be careful though cause coming up is one of those Holy &%^$ &^%$ type moments. If you don't want to go any further, just know I am okay, I am not hurt, just a little shaken up. And will not walk alone in this neighborhood that late again.

----------------------------CAUTION-------- Really messed up tale ahead ------------------

I arrived a 10 minute walk from my apartment when the bus came to it's last stop, there was no other way to get home then to walk as none of the busses going past my house came that late. I had done the walk before, it's well lit and I had done it about that late a couple of times before with no incident, still I held my camera in my hand just in case I needed a weapon. I live in a rough neighborhood so sometimes you never know. Tonight was one of those nights. As I was walking along a stretch I noticed on the side of the street I was walking on a crowd of about 10 teenagers dressed in black. A sound went off like a pop gun, not an actual gun but like a loud snapper. The kind you get on the fourth of July. The kids all ran into the alley after the noise was heard. I walked to the other side of the street just in case and was walking past a bunch of teenagers scattered through out the other side of the road. I heard some boys laughing but then one girl about 16 years old started crying really loudly. "I don't want this anymore." A guy's voice, "Dude, your sister is bleeding!" I kept walking, and didn't hear from that group again then I saw another group, run past me three guys and a girl. Then four more three guys and a girl underneath a tree. I had caught up to another guy and girl, two mexicans, who were also walking on my side of the road, they too were not involved. The girl saw us walked across the street and leaned against a big truck hiding herself from all of them except us three. When we got to her she was crying and pleading with us, "Please help me." I could see she was bleeding from several cuts on her leg. I wanted to help, I really did, but I knew if I were to help I might somehow get mixed up in this insane thing that was going on and I couldn't risk it. I had to get a safe distance away. It felt awful as I left her laying against the truck without trying to help her but it almost felt like she had known the type of shit she had gotten into and only now that she was hurt was she trying to get out. I'll never really know, but I felt like I had to keep walking and not associate myself at all. I've never had to do that before and now I have. I got about 4 minutes away when four police cars past me all going faster then I've seen any car go past me before. I knew where every one of them were going. I don't know what was going on, all I know is I was a bystander, a civilian, in something sick and sadistic. I was never really scared, I was scared the whole time and dumbfounded by the insanity, but I had my wits about me.

Seriously, I don't think I've ever experienced something so weird and bizarre. Now, I am exhausted. It's 3:15 am, I have been awake for 23.25 hours. I hope to sleep about 12, and then I can be ready for work tomorrow. I hope I didn't scare those that actually read it, but if you did read it, I'm curious if any of you have felt anything similar and have any idea how to cope. I don't think I'm scarred or anything, but it's still something I need to think about. It was weird cause I was able to help one girl from the abusive boyfriend, but not another from the local gang fight. I think I'm just glad I had the courage to stand up the first time, to counter balance the knowledge that I couldn't act the second time. The next post will be very light hearted, I promise.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Beach

I still do poetry every now and again, usually I don't share it, but I pounded this one out today and I like it. It's called "The Beach"

I look out into the ocean, at about noon or so.
I'm not sure if it's raining or it's just the wind blowing the water on my face.
I am alone on the beach.
I'm standing and yet I wish I were swimming,
it's not that I can't swim, it's that I don't know how.
People have told me how to swim, and oh boy have I tried, but when it comes down to it, the water keeps pushing me out. Walking, Running, Sprinting, even crawling

Always I end up back on the beach

So I turn around, and I try to leave the beach, I reach the sidewalk
my foot is inches away


Facing the ocean, water in my face.
I decided to make a home on the beach.
I built the biggest sandcastle that there could be.
Since I can't go ahead and I can't fall behind I must stay inside.
But I didn't account for the tide, and my house is left in shambles.
Sand becomes one again with the beach.
And so I start to swim. I feel the water on all sides.
And I love it.

I love the water.

I want to stay with it, but the waves keep pushing me back to the beach.

Men walk past me, they tell me of times they knew to swim when the sea was calm but passed it up. I look to the ocean and find it calm, so I run as fast as I can and when I hit the water.


A bottle washes ashore. Message inside, "On awesome island, wish you were here." Handwriting familiar yet distant.

So I try and I try and I try like waves crashing on the beach. Always ahead into them. Hoping one day I will make it past and towards the island.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Curious about where I live?

Well it turns out the house I live in has a wikipedia article. It looks a lot better then the picture though. But yes, I live in the basement in a residence apartment.

Shirley Eustis House

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Whoa Nelly, Public Transportation!

Each day that I go into work I take about four buses to make it into work. I take four because even though it's four different buses it's faster then some of the ways which only take two. I have about a one hour commute in the night and morning taking four buses. When you take the bus you tend to see all kinds of different people, but for some reason when I'm on the 28 bus from Dudley Station to Mattapan Station, there are a more interesting cast of characters then any other bus. Let me explain with two instances in the past week.

The first comes from sunday night, I was on the phone with my good friend Freda, and I walked onto the bus, I was sitting down as a mexican man roughly 25 years of age bumped into me and started rambling in spanish very loudly. I sat down and put my feet up on the next chair so that he couldn't sit next to me but he sat in the chair across the walkway. As the bus was going he was staring at me the entire time and was non stop talking in Spanish. I mean this guy didn't take time to breathe. After a while I knew I had to do something because he was staring right at me the entire time. Finally I told Freda to hold on, I put my phone down and I looked at the man and said, "No Habla Espanol." His eyes widened, and he looked as if I had taken his entire family heritage and had desecrated it for all to see. His speech became about three times louder, he started pointing his finger at me and his face looked like he was ready to pull out a knife. I slowly got to my feet and got to the other side of the bus but the guy would not stop talking and he kept looking back at me and pointing. Finally at some stop he got off the bus, still talking and yelling, he never stopped talking except for the split second after I told him I didn't speak Spanish.

Today while waiting for the bus this guy passed me as I was sitting down, he was listening to his cd player and dancing all over the street. We got on the bus and I sat near the back when this guy came over and started singing along to his cd player, almost yelling it he said, "Pimps and Hoes, Back up yo!" Well while this is happening this lady is sitting across from me, she laughs at him doing this and then looks at me seriously, I've got my headphones on and I wasn't really paying any attention. Well she suddenly opens up her wallet and pulls out a dollar bill and extends it to me, I shake my head no but she looks insistent that I take it, so I do, then she goes back into her wallet, pulls out four pennies and gives those to me too. Then that was her stop and she got off the bus, I still have no idea why she gave me the money. So back to the man with the cd player, he takes her spot on the bus and looks at me and says, "Hey you look like Larry Bird." Thanks I say, then he goes back to his song, and sings along again, the best part was when he pulled out his beer in a bag, drank it, put it back then sang, "I'm fryin' my dough and puttin' it on the grill." Then he made motions of himself taking meat and putting it on the grill and he made sizzling sounds. He kept singing to his songs which had some very interesting lyrics from what i could tell of what he was singing.

Both of those occurred on the same bus, however I do have one more story which did not happen on that bus but which does have to do with crazy people I encounter. I was near Harvard looking for this bus that apparently goes from Harvard to Dudley Station which is near my apartment, people had told me it only takes 20 minutes (which it does, it's super fast). But I first needed to find the stop, the madam in the station told me it had to be moved to the corner of brattle and evans. So I went up top and found the end of brattle but I couldn't find this evans. So i decided I needed to ask some people, the first guy who passed looked almost bug eyed but I asked him anyways I said, "Excuse me, do you know the area?" He didn't reply, "Look if you know where Evans street is just point the way. He looked up and stared at me as he passed. He was a puny little guy so I didn't feel like complaining would do me any harm so I said, "Hey thanks, the whole not talking really helped." So I turned back to see if anyone else was passing by when the same guy circled around me staring at me without saying anything, I gave him a weird look and then he circled me again, and I said, "You need anything?" and then he stopped circling me and walked off. Really, there have been some interesting people I've met out here, and all while riding the ol' public transportation.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oh Yeah, that's why I work there.

I was having a particularly tough day at work the other day, the kids were tough, my coworkers were especially nosy that day and I was given all the paperwork to do by myself. I had been doing a project which was taking 2 hours to finish and with just ten minutes to go the link broke and I had to start over again. I was feeling close to throwing up and I was not in a good mood. So imagine how miffed I was when I got the call when the kids woke up that they were moving me to another division, one in which I had never worked in before. I am sent there and when I arrive the other two quickly give me my group and without telling me their names or anything I need to know about them they tell me to get to work. So I try to figure out their names and get them going but clearly two of them aren't moving and I still have to handle the other two at the same time. Somehow I'm able to survive until I am told that two of the kids need constant physical attention and to somehow keep an eye on the other two. Once Breakfast rolls around none of the chores are done and I was just able to get them clothed enough to go to Breakfast. We get there, and I am contemplating calling in sick the next day and on the verge of tears. I've been given one of the hardest groups in the school without even knowing their names and left alone to do it all. I finish my breakfast and they seem to be pretty capable of eating themselves so I put my hands in my face and breathe a big sigh trying not to break out in tears. When suddenly I get tapped on my hand by another hand, I look to see it's one of the kids, he's tapped my hand and is giving me this big smile and looking at me as if he wants me to smile. I do and he smiles even bigger and claps and then goes back to eating. Now I'm trying not to cry out of joy for this kid who could see I was troubled and wanted me to be happy. Suddenly the rest of the morning with those kids was fine, we took it slow and steady and I kept a smile on my face and the kids all responded well.

I've worked with autistic kids for so long I had forgotten how sweet they can be when you least expect it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oh Landlord

My landlord lately has been doing some funny things. For those that don't know, we turned my room from a living room into an actual room, all that was required was putting in a fourth wall. My landlord who is not versed in the ways of home building has been trying to be the authoritarian on the subject. I too don't know many things on making a home, but I do know some simple rules, rules in which my landlord seems to want to break. The guy came in today to put in the door to my room, he came in with a perplexed look and said, the landlord wanted the door to swing into the room towards the bulk of the room and not towards the wall. Have you ever seen a door not swing towards the wall but swing into the middle of the room? I told the guy that didn't make any sense and he agreed with me, but said the Landlord was the boss. After talking with him for another 5 minutes on why it would be the worst idea to follow the landlord, he decided to instead do it the way I wanted and swing it outwards in the hall and to the wall. Hopefully my landlord doesn't create a huge fit. But now I finally got something in ways of the wall the way I wanted. Hooray!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Maine: This past weekend

As I was driving along the Maine turnpike I looked to the side of the road and saw a car stopped with it's emergency lights on. The passenger side door was open and just a little ways down the road was a man with a paper bag puppet on his hand, speaking to the puppet.

I was able to go back to Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont for the first time in 4-5 years this past weekend. I spent three days up there. I first headed to my Derry New Hampshire where I filled the car up with gas. Then I continued on to Vermont. I stayed there a couple of hours then drove to Ellsworth Maine where I stayed with my friend Terry for two days, and then on the last day I visited a couple of people in Machias and surrounding cities and then drove home. Overall it was a fun trip, it was interesting as I would see things which would bring back memories I had forgotten. For instance...

I took exit eight in Vermont and suddenly remembered the last time I had taken exit 8. There were six missionaries in the car at the time, I was in the back seat. We had just attended a zone conference and as we were getting off exit 8 we noticed a man with a full beard and his pants down peeing on the side of the road. We all had a hearty chuckle when one of the guys called out, "Find a bathroom" at which point the old codger flipped us off.

Good weird memories came flooding back. Ones which you wouldn't remember unless a specific part of the road made you remember or perhaps a gas station in Derry New Hampshire in which you remember the clerk looking at you and clearly saying.

"Jesus is my Dog Yo!"

Overall it was a good trip and there were some beautiful sites to see. In fact here are some pictures.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

11:30 on a Tuesday Night

I was heading home from a good ol' time at a friend's place in Cambridge Mass this evening past when as I was leaving I came to realize I had not been to the facilities in a good long while. Being as how I was already a bit down the road from said friend's house I didn't really want to head back, however I have found it notorious in Boston so far to have no pubic bathrooms anywhere. There are none in any bus station, all stores do not have them even if you offer them money to use it. No can do, store policy. Well tonight I was at Harvard square thinking about just getting on the train to head home when I thought about going around the block and seeing if I couldn't find a bathroom somewhere. I found myself in an alley way that was under construction, I didn't see any stores around so I was about to go back to the street when I heard the most serene sound of a lone harmonica resonated through amazing acoustics of the alleyway. I decided to investigate and I found a homeless man with a push cart, he was blowing an amazing tune into his harmonica as a college student hippy kid strummed along with his guitar. I decided to sit around and have a listen. I sat in the road and listened as these two musicians played the blues together. The Harmonica man would play and then drop his harmonica and sing the blues. I put my bag behind my head and I lay down in the street looking up at the starry sky, just thinking about life as two random musicians played the blues together in the middle of a really well acousticed alley way. After they played for a bit they stopped and we talked about this and that, the man with the harmonica has encountered the boy strumming his guitar and asked if he could play with him. Neither had seen each other before. For but a moment, or maybe around 5-10 minutes, I was able to find a truly serene moment in an otherwise busy city. I hope next time I too will have an instrument to play.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thought of the day

"Don't give up just because now it doesn't look right."

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Today I had my first really big case of homesickness. I mean it's better that I'm out here. I'm eating better, I'm exercising more, I'm losing weight, I'm independent, have a god job and overall I'm happier then usual. But man I miss my friends right now.

Monday, March 31, 2008

This past week

I started last week with a sore throat monday morning and a throbbing head ache. I knew it was just the first sign that I was going to have a tough week ahead. I had been given my schedule for training, a whoping 54 hours of work. All interspersed throughout the days. For instance I would work a ten hour shift, be given 8 hours of time to go home and sleep and then start again with a 3 hour shift, 5 hour break during the day and then another 9 hour shift to finish out the evening. The schedule they gave me turned out to be literally impossible for me to be on time to all my shifts and be able to live where I'm currently living. After talking it over with my dad we decided the best possible action, though expensive would be to get a room at the inn in town. The week was about as hard as I had imagined but not so much because of the hours but because the sore throat I mentioned earlier never went away. I'd wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to sleep until I had relieved the throat somehow. But I did it, somehow I was able to survive the week and finally it was Saturday. My week had finished and I had survived, I had cursed the heavens but I still had survived. Saturday was an excellent day, full of fun and falling down, but the sore throat stayed. Finally on sunday I woke up to having no voice what so ever. I stayed home all day, lying down through most of it and trying to get as much sleep as possible and now here it is on monday and the sore throat has finally passed. I am so relieved. I start my first actual non-training shift tonight and I am actually quite excited. The job looks to be super fun when it's not my whole life, which it had to be last week. The eleven kids in my division are really fun. All autistic and all around 17-19 years old. One of the kids who apparently has this special way of showing you he approves of you, I'm only the second person ever of staff working there that he's done it to, and the first person was there for 6 months before he did it to him. So that makes me feel all kinds of happy. Also it's really cool being a minority when it comes to my co-workers. Only about 8 white people work there, and none in my division. Mostly African-Americans and Japanese. 

The other good news is I know I've lost some weight, I haven't been able to weigh myself but some pants which fit me in Utah are already starting to get loose enough that I need a belt. My goal is to be able to get onto a frisbee league in the summer and be able to keep up with everyone else. 

The difference in life more me has been like night and day from Utah to here. It's really nice to experience new things. Still I hope everyone is doing well and I'll let you know when I will come out and visit.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

R.I.P. Dave Da Bull

Update on Jon in Boston.

Many are probably wondering how I am doing now that I am in Boston. Well let's get the formalities out of the way. I got the job so I am here for good. I had an interesting day last Saturday. I flew the whole time with a four hour layover in Denver which is now my favorite airport. Then I spent the rest of the weekend with a rental car and staying at my uncle's place and going to the interview. Now however I am living in my apartment without a fourth wall. I have to wait a week before I can have a fourth wall. Everyone is allowed to look into my life. I know people are going to say, "What on earth is he talking about?" Well my room is technically a living room, and it has two doors, one to the kitchen bathroom area and one to the mini study which goes to the bedroom. Both doors are next to each other at one side of the room. So by putting up a fourth wall it would make that part into a hallway. This was supposed to be done last sunday but the dude who was going to do it got the flu, so I have to wait a week and live without a fourth wall. 

On Sunday I was walking along after church on my way to visit Eleka and this old man walking his dog struck up a conversation with me. I obliged and we started talking, it wasn't long until a second man walking his dog joined us and we were just talking about this and that when the old men started talking about work and how they were both Harvard Law Professors. Then the conversation turned to the economy and politics. It was really quite interesting. They both assumed I was a Harvard student as one of them even told me to go talk to a specific professor. 

Today I went exploring and I did a figure eight with public transportation. More like a figure eight lollypop on a giant stick. I found out how to get to my work, which requires a bus ride, then a train ride and finally another bus ride. It's a good trip as long as my ipod is charged.

Ikea is officially one of my least favorite stores on the planet. It was designed by a marketer who knew what he was doing and how to properly get the most money. See unless you know the layout of the store, then you get stuck going in this maze which takes you over every possible nook and cranny of the store before getting to the end. I had gotten what I wanted in the first 5 minutes and was ready to go and found out I had to go to the Marketplace, so I follow the arrows it says to go to the Marketplace. I ended up walking for 30 minutes cause I was with my great uncle who is slow because of his age. If I had known the layout of the store and had been able to knock out one placed wall it would have taken 3 minutes. But alas they want us to look at EVERYTHING before you leave. It's great for those with money and can spend all day there, but man it was so bloody annoying. Next time I have to go there, I go alone and I bring rollerblades. 

So there you are, the highlights of the trip so far... Oh and one more thing. My subject line. Yeah, that's currently spray painted on the sidewalk outside of my apartment! Boo Yah. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

In Case You Haven't Heard Yet...

I'm moving to Boston on Saturday. The Saturday that is three days away. Bye Utah!

Monday, March 03, 2008


no wonder I haven't received a call, the lady in charge went on a two week vacation after getting my application. So now I have to wait until the 6th of March. This really is the most I've had to wait in a long while and I'm not enjoying it too much. Yarrgh, Jon Smash!

Saturday, March 01, 2008


I love fortune cookies, mainly due to the fact that the fortunes seem to work out for me. For instance my brother came home with one about a month ago, I forgot about it and found it two weeks later still in the packaging. I opened it, did the ritual of eating the whole cookie before reading the fortune and the fortune said, "You will receive something important in the mail." I had not ordered anything, but I thought nothing of it until 15 MINUTES later when my mom opened the door from up stairs and said she had just gotten the mail and I had gotten a package. It was from my aunt with some useful technology stuffs that she didn't need. Keen!

So the other day I got another one, and it actually gave me a good answer to something in which I wasn't sure how to go about doing. I should have followed the fortunes advice cause I think I didn't, and I think I may have screwed it up. Crap. (Note: This doesn't have anything to do with Boston Job Hunting, so it's okay, not a big deal in that sense.)

Moral, always do what the cookie tells you, cause it's so tasty.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Day 2 Part 2

On my trip to Boston, I had a friday in which from noon until 6:30 pm I had nothing to do. So I decided to go out and wander. I left my hotel in the middle of downtown and was curious to figure out the transportation system. I was told the entrance to "The T" was next to a cheesecake factory and so in walking around I did find the cheesecake factory and then found the T. The T is this magnificent train/subway system for Boston and the suburbs all around. I found my way around pretty quickly and found myself leaving town on the red line. I was going to a friend's place at 6:30 who was at the end of the red line, so when I got to Harvard Square I decided to get off and explore Harvard and the surroundings. I walked around Harvard campus for about half an hour checking out the buildings and having a surprise nodding with none other then Christopher Walken. I found the film library which was one of the places I really wanted to find, found when and where they show student films and independent films as well. I found myself wandering around town until I got to a theater. A theater in which plays are performed and I decided to survey the local free magazines. It's been a while since I've been able to get free interesting magazines. Not since Nick Bryner lived in Colorado and would bring out to me a year's supply worth of Onion News Papers which he would get two of each issue that came out. 

I then walked along and ran into a homeless man named Gary, he gave me this crooked half smile and then said, "Hello there, you look like an interesting fellow." As do you I replied back and we ended up having a wonderful conversation, I said I was an out of towner hoping to move here and I was just wandering around for the day. He very closely guessed I was from Colorado, and then I told him he was one state off in Utah. He told me all the cool things to do around Harvard campus, some places I should check out while wandering. It was a nice conversation, but at some point we were done, we nodded and I headed on my way. 

I went to a medium class restaurant called "Au Bon Pain". It was a weird name for me as it seemed French but yet, since I didn't know French, all I thought was it had the word Pain in it. That intrigued me a little, but also the entire place was packed to the brim. So I decided to give it a chance. As is usually customary for me when it comes to new eateries I tend to get the Chicken Noodle Soup, also I was feeling like having my stomach being settled and there's nothing like Chicken Noodle Soup to calm my achy tummy. I asked for a bread stick as well and then was asked an impossible question. What kind of bread? I froze. Now dear readers, do not misinterpret here, most would think from this question that I have a hard time making choices, I do not. However I am quite ignorant when it comes to types of breads. I had no idea, I knew I didn't want pure wheat, but I didn't know what the other choices were. So I fought back. What are the choices? She froze. Obviously a question she doesn't get that often. She looked at the breads and said, "Uh... Well you know..." She clearly didn't know what to do, so I said, "Just grab one, doesn't matter which one." They grabbed one, and it was good. 

When trying to find a seat, I had to do two run throughs before I finally found an empty seat. It was by the window. I sat facing the window and began my soup. I eavesdropped a little cause I'm always interested in hearing proximity conversations. Two girls in their early 20s were telling each other about their lesbian girl friends and how neither of them had seemingly found the right ones. Both were figuring out how to break it off, I couldn't tell whether they would be getting together because they never mentioned anything of the sort, already implied? A man and a woman got into an argument first about whether the song playing in the background was a Bob Dylan song, and then whether or not Bob Dylan was any good. Then a man passed who looked like a in his 40s Bob Dylan. They chuckled as did I. When the conversations died I went to my book and started reading, but shortly after I started reading a dear old lady named Rose came over and asked me if this seat was taken. I said it was not and I'd be delighted if she sat there. We had a very nice conversation, she asked me if I was going to Harvard, I told her I was from out of town hoping to move in, this was my first time at the Au Bon Pain and she then told me how she comes here about 3 times a week for the past 20 or so years, however long it's been open. I told her I was from Utah and she told me she'd never been past New York. She gave me a bite of her sugary treat, I'm still not sure what it was, but it was delicious. We talked for about an hour and then I thought it best for me to be on my way. 

When I left the establishment I went in a different direction then I had previously, I found a free books table. I didn't find any I wanted at that moment and continued on. After about 5 blocks who did I run into but Gary! The homeless man from earlier. He gave a hearty belly laugh and said, "You weren't lying when you said you were wandering." He told me about the improv scene in Boston, I told him I was planning on checking it out and finding a group I liked and figuring ways to join them, and he told me he could tell I was one of those types, and if I ever did do a show that I should wander around again and give him an invite and he would come just like that. We talked also on alcohol, he told me about a good bar and I told him I've never drank. He was stunned and then smiled, "Let me guess, you never have the money for it." He laughed. I did too. "It's true" I said, "I never have enough money, and I've always figured alcohol to be an investment. I need a job before that can happen." I could tell he was delighted that I had no steady source of income but yet I was still so high on spirits. He told me I needed to come by and wander around again the next time I came out if I got the job to let him know how I was doing. I promised I would and then we went our separate ways. Shortly after that Darcy said she was on her way, I waited a little while, she arrived and we headed to Katie's place for the start of the third part of a wonderful day.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The True Meaning of Valentine's Day

One of my best friends wrote this last year and I thought I'd let everyone know the true meaning of Valentine's Day.

This year lets talk origins.

Todays modern holidays closest antecedent was the ever delightful Lupercalia
festival. Actually predating Rome, its original god(dess) of worship is
unsure; however most agree that it represents a time of purification and joy
in the coming year. So what did they do? Same things we do today ; a little
cleaning, a few parties, and blood sacrifice.

Now, back in the day, there is little doubt that this was a human sacrifice,
but by the time Remus and Romulus are suckling ol' Mama Lupas teat (I'm not
being gross or metaphorical here people; its history, learn it) the yearly
sacrifice is a goat and one or two dogs. One of the Luperci, a powerful
order of Roman priests, was lead naked to a cave in Palantine Hill (said to
be the same site of afore mentioned suckled Lupa teat ) where the sacrifices
were made. The blood of the sacrifice was wiped on the forehead of the
priest with the sacrificial knife, while the priest laughed. This was
actually part of the ritual. To be jovial was a sign that the gods were
pleased and therefore approved. Vestial virgins then wiped the blood off of
the priests forehead with cotton dipped in milk, after which the priests
loins were covered with part of the goats skin and the rest was made into a
many thonged whip.

Now here's where it gets interesting.

The whip is dipped in blood and the priest runs a specific path thru the
city, whipping and getting good old fashioned sacrificial blood on everyone
he passes, but most especially the women as its supposed to make them pure
and fertial. Naturally, women line the path of the loin-cloth whipper priest
for the blessing of a good bloody fertial whipping. It was considered the
highlight of the festival. After that a large container, holding the names
of all the single women in the area was brought out. All the single men drew
a name and that girl became the young mans lover, for the day, for the year
and sometimes for life. (this is probably the origin of the Valentines day
card). The date this occurred? February 15th.

Why the change? The Christians found the holiday distasteful and tried to
christianise it. They found a saint (three actually) and changed the date to
the 14th, most likely do to Chaucers love birds. And what of all this? Well
geeze people, either look it up yourselves or wait til next year.

The point here is to you ladies. If your particular valentine seemingly
"forgot" a gift or date on the 14th and then "remembered" on the 15th, why
he just an old fashioned love sick nostalgic.

Probably the same if he brought a whip.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gone for one week

So I've kept this sorta quiet from everyone, and it's one reason why I haven't posted on my blog cause my past two months has been sorta dedicated to this. So in the past two months I've been applying for jobs in Human Services in the Boston Massachusetts area. I'm actually headed out there tomorrow Feb. 13th and staying until the following Tuesday as I have a job interview out there and I'll be visiting friends and checking out apartments and the like. If I get the job then the plan is to fly back to Utah, pack up things and finish up stuff for about a week and a half and then move out there for good. If I don't get the job well then I'll just keep trying to get going out there with the other apps and I do have some possible things going on in Utah that I can have fun with. So that's the plan, I'm headed to Boston for a week and it's going to be awesome as I love new things, the one disappointing thing however is I have to cut my hair. I'm not buzzing it this time but I am taking a couple inches off. So wish me luck as this could be the start of the new chapter in my life.

Monday, January 28, 2008

An Interesting Night

I've had an interesting night. I know I haven't been writing on here much, but I won't apologize, so there. So right about the first of the month I suddenly got super sick, it was right around the time I decided to eat healthier and exercise more. I was sick for about eight days straight which is not something that happens to me often, usually if I'm sick, I'm sick for a day maybe a day and a half. This sickness can be described as a feeling of exploding. I finally got better on the day I went to the doctor. I went a couple of days then saturday I got a letter from the doctor saying after all the tests they couldn't find anything wrong with me. Then today I wake up with a relapse of the sickness again. So I was stuck inside all day.

But here's where it gets interesting. I'm rewatching the last episode of the Third Season of Lost when with just a minute left I get an email from facebook of someone inviting me to a group dedicated To the Passing of Gordon B. Hinckley. Literally a couple seconds later another email comes in from an old friend, one in which I've been friends with and still considered myself to be friends with since the age of about 12. It's a letter which I shant go into just that it's saying of said friends need to be away from his friends for a while as he's going through many tough times. I didn't even really have time to register Hinckley's death before this dire letter came in. Suddenly I'm a mix of emotions. Not sure where I'm to take it. I quickly wrote a reply to the friend and then turned on my DVR to a talk by President Hinckley from the past General Conference.

It was a good night though because I was able to talk and hash out some things with at least three other friends, about what had just transpired. It was nice to get my thoughts in order and I'm glad I could talk with them about it.

It's funny cause the past month due to being sick a lot, I've been holed up in my house for a majority of the month, and I've been going slightly stir crazy because of it. I had almost forgot that life still goes on without me, and then to have it all roll in, in one fell swoop was a nice wake up call and a good amount of time to reflect.

You were good to me President Hinckley, you'll be missed. Yet thinking about it, if I were to lose those good friends, the best, I'd be even sadder then I am today. I know from today, that my friends do influence me more then any other source. They're important, and I want them to know that. Thanks friends.