Sunday, November 25, 2007

Report: Scatting only allowed for adults

So I was shown this lousy site which rates your blog, The problem with this thing is it only rates what you see on the screen and not the entirety of your whole blog, so I decided to see what would happen when I rated my blog, so first I just put in the normal ur and here is what I got.

This Blog is Rated PG this rating determined by the words.

Death x5
Shoot x4
Steal x1

Well then I decided upon doing 2007, and oh golly what ever did I find.

This Blog is Rated NC-17 this rating determined by the words.

Pain x7
Shoot x6
Dead x4
Scat x1

Scat? Scat? Scat?

Has my one mention of the infomous Scatman Jones and his Prolific song "I'm the Scat Man" been such a horrible thing. This just in, Scat Man Jones has been taken off of television because his scatting has been deemed unworthy to be seen by children, when asked what he thought of this Scat Man Jones said "Skiddly Bee Bop a Doo Bee Doo." What an awful man. So be forewarned children, The Scat Man, he's coming, he's coming, he's coming to get you, a doo bee doo.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Near Death Dreams

I've never had a near death dream before until last night.

My dreams are interesting, I tend to always be in my dreams, and of course playing the part of myself, but the thing is, I can't tell I'm dreaming, it's as if the world is completely messed up yet I believe it to be the real world. I have feelings and everything, it's really odd. Also I have dreams which show up more then once. So a couple nights ago I dreamt that I was watching my friend Nick Clark as he competed to get into this elusive club, much in the same vein as the Stonecutters from Simpsons. He passed the challanges which I didn't see, but the final one was to see where in the club he would be. There were three classes. High, middle and lower. When deciding you face off against someone in the high class and you compete in a game in which you have to pat your hand on your opponents head three times. If you could do all three and they didn't get you once, you became high class, if you won but got hit once or twice, you were middle and if you lost, you were low class. Well Nick happened to win.

Flash Forward to the dream last night, this time I was competeing against Nick to get into the club. It was at a cool apartment/common area and also connected to some sort of school. I had gotten Nick twice and he hadn't gotten me so now he was serious, he started chasing me around the school and suddenly morphed into my friend Steve Gashler. Now Steve was chasing me and I had to find a way to catch him by surprise, well I hid at this one spot but I swore he saw me, so I ran to a wall that had ladder like steps and got onto the roof so I could run across the roof and jump on top of Steve to pat him thrice. As I got on this roof which was about 9 feet up suddenly I was at the top of the tower which was a good 300 or so feet up, but I could jump down in small intervals to the next roof. I did so until I was about 50 feet up and I jumped to the next one only to find none and I was falling to my death.

Now what did I think as I was falling to my death? I thought, "Whoops, well nothing I can do now." So I apathetically fell until right before I hit and splat I woke up. Never have I had a falling dream, but I've been told it's exactly that, right before you hit, you wake up. Sure enough I did. Boy Howdy.