Monday, October 22, 2007

The Long Awaited Los Angeles Trip

The first thing I'll mention as I'm looking over my journal of the trip is for some reason my schedule switched, but not just my schedule, my frame of mind. During the trip I was a morning person, up before anyone, I actually ate breakfasts. It was odd.

The main part of the trip started on the second day, there were six students and two teachers. Our contact was one Chris, whom is one of James Newton Howard's assistants. He was a student of one of the two teachers many years ago. We took a tour of sony pictures studios and took a tour of the failing Cavemen sets, and i even talked to a carpenter who was looking for a new job. Well at the end of the tour we passed by the set where we were supposed to go, and out walks Mr. Howard, he invites us in and suddenly we're on set. Now this is a huge soundstage, full orchestra, with a crew of about 30 people working on all the equipment. Our job? Nope, our job was to observe and to stay out of the way. Which was really relieving. It was a madhouse and I got tired just watching the whole process. Big budget movie on the screen, them giving the orchestra the music, them playing it a couple of times, lights flashing on giant soundboards, lots of buttons being pressed, and watching a movie which is only half done, get some music to it that wasn't there in the first place. After that whole thing we were invited to come to Howard's own personal studio where we got to ask him some questions, it was really interesting to see him work, he was working on a Tom Hanks movie, and he showed us how he writes the music for it. It was really cool to see cause basically he was just using loops. Of course he had somewhere near 100 gigs or so of just loops, but it made me feel better as I've been making music purely with loops, but thinking that wasn't good enough I've been hesitant to claim them as my own. But to see this guy who is on top of the music world doing the same thing, made me feel a lot better. It was a wild ride and by the time the day was up everyone wanted to go out to eat except me, cause I went to bed.

Day three was much the same as day two except replace the orchestra with the choir. We didn't stay as long because they wanted less of us there since it was a bit more stressful. So I elected to head out as did a couple of other people and we went out to Hollywood. Hollywood was rather uneventful except for a trip to the Church of Scientology to have a stress test done. Everyone besides me and two others went to go see Wicked. I didn't go cause though I want to see Wicked, I'd rather see it with someone I know well, and I didn't feel like spending 96 dollars. Which was nothing to one girl in our group who spent over 700 dollars on just clothes that day.

Day four was the last day in the studio. We were able to be much more in their face, though it was still not much, the people in our group who played instruments got to sit with their respective instruments in the choir. I got to see the technical stuff more up close. We were also able to take pictures with the crew and ask a bunch of questions.

On the final day we headed to Chris' own studio and asked him questions of how he got to this point and general questions. I didn't have too many questions as I was from a different mold as the rest of the students and had by this point decided that this part of the film business was not for me. But still to see someone from Provo and being able to ask him how his journey ended up there was a very cool thing.

Overall it was a very interesting and mind boggling experience which gave helped me to understand a lot about the process of film and how each piece works together, especially in a part that I didn't really know all that well. Good trip.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Will Be Gone

I will be gone from Tuesday October 9th at 8 am until late Sunday Night (Oct. 14th). I will be in Los Angeles for my internship. If you absolutely need to get a hold of me I will have my phone with me, leave me a message if I don't answer. But for all my internet friends have a nice week while I become famous. :)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

I actually made it!

So a couple of days ago I was seriously stressed, reason being is I hate having responsibility. I like it sometimes when it's very ambiguous on the times, like I enjoy having a project that needs doing but isn't constrained to a certain time period. I can even handle it when there's one thing or even just two things I need to be to, but this weekend was looking super psycho. When i first planned this weekend I knew I had a mission reunion. I had wanted to go to see a person or two but overall it wasn't too important, but I figured I didn't have much going on that day. But then there was a movie shoot going on that night for our movie, which I was totally fine with, production was going to start around midnight, so that was fine, I'd stay on a normal schedule of going to bed at about 4 am. But then I found out my noon class on friday was unskippable as I needed to take a test, okay, still fine, wake up go to that class, have a nap sometime in there and go to the reunion and then the shoot and then go to bed at 4 am. But then I got the awesome internship and we had a mandatory meeting saturday morning from 7:30 am to 9:30 am. Not only that but it was important for both the shoot and the mandatory meeting that I be awake and not super grumpy as I projected myself to be at that time. Not only that but I'm leaving on the trip on Tuesday morning at 8 am when I need to be on a schedule of waking up at 7 am. So how was I to do it? I planned and realized the only way I could do it was wednesday night I would have to stay up super late, I was currently on a schedule of sleeping at 4 am, well this time I had to stay up later, so I stayed up as long as I could and I fell asleep at noon, waking up at 7 and making it to my important class. Then Thursday night I had to push it longer so I stayed up all night, went to my class at noon, got back home at three and finally fell asleep at four. Woke up at 11:30 pm friday night, went to the movie shoot then to the meeting then decided I needed to stay up even later to get back on a good schedule, so I kept myself awake, took a nap at 4pm for an hour, went to the Hobo party to drop off a cd, then went to my good pal Mark's where I knew he could keep me up with interesting conversation. I stayed there until about 9:30, then went home and fell asleep when home at about 10:15 pm and woke up this morning at 6:30 and wrote this blog. And I actually feel good, I cant believe I actually made it. So tonight, go to bed about the same time and the next night and then I'll be on the internship. Wowzas, my body must hate me.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

I am currently the man

Poker ahead.

I am currently the man. On this site, you start off with 1000 play chips. Ten days ago I was at 1000 chips now I'm at 145270 chips. I've been winning tournaments and doing awesome. Today I played a 630 person tournament which the prize is only the first place finisher gets entry into a second round tournament, and guess who got first place? Me. I was losing most the tournament too. Bam!