Thursday, September 27, 2007


Wow, I can't believe I haven't yet posted this here.

I'm headed to California to do a week long internship of which I was accepted on monday. For those that are curious to know what it is, 6 uvsc students are going and participating at the James Newton Howard Recording Studios in California. (

He will be recording the score for the movie "I Am Legend" ( and we will be helping and learning how it is done. I'm not to sure on all of the details as of yet but it looks like it's going to be super cool. And hey, I might end up in the credits for this Will Smith tale. Better get an imdb page going. Boo Yah.

I'll be gone from October 9th through the 14th.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Why I Love Poker reason 43

In the past two days I won two poker tournaments, the first started with 1500 people, the second with 800 people. Both play money. I got first in both which was awesome and both in two days. But here's what I really liked about today's tournament.

It's down to three handed, I'm in the lead with two other guys both at about the same amount of chips. I have 200,000 they both have about 100,000. The guy on the left plays super super tight, in other words, he only goes in on any hand if he knows he has the best hand, and he folds all others. The guy on the right, is also tight but will play other hands. Guy on the left doesn't talk, guy on the right does talk. I tend to be a tight player but in this instance I had to play aggressive and bully them both. So I devise I plan since both will be hard to take out. First I have to get rid of the right guy, I start complaining non stop about the left guy, that he won't play unless he has the best hand, that he's not willing to gamble that he's putting me on tilt (a poker term for someone losing their composure). Because I have such a big stack I know I can take a hit or two from the guy on the left, so he goes all in with 60,000 chips and I call him, he wins and doubles up. Then I lose it, "Ugh" "This guy is driving me nuts". I'm making the guy on the right think he can take advantage. I get KK and go all in preflop and they both fold, I get AQ the next hand, go all in they both fold, then I get AK, perfect, do the same thing again, all in. Right guy figures I want out of the tournament cause I'm going "crazy". He calls with A7, I beat him and take all of his chips. Afterwards he stays on the table complaining at my play and I tell him my entire plan (I tell him this because this is how I'm going to beat the left guy). Left guy reads me telling my whole plan, how I was hooking him the whole way.

Now it's on to defeating the left guy, I've seen that he's only play with a strong hand, so being pushy means he'll drop a lot of money. It's currently me with about 225,000 and him with 175,000. So I tell the right guy who's still there not to worry, because there is no way the left guy will beat me, he's not a good player and he will lose to me. Making him angry is my key for him. Because when he gets angry he makes a mistake. So I change my plans. I become super tight. I bully him until he stands up for himself and when he does I back off and fold. But then I go back to bullying him, each time he raises I fold. But he's not aggresive so he's not willing to do it. It gets to me with 325,000 and him with 75,000. We keep playing and I keep saying it's going to be over soon. Now I can afford to call one of his all ins, finally he goes all in, I've suckered him in and I have a good hand. He shows A10 and I have AJ. I win with a Jack on the flop and win the tournament. He finally says, "You're an awful player" and leaves. But what I did was get into his head. I told him he was crap, he got sick of it, made a mistake and then told me I sucked. Perfect play on my part.

It's a game of psychology, and that's why I love it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Might I make another quick plug for my tv blog. I'm putting effort into it, especially this week with the season premeirs happening.

Also have you noticed the coolest new invention? The cell phone pocket? I got new shorts yesterday and wore them today, and they have the same thing that one other pair of pants that I own has. In the right pocket there is another smaller pocket, next to the leg which is big enough yet also snug enough to fit a cell phone. It's awesome! Cell Phones Unite!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Television and Me

Now I know what some of you will think when I say this, you'll say, "Jon what are you doing? Another blog? Ugh, you foolish mortal, bow to me." Or something like that. Yes, it is true, I am starting another review blog, this one is going to be on Television. Both on talk of shows and reviewing seasons and giving recommendations and what not. I started my music review blog a while back and haven't updated on it in quite some time, and there's a very good reason for that, it's that, I don't really listen to music on my computer any more. I listen to it all the time still but in the past 6 months It's mostly been tv on the computer, while I do internet stuff or play games I also watch tv shows. Also now that I have my laptop I've been watching tv on my tivo while on my laptop.

I'm the type of person that when I get into something I want to become an expert at it, I've been wanting to do a blog like this for quite some time but always stopped myself from doing it until now. So here it is for those that are interested,

Put it in your reader or ignore it. Basically if you find you like tv or would like to watch the best of the best then check out the blog.

That is all.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Part the end

I did want to let you all know the whole thing is over. Apparently there were literally about one hundred hits for the apartment, someone bought it and the management gave me a document signed that stated I would get my money back and was no longer liable to anything to do with them. Huzzah.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Trouble With Hawaiians or How I Learned To Steal a Playstation 2

(I wrote this out as a whole story from the beginning if you've been reading the past two posts you may skip the first three paragraphs.)

Here's a story for the ages. As fall semester was steadily approaching I was told by the nine fingered man that he wanted me in his apartment, this man is a part of the improv comedy troupe I currently belong to, (for those still in Utah Valley we're having a show in two weeks, email me if you wanna come). I told him I was interested and we set up the details, it was to be six of us and things would work out once the house was ready to move into. Suddenly other friends started offering apartment arrangements, I said no to each for I was to be with these fellows. However one day I come to find out that besides me and the nine fingered man the other four found two others and found an apartment somewhere else. Oh thought I, so I headed to nine fingered guy and he said yeah they told me so I got an apartment somewhere else. So I proceed to call each of these friends to see if I can still get in with them, alas they have all gotten full apartments. So I decide it's time for me to go out and search on my own, my criteria for an apartment? Single room, good internet, house apartment, basement a plus, air conditioned, cold. After searching for a couple days I find this amazing apartment with my own private entrance in one of the rooms. Amazing I think and I proceed to take the apartment, I'm informed that my two roommates are going to be Hawaiians. I move in and all seems to be good, for I have found all of my criteria and then some. I look around the apartment and notice that even better, the guys who moved out had left a tv and a Playstation 2. Huzzah, this is looking to be a good apartment.

Fast forward two days, the Hawaiians move in and are they pissed to see me. The lead Hawaiian informs me his name is Jason. Jason was not pleased to see me because they had signed a hold of the room with the management so that his cousin could come in and sign for the room. His cousin he proceeds to tell me, has had some trouble with drugs before and he's trying to help keep him on the straight and narrow. He gets involved with Polynesians easily and doesn't want him falling back in with the wrong crowd. He says if I move out he'll even give me compensation and that everything will work out, his cousin will take the place and I can find another place. I think about the pros and cons of such an arrangement and decide that a BYU football player/rugby player who is huge and Hawaiian that wants to kill me because I stayed in the apartment and his cousin got into drugs would be a bad idea for my mental health so I bow out and say okay, your cousin can take the apartment, it's all good guy, take the place let's just make sure it's square with the management. So we go to the management, his cousin meets us there and we tell them the whole situation. The management says all that needs to happen is for this cousin to sign some stuff and pay the fee and then the management will send my 425 dollar check back to me and everything will be fine, I should expect the check to come back in about 3 weeks. They say they will call me if anything is to go wrong. I say farewell to the good apartment and head on my way. I don't hear from anyone for three weeks.

Flash forward three weeks to this past Thursday. I'm in one of my classes and decide to see how much exactly I have on my bank account. I expect to see somewhere around 200 dollar but I want to know the exact amount. I open up my online account and to my surprise I am at -300 dollars. I am quite surprised and I look to see what has happened and the management company apparently decided that it would be a good idea that instead of sending me back my check, they should cash it. So they cash it, and the bank puts on 100 dollars worth of Overdraft fees. I am quite furious it's only 4:30 and so I call the management, I keep getting the answering machine that says our office hours are from 9 to 5. I call over and over again and finally at 5:15 I leave a message saying please call me first thing in the morning.

Friday I get really sick in the morning and so I can't actually make it out there until 4 in the afternoon, I never recieved a phone call. I get there and ask what the problem is and why they cashed the check, well they check their system and then say, the third guy pulled out and decided not to take the apartment so you are still the owner of the third room......

Oh. I thought you said you would call me if things went wrong, you did not do that. No one has contacted me, I've been living somewhere else awaiting my check back. Sorry we can't give it back unless you find someone to take your contract. No I say, you find me someone to take the contract, because you never called me you should at least be responsible for that. So they post a listing on the BYU website assuring me it will sell. They also tell me if someone does take the apartment I will get my 425 dollars back, I inform them of the overdraft fee and they say they aren't responsible for something like that and refuse to pay it. So I leave very very angry, and I'm out for revenge.

I drive out to the apartment ready to face the Hawaiians and get in their faces and start some trouble. Some of you have seen me angry, but I assure you, I can only think of maybe four times I was angrier then this my entire life. So I arrive at the apartment to find they are not in fact there. One of the Hawaiians moved into my room and they're using the extra room for storage of their snowboards. I look around and see the Playstation 2 from earlier and think to myself, my brother's PS2 just broke. They don't appear to have any games, they just have a movie out by the tv....

I unplug the cords pick up the PS2 and put it in my car. Then I feel slight guilt pangs and knock on the door of the guys upstairs. Matt answers the door, his mother owns the house and they use the management company to rent out the rooms. I explain to him the situation and then tell him about the PS2. He says, "Good for you, if they give us any lip about it I'll tell them it was my PS2 and I gave it to you as compensation because they couldn't give you the common courtesy of one phone call." In fact he goes on to tell me, when they found out about the other guy not taking the room they found some guys who wanted the room and each time they would bring someone down to look at it the Hawaiians would say "No we have a different buddy who's going to take the room so it's not up for sale." They keep saying this over a three week period and no one has shown up yet, they sure do like living just by themselves. So I leave for a bit and come back cause I still want some confrontation with one of them to tell them how awful they are but again they aren't home, but one of them did come by while I was gone and say they saw my car and kept going around the block until I left. Now I have a good PS2 and need to wait to see if someone purchases the apartment.

Don't mess with dishonest Hawaiians.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Do not under any circumstances deal with Aspen Ridge apartments

So as a follow up to my post just before this, the apartment company Aspen Ridge apartments when I dealt with this whole thing we undid the contract and I took the contract. They also said they would mail me the check back so I wouldn't have to worry about anything. Well what do they do? Yesterday they CASH the check, and put me in the hole and now I'm 300 dollars in debt with about 100 dollars worth of overdraft fees. I can't even spend my money any more cause I don't have any. So I find this out at 4:45 and I call their number but they don't answer and the answering machine does say they're in until 5, but of course they don't answer. Basically they just stole money from me. So as a warning, never deal with this company ever.