Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Whole Predicament or "Why you think you know, but you have no idea what's going on in my life."

I'm going to write this and put this both on my blog and my facebook as it's a story a lot of people are going to want to hear but I it's long and I don't want to tell it too often. So here is the whole ordeal.

In trying to find an apartment this semester I was none too successful, I had set up living with a bunch of guys but when that fell through I was left with no options left, other oppurtunities had presented themselves while I was to be with those other guys so I turned those ones down, when I no longer had it however I went back but all of them had filled. So I was stuck. I had been hesitant to find an apartment as well since I wasn't sure whether I was to leave in January or May for the east coast. (For those who haven't heard I'm off to the east coast as latest the start of fall 08.) Well one day I decided to try and find an apartment, my needs included a cold place, good internet, and my own room. The cold factor was actually most important as I've become less and less tolerant to heat over the years. So I looked all over Provo, I wanted to live in Provo cause most of my friends were there. Finally after much searching I found the place, a little house at about 150 north and 800 east. Cold and amazing. I moved in yesterday and got all set up and it was looking great. The guys upstairs were all cool, my two roommates who hadn't moved in yet were apparently Hawaiian and we even had a really cool cat that liked to lay on my chest while I watched tv. Everything about the place just seemed amazing and I thought how could this go wrong?

Enter the Hawaiians. They came in at 2 pm today just eight hours ago. They both looked confused to see me and asked what I was doing there. I told them I had gotten a contract and I was going to be their new roommate, well neither of them looked pleased at this. The bigger of the two a Hawaiian football and rugby player explained to me the situation. His cousin was to be the third roommate, they had signed a hold of room for him so that the management would hold the room until he got there to sign the contract. Well the management did no such thing as I was sold the contract. So he asked me if there was any way he could find me another apartment and I could move in there so that his cousin could move in with him, apparently his cousin he was afraid if he did not live with him would get into trouble and drugs and what not. So he said he would pay for all my expenses here and my first and last month rent at whatever place he found as long as I liked it and said yes, by no means were they kicking me out but it was still not a good situation to be in. So i talked it over with my mom and there were two options, either move out and not have to worry about it, or stay and get a big Hawaiian pissed at me and he would be a hellish roommate for a whole year, can you imagine him saying "Thanks Jon, my cousin is now on drugs." So the best option was clearly to get out of there. Tomorrow we're changing everything over, all in all I won't be losing any money in fact he's giving me more money to sweeten the deal. So I have moved back home again and will be living here for fall semester in Woodland Hills. So Woodland Hills people, you haven't gotten rid of me yet, I'm still here.

So that's the story. Now I'm aiming to head to the East Coast in January after all.

New Apartment Day One

Wow, new apartment and there's some weird stuff.

But the biggest and best of all the news is that we have a cat. His name is Wilson and he's the nicest cat I've ever met, apparently he came with the house when the landlord bought it. So the tenants take care of him, I learned today that unlike my mother I am not allergic to cats. Way I found out was when Wilson came into the living room, jumped on the couch, jumped on my chest and lay on my chest for ten minutes while I watched tv. I've never had a cat lay on me before, it was really cool.

What a cool cat.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Poem ala spam

I'm sorta scared to post this as I don't want weird people coming to my site, but I am proud of this. I composed a poem the other day, I went into my spam messages folder on one of my emails and took bits and pieces from spam messages recieved on august 9th and 10th. I didn't add or alter any of the words I just took the snippets I liked most and then tried to string them together in some surreal way. I liked the results and I hope you do too, spam messages have really gotten clever now a days, go check them out. Each time it goes to a new line is where a new section of spam is. That's how I seperated them, so without further ado, Poem ala Spam.

Nothing is less sensible than the advice the Duke of Cambridge who is
to have harumphed:
Have you ever wished for a high dollar Watch?
Industrial Man was machine-tooled
like put every cultured feline language, contains within kiss itself
an implicit philosophy.
They get no training for role versatility.
He drives battered, seven-year-old automobile.
This game went much the same way
It would be not merely superfluous carry but ridiculous wooly to
enlarge here upon the extent wept to strange
There are, of course, caveats.

No need to have a doctor recommendation
He has high intellect and low "boring point,"
the God who is simply understand the bleach Reason of the Universe and
not Thou subtract canst not dug prove the Nameless,
and to be distinguished
individual personalitythat is BLACK CLOUD

Long-life battery so the
film footage and audiotapes are an important to achieve results
To eliminate and adaptive reactions would be to eliminate change,
including growth, self-development, maturation. It complete stasis.
Baronesses always giggled at me
Well, now I hee-haw at them

as Heaven does its rains
based on bureaucracy, will simply not able to cope with the and rate
of change in the system
and destruction that book are incompre-hensible to forego noise rule garden
but then they were like horses well managed;
Your privacy is important to us
were researched demographically to deliver above average sales
too cunning, to suffer a man to keep
admitted to decapitating
policy, and dissimulation or closeness, are indeed habits
Nothing more clearly anti-adaptive.
then want to lick your lollipop.

Change is not merely to life; it is life.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Top 100 albums of all time as of this week

On the emails a friend of mine decided to start a list of his 100 best albums of all time, another friend followed and I did as well, as I easily have 100 albums to put on top, so the following is that list I made. The funny thing is, is that it is a list in which will change and so this list is just of this past week, even in the past two days I've found an album which I think at this point could overtake a couple albums on the list. But it shant this time since I made this list already. So here is my list and an introduction to how I listen to music. This is a long post so go ahead and skip it if you'd like.

Just as a intro to my head, when I listen to music, the concepts of music I enjoy most are complexities in music, driving rythmns, how the song is sung, with a spice of eerie. One thing that sets me apart quite a bit from most music listeners is I have a much harder time comprehending lyrics. So if a song is considered good because of it's lyrics, I won't notice, however if the way it is sung, is beautiful I will. It's the tone, not the message that gets me. Though with some albums especially those on top of the list, I can add that in as well because I've really gotten into it. It takes a lot of work though for me to comprehend the lyrics, and so a song has to keep my attention long enough for that to happen.

#(100-76) album title - band/composer - blurbie

100. With Love And Squalor -- We Are Scientists -- Barely making it onto the list is the first cd by this smaller band. Only two of the songs "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt" and "The Great Escape" keep me listening to this album. Both are very catchy and enjoyable songs. The rest of the album isn't up to par on these two songs, but can be a good listen once and a while.

99. Pigeon John Sings the Blues! -- Pigeon John -- This album is the winner for having my favorite design on the cd. Pigeon John is interesting in rap as he's opposite most rap artists that he puts on a better live show then he does an album. This is the best album of his so far, and it has some of the most clever lyrics I've heard, yet doesn't have the backgrounds I've come to like in rap albums.

98. Atlantis: Hymns For Disco -- k-os -- The Canadian Rapper with his first appearance on this countdown. This cd is incredibly funky especially with the standout song "Flypaper". k-os is known for being a perfectionist in his music and it shows. A nice funky album.

97. We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank -- Modest Mouse -- The first half of this album is a nice and funky selection of songs. Bringing on Johnny Marr formerly of "The Smiths" as a guitarist was a good move and it shows on this album. The second half of the album gets lost for me though, I often forget what's on it and tend to be done with the album by the middle.

96. Spectrum -- Quannum -- Quannum Productions is my favorite label when it comes to hip hop, all my favorite rap artists except k-os and Jurassic 5 come from Quannum. This album is a sampling of all of their talent, yet it doesn't repeat songs you might find on the other albums so it's an essential album for any Quannum lover. The best songs on the album are those in which features most of the members, like "Storm Warning" and "The Extravaganza". The big problem with this cd however is the stupid and lengthy narration by Mac B-Dawg.

95. Rage Against The Machine -- Rage Against The Machine -- The first album from the politcal activist band is their most pulsing and enjoyable of their albums. Though I must admit I like this album for much different reasons then most who like this cd as I enjoy it more for the musical aspects of it, and enjoy the lead singer's voice. Though when he starts repeating things it gets a little tiresome. The best songs are the pulsating "Bombtrack" and "Fistful of Steel" which gets into the cooler side of the guitarist.

94. XO -- Elliot Smith -- So far this is the only album by Elliot Smith which has really caught my attention, mainly due to the more musical nature of the cd over his other albums. My favorite song is the funky "Baby Britain", though I couldn't tell you what any of his songs are about though I hear it's mostly depressed stuff. This album has more melody and so I enjoy listening to it from time to time.

93. Meteora -- Linkin Park -- Many probably would look at this and scoff. But this album grew on me. This cd is the best Linkin Park has to offer, and I find myself enjoying the screamtastic voice of the lead singer in some of the songs. Mostly I really enjoy the DJ of the group, he puts on a really cool instrumental tune on the disc call "Session" which I listen to quite a bit. As I enjoy harder stuff and this mixes in some DJ elements, it makes my list.

92. Antipop -- Primus -- This album is a very interesting album to me as I consider it to be about the darkest album I own. Primus decided to go sinister on this album. "Eclectic Electric" is a song which I'd have to consider the darkest tune I've ever heard. It excites me sometimes but usually I can't stomach this album because of it. But when I'm in particularly devious moods this album is one of the top of my list.

91. The Album -- Latryx -- This album has one song which I consider to be one of the most experimental and amazingly pulled through songs ever created. This song being the first track "Latryx" where Lateef and Lyrics Born rap at the same time and then get into as many different tones as you can think of. The pure brilliance of this one song outshines anything else you can find on the album however, and though there are a couple of good songs, nothing even comes close to the brilliance of the first song.

90. Songs For The Deaf -- Queens of the Stoneage -- A hard rush of adrenaline is what's starts out this album. With the drumming of Dave Grohl this album is one of my angrier albums which I listen to when in gloomy moods. But it does have some good breakthrough songs like the almost Metallica-esque "Mosquito Song" and the driving rifftastic "No One Knows".

89. Discovery -- Daft Punk -- It took me quite a number of years after their album Homework before I was finally ready to give this excellent dance/techno cd a chance. I'm glad I waited though as it's become a treasure in my collection. The robotic voices mixed with good dance tunes makes this cd a good choice. Even when Daft Punk pulls out their amazingly annoying repeating bass pound in "Superheroes" it becomes a much cooler tune then expected.

88. Finally Woken -- Jem -- Jem surprised me with her fusion of styles combined with her intoxicating voice. Mixtures of Rock Ballads with Trip-Hop makes it for an interesting listen. When Jem is on, she's really on like in songs "They", "Come on Closer" and "24". But she isn't able to keep it up through all of her songs.

87. Ruckus -- Galactic -- Making their only album appearance on this countdown is my favorite live band Galactic. The live shows this band does are incredible, but their albums don't quite compare. This one however is the best of their studio abilities. It comes with uber funky songs such as "The Moil" and "Bongo Joe" and comes with the final appearances of Theryl DeClouet as their singer, yet he goes out on top in the song "Never Called You Crazy", which seems to be made just for him.

86. EP -- Jurassic 5 -- The first sampling from Jurassic 5 is this eight song EP. It comes with the very catchy "Concrete Schoolyard" and "Jayou" and shows the amazing skills of Cut Chemist in the song "Lesson 6: The Lecture". This cd shows the raw talents of Jurassic 5 before they perfected themselves. This is one of few bands to make it 3 or more times on the countdown.

85. Ruby Vroom -- Soul Coughing -- The first album from the crazy band Soul Coughing is their best. It's raw and has lots of weird and magical moments, like the amazingly eerie "Bus To Beelzebub", The giddy tune "Down To This" and the really jazzy "True Dreams Of Wichita" which dabbles into a really funky moment near the end of the song. This cd has the best that Soul Coughing has to offer and has some really weird and funky songs.

84. Gorillaz -- Gorillaz -- The first cd from the amazing mind of Damon Albarn as the comical cartoon band The Gorillaz. A cool mix of rock we came to expect from Blur mixed with some cool Hip Hop stylings. The standout songs from this album are the high energy hip hop song "Rock The House", the cool tune "19-2000" and the super mellow and nicely funky groove song "Double Bass".

83. Sunrise Over Sea -- John Butler Trio -- Listening to this cd makes you wonder why more people don't go for a more Bluegrassy sound to rock music. The John Butler Trio whom is one of the biggest Austrailian Bands of all time, come out with this super album which keeps you rocking through multiple listens. Very Rootsy, and also rocking at the same time. This band excels most with it's high power and faster songs then when they go for the slower tunes.

82. Moontan -- Golden Earring -- The best cruising song of all time, "Radar Love" comes first on this funky ballad album. All five songs are over six minutes and give a good sampling into what this band can do. Very driving and it keeps you coming back.

81. Decksanddrumsandrockandroll -- Propellerheads -- This techno duo comes out with an uber funky techno album. But what stands out is the the soulful "History Repeating" which features vocals from jazz singer Shirley Bassey, an amazing dance tune. Also collaborating with the Jungle Brothers on "Cominagetcha" is the other highlight of the album. When this band collaborates, they find their best sounds.

80. Nia -- Blackalicious -- Blackalicious is the mixing of The Gift of Gab whom is a talented rapper and the mixing of Chief XCel. This album was when they started figuring out their sound. They found a groove in about 6 or 7 really good songs. The rest of the cd is close but not quite there. The vest song is probably the spooky "Smithzonian Institute of Rhyme".

79. I Gotta Get Mine Yo! -- Chubb Rock -- This guy flew under the radar of the early days of rap, he was the original huge rapper. This album came out in 92, and it's super funky while starting to show signs of what gangsta rap is now. I first got this album as a joke but found it to have a lot of really catchy tunes.

78. White Album -- The Beatles -- This album has a really good mix of tunes, and it gets rockin. It's an essential Beatles album. The stuff I tend to get into on this album mostly stay towards the beginning of disc one, and around the middle near "Rocky Racoon" and "Why Don't We Do It In The Road". I tend to steer clear of disc two for some reason however, except for a tune here or there.

77. Let It Die -- Feist -- This album has a lot of songs which really make me groove. Feist has an amazing voice but also found some cool sounds to go with her songs. "Mushaboom" is by far and away my favorite on this album.

76. Please Mr. Lostman -- The Pillows -- This is my favorite album by the Japanese rock band "The Pillows". This album has such a good selection of what they have to offer. They really get into a groove on this album and it makes for a really good album. The lead singer's voice on this album especially though I can't understand most of what he's saying, is very melodic and inviting.

75. Half Full Ashtrays, Half Empty Glasses -- The Laboratory Rats -- This a local band out of Columbus Ohio. Imagine white boy rap with a rock band behind him rapping stories and you have The Lab Rats. This is their only album and it's a good one.

74. Perennial Favorites -- Squirrel Nut Zippers -- With such songs as the eerie and inviting "Ghost of Stephen Foster" and the happy song "Pallin' With Al", this album is a great choice for some cool songs.

73. IV -- Led Zeppelin -- What more can be said about this already amazing album, if you don't have it, you should.

72. Boston -- Boston -- A very masterful album. My favorite moment of the cd is the rockin' intro "Foreplay" to "Long Time".

71. Volume 1 -- Fear of Pop -- The first solo project from Ben Folds brings us such great moments as why we should stay through the whole movie, "Funky Bass" and "The International Brotherhood of Lying Fickle Males".

70. Demon Days -- Gorillaz -- The first album was good, the second album was better. They improved on what was good in the first album for this one, if you don't believe me have a listen to "Feel Good Inc."

69. Naked Baby Photos -- Ben Folds Five -- A good selection of random stuff by Ben Folds Five including the insane and yet really fun to listen to balled that is "For Those of Y'all Who Wear Fanny Packs".

68. U.S. Crush -- U.S. Crush -- I swear I'm the only one who ever knew about this cd. A band that came and went and no one ever knew about and only put out this one cd, but it's a good one. Rock leaning towards punk, it has a lot of heart to it, but not enough to keep the band together. Lots of catchy tunes on this one.

67. Ganging Up On The Sun -- Guster -- Guster is really good at creating catchy songs that keep you coming back for more, especially with their drummer who uses his hands. This cd is a good selection of what they can offer.

66. Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume 1: From Fear Through The Eyes Of The Mad -- Coheed & Cambria -- This is the fourth cd from a band who brings very nerdy lyrics to really rockin' music. This one starts with the really good song "Welcome Home" and then goes through every nerdy subject you can think of about Dragons and such.

65. Come On Feel The Illinoise! -- Sufjan Stevens -- I wasn't sold on this album until I got near the end and got to the one two combination of "Predatory Wasp..." and "Night Zombies". Though I have a hard time getting into singer songwriters, this guy was able to give me enough background stuff to keep me coming back. Now I like the whole thing, very beautiful album.

64. Tenacious D -- Tenacious D -- This album is the best comedic rock cd I've ever heard but it also has some rockin' riffs and overall good songs. My favorite song is the sing-alongable "F*** Her Gently".

63. Farmhouse -- Phish -- There aren't any standout songs on this album yet overall it's just a good album, each of the songs compliment the others on the album. This album shows a much wiser Phish looking to create a good album.

62. A Weekend In The City -- Bloc Party -- This band has about the silliest lyrics you'll hear from any band, but what they lack in lyrics they add in their music. This album is the second and more crafted album. When listening to it, you can feel they took care to make sure they were making a good album. It has a lot of different sounding catchy songs.

61. Talkie Walkie -- Air -- This duo makes a really good electronic type record here. There isn't a song I don't like. They're able to mix actual lyrics with electronic sounds for a very different sound then most.

60. In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3 -- Coheed & Cambria -- This is the third and best album from Coheed & Cambria. It's one of my two favorite albums to play video games to. The title track to this album is the best song and it's ballad like quality makes it an eight minute song that makes you feel pumped up. This is one of the better rock albums of this century.

59. Make Yourself -- Incubus -- This seriously rockin' album which at times is hard, times it's soft and times it's scratchin'. This album has some good radio hits but better songs that aren't. The best song is the record scratchin' "Battlestar Scralatchtica".

58. Add It Up -- Violent Femmes -- This is one band who can keep my with the lyrics. I love what they have to say in their songs especially the great song of love "Kiss Off". This album also has the best Xylophone solo I've ever heard in "Gone Daddy Gone".

57. Crash -- Dave Matthews Band -- The second album and second best album from DMB is an amazing album. The sound of Dave's voice mixed with Guitar, Saxophone, Violin and Drums keep me coming back for more each time. This band knew how to make an album.

56. Shack Man -- Medeski, Martin & Wood -- This is the best album from the Jazz trio MMW. I'd put most of their albums however in the same place too so this one will suffice as their best. This one has some of the best solos especially in the song "Think", nothing can get me like the upright bass solo in that song.

55. Pretzel Logic -- Steely Dan -- The singer's voice to the very jazzy tunes makes this my favorite album from Steely Dan. This is a good place to start if you haven't gotten into them yet.

54. Loop -- Keller Williams -- This one man band makes some really rockin' songs and some really clever lyrics. One of my favorite songs of all time comes from this album and that's "Blatant Ripoff". Everyone should give Keller a listen and see if they like his stuff.

53. More Betterness! -- No Use For A Name -- This is the only punk album that I'm able to enjoy the entire thing. Punk has always been a hard genre for me, but this album keeps me rockin' the whole time.

52. Check Your Head -- Beastie Boys -- The thing that's so interesting to me about the Beastie's is that they have so many hits and yet all my favorite songs are not the hits. These guys are musically trained and this album shows some really jazzy songs, some of their best are even instrumental. But their best raps come out of this album as well.

51. Master Of Styles -- The Urge -- Take 60% Mighty Mighty Bosstones and 40% Disturbed and you have the one and only "The Urge". This is their best of three albums and it has some really finely crafted hard rock/ska songs.

50. Palookaville -- Fatboy Slim -- This album is when Fatboy Slim really found funky, with guest stars Lateef and Bootsy Collins on different songs he makes some really sweet grooves. Even when he hits you with his techno he goes for the groovy first, the best album from Fatboy Slim yet.

49. Frizzle Fry -- Primus -- The most raw album from Primus. This one has good songs written all over it including the head banging song "Groundhog Day". This album has more to offer then most of their albums.

48. The Moon And Antarctica -- Modest Mouse -- The most story like album from Modest Mouse. Also a very haunting album with lots of eerie sounds resonating through out, plus the delightful "Tiny Cities Made of Ashes".

47. Silent Alarm -- Bloc Party -- The more raw of their two albums, this album punches out some really good riffs and melodies. Also my favorite album to play video games with, try taking on the last guy in Shadow of Colossus to the first three songs. Amazing stuff.

46. Rockin' The Suburbs -- Ben Folds -- This is a must for any Ben Folds fan, it shows he didn't skip a beat from his band breaking up. Very good tunes on this one.

45. Give Up -- The Postal Service -- Almost nintendo beats mixed with the inviting voice of Ben Gibbard makes a very delightful album.

44. The Sunlandic Twins -- Of Montreal -- Mixing Psychedelic sounds with the present Indie scene, this cd makes some amazing melodies and excellent sing-along choruses.

43. The Story Of The Ghost -- Phish -- A very mellow album with lots of good melodies. Plus a couple of grooves that keep you dancing. A good mix on this album.

42. Soundsystem -- 311 -- This album is on of the only albums which I found a new song on each repeated listening until by the end I liked every track. This is the best album from the rap rock guys in 311. Best riffs and best overall songs.

41. Rift -- Phish -- Their second concept album which makes for a very dreamy sound through out. The title track especially.

40. Wood -- Moxy Fruvous -- This album has some of the best folk-pop I've ever heard. The acapella like sounds mixed with the folk melodies makes this album an excellent one.

39. 12 Golden Country Greats -- Ween -- From the crazy band Ween comes an album entirely of Country like songs. There are so many inviting melodies and funny lyrics that this album keeps you coming back to a genre that you thought you hated.

38. ... And Justice For All -- Metallica -- This is my favorite album from Metallica, they find some amazing ballads and mix it with thrash metal to make some really rockin' songs.

37. Dark Side Of The Moon -- Pink Floyd -- The psychedelic tones of this album just make it all worth it. Pink Floyd scores with this one.

36. Amputechture -- The Mars Volta -- The modern day version of Yes, this band makes Progressive rock into something beautiful. Singing half in English half in Latin this band makes some of the most hauntingly inviting sounds you'll ever hear. This is their latest album and it has one of my top favorite songs of all time in the genre shifting song "Day Of The Baphomets".

35. Chocolate and Cheese -- Ween -- Though this album is everywhere, it has a lot of their best songs and is a very good singles album.

34. Houses Of The Holy -- Led Zeppelin -- This is my overall favorite album from Zep. The best melodies comes from the inviting "Over The Hills And Far Away".

33. De-Loused In The Comatourium -- The Mars Volta -- These guys really blow my mind. This album is a lot more mellow then Amputechture but yet has some really amazing things going on for it. On this one Cedric Bixler-Zavala's haunting voice comes through so amazingly, check out the haunting melodies on "Televators".

32. Ben Folds Five -- Ben Folds Five -- Most of my favorite songs by BFF come from this album. The lyrics combined with the amazing solos in "The Last Polka" get me every time.

31. Absolution -- Muse -- This haunting rock album from Muse about the End of the World is their best by far. It has so many good songs but is lead by the amazing "Stockholm Syndrome".

30. Dig Your Own Hole -- The Chemical Brothers -- Coming in second place for my favorite techno album, this one has some amazing dance tunes. The whole album excels in the sounds they were able to create for this one.

29. Street Signs -- The nine piece band that fuses Latin, Hip Hop and Rock decided to try going for some Indian types sounds on this one and came out on top. Their ability to mix such different genres makes this band one of my favorite bands.

28. Launchpad -- Particle -- This electronic jam band scores with their only album to date. This album has some of the most groovy jams I've ever heard add to that my love of good electronic music and you have an amazing danceable album.

27. Think Tank -- Blur -- This album hits on every level for me when it comes to Blur. Unfortunately it was their last album but yet has so many amazing songs. The sound of Damon's voice on top of these songs melts me.

26. Colour And Shape -- Foo Fighters -- The third album I ever bought and man is it a good one. This cd has some of the best alternative rock songs from the 90s.

25. Whatever and Ever Amen -- Ben Folds Five -- This is the best crafted album by BFF. So many good songs and good solos.

24. Under The Table And Dreaming -- Dave Matthews Band -- This album gives me goose bumps when I listen to it, it goes into every avenue DMB have open to them, the song "Warehouse" is a good example of this as it starts off nice and haunting, and then goes into a driving happy song.

23. Foo Fighters -- Foo Fighters -- The more rocking of their first two albums, this one just has good rockin' song after good rockin' song. One of the best cds of the 90s.

22. Tales From The Punchbowl -- Primus -- This is the best collection of songs from Primus, the best stuff are the long funky ballads they can come up with, especially in the first three songs.

21. Quality Control -- Jurassic 5 -- This is the cd that got me into rap music in the beginning. 4 rappers and 2 DJs making very danceable songs with amazing lyrics.

20. Ozomatli -- Ozomatli -- With Cut Chemist and Chali 2na helping make their first cd, this cd shows the raw energy that I've come to expect from Ozomatli. Awesome samba and Latin arrangements behind the deep amazing voice of Chali 2na makes this cd amazing.

19. Airdrawndagger -- Sasha -- When I first listened to this album I didn't like it, but after listening to it more and more it has become my favorite techno album of all time. This man creates the most tantalizing beats you'll ever hear mixed together. The songs on this album flow together so well it's almost as if it's one song moving from one frame to the next.

18. So Much For The Afterglow -- Everclear -- This is the second album I ever bought and I still listen to it from beginning to end like any other album. The songs still give me the same feelings they did when I first listened to it. The staying power of this album is enough to get it very high.

17. Year Zero -- Nine Inch Nails -- So far this is my favorite album this year. I was blown away when I listened to it. 16 tracks and all of them are as good as the others. Excellent electronic mixes with the amazing staying power that Trent Reznor has in his voice. Even the lyrics which are usually hard for me to get into snagged me so quickly. My favorite song though has to be the electronic dream "The Great Destroyer".

16. Frances The Mute -- The Mars Volta -- This album is the one that made me fall in love with The Mars Volta in the first place. With each songs which makes you want to get on stage with the band, to the format of it going back to a classical motif. This album is just amazing.

15. Quebec -- Ween -- Usually it's the more normal songs on a Ween album that I gravitate to first, however this one is the opposite, their weird songs are the best but they put in some excellent good songs too to make the whole experience a grand one.

14. Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes -- TV On The Radio -- The minimalist electronica with the haunting and inviting voices of TV On The Radio made this an instant favorite for me. And any album that makes someone like David Bowie call up the band and ask to guest star on their next album because he liked it so much has to be good.

13. Later That Day... -- Lyrics Born -- I had thought of combining both of Lyrics Born cds together and probably should have, but I didn't. This is the first of two which makes the raw edits of some amazingly funky songs. Lyrics Born is an amazing MC and if you haven't heard him you need to.

12. Bargainville -- Moxy Fruvous -- This album doesn't have a bad moment on it. The Fruvous Quill brings out the best harmonies you'll hear from any folk rock band.

11. Riot On An Empty Street -- Kings Of Convenience -- I've never known an album to be able to calm down as well as this one has. Their voices are so soothing and mesmerizing that I just had to listen again and again. Also this is my favorite album to play poker to.

Top Ten!

10. Same !@#$ Different Day -- Lyrics Born -- Lyrics Born took what was good with Later That Day and added to it ten fold.

9. Joyful Rebellion -- k-os -- k-os scored amazingly with this album. He didn't miss a beat anywhere and he put in every good sound he could find. This album makes changing genres seem effortless.

8. White Pepper -- Ween -- With some of the best transitions between songs, this album puts Ween so far ahead. I can't get enough of this band.

7. The Audience's Listening -- Cut Chemist -- The best DJ out there today with his first full length album does not disappoint in the slightest. When I listen to this album it's the exact kind of album that I want to write some day.

6. The Craft -- Blackalicious -- With help from the rest of the Quannum crew, Blackalicious comes out with an amazing album which hits every aspect you could think, even the lyrics are incredibly creative.

5. Wish You Were Here -- Pink Floyd -- This album is just phenomenal, with only five songs and yet taking you on a fantastic journey it goes everywhere I would want it to. This is my favorite thing to come from it's era.

4. The Bends -- Radiohead -- With Thom Yorke's amazingly voice and the inviting melodies, this album was love at first listen. Every song scores.

3. Junta -- Phish -- The first album from Phish is by far my favorite, it has my absolute favorite song of all time in "Divided Sky" and has some of the best Jams ever recorded. Without this album half the albums on this list wouldn't be there.

2. Power In Numbers -- Jurassic 5 -- The most perfectly crafted rap album ever. Jurassic 5 scored on everything, and not just the songs, but the order and the transitions too. This album convinced me that rap was an amazing way to make music.

1. The Mollusk -- Ween -- Making five appearances on my countdown, Ween takes the top spot with their concept album about the ocean. Beautifully brilliant songs have made this album have some songs which I listen to more then most any other album. I am truely in love with Ween and this album is the heart.

And there it is. I excluded soundtracks and live albums, but if I had added them in, my list would also be radically different.