Friday, July 27, 2007

moe. Concert July 26th 2007

This is a picture of the band "moe." This picture is not from the concert last night. So last night two of my good buddies and I were off to the Gallavan Center in Salt Lake City to see moe. put on a free concert. moe. is a Jam Band, so for those who don't really know what to expect from a Jam Band, imagine a rock concert except you aren't smashed up against everyone there, people give you enough room to dance, and also imagine almost everyone is stoned. The band plays long jams which crescendo and the band plays off of the energy of the crowd. That's a typical Jam Band concert. When I went to Warped Tour less then a month ago, I realized I didn't have it in me to go to regular rock concerts, I needed to stick to the Jam Band scene and other acts, no mainstream for me, unless I do want to not breathe. Anyways, so we headed off to this free concert, a band called Dr. Dog started us off, we didn't know them, they weren't all that great. So when moe. took the stage we started to have some fun. Now I'm going to tell of my top three favorite concerts, my first was held at the Gallavan Center a year earlier, it was the band Galactic, they put on an amazing show and the crowd was awesome, they literally when their time was up asked the event producer if they could play longer because it was such a good show. My second place goes to my first Phish concert, to see such a legendary band was an amazing experience. It was in Vegas and was an overall good time. My third place goes to last summer when Ween came to town. Now surprisingly, this concert has now beat out the Ween concert to make it to my third place. And here's the reason why, the Gallavan center for those that don't know is an outdoor theater in the middle of Salt Lake, about 300 south and Main. Well midway into the third song, it starts to rain, just a little bit, but about midway through the fifth song, it starts to downpour, well because of this the crowd started getting happier and more excited cause a rock concert in the rain is amazing. moe came out with a huge jam at one point getting higher and higher in the crescendo and the rain was pouring down on us and everyone was dancing and having a great time as was I. I've never had so much fun soaking wet. Rain makes any concert better. So there you have it, imagine an entire plaza full of hippies getting rained on while listening to a concert. It was one of the best days this year by far. So much fun.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Just fulfilling my creation last week.

I'm up to 264 posts and have used this blog for about 2 years and 4 months. I'm going to slightly copy someone since I really felt like it after reading their blog. But mine will be slightly less poetic.

I now understand why I was able to do the teaching job.

Marriage does wonders for you.

I am truely scared for the psychological damage your dad can have on you, and I wish you could see it even slightly.

What you said about me is so very hurtful that I no longer want to have any contact with you ever. I won't even acknowledge your presence, don't worry blog readers this person does not read my blog, but will still recieve said treatment because of how hurtful a comment it was.

I'm still reeling from Hyde, and am still confused at how it all turned out.

I'm super excited about the move.

The loose ends seem to be wrapping themselves up, this move must be important.

I really hope we get the white house.

I'm now lactose intolerant.

I need to move back to Provo not just for my mental health but also my physical.

I'm surprised at my non-worriedness.

There are still people who I'm sure don't even remember me that I still want to prove wrong.

When you use such tactics to nullen void my opinions, I do exactly what you don't want me to.

Comforting your mom was really weird that night.

I really wish you'd stop using the same examples you've been using for years to say you don't understand how people can do it. I've got your message already, and if you looked at how I'm doing it then you might understand, no wait, you wouldn't. No wonder I don't tell you.

You have no idea how much I love psychology. Half of the things I do are aimed in that vein. But I sometimes get scared that some friends will think wrongly of it or think they're involved when they aren't.

When it comes to the whole love issue I have never been so calm for this long a period of time in my whole loving life. It must have something to do with the move.

Please for once, surprise me and do something different, please?

Battlestar Gallactica is starting to get really good.

I have a couple of theories of why you stopped talking to me all together, and none of them seem to be any good, for how good of a friendship we had. It does not make sense to me.

I really enjoy the unknown.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Jumbled Thoughts Number 835

I went to Warped Tour this past weekend. It was wicked hot. I decided upon going becase there were three bands I wanted to see. Coheed and Cambria, Bad Religion and K-OS. I was dissappointed by Coheed more so because of their fans, I didn't realized they had psycho beat each other up punk fans. They did play the songs I wanted to hear so I was good, but the lead singer couldn't sing as much cause his hair got in the way, but oh my how I love his hair. I didn't see Bad Religion cause I was too tired and went home after K-OS. K-OS was also dissappointing, he was either too high, didn't want to be in Utah or both. He missed most of his lines, and most of the songs he played are his lesser songs in my opinion. Unfortunately all sets were only 30 minutes. The best show was by a band called "Two and a Half White Guys". They were at one of the smaller stages, and they're a local band apparently. They put on an excellent show.

Speaking of heat, I've been getting heat exhaustion a lot lately. Basically my body is getting less and less tolerant to heat. Thus why I'm currently living at home even though I still have to pay for an apartment, because that apartment was always too hot and I was getting sick while being there because my roommate and I have about a ten degree difference in our body temperature. Basically if I'm outside for about ten minutes I start getting heat exhaustion, so i have to do any exercizing outside while it's so hot. So living at home where the house is always air conditioned is basically the only thing I can do, I'm so looking forward to next summer when it starts getting hot because I'll move north and I'll be able to handle the weather.

My autistic brother Michael is currently at a camp for six weeks. It's a little hard because of the thought of him not knowing what's going on. But it's really helping us out, the house is always very quiet. Once he gets home is about the time that I'll be getting a new apartment.

I'm very excited for this new apartment, I'll be with a bunch of the Happy Pirates guys lving right next door to Uffish, Krebs, MGD and more. It's going to be an awesome street. And it's going to be a really good last two semesters, especially to have such good friends all around me. Huntsman is supposedly coming up for a two semesters as well so I'll be able to have fun with him too. Not much to do left before then, so I'm just getting myself excited and having fun while I can. :)