Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The past couple days have been interesting ones. In fact they've been a couple of life changing days. Because of this I've felt about ten times happier then usual. You know, it feels so much better when instead of having something be up in the air, you actually know when it's going to happen, well I now know when something is going to happen. Sure it's still up in the air as to the exact date but I will say this.

Sometime next summer I am moving out of Utah.

It's been decided and I am super happy about it. I've been wanting to leave the state for years and the only things keeping me have been school and friends (to a lesser degree). But my free tuition stops working in august of next year, and I could continue going to UVSC and finish my schooling there paying a bunch of money, or I could go somewhere else and get on with my life and finish my schooling elsewhere. So I've started school shopping.

Many of you might look at this and think, "But Utah is a great state, you're family and friends are here, why would you want to leave?" and to those that did think that I would say, "It seems you don't know me as well as you think you did". Here's why, I'm someone who loves change. I love new experiences and I love being outside of my comfort zone. I've lived in this general area since I was six. Minus the mission I've basically been here the whole time, and because I've been here so long I feel stagnant. The only thing that is new for me is I can meet new people, but that's about it. I've been wishing for a chance to move that wouldn't hinder my progress in some way, and I finally found a way to do so.

So now what am I looking for? I'm looking for places with a large group of LDS singles. But not just that, I'm looking for schools which have the major and minor I want, I'm also looking for places in which I can handle the weather, in other words anywhere north of Utah. I'm also looking for a big city, and preferably I'd like to live near the ocean. I also want to live somewhere in which I can go to a large variety of cultural events by driving in any direction. So I've been thinking of two places in specific. Boston and Philidelphia. Seattle has been thought about too, but for other reasons of which I can't speak of yet, I'm thinking east coast would be better.

So now for my plan. I'm going to take classes fall and winter, ones I need for my major, and ones I know I'll get good grades in. Then, choose a bunch of schools and apply for a transfer and if i get in to one of them, go there. Overall I know I'll be happier elsewhere then if I stay in Utah, I've talked to a bunch of people close to me including my parents and they all agree that i would be happier elsewhere. So to my friends, we need to hang out more cause I just have year left and then I'm outta Utah for good.

In similar news, I was talking to my mom and she decided to tell me about my dating life. You didn't read that wrong. It was weird but she knew all my misgivings and all my thoughts on dating and she described to me the kind of person I should be looking for and it made complete and total sense, and I realized I hadn't been looking for that type of person all that much. It was actually invigorating hearing it cause i knew that's the kind of person I'm attracted to, she also said there really are very few girls like that in Utah Valley or even in the rest of Utah, and that I would probably be able to find someone who matched that criteria, out of state.

Overall it was a very good talk I had with my mother, who knows me better then I know myself. And I've become excited again for what's to come, the past couple days I've been getting excited about the future again, because now it's less then a year away. And I suspect i'll be happier overall.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Something Big

Sorry for the Ambiguity, but something big happened today, in the last couple hours. The ambiguity is actually the same for me, since I have no idea what I'm talking about, but you know when you can just feel it? Well I feel like something big happened, but I have no idea what....

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Vegas Trip

I am going to vegas in two weeks. I'm not sure when I plan on leaving, it'll be sometime after wednesday. The purpose in this road trip is three fold, first to get a road trip in cause I need one very badly, secondly is to visit one of my best friends "Huntsman". The third is to try out poker in person. I've got two tournaments that I'm going to do and see how I do. For those that haven't heard I have a poker fund, it's money in which I have made from poker. The only money i've ever put forth in poker is money I already won in poker. This poker fund is at 220 dollars, so if I perchance do not make any money in either tournament, I will still be up 180 dollars. I mainly want to do it for the fun of it, to see how it is actually playing in person, I'm really excited for how much fun it's going to be. I know Huntsman is planning already to take me to a couple of roller coasters in and around the Vegas area. I'm super excited, if anyone wants to come, let me know. I'll consider it. Ha Ha Ha.


I had a really weird day on friday, for one I woke up at my parents house which I haven't done in a while. Secondly I went to a really good friend's Barbeque, It was that of my freshman year roommate. He's now married and about to head off to Chicago in a couple of months. The weird thing about it is of all the people from freshman year, he only invited me and our other good buddy Brian. He did also invite Freda however she couldn't come due to being in Washington DC. I realized that day that the legend that was the freshman year is now dead. I had tasted it when we had a reunion a little while back. There are some people in whom I was really good friends with who now don't even say hello to me when I say hello to them, it's weird. In talking to others about this they speak of how that's how it is with high school friends, but in my case I still talk with the really good friends from high school, so freshman year is the first group of friends who are doing this to me. It's taken a while, but it's weird how some people just will not even take the time to say hello. Basically now when it comes down to freshman year, it's the big four in whom I speak to now more then any others. (Grouch if you're reading this, you are in that four) It is sorta nice that one of the people from freshman year set up a blog for everyone to keep up to date, and some of those good friends are on there and even when I write a post they don't comment. It's really weird to me.

Now for the next thing I did on friday which was really interesting. I went camping up Payson canyon. Have you ever been up Payson canyon? I never had and let me tell you it's probably the most beautiful canyon in Utah, holy smackdown it was amazing. It's my new favorite place to go on a day when I need nature. It goes winding straight up until you can see trees for miles and miles. It's awesome. The campout was interesting. I found some really really rude girls there. There were two girls in particular in whom I tried the whole get to know you thing, one answered a question or two then got up and left before answering the rest and sat next to someone else, the other girl when I asked her what she did she said, "I'm in the FBI so I can't talk about my past." She then turned away and started talking to the guy next to her. I left at 6 am and had a really peaceful drive down. If you haven't been up that canyon go soon, it's awesome.

Saturday, June 02, 2007


There have been a lot of things I've meant to write about like what i learned from teaching, and my fun going camping, but I've actually been taking somewhat of a break from being on the computer as my job required me to be on it and now that I'm not required I'm still in my I have freedom I want to do everything fun mode.