Monday, May 28, 2007

Yes I got injured, again.

For those that have not yet heard I shall now tell the story of how I got injured yet again. So I was at the mall and I was walking up the escalator (a practice which I had already vowed not to do but for some reason I was doing it) and my sandal didn't make it all the way up over a step so it hit the step thus making my big right toe get punctured by the escalator spikes. Now I have a big gash on my toe and lots of dead skin. It hurts to walk. Bah. Stupid escalators, now I never will walk on them again.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Update on my Ribs

Well my ribs haven't gotten better like I had hoped, so I'm going to see the doctor, unfortunately I can't go until my job is over as it takes up the whole day, so I have until a week from today, Wednesday the 30th, which will be the earliest I can go to the doctor. Ugh. I hate having things to wait for because it makes the days longer.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Good writers needed everywhere

Thanks by the way for all the well wishes, my ribs are feeling better though I still can't sleep on my left side.

So Tuesday and Wednesday were both interesting days for me. Both of which I had three invites to possible things to go to, all at the same time. So tuesday, I was trying to decide what to go to, three possiblities, all of which I wanted to go to about equal, so which did I choose? Well I decided to take a nap at about 6 pm, I set my alarm for 7 pm at which point I'd decide. Nope, slept through my alarm and didn't wake up until 6 am the next morning. Whoops.

So Wednesday, again, three things I got invited to, three things I wanted to go to, this time I did make a desicion and it was to go the open mic night at the Tower Theater in Salt Lake, it was a bunch of film makers showing off their stuff for the open mic. What I learned was that there are a couple of talented film makers in this area, all of whom could really use a good writer. I also learned there are a lot of really bad film makers, all of whom could use a good writer. And there are a lot of pretentious film makers, all of whom could use a good writer. There was one especially bad film which all my friends think is something they made 20 years ago and decided to show it at this thing, but I still think it was 3 pretentious indie girls who decided they wanted to say something. Even though you couldn't hear a word they said. So lesson learned, if you're going to be a film maker, please, get a good writer.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ow, my rib.

This past weekend my friends and I got together for an experimental 48 hour film shoot. For having 11-12 people of all differing opinions I think the experiment went pretty well. We ended up doing a little mocumentary on a group that gets together for an annual red rover day. It was pretty well done and I liked being a part of it, I had planned on participating in all aspects of the shoot, but something came up. So during the filming I was going to do a prat fall and go to the ground and clutch my shoulder in pain. Well the fall wasn't real, but as they were filming me clutching my shoulder it actually was in pain. I thought to myself as I was rolling on the ground how cool it was because during this part of the filming, I really wasn't acting cause I really was in a lot of pain, it almost made me laugh right then and there except for the fact that I was supposed to look like I was in pain. After we finished filming we all went out to eat and there was still plans on doing other things but by that time I was still in a lot of pain and really just needed to go home and rest, so I went home and let everyone else pick up my slack. Turns out though that it wasn't my shoulder that was hurting, I had bruised one of my ribs. I could tell that was what it was when I tried to lie down. Since then I think my rib has been healing, it's not hurt badly enough to do anything about, it's like a sprain, but in the rib area. It's been getting better each day but it still smarts when I cough or lie down. Luckily I usually sleep on my right side and it's on the left so I'm good in that area. Once it's online I'll post where it is and you can check it out.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's Official, I'm a Weaver

I now proclaim it forth to the high heavens, I've become a weaver. For those who don't right out know what I mean, it is one whom doth weave in and out of traffic. I used to not like weavers but I now see why they exist as I have become one, but why have I become one? Well I'm now commuting every day from Orem to South Jordan and back, and I have a fast car, that being a cop car. So to get to work on time if I leave at 6:50, I have to go about 80 mph the whole way there. I have to leave at 6:40 or earlier if I plan on going 65 mph. But being as how I don't like not having sleep, I go for the 6:50 option. Now here's what drove me (Bwa ha ha) to become a weaver. Now those that know me, know that I am a safe driver, so even as a weaver, I try and weave safely, that is not to cause others to be inconvenienced by my weaving. But what made me this way is how so many people feel it is their right to stay in the left lane. I feel the left lane is there for our passing benefit, but yet so many people feel it is their right to drive 65 in the left lane and not move. One morning I got so aggravated by this that I counted how many people i passed on the right because of there not being any people in the middle lane and yet having lots in the left lane, that morning I counted 33 cars. 33! I passed 33 cars by going into the middle lane and passing them while they were in the passing lane. The other thing people tend to do, is I will pass them and they'll have a lot of room in front of them, but the second I put on my blinker, they close the gap, it's an outrage to have someone pass you like that. Thus the need to take the gap when I have it and not wait for them to be nice enough to let me in, because they're not nice enough. On my commutes I spend most of my time in the far right lane as it's the least populated of the lanes, the left being the most populated, often times I can go miles just staying in the two right lanes as the left lane is completely bumper to bumper, unfortunatly for me, though I believe them to be the best types of drivers, there are still those law abiding citizens who drive slow in those two lanes, so thus I have to sneak my way into the left lane, I dare not make the law abiders life misery, only unto the left lane folks, those who will not move. Did you know a law has recently been passed stating if a car speeds up and is faster then you then you must move over to let them pass, how nice it would be if people followed such a law. The few occasions I get those who drive faster then me, I do my duty to let them pass me.

I've never had to deal with this kind of traffic on a day to day basis before, and I can see how people get road rage, luckily I enjoy driving so much that I don't get road rage. :) So now you know, the rest of the story.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Morning Routine

There have been som morning routine stuff going around the blogosphere as of late, some people being proud of their 17 minutes and out the door, some of their full 2 hour morning stuff. Well whenever I have to work and wake up in the morning, if it was work or school or whatever I've always had everyone I know beat. My usual time is about 10 minutes or less. In high school I would wake up at 7:15, and by the time school started at 7:35, I had showered, had breakfast, gotten ready and been on time to class at about a 5 minute drive away.

Take this morning for instance.

6:10 Woke Up
6:11 Shower
6:15 Out of shower, realized it was 6:15, went back to bed.
6:40 Woke Up
6:41 Get Dressed and ready to go
6:45 Out the door.

So on a usual day when I don't accidently wake up early I wake up at 6:30 and am usually out the door between 6:40 and 6:45. As I've said before I multitask like crazy, and I'm especially good at it when it's the morning and I'm grumpy.

Beat That Suckas.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Oh How Tired.... and What Relief.

Last night there was a concert I had planned on going to, it was DJ Shadow and The Lifesavas. I'd never actually heard stuff by The Lifesavas but I know DJ Shadow quite well. Well when I woke up yesterday morning I was wicked tired. When I arrived at school, we couldn't enter my room as they were uploading Vegas onto the computers, so I had to take my class to some other room, I kept falling asleep during class, even when standing, I was that tired. Well we were supposed to have the class back by second period but things hadn't gone right and so he needed more time, so I took my class to the library where I kept falling asleep for a couple seconds but couldn't actually stay asleep for longer then a couple seconds, now usually when I'm this tired I sleep on the futon in my room during 3rd period and lunch, but they were still doing stuff on the computers so I couldn't sleep on the futon. I went out to town and was able to find a Wii which my brother had wanted for his birthday back in February, and I picked up the new Lifesavas cd to check it out. When I got back they had finally finished doing everything but I only had 20 minutes left before 4th and I couldn't sleep. So I had 4th which I was able to stay awake through and then head home. I had planned on taking a nap when I got home but halfway home my battery light went on in the car, this had happened earlier in the week but after turning off the car and turning it back on it went away, this time it didn't. So I called my dad and explained to him what happened and how each time it happened the Volts went down slightly. He told me it was okay to drive the car out to the auto garage we go to. He said to meet there at 5:00. I got home at 4 and didn't have enough time to nap so I played with the Wii and then went and switched cars at 5. The good thing about having this car is that it runs on natural gas ($1.20 per gallon!) and because it's a clean fuel car I can drive by myself in the car pool lane! Well I got home at about 6 and watched some tv with my roommate until at 7 I was too tired to stay awake. I finally fell asleep at about 7 and ended up sleeping all through the night until I had to wake up this morning at 6:15. I almost got 12 hours of sleep last night. Obviously I missed the concert but I doubt I could have stayed awake during it. Oh man, I feel good this morning. I predict today to be a good day, and not just because of that but also because of what I'm doing tonight. :D I'll mention what it is later.

I also wanted to mention that there is a kid at this school that I sometimes pass in the hall that looks exactly like one of the Geeks from the TV show "Freaks and Geeks". But I can't find a picture of him anywhere as I don't remember his name on the show or his actual name. But for those that have seen the show, you remember the Halloween episode? He's the one who has an arrow through his head. Not one of the main Geeks but the supporting one. This kid looks EXACTLY like him. I seriously thought it was him for a couple of seconds. It's uncanny.