Monday, April 30, 2007

Night of the Living Marrieds

My high school buddies are where I tend to look when it comes to singledom. I always expected college friends to go off and get married, but luckily I still had the high school buds to go to when I needed the singledom. So when most of my friends from freshman year got married I wasn't surprised, then the people I was good friends with from my recent ward and the summer ward, again not as surprised. But then it goes back to the high school buddies. I'd say on a good day we can get a group together of about 10-12 of us and sure like all groups we have little off shoots, and even someone getting married but it's never felt like the majority until recently. WiL was the first one married and gone. He left for Indiana. Then went Gary and then Steve. Both of them were ones I just sort of expected. But now this summer we've got three couples going into the married life. Which as far as the Provo contingent leaves just me and one other guy. Now you might say they're not dead in married life, but so far each of my friends minus Patrick have dissappeared when in relationships, they're hangout ability score has dropped a good 40 to 50%. Which I'm certain will drop when actually married as has been the case with the other married people. Then there's the factor of one possibly two of them moving out of state. I've always been on seacrhes for new friends in part because I just like having lots of friends but also as a precaution for something like this.

So though it's exciting having friends get married, it's also sad in a way losing friends to marriage. Good luck all you crazy people.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Funds Renewed

Well crisis averted, not the way I had hoped though as I still have not been paid. But hopefully I will today or tomorrow. Luckily the bank processed in bank things first and so I was not penalized for this stuff, though I did notice on my bank statement that a recent purchase disappeared and is gone, which means it'll be back when I least expect it like this last one. I'm confused why they let them dissappear like that. If only money weren't so important, le sigh.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


It's not a mystery that in the overall scheme of things, I'm not good with money. But it's when I get screwed that I really get ticked off. I'm close to getting screwed right now and all I can do is wait and hope I don't. On my mission I learned how to live without money, and I can do it quite easily now, I know how to go weeks without spending a dime. In some areas of my mission such as Machias, it was a very small place in terms of everything except geography. Only two yellow blinking lights in the whole area, 4800 square miles. No stoplights. Branch of 20 people, well because of this we had about 2-3 meals a week from outside sources. Other then that we had to pay for ourselves and we got an allowance of 128 dollars a month. Well when there's only one grocery store for 60 miles they can charge 5 dollars for a gallon of milk and you have to buy it cause you aren't going to drive 120 miles just to get a gallon of milk for half that price. Anyways, point of that is, I would usually be out of money after the first two shopping days. So I got really good at not spending money.

This ability has carried over to now, however on the other side of things, when I have money I tend to spend it. Now here's where my current troubles come up. I've overdrafted on my debit card about a month ago, apparently I had gone to the gas station and had gotten some gas so I could go to work. Well one gas statement hadn't gone through for about 2 weeks and decided on that day to go through, so I was over 1 dollar and they stamped on a 40 dollar overdraft fee. So now as for today, I'm getting screwed again, I'm supposed to be paid about somewhere around 500 dollars today for my job, if not more then that. But when I checked my account last night at about 12:30, I had a balance of 30 dollars in there. I didn't have enough gas to get to work this morning and I looked through my expenses and I didn't have anything pending, well this morning I put 12 dollars of gas into my car, thinking I'd still be fine, and knowing that I was getting paid today, well as I check my account, what do I see, I am over one dollar and 48 cents, because something that hadn't appeared until last night at about 2 am which I got nearly 3 weeks ago, took my available balance to 10.50, and when I put in 12.00 I am now over 1.48. I have three dollars in my wallet and can easily go over and give them the money and I'll be fine, however I don't go on break until 10:40. So I have to hope they process my 500 dollars before they process the negative dollar or else I'll get another 40 dollar fee and likely get my account revoked. So to say I'm panicing and literally can't do anything for the next couple hours is an understatement, please oh please banks, I know you love to screw me over, but please don't do it this time.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


So I went to a freshman year reunion today, it was a bunch of fun seeing old friends, most of them married. It was a good time, but the one problem with the whole affair is I got sunburnt. Being as how it's the first sunburn of the year I had of course forgotten sunscreen as I hadn't needed it in a good couple of months. But you know what really surprised me when I started feeling the effects of the sunburn? Is how much I missed my hair. Why? Because when I had my hair, it covered my ears and face and I got much less of a sunburn. Funny reason I know, but still it made me think back on these past couple years, and how much things have changed, and how back then i wanted things to change and in a lot of those ways that did. Also how yet I still want change, there's always a change that I want, and three in particular that don't ever seem to change, and all I can do in all three of those is just hope they will someday.

Sunburns are annoying by the way, I need to go buy some sunscreen. Oh and April 26th will make my pressure and stress levels go down a couple of points, so you'd better sell now while it's still high. Also coincidentely my biggest support friend whom I go to when stressed is also leaving that day to go home for the summer. Funny how that works out huh? Er I mean, I'll miss ya tons. :D

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Blogosphere 1982-1995

This is the first of a couple of posts I'll do on people in my link bar section, just so you can actually know who I'm linking if you haven't checked out their stuff or know who they are. I go back to 1982 because it's my birth year, in case I get family or someone like that on here.

So first is first, and that is Justin. Justin I officially met back in 1988 when I was around 5 or 6 years old. But our story goes back further then that. My dad was roommates with his dad in college. My mom was roommates with his mom in college. When my mom and dad started dating they both decided to put their roommates together on a date. And the rest is history, so when my family moved back to Utah, there was Justin's family. Justin lived on the other side of my block 3 houses down. So he is number one on the list, since he's my longest running friend. If you check out his blarg then you will have the weirdest videos that the internet has to offer. It's an enjoyable time.

If you want to see some of the coolest art you'll ever see, go to Steve's Illustration and Sketches Blogs. Steve and I became friends back in 5th or 6th grade. He was always a masterful artist and now he does it for his profession. I'm not going to puit a picture of his stuff here cause I haven't asked him if I could. But believe me when I say it's a good couple minutes spent. Very faniciful drawings. It's a good time, check it out.

Coming up next, Middle School and High School.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hunter vs. Hunted in Utah Valley

I was talking with a friend of mine on the phone during lunch. She related to me how she hasn't been enjoying dating as a whole so far, she said she even had two guys both wanting to pursue a relationship with her and yet she didn't want either of them. It was even getting her down because she was being regularly asked on dates and yet she didn't enjoy it. Well in talking to her and having known her for a while, I thought about her personality and then I suddenly realized something, She's a hunter. In other words she enjoys being the aggressor or instigator. She however does not enjoy being the hunted, or the passive party. I asked her about all of her relationships and asked if she enjoyed any of them where the boy was pursuing her, she affirmed in the negative, and then asked when she was the hunter if she enjoyed it and she affirmed in the positive. So I told her to start actively asking guys on dates, forget about the stigma in Utah Valley that it's a man's job to do the asking, because you enjoy it when you're the one hunting. She started to get excited about dating again and is going to ask some guy in her ward.

So in Utah Valley as it seems to me among college aged kids is that, it's the male's job to ask girls on dates, and it's the girl's job to get asked on dates. It's the way of things here, and to do it another way is weird an not allowed. And you know, for I would say the majority of people in this valley that is the best way for it to happen. And why is that? Because a majority of males are the Hunters, and the majority of females are the hunted. But what about the rest of us, there seems to me to be a lot of guys whom would prefer being the hunted and a lot of girls whom would prefer to be the hunters. But each of these has run into someone of the opposite spectrum who said this is wrong. Well I say it isn't. I think we should each look at our actions, look at who we are and really figure out if we're a hunter or a hunted. And if you find you are a hunter ladies, go out an start asking guys on dates, sure you'll get rejected, but that's because you'll run into other hunters. It's the same with us guys, sometimes we give up because of failure, and maybe it's more so of a failure because we're asking girls out who really want to be the hunters.

Of course there is also the middle man, the guy or girl who likes both or can do both, it's these few people that can be happy with either, and so they're probably a bit luckier then the rest of us. So girls if you're finding you're not enjoying the dating scene, maybe you should be the Hunter. Guys, if you're finding you don't like the dating scene maybe it's time for you to try and be the hunted, it's bit harder to be the hunted as so many girls have pointed out, but the more girls that realize that it's not a bad thing to ask guys on dates the sooner you'll be able to find someone.

My roommate and his fiance are perfect examples of this. I've known him since the 6th grade and he is the epitomy of the hunted. His fiance, is a big time hunter. And now they're working out quite well.

As for me? I'm not too sure, I know when it comes to all the dates I've had so far that the overall best ones or the ones that I had the most fun were ones in which the girls asked me out. So maybe I like being a hunted much more, but I'm not too sure.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Blog Links

Alrighty, I changed up my blog links on the left, now they're in chronological order of having met me. I'm not sure if I got 2005 right cause I had so many meetings in there, plus all the people I met at Poetasters are lumped together.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Why I love Kingdom of Loathing

For those that haven't been to Kingdom of Loathing, here is something you're missing out on, there is a chat room based entirely for Haiku. Here is the Haiku which was done this morning. I am "Pophy" by the way.

Bible is stupid
contradicting itself in
many many ways

The Bible is yours
The wonders of the world mine
Take whats yours and love

life too is stupid
it contradicts entropy
that's why it's so fun

Loving the bible?
And you love the world wonders?
This is unfair, man!

Do your homew**k, ORB.
There's no contradiction with

but if the Bible
were pancakes, contradiction
it would never be

How is it unfair?
You think the same all the time
Dont put words in mouths

The Second Law states
That if you add energy
Order's possible.

Think the same as what?
And my haiku was a joke :)
You said "love bible"

Hey, freedom of speech
It is in effect all day
Dont judge others' words

strive towards structure
rise from the ashes, Phoenix
delta-s reversed

religious debate?
In haiku? This is beyond
my comprehension

I am not judging
I am making poetry
and much confusion

But freedom of speech
Applies to the government,
Not to private folks.

I am so confused
Misunderstanding was read
Excuse me for that

This is fun for me
Haiku's are fun to do right?
My logic is simple

There were times when I
Taught calculus in haiku
(not in this channel)

with freedom of speech
comes responsibility
tell that to .newbie

In slash newbie, orb
They will say "lol spidaman
He is so [insult]"

alas, keWANGji
that is far too coherent
to come from slash newb

Loretta McFunk:
Slash newbie is like
observing road-kill carcass,
swarming with maggots

Orbit has a point
slash newb is incoherent
They dont think at all

mind full of maggots
dark pit of inanity
evil experiment

for me to know not
of this infamous slash newb
does that make me newb?

thoughts of the damned
fill my precious sanity
oh god what to do

Darwinism is slash newb
cream flees to slash norm

Loretta McFunk:
Oh hilarious!
a paradox. Ignorance
on this point is good.

I never did learn
of the internet drama
that is leet and newbs

at which point we stomp
all over precious egos
"out damned spot, out!"

ignorance is bliss
cherish those arould you all
for they may not know.. . .

I did it once, but
knowed of no acronyms and
was left there, stupid

Loretta McFunk:
Stomp on egos? Ouch!
Stroking egos is better.
[euphamism] pham.

ancient Teuton dance
"ego stomp"; accompanied
by lamentations

such big words are said
my mind cannot comprehend
please speak more simple

are the curreny of cool
a smartass is we!

l m f a o
i cant make complex haiku's
for this i am sad

pox on acronyms!
aiee! death to the heathen!
stamp out lazy thought!

excuse thy for this
it is my time to leave here
i shall bid farewell

Loretta McFunk:
Your ululations
have penetrated my skull
like a siren's call.

Manisc shall be
missed like unto that great dew
cast on a spring's morn

here, upon this rock
I'll cast a giant shadow
across the blankness

Come in, underneath
the shadow of this black rock:
I'll show you something.

and never again
will they dare to mock... sorry
what was I saying?

No need for a rock
That's a game that's best enjoyed
In between the sheets

Haiku Oracle:
I don't analyse
I'm just here to have some fun
In between the sheets.

Loretta McFunk:
wait, what? what did Myths
say? I think i may need an
adult. i shudder.

I will show you fear
in a handful of dust, hear?
Scary pirate face!

you need an adult?
I bloody well hope so, dear
that's kinda creepy

Monday, April 02, 2007

R.I.P. Bill Chinnock

I've been told it's a sad experience when someone you know commits suicide, as someone who hadn't had someone close to me do such a thing, I hadn't known what it felt like, imagine my surprise when while reading the most recent issue of Rolling Stone Magazine I come upon the Obituary of one Bill Chinnock. Now some of you may ask who this is and why I feel something for him. I actually knew Bill, in fact he helped through a tough time in my life. It was on my mission in Yarmouth Maine, I was there for a 6 week period and it was by far the worst 6 weeks of my mission. I was with an awful companion and things just were not looking up. Bill had been meeting with the missionaries for about 5 months before I got there. Bill had been living in Yarmouth since 1974. I looked forward to seeing him and I got to talk with him about 10 times during that 6 week period, he was a surprisingly upbeat man who was going through Lyme Disease. Bill Chinnock fronted an early incarnation of the E Street Band, this band became famous when teaming with Bruce Springsteen. Bill also had put out 11 solo albums, he was working on either his 10th or 11th when I met him. He showed me pictures of his days touring, he played on stage with The Doobie Brothers, he had many conversations and a couple of pictures of himself with Jimi Hendrix. This guy had done some cool stuff in his day. He showed me around his studio and we would talk of the music business of life and of Maine. He had told us that his interest in the Gospel wasn't all that pressing but he enjoyed our company. He even invited us to come and see an outdoor concert he was performing for the Yarmouth Clam Festival in the summer of 03. We were given permission and went and it was a blast. I remember one such meeting with Bill in which I had been particularly down on my situation, my companion hadn't allowed us to do much of anything for a couple of days so it was really nice to be able to go to Bill's home. He invited us into the back yard where I played Badmitton with him and two children from the neighboring home. I told him of my desires to enter the music business in some form or another and he told me to go for it, to take a hold of your dreams and never let go. The thing that impressed me was that even though he was in terrible pain from Lyme Disease he was still happy to come out to his backyard and play some Badmittion with me and the children next door. He was a great inspiration to me in my 6 weeks while there. I hadn't kept up with him past that as my departure from the area was very surprising and so I didn't have a chance to go by and say goodbye. I had hoped that when I finally was able to head back out to Maine that I might be able to stop in and say hello but it looks like that oppurtunity has past.

It's a bit hard knowing that he commited suicide but I also know he had been in a horrible amount of physical pain for the past 8 years and he must have finally given up on it. It saddens me but it is also a relief to hear of his passing. I doubt Bill would have remembered me had I sent him a letter, but I still considered him to be a great man and a good friend to me though he didn't know me that well. I'm glad to have known him before his passing and I wish his family luck. Thank you Bill, for helping me out and being there.

Article on Chinnock's passing
Bill Chinnock's Personal Website