Thursday, March 29, 2007

Another Tale

As I said in the last post, I felt I still needed to write another story of yesteryears past of my days in high school so now here is another story.

This story is of something in which I wish had been recorded but can now only be told through writing and/or word of mouth. It was the day of the seminary talent show, we had no practiced, we just knew we wanted to do it, however we were still in our teenage "I don't know, nobody will like it" phase and so there was some dissention among the group. But finally it was decided that we would indeed go through with it, what we didn't know is that it would become something legendary that people would tell their friends about and wish they could see it. We had our own camera man but the camera didn't work and someone else had a camera but during ours they changed tapes. So alas, it was not meant to be, I do still somewhere have a picture of the divine thing that was to transpire that day, I think I shall have to rumage to see if I can find it. So first, the players. Steve, Pat, and Andrew walked on stage, I sat myself down in the fourth row of the audience. (Before I go on, we did this twice, once with Enoch and once with Nefi, as that is now understood I will do it in reference to Enoch but know that Nefi also was a part of this.) Enoch came out and sat in a chair next to the three standing on the stage. A table was placed in front of him as well as an entire chocolate cake and a glass of milk. The cards were set, now we just had to play. Steve got up to the mic to introduce the group. "Hi everyone, My name is Steve and this is Andrew and Patrick standing next to me, and sitting here, this is Enoch. We have for you today a little presentation, we will now sing for you 'I wanna be like you' from The Jungle Book, while we are singing, Enoch here will attempt to eat this entire chocolate before we finish the song." And then it started.

"Oh I'm the king of the swingers yeah, the Jungle VIP. I've reached the top and had to stop and that's what's a botherin' me," sang Steve in his perfect King Louie impression, Patrick and Andrew both sang background barbershop "doop doo wees" behind him. "I wanna be a man, man cub, and stroll right into town, and be just like the other men, I'm tired of monkeyin around, Ooooh, Oobie doo," "Hoobdiwe" "I wanna be like you ooo ooo," "Habidoobedoowow." "I wanna walk like you," "Cheep" "Talk like you" "Cheep" "Choo woo woo" and on the song went, when the song came to the trumpet part Steve played a mouth trumpet that sounded like angels singing their chorus through the clouds. The crowd was getting into it, they liked the idea. Now for those of you who have seen this song or heard it, I'm sure you can see where I come in....

As we were reaching the finals legs of the song, it was the solo before Baloo is supposed to waltz on it. The crowd was fired up, awaiting to see what we had in store, and suddenly it was my time to shine. I jumped out of my seat and shouted, "Hey! Zabba bon rownie, habba die ba da ba, zop dan rown, heeeey badabaday do zabba doda bane zoobop badoba bane zabone zaboponroneee," I was making my way through the crowd and up onto stage, the crowd went wild, they didn't see this coming at all, Baloo coming in from behind. Baloo and Louie, Jon and Steve, both scatted back and forth, going through hittin' the notes perfectly. And right as we finished the song, Patrick noticed that Enoch had just finished the entire chocolate cake, he picked up the plate and yelled, "He did it!" And everyone cheered. Enoch had indeed finished it in just about 3 minutes, record time.

It was an awesome moment which can't be duplicated. But it's still good to tell it, for it was awesome. If at some point you'd like to hear the whole scat part, I still have it memorized.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Those Memories of High School long gone

In teaching high school I reminise of my times spent in high school. Many moments were had back then when we were younger, more innocent. When we watched Cartoon Network and told people that we watched it instead of the news. Of days past when it was fun during lunch to go out on a barren side of the high school, and make music by falling into the wall and burping out the sounds. I remember back to ninth grade when every lunch period I would eat lunch then head out to the field and learn my love for Ultimate Frisbee. I think back to senior year, when at lunch time we had been at the same table our entire time there, we had stolen it away our freshman year and we had a good 15 to 20 people that ate there every week. So we decided to have "Lunch Table Survivor" where each day one person was voted off. I made it to the final four, however in the end it was between Steve Morrison and Craig Walker, and when the vote had come in, Steve took the cake. I remember the days when the Contras went on their first mission and won, but when going to their second mission at BYU all died. Or when the Merry Mice was created and the ultimate ooh-eee-ooh was made. I remember to the times in which we would hike to secluded spots and become monks. Meditating and thinking on life. The days in which the Bent Sword was originally formed, and Stephen and Mamoth went on their first adventure. Or even of such smaller things as AB, JJ Ball, and Golf Ball Races.

In thinking of these smaller stories in which need no story, I will now include some which do need story. These may not be as accurate as history records them, they are just how my memory remembers them.

It was a day like any other day in Suburban Provania. The collective "we" were famished and ready to take on a new assignment. We all sulked in Steve's basement, when I forget who but I will assume it was Steve who came up with the brilliant plan. "Hey guys! Let's dig a hole to China!" It was just the task we were all looking for. We got some shovels out of Steve's garage and headed up the hill and into some trees and began digging to our heart's content. Of course after that first day of digging we didn't make it to China, in fact we barely made a dent. However that is not the end to my story. This day in which we began digging to the best of my knowledge was sometime in the eighth grade. Well we came back another day that week and dug again. Now most 8th graders would give up by this point, yet we had more childish minds, they were clearer then most and more full of the joy of going to China. Summer past us by and still digging was an option we used on occasion. Ninth Grade, then Tenth pased us by and still on random days we would dig. Eleventh and then Twelveth. It was half way through our senior year that we finally decided our project to be finished, though it wasn't a hole to China, instead it was much more. It was the Party Hole (aka Weedman's Disco Palace). 10 feet deep and about 10 feet wide on both sides. A floor, a couch, a microwave, a lamp. Extension cords going out to the house, a ladder and even a roof and a door. It was the perfect place to go and relax and be one step closer to China. As far as is known it is still there, however it is completley full of spiders and webs and very scary now. But someday it will be cleaned out and we will have joy in our hole.

More to come later... (Alas I was not able to write more as class started again, however I will come back and make another post with more grand stories of days past.)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mothers eh?

So I'm feeling better about the whole job thing. It's amazing what mothers can do. I wish everyone had my mom cause of how amazing she is. I even knew she would make feel better, I just had to go talk to her about the whole situation. For those that don't know my mom has taught at BYU for about 10 years and now UVSC for about 2 years so she knows what it's like to teach. She knows me better then anyone and I felt better within 10 minutes and ready to go back to school tomorrow. I just hope I can keep it up.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Long Time

It's been a long time since I felt so stressed out that I literally could not sleep due to my mind racing. Why on earth did I sign up for this? I looked through my email and realized why I had signed up for this, because I had gotten this email right before I signed up.

"It is possible that this position may open before my due date of May 20th. During my last pregnancy I was put on bed rest for the last three months. I don’t anticipate that will happen, but it is a possibility."

Because I thought it would only be a month, and I could handle a month. But instead of starting around May 20th, it starts Match 21st and I'm on until the end of school. And what's really frustrating me about it, is the district was willing to say anything to get me in, they needed me as soon as possible, so when I'm in and I need a little something they turn me down immidiatly and say no, you work for us now. We have you in our vice grip. I've been in the school system for 3 days and can already see what everyone has been talking about, why Utah is 50th in the nation in public schooling. Why Utah schooling has such a huge turnover rate of teachers. No teacher wants to work in Utah, it's not worth it. I've been teaching for three days and I already know that unless something changes I will not be able to do this. Oh gosh, what have I gotten myself into?

Oh yeah and at the administration office when I asked when I would be paid, they told me it would be pretty quickly after I get hired. Oh but wait, no, my first pay comes in when? April 25th.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Starting the Teaching Thing

I'm writing this during a video assembly, so I don't have to do anything. So I'll bet you're all curious how my last couple days have gone for teaching. Well I started teaching by myself yesterday (wednesday). How this high school works is it's sophomore through seniors, just three years, and 3000 students. Wow. It goes on a block schedule so every other day they go the first four periods and then the next day is the last four periods. A Days are 1-4, B Days 5-8. I'm teaching two web design classes and four film classes. The cool thing is that I don't have a 3rd or 7th period which means on each day that isn't an assembly I don't have class from 10:43-12:55. I spend this time doing homework, preparing for classes and taking naps. On A days I have web design one and then two film classes. On B Days it's almost the same with Web Design two and then two film classes. The one class I'm most worried about is web design one as it has a lot of students and I don't know what I'm doing, at least with web design two it has only 6 kids and they already know what they're doing. The film classes I feel like I can handle so far. But we'll see. :)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Picture Upload Time

This is what happens when Uffish Thought Clamps onto your arm with her teeth.

This is three hours later.

And Candy.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

This Week

This week has three very important and significant things happening in my life. Wish me luck as I will need it oh so incredibly.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


The One time I need to sleep and suddenly I can't. Grawr. When I don't need to I can get 17 hours, but when I do need to all I can get is half an hour? Where's the justice in that?

Monday, March 12, 2007

I just remembered, I'm a Fireman

Day One done. I went and did the first day of orientation for being a high school long term substitute. Now I'm off to bed at a reasonable hour. How life can change so quickly.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

A post with a moral

Guess what I did today...

I was the live sound mixer guy for a band form southern california at Velour. The band is called Great Glass Elevator and they were really quite good. I snagged a free cd from them and will make copies for anyone that wants one, I'm sure they would like that if I did. It was a really cool experience. Then when the show was over I headed over to Happy Pirates to play some drama games. It was so good to do that again, it's been so long.

I decided when coming home from my mission to stay away from mean spirited people, because I had a choice to get away from them. So when someone is mean for no particular reason I usually just remove myself from the situation. I'm fine with constructive critisism, but when people don't use it in a constructive manner I tend to ignore what they say and keep myself away from them in the future. This policy has worked out quite well except in two cases. Two very different people from very different scenarios. Both I consider to be very good friends, which suddenly or not so suddenly became one of these people in whom I tend to avoid. I'm not quite sure what to do, because both of these people I remember them being good friends but now they're both jerks. I dislike jerks.

Besides the whole good friends turned crazy thing. The thing that bugs me about these situations is I can't win. If I stay friends with them, I will continue to get their abuse, however if I tell them they're being a jerk, then they will get mad. Or I can stop hanging out with them, which will again make me the jerk in their eyes because I was the one who broke the friendship.

Moral of the story: If you don't ever want the blame in building bridges become the jerk.

P.S. If you're reading this I gaurantee it's not you. :)

Friday, March 02, 2007

I'm doing a lot better

I'm doing a lot better. I still feel pain in my chest if I don't take this medicine, so as long as I'm taking the medicine then I'm fine. Also the funny thing about this medicine is it may help me lose weight as it makes me have very clearly defined meals. I had a good day today as I was feeling good and also had money. So I was able to fill my need to get new music. I found three cds today each from very different genres. According to wikipeida these are the following genres I got into today. "Post-Hardcore", "Funk-Jazz" and "Alternative Hip-Hop". The first genre is At The Drive In, the second was Stanton Moore and the third, "Busdriver". I'm very happy with my musical journey right now, I still have a lot that want, but not too much that I'm freaking out. I'm to the point now where I'll only buy stuff that I know no one else has. Which is still quite a lot.

Anyways, the point of this post was to say I'm doing a lot better, so thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.