Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Bad that follows the Good

If people wanna keep me in their prayers and thoughts it would be appreciated. It's funny when something good happens something bad is always to follow.

Last night I had a shortness of breath followed by a feeling of my chest collapsing. I went to the emergency room at about 11 pm. When they said of a one to ten of how much pain you're in how much is it, and at that time was when it was the worst, probably about an 8. I was there for about 2 hours getting tested trying to figure out what was going on, well we finally found out what it is. I have a peptic ulcer on my esophagus. Because of the pain I haven't been able to get much sleep. But hopefully I will soon. I don't know how long I'll be out, I hope it won't be for long as I really want to do a bunch of things this week. But if you don't see me, that is probably why.

I've gotten about 4 hours of sleep in the past 32 hours, so hopefully I can get some sleep now that I have the medication. If you wanna cheer up this post, leave a happy link of something funny. :)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Maternity Leave

101. I just got a new job, I'll be a high school teacher for a couple of months. I love my great aunt!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The 100 Test

A couple of others did this and I thought it'd be a cool idea for me as well. Here's 100 things about myself, count up how many you actually know and give a total at the end.

1. I wore glasses for 14 years before getting laser eye surgery

2. I had headgear, braces twice and retainers twice

3. I had a tooth come out of the roof of my mouth

4. I have never broken any bones

5. I still have blogs on the internet dating back to May 17th of 2001

6. My average time on the rubix cube is a minute and a half

7. I said "Hey" to Kid Rock and kept on walking

8. I literally ran into Jeff Goldblum on the streets of New York

9. I sang in Carnagie Hall with my high school choir

10. I was my high school mascot for ballroom because I was an awful dancer

11. I've won 150 bucks off of poker

12. I studied Saxophone under Ray Smith (Music majors at BYU will like this one)

13. I drove from one side of Wyoming to the other from 1 am to 6 am.

14. I'm afraid of heights

15. I'm afraid of bees

16. I've never owned a PC

17. I'm not fond of people calling me by my last name

18. All throughout standard schooling I scored in the 99th percentile in math for standarized tests

19. I lived in Brazil when I was 8

20. I collect Overpower cards (

21. My 14 year old brother is autistic

22. I worked 5 summers with other mentally handicapped children

23. I worked at a troubled teens boarding school last summer

24. I slept the night in the HFAC one night during my freshman year

25. Mashed Potatoes is my favorite food

26. Pickles are my least favorite food

27. I permantly bruised my kneecaps in drama my sophomore year of high school

28. I saw the original airing of the pilot episode of Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast

29. I like cold weather better then hot weather

30. I've watched 13 anime series all the way through (or up to where they are now)

31. I've won every belly flop challange anyone's ever given me

32. I once faked an aneurism during a dance fight

33. The majority of the books I own I've paid a dollar or less for

34. I've seen every episode of Star Trek The Next Generation, and Deep Space Nine

35. I've testified in court

36. The first car accident I was in was caused by a mattress that fell on the freeway

37. I can change into a lisp on command

38. I was born in Rochester, New York

39. I'm quite agressive/competitive when playing board/card games

40. I've remixed an MC Chris song

41. I got a concussion from playing Ultimate in the rain

42. I was 6 foot 3 by the time 8th grade ended

43. I really wanted to be in the NBA back in middle school

44. I still have my basketball card collection

45. I'm a packrat

46. I'm very sneaky

47. I own about 75 original Nintendo Games

48. I scrapbook

49. I was at TA for a knitting and cooking class in middle school

50. English has always been my worst subject in school

51. My highest score on Pokemon Pinball is a little over 11 billion points

52. I think I may have a phobia of dentists

53. I have very flat feet

54. I have a self made lazy eye

55. I can do tricks on the Diabolo (

56. I like cool colors more then warm colors

57. Rain is my favorite weather

58. I love extreme hair styles

59. I think "Wizard People Dear Reader" is one of the greatest inventions of all mankind

60. I got to see Ben Folds Five before they broke up

61. I hate the hiccups

62. I love the chills

63. I love yard sales

64. I own 31 seasons worth of tv shows on dvd

65. There are seven words in which can drop any attraction for me in a matter of seconds -- "Oh, I have to read this movie?"

66. Oriental and Seafood are my favorite types of food

67. Mountain Dew Code Red is my favorite soda

68. I have a killer routine to the song "I Will Survive"

69. I have a three minute routine of finger tricks

70. I can do about 5 or 6 juggling tricks

71. I saw Stephen Chow at Sundance!

72. I saw Rider Strong at Sundance

73. My family once had an 80 year old woman knock on our door and tell us we were going to Hell for having the sign of a liberal in our yard, she then took our sign

74. I have a goal of taking a picture of myself in front of all 50 "Welcome to (State)" signs

75. I'm in love with the show "Heroes"

76. I never touched a bike on my mission

77. I personally drove over 30,000 miles on my mission

78. My first cd I bought back in 7th grade was 311's self titled album

79. I love mkaing mix cds for people

80. Besides my family I hugged 5 people in the year 2005

81. Besides my family I hugged more then 5 people in January of 06

82. Even though I can't understand it, I love foriegn music

83. I've been to canada about 20 different times

84. I rate things on "Swankability"

85. I like filling out things

86. For how cluttered I am, I love organizing

87. My best Halloween, the group I was with went for 6 hours and we covered almost all of northern provo gaining the biggest haul ever. (Junior Year of High School)

88. I prefer Holidays to be more relaxing then busy

89. I've only had 2 celebrity crushes, my first was Allsion mack from Smallville

90. My second and current one is Maggie Gyllenhaal

91. I have the ability to watch a full season of a tv show within two days

92. I have about 5 songs which must be played on every road trip I go on

93. I chew on things constantly

94. I dislike standing during long conversations

95. I go nuts when around quiet people

96. Shadow of The Colossus is my favorite game of the past 5 years

97. My dreams are always really obscure

98. I dislike wearing socks

99. I try and get away with wearing shorts as much as possible

100. I haven't put on chapstick since I was 6

So there ya have it. Whew. That was a little tough.

Monday, February 19, 2007

I had a nightmare last night... which my ring finger on my right hand was broken and I was in a giant park and there were somewhere around 300 frisbees flying all over the place. I was frisbee festival, and I couldn't catch or thrw frisbees because of my ring finger. Then some guy pushed me down to get one of the frisbees and I landed on my finger. It hurt like crazy.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm an Artist

So I've been blogging a lot lately, not many people seem to be saying hello though. Nobody reads me anymore, probably cause I had a lag time for a while. I was doing some art today, and thought whoa, how much of an artist am I? And now here you are, why I'm an artist!

*I'm writing a Novel!* -- I know, I haven't written in it in about 2-3 weeks, but I still have ideas a brewin'. And if you haven't read any of it yet, go check it out. I still have the blog, it's just not listed anymore. Make sure you Bookmark It.

*I won second place in an art contest!* -- Okay so it was back in tenth grade, but still second place is pretty good. I wish I had a picture of it online, I'll go do that, take a picture of it I mean. It'll be up by the end of the week. I'll include the story about it when I post it.

*I write music!* -- I have an insatiable need to write music. It's true. My first cd which is by the artist Thirdmango and is going to be called "Gorilla Warfair" of which I will be doing the cover art for is about 85% done! This has been the one I've been working on the most as of late. I'm up to 58 minutes, but not quite done with a couple songs I want to add, and I will redo a couple of songs and drop one or two from the lineup. I've been writing lyrics as of late too for songs for my second cd which will have lyrics. CD one is only instrumental except it does have a baby squealing! You can hear two of the finished songs at my myspace music page DJ Thirdmango I know it's not all that awesome, but I'm still a beginner.

*I'm a photgrapher!* -- I love taking photos, Im always looking for cool shots. I'll go out and walk around just looking for cool shots to take. I always try and make sure to have a camera with me always cause you never know what kind of coolness you can find.

*I make movies!* -- If you haven't yet checked out the amazing site Bomb Dot Productions I think it's about time you did. Someday I'll get around to posting the movies I directed. Someday. Oh and I write screenplays too. Check this one out for instance, I'm thinking about shooting it in late April or Early may. Death and Jeff

*I Sculpt and Paint* -- I don't do these as often as all the rest, but when i do have time I like to try and keep up with sculpting and painting, after all, sculpting is in my blood. If you don't believe me then check This out. That's my great grandfather. If you're not impressed by that, why not have a walk around BYU campus? Does that picture look familiar? Well it's a statue done by my Grandpa. Also go sit in the atrium in the JSB and then go look at the name on the statue. My dad sometimes goes out and paints landscapes, when he does I try and make sure to make it as well. Always a good opportunity.

Well that's about it for me. Oh and that picture up top is me. I thought that would be a wicked cool shot. You should see the outtakes. Anyways, that's my art life. Now I'm going to go organize my books, it's about time I figured out which books I own.

Valentine's Day Poetry

I was attending my friend Thelma's cheesy love fest today and one of the activities was to write some awful Valentine's Day Poetry. When it comes to being creative I love stuff like that, trying to figure out some new way of making people laugh. So in the fifteen minutes I had to write the poems I wrote five poems, and now for your viewing pleasure, those five poems, in order of goodness, and remember, this was a cheesy party.


I want you baby oh baby
as my lover baby oh baby
to kiss me baby oh baby
like babies, baby oh baby

Haiku of Love
I love you my dear
the impact is said like a
car striking a moose

Ode to My Ex
When we were in love
it could be only described
as the plot from Wedding Planner
but now that we're apart
though I'm usually nice
I'd like to hit you with a hearse.

Kissing In Four Lines
Everytime I kiss your face
it feels like mushy oatmeal
Everytime I feel your tongue
it feels like an electric eel

My Soul Mate

(To be read in the voice of a deep dark man)

I knew I loved you the night you walked in
the door, the first floor of the library
I knew from your shiny blond hair and
your brown sexy frames you were mine
You walked up to me, no sound could be heard
except for the sweet sound of breathing
You looked down to me, I looked up to you
from the seat of my chair
I stared with intent as your full bright red lips
twitched and eventually parted
and finally you began to speak...
"Where's the Geography section?" you said
"Sorry but I don't work here"
"My Mistake" she awardly said and slowly walked away
I knew in my heart I would see her again
for I got a job at the library.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Wiki Adventure of The Night

I'd like to say this was probably the best Wiki Adventures I ever had. So I decided to look up Harold and Maude on Wikipedia. Finding that Bud Cort was Harold. I found out that if Ruth Gordon (the woman who played Maude) were alive today she would be 110 years old. Then I find that Bud Cort was in Life Aquatic, he was the bond company stooge (Pictured above), and that Wes Anderson created this role particularly for Bud. Turns out also Life Aquatic was his 52nd film. Also in an interview with "DVD talk" magazine, he makes a distinction of which I make all the time, he says in his interview, "I think I was fired from a submarine movie once. It’s a long story. I think it was with Bill Pullman. Or Bill Paxton. I was in a few movies with both." I can't ever remember the difference between the two. Awesome. The interview is actually quite interesting and if you want to you can check it out here. Bud Cort Interview

DISTRACTION -- In writing this post I got distracted by the Bud Cort Interview and had a good wikipedia adventure during that of which I will tell here and end and then we'll be back to our regularly scheduled story. So in the Bud Cort interview he mentions that the three best scripts he's ever read include a movie called "The Fisher King" which was directed by Terry Gilliam, seen to the right. I had a conversation earlier in the day about Terry Gilliam, and now Krebscout and I are Terry Gilliam buddies. So I wikied Fisher King and decided I must watch this film. Then when looking down at his movies he directed I noticed one I didn't recognize, but in clicking on it, I knew what it was and knew the brilliance of the film. It's called "The Crimson Permanent Assurance", it's a short film before Monty Python's Meaning of Life in which office worker's become Pirates. if you have not seen it you must, for it is amazing. Oh and the picture is from said movie. END DISTRACTION.

So from Bud Cort I then found out he was in an episode of Arrested Development. I remember the episode only a little since it's in season 3 and I do not yet own season 3. But I suddenly realized why Roger had made the reference to his name at the start at the movie. Well then I headed back to Bud Cort and saw this amazing little tidbit of trivia. "For a while in the early 1970's, Cort lived with Groucho Marx." Groucho Marx! No Bloomin' way! So of course I had to go to Groucho Marx. Now when it comes to the Marx Brothers I happen to think "Duck Soup" is a hilarious movie and one of the best in it's time. Well in reading about Groucho I come to find out about something called "You Bet Your Life" which if you haven't read about it, go to the Groucho wiki and read about it. It was a game show in which he was the star and it was one of the most successful game show's ever. From there I clikced on his co-star Geroge Fenneman who was apparently quite funny as well playing the announcer and the perfect foil to Groucho's wit. From there I clicked on the actual show "You Bet Your Life".

From here I come to find that there's actually Public Domain stuff of this on the internet, which can be found Here! It's a pretty funny show and it makes me want to see what other tidbits of goodness are floating around public domain. Believe me when I say you want to watch it, the inner tube part is hilarious! But basically I started with the movie I saw tonight and through Wikipedia I discovered a gem of a game show. What a good find!


I went to Optimistic's movie night and saw the movie Harold and Maude for the first time. What an amazing movie that one was! I can't believe I hadn't watched it until now with how many people told me I needed to see it.

But the big thing of tonight was afterwards in talking with everyone mentioned which is a slightly good internet radio station, when Optimisitc said, "You would like Pandora". Well he's right, I do. Someone else said "It plays what you're thinking". And though I haven't had that yet, I've found it amazing in finding stuff I hadn't yet heard in the genre that I wanted to hear it in.

So far the bands in which I will check out more of are...

Blue Scholars
The Herbaliser
The Lab Rats
Eskju Divine
The Rum Diary
Kate Mosh

If you read this and have Pandora, tell me your profile name so I can listen to the stations you've made. My name is obviously Thirdmango. If my radio station is the name of a band I've only entered that band into it.

Good stuff. Oh and have I mentioned how much i like going to the gym. This is the best time to go to. Plus my muscles don't hurt as much any more.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Still Fiddling

I'm still fiddling with the template, trying to figure out how I can get it to how I want it. If anyone knows how I can make a picture or an art peice the background let me know.

I'm still fiddling with my sleeping habits. I'm actually quite happy with them currently. Yet I know that any other person to attempt such a schedule would explode from frustration. So it's hard to get people to understand that I can actually handle them this way. For instance, let me illustrate for you from thursday night until right now. But before I do let me fill in the responsibilties of which I had or just wanted to be a part of...

Thursday 4pm to 7 pm -- Class
Thursday 7 pm to 10 pm -- Babysit my brother
Friday 2 pm to 7 pm -- Babysit my brother
Saturday 10 am -- Play Ultimate Frisbee
Sunday 10 am -- Teach Elder's Quorum Lesson
Sunday 7 pm -- Magical Science Club
Saturday, Sunday or Monday -- Go home for three hours to do laundry
Monday 4 pm to 7 pm -- Class

Now as for my schedule
Thursday -- Woke up at 3:30 pm
Friday -- Went to sleep at 6:30 am. Woke Up at 11:30 am, Went To sleep at Midnight
Saturday -- Woke up at 11 am (missed Frisbee), Tried to go to sleep at midnight but could not.
Sunday -- Finally fell asleep at 5 am. Woke up at 8 am. Planned on taking tow hour nap at Noon. Instead feel asleep at Noon, woke up at 6:30 pm. Went to MSC at 7. Fell asleep at Midnight.
Monday -- Woke up at 2:30 am.

Now my plan is to stay awake the rest of the day until tonight around 10 or 11 when I'll go to bed.

Like I said, would make most people explode, but currently it's working the best for me to do it like this.

I'm still fiddling with organization. I'm a pack rat, and so thus keep just about everything, and slowly but surely I'm putting most papers and things into a scrap book. Putting things onto cds. I like being very organized but my over abundance of need to keep things makes me messy.

I'm still fiddling with people. I'm trying to find balances, how I can keep in contact without losing friendships. How I can regain ones I've lost, how I can gain new ones and how I can generaly help out when needed.

I'm still fiddling with motivation. Once I can figure out how I properly motivate myself I'll be set. I can do it in some areas but not others.

I'm still fiddling with Patience. In some areas some might find me to be the most patient person in the world, and yet in others I want things to go faster then people are used to.

I''m still fiddling with Perception. And how I will let people percieve my actions...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Why this class is so great

I'm sitting here in one of my classes, and we've set up standing waves in the room so that you can walk around the room and hear really loud and suddenly the sound goes away. But then while walking around you stop in a node and the sound is gone. But then when in a node and someone is talking out of a node, their voice is choppy. Then we did kilohertz of sound and at 17 it killed a couple people in the room but I couldn't hear it, not until the 15-16 did I hear it. I then asked why it was killing some people at 17 but I couldn't even hear it, and my teacher asked me how many concerts I've been to which I replied with "about 20" and he said, there's your answer. :) What weird stuff.

End of Second Act, Begin the Third

I feel like my life is a trilogy of movies. Therefore my life is done in 9 acts. I feel as though I've finally finished the second act. I beat the main problem of the first movie and now I'm going into the last stage of the begining of my life. Things currently are just going so well that it can only be the begining of the third act. Things are pulling together and now I just need to live the rest of the act. The big storylines of this act will be graduating college, whatever relationships happen and finally the moving out of Utah. It's great, I know what I want to do, I have a plan of attack for graduating, I have a very promising job oppurtunity coming up. The funny thing is if I wanted to I could write the screenplay of my life so far, film it myself, edit it, do the sound and make it into a good production. Especially when this act is over I'll have the know how to do all that stuff, hopefully also by that time I'll have learned the marketing aspect of it too.

I'm also starting to understand things a little more then I used to. I was called in my ward to be the sunday school teacher a little while back, and if that weren't enough, I was just called to also be the Elder's Quorum teacher. Now my teaching load is doubled each month. But I'm learning some very interesting and spiritual things.

I feel as though I've lost the touch of my blog. I used to write cool stories and now it's just introspection on current life. I think I lost some love of blogging after the debacle of November last year. If you don't know what it is, just ask and I'll tell you.

As introspection goes, I was really worrying about something lately, so much so that I was getting so flustered and garbled that I couldn't think straight. Luckily I came to the realization that I need to apply it the same way I've been applying my life as of late, with low stress and keeping myself relaxed. Even when I have big responsibilities I can usually keep myself sane and not get stressed. This thing I was worrying about will happen, I just need to wait and see. Not worry about it so much.

I mentioned I cut my hair, so I might as well post a picture, here I am with my second cousion Audrey. I know it's not a good picture as far as not seeing my hair, but then again that's what I'm giving you.

Sundance Day Two

Sundance Day Two began about a week after Day One as I tried to see some other movies during the week but couldn't make it into them. But then I went to the award winning movies they show for locals. So i went with my audio teacher and another dude from my class and the first movie we saw in Park City was the winner of the Documentary Directing Award. It was called "War Dance" (I couldn't find any images). It's the story of a couple of Northern Uganadan children and their journey to the Ugandan Elementary Music National Championships. It starts in about their history in oppression. It's a very well made and very touching film. I highly recommend it to everyone when it finally comes out.

Then we headed to Salt Lake City to see the winner of the Dramatic Directing Award: Rocket Science. (Pictured above) It's the story of a kid who stutters and his desires to date this girl who tries to get him to join the debate team. It has a similar feel to it like Little Miss Sunshine. The best thing about this movie is how memorable it is, I haven't stopped thinking about it since seeing it. It was good and I would recommend it to almost everyone with a couple of exceptions for some people.

Both good movies which I'm sure will make it to the theaters sometime later this year.