Thursday, December 27, 2007

Best of 2007 in Music

Now I must preface this by saying that I did not listen to the Radiohead albums this year. I had planned on it, but by the time I went to get it off the website, it had been taken down. I didn't feel good about paying nothing for it, but I never had enough money on my card to buy it until after they took it down. So I never listened to it. I hear it was really good. So here's my list minus not listening to that album. Also as a side note, there weren't many awesome albums that came out this year that I would like. Note I'm not really into the indie scene.

Only a top 4 this year. Honorable mentions go to Bloc Party, Modest Mouse and Busdriver.

4. Ozomatli -- Don't Mess With The Dragon -- Ozomatli has been one of my favorite bands throughout the years and this cd is a very hip and up tempo album. I even heard some radio play which is good for these guys, they deserve it. Not the best album to start with, but it's a good rockin' album.

3. Queens of The Stoneage -- Eva Vulgaris -- QOTSA really has grown up in their past couple of albums and this one they try new things and really score on a lot of it. They have the hard, the soft, the crazy and the mellow.

2. Ween -- La Cucaracha -- Ween is my second favorite band of all time, and this album just makes them another notch up there. They go for such different things which they hadn't done before, such as a Steppenwolf like Jam and an old timey 40s rockabilly tune. This album is among the greats like White Pepper, Quebec and The Mollusk. Lots of different things and all working well together.

1. Nine Inch Nails -- Year Zero -- This album blew my socks off when I first heard it and even now I can't find a bad song on the cd. It's industrial rock at it's best. Reznor does some amazing things with computers to pull of this amazingly rockin' album. Even the cd itself is really cool as it changes when it's heated up. This is the best piece of music when it comes to industrial that I can think of.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I Am Legend

I went and saw "I Am Legend" today, mostly because I was there during the music composition part of most of the film. Internet reports had it that the Producers changed a lot of the movie, wrestling control from the Director, and sure enough, I saw about nine full scenes being done, and only two of them were left in the final product. The ending and a major plot point were also thrown out. Why does the Alpha Male seemingly stalk Smith? Oh because, oh wait, they took out the reason... Looks like the world will never know. Unless of course there is a directors cut, and then the movie will be insanely different, which I bet there will be. I'll buy that one if it comes out.

Also, they didn't just cut the scenes, even most of the scenes I saw that were in the movie, the music was gutted. Only two or so scenes had the same music I saw, and the end credits is where they put the rest of them. So if you do see the movie, only the orchestral stuff which is few and far between and the stuff after the Marley song in the end credits is what I was there for.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Cheer

The following was written by one of my best friends, one J. Huntsman. I find it to be quite enjoyable and so shall you if you read it me thinks.


So, in a recent church related meeting, it was lamented that we'd stepped away from the 'old ways' of celebrating the holidays. I was told to take time and remember the true meaning of Christmas. And as I continue each time it is brought up I tried to set up an old fashioned festival of fools, the marti gra type party that was traditionally used to celebrate this time of year filled with low humor, wine, women, and song.

You know, for the kids.

Silence. Then the inevitable: "I mean we should take time to remember the birth of Christ, not follow in the ways of the world."

Now don't get me wrong; I am all for using this time to remember Christ's birth into this world but come on, the whole idea was tagged on by the apostate church to convince them that turning christian wouldn't change their lives that much and would be good for their health (as not joining could result in an unusually messy death). Anyway since over 90% of what we use to celebrate Christmas is pagan in origin why not enjoy it to the fullest? I even suggested a fair compromise: replace liquor with juice and jello, keep all jokes at a max PG-13 level, free love becomes party games, and of course no men dressing up as women.

Besides, the traditional christian way to celebrate was mass at an hour that I have on good authority the Spirit is asleep at.

Despite all my reasonable fairness, the group was growing hostile. Finally, one smug individual said that he felt a duty to point out that Christmas was about taking care of those less fortunate and that was the truest tradition. He also said we needed to beware the negative effects of capitalism by forgetting the products and focusing on people.

Poor man didn't know my determination.

I pointed out that the idea of taking care of the poor at Christmas was not generally held by people till the 1800's when a Charles Dickens, arguably the most famous man on earth at the time and an outspoken activist for the lower classes, wrote the highly popular and widely read A Christmas Carol. Before that, only churches really helped the poor at Christmas, though in fairness usually no more than they normally did. Even the patron saint of Christmas, Nicholas, didn't do his charitable "Christmas" deed at that time of year, which I might add didn't involve good kids getting gifts but rather helping a family of girls avoid prostitution by giving them money for a dowry. Santa Claus as we now know him has roots in European pagan tradition, but was formed mostly from the poem 'Twas The Night Before Christmas commissioned by none other than Coke-a-Cola. Therefore, I argued, what could be more traditional than the capitalism that made giving to others ourselves and as the eccentric and elusive Santa so popular? Besides, I jested, the helping of young girls to wed? (it was the only thing I said that was seriously considered. sigh.)

Needless to say, I was shot down. Almost literally. Also shot down was my suggestion to give out marti gra bead necklaces at church, just to liven things up. Oh well.

Saturday, December 08, 2007


For those that do not know, I have an autistic brother of whom is 15 years old. He is high functioning in some areas and very low functioning in others. Basically he has an excellent memory, great artistic ability and he's now learning how to read and write at about a kindergarten level. He's a very habitual person as well, he likes consistency and on the flip side he very much dislikes breaks in that consistency. So his basic week is he goes to school monday through friday and stays home all day saturday and sunday. By Sunday night he gets to the point where he starts getting very antsy, usually on sunday afternoon we have to take him out for a couple of hours.

Because of this, in the past fifteen years, holidays and vacations have become dreaded occasions. These longer breaks in his consistency make him troublesome, he tends to get more aggressive and break more things. So long ago holidays stopped being celebrated, at least to the extent that most people celebrate them. Some may say how awful to this, but I actually find it to be quite liberating. Christmas in particular is only really celebrated on Christmas day, and we've started a tradition of going to a national park or monument on Christmas. And as I said, it's become very nice, we do without the tree, the music, the lights, all the trivial parts of the holiday. So Christmas also being the time which has the longest break is always the toughest for my brother as there's nothing to do since not only is there no school but snow is everywhere and he can't play outside for extended periods of time. So it's tough for the family but it's also very nice because the commercialism of the holiday is gone, and so is all the fluff of the holiday. It's now just the day, and that day is a nice family day.

So if you see me not in the "Christmas spirit" it's because I've been liberated from it. Still I do accept presents!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Don't you look Menacing my dear.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Blog-o-sphere, I come before you with an announcement which may shake your very core. I come to you an innocent man, whom shall not be innocent for long. For officially at 8:35 a.m. mountain standard time, on December the 7th and 2007 being the year, I Jonathan Fairbanks will become as the LDS theologians call a "Menace To Society". I am unmarried and turning twenty five years of age. I'm sure as the theologians say I will be "spotted with boils" and "live in the streets with a dumpy spark plug physique." So if any of you have need of me, look in dark corners or the tupperware isle at Smiths. (Food Lion for you east coasters). I will be there, wasting away in my own quasi-margaritaville, awaiting my sentencing as an unmarried miscreant. Farewell cruel youth, and I welcome you oh single adulthood. If any of you want to come visit me to place a solitary flower on my abashed youth, please feel free. Oh and for you unmarried people whom happen to be older than I and reading this, please welcome me to the fray, we will be merry and drink rum and eat fermented Watermelon. Oh it will be grand.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Report: Scatting only allowed for adults

So I was shown this lousy site which rates your blog, The problem with this thing is it only rates what you see on the screen and not the entirety of your whole blog, so I decided to see what would happen when I rated my blog, so first I just put in the normal ur and here is what I got.

This Blog is Rated PG this rating determined by the words.

Death x5
Shoot x4
Steal x1

Well then I decided upon doing 2007, and oh golly what ever did I find.

This Blog is Rated NC-17 this rating determined by the words.

Pain x7
Shoot x6
Dead x4
Scat x1

Scat? Scat? Scat?

Has my one mention of the infomous Scatman Jones and his Prolific song "I'm the Scat Man" been such a horrible thing. This just in, Scat Man Jones has been taken off of television because his scatting has been deemed unworthy to be seen by children, when asked what he thought of this Scat Man Jones said "Skiddly Bee Bop a Doo Bee Doo." What an awful man. So be forewarned children, The Scat Man, he's coming, he's coming, he's coming to get you, a doo bee doo.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Near Death Dreams

I've never had a near death dream before until last night.

My dreams are interesting, I tend to always be in my dreams, and of course playing the part of myself, but the thing is, I can't tell I'm dreaming, it's as if the world is completely messed up yet I believe it to be the real world. I have feelings and everything, it's really odd. Also I have dreams which show up more then once. So a couple nights ago I dreamt that I was watching my friend Nick Clark as he competed to get into this elusive club, much in the same vein as the Stonecutters from Simpsons. He passed the challanges which I didn't see, but the final one was to see where in the club he would be. There were three classes. High, middle and lower. When deciding you face off against someone in the high class and you compete in a game in which you have to pat your hand on your opponents head three times. If you could do all three and they didn't get you once, you became high class, if you won but got hit once or twice, you were middle and if you lost, you were low class. Well Nick happened to win.

Flash Forward to the dream last night, this time I was competeing against Nick to get into the club. It was at a cool apartment/common area and also connected to some sort of school. I had gotten Nick twice and he hadn't gotten me so now he was serious, he started chasing me around the school and suddenly morphed into my friend Steve Gashler. Now Steve was chasing me and I had to find a way to catch him by surprise, well I hid at this one spot but I swore he saw me, so I ran to a wall that had ladder like steps and got onto the roof so I could run across the roof and jump on top of Steve to pat him thrice. As I got on this roof which was about 9 feet up suddenly I was at the top of the tower which was a good 300 or so feet up, but I could jump down in small intervals to the next roof. I did so until I was about 50 feet up and I jumped to the next one only to find none and I was falling to my death.

Now what did I think as I was falling to my death? I thought, "Whoops, well nothing I can do now." So I apathetically fell until right before I hit and splat I woke up. Never have I had a falling dream, but I've been told it's exactly that, right before you hit, you wake up. Sure enough I did. Boy Howdy.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Long Awaited Los Angeles Trip

The first thing I'll mention as I'm looking over my journal of the trip is for some reason my schedule switched, but not just my schedule, my frame of mind. During the trip I was a morning person, up before anyone, I actually ate breakfasts. It was odd.

The main part of the trip started on the second day, there were six students and two teachers. Our contact was one Chris, whom is one of James Newton Howard's assistants. He was a student of one of the two teachers many years ago. We took a tour of sony pictures studios and took a tour of the failing Cavemen sets, and i even talked to a carpenter who was looking for a new job. Well at the end of the tour we passed by the set where we were supposed to go, and out walks Mr. Howard, he invites us in and suddenly we're on set. Now this is a huge soundstage, full orchestra, with a crew of about 30 people working on all the equipment. Our job? Nope, our job was to observe and to stay out of the way. Which was really relieving. It was a madhouse and I got tired just watching the whole process. Big budget movie on the screen, them giving the orchestra the music, them playing it a couple of times, lights flashing on giant soundboards, lots of buttons being pressed, and watching a movie which is only half done, get some music to it that wasn't there in the first place. After that whole thing we were invited to come to Howard's own personal studio where we got to ask him some questions, it was really interesting to see him work, he was working on a Tom Hanks movie, and he showed us how he writes the music for it. It was really cool to see cause basically he was just using loops. Of course he had somewhere near 100 gigs or so of just loops, but it made me feel better as I've been making music purely with loops, but thinking that wasn't good enough I've been hesitant to claim them as my own. But to see this guy who is on top of the music world doing the same thing, made me feel a lot better. It was a wild ride and by the time the day was up everyone wanted to go out to eat except me, cause I went to bed.

Day three was much the same as day two except replace the orchestra with the choir. We didn't stay as long because they wanted less of us there since it was a bit more stressful. So I elected to head out as did a couple of other people and we went out to Hollywood. Hollywood was rather uneventful except for a trip to the Church of Scientology to have a stress test done. Everyone besides me and two others went to go see Wicked. I didn't go cause though I want to see Wicked, I'd rather see it with someone I know well, and I didn't feel like spending 96 dollars. Which was nothing to one girl in our group who spent over 700 dollars on just clothes that day.

Day four was the last day in the studio. We were able to be much more in their face, though it was still not much, the people in our group who played instruments got to sit with their respective instruments in the choir. I got to see the technical stuff more up close. We were also able to take pictures with the crew and ask a bunch of questions.

On the final day we headed to Chris' own studio and asked him questions of how he got to this point and general questions. I didn't have too many questions as I was from a different mold as the rest of the students and had by this point decided that this part of the film business was not for me. But still to see someone from Provo and being able to ask him how his journey ended up there was a very cool thing.

Overall it was a very interesting and mind boggling experience which gave helped me to understand a lot about the process of film and how each piece works together, especially in a part that I didn't really know all that well. Good trip.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Will Be Gone

I will be gone from Tuesday October 9th at 8 am until late Sunday Night (Oct. 14th). I will be in Los Angeles for my internship. If you absolutely need to get a hold of me I will have my phone with me, leave me a message if I don't answer. But for all my internet friends have a nice week while I become famous. :)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

I actually made it!

So a couple of days ago I was seriously stressed, reason being is I hate having responsibility. I like it sometimes when it's very ambiguous on the times, like I enjoy having a project that needs doing but isn't constrained to a certain time period. I can even handle it when there's one thing or even just two things I need to be to, but this weekend was looking super psycho. When i first planned this weekend I knew I had a mission reunion. I had wanted to go to see a person or two but overall it wasn't too important, but I figured I didn't have much going on that day. But then there was a movie shoot going on that night for our movie, which I was totally fine with, production was going to start around midnight, so that was fine, I'd stay on a normal schedule of going to bed at about 4 am. But then I found out my noon class on friday was unskippable as I needed to take a test, okay, still fine, wake up go to that class, have a nap sometime in there and go to the reunion and then the shoot and then go to bed at 4 am. But then I got the awesome internship and we had a mandatory meeting saturday morning from 7:30 am to 9:30 am. Not only that but it was important for both the shoot and the mandatory meeting that I be awake and not super grumpy as I projected myself to be at that time. Not only that but I'm leaving on the trip on Tuesday morning at 8 am when I need to be on a schedule of waking up at 7 am. So how was I to do it? I planned and realized the only way I could do it was wednesday night I would have to stay up super late, I was currently on a schedule of sleeping at 4 am, well this time I had to stay up later, so I stayed up as long as I could and I fell asleep at noon, waking up at 7 and making it to my important class. Then Thursday night I had to push it longer so I stayed up all night, went to my class at noon, got back home at three and finally fell asleep at four. Woke up at 11:30 pm friday night, went to the movie shoot then to the meeting then decided I needed to stay up even later to get back on a good schedule, so I kept myself awake, took a nap at 4pm for an hour, went to the Hobo party to drop off a cd, then went to my good pal Mark's where I knew he could keep me up with interesting conversation. I stayed there until about 9:30, then went home and fell asleep when home at about 10:15 pm and woke up this morning at 6:30 and wrote this blog. And I actually feel good, I cant believe I actually made it. So tonight, go to bed about the same time and the next night and then I'll be on the internship. Wowzas, my body must hate me.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

I am currently the man

Poker ahead.

I am currently the man. On this site, you start off with 1000 play chips. Ten days ago I was at 1000 chips now I'm at 145270 chips. I've been winning tournaments and doing awesome. Today I played a 630 person tournament which the prize is only the first place finisher gets entry into a second round tournament, and guess who got first place? Me. I was losing most the tournament too. Bam!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Wow, I can't believe I haven't yet posted this here.

I'm headed to California to do a week long internship of which I was accepted on monday. For those that are curious to know what it is, 6 uvsc students are going and participating at the James Newton Howard Recording Studios in California. (

He will be recording the score for the movie "I Am Legend" ( and we will be helping and learning how it is done. I'm not to sure on all of the details as of yet but it looks like it's going to be super cool. And hey, I might end up in the credits for this Will Smith tale. Better get an imdb page going. Boo Yah.

I'll be gone from October 9th through the 14th.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Why I Love Poker reason 43

In the past two days I won two poker tournaments, the first started with 1500 people, the second with 800 people. Both play money. I got first in both which was awesome and both in two days. But here's what I really liked about today's tournament.

It's down to three handed, I'm in the lead with two other guys both at about the same amount of chips. I have 200,000 they both have about 100,000. The guy on the left plays super super tight, in other words, he only goes in on any hand if he knows he has the best hand, and he folds all others. The guy on the right, is also tight but will play other hands. Guy on the left doesn't talk, guy on the right does talk. I tend to be a tight player but in this instance I had to play aggressive and bully them both. So I devise I plan since both will be hard to take out. First I have to get rid of the right guy, I start complaining non stop about the left guy, that he won't play unless he has the best hand, that he's not willing to gamble that he's putting me on tilt (a poker term for someone losing their composure). Because I have such a big stack I know I can take a hit or two from the guy on the left, so he goes all in with 60,000 chips and I call him, he wins and doubles up. Then I lose it, "Ugh" "This guy is driving me nuts". I'm making the guy on the right think he can take advantage. I get KK and go all in preflop and they both fold, I get AQ the next hand, go all in they both fold, then I get AK, perfect, do the same thing again, all in. Right guy figures I want out of the tournament cause I'm going "crazy". He calls with A7, I beat him and take all of his chips. Afterwards he stays on the table complaining at my play and I tell him my entire plan (I tell him this because this is how I'm going to beat the left guy). Left guy reads me telling my whole plan, how I was hooking him the whole way.

Now it's on to defeating the left guy, I've seen that he's only play with a strong hand, so being pushy means he'll drop a lot of money. It's currently me with about 225,000 and him with 175,000. So I tell the right guy who's still there not to worry, because there is no way the left guy will beat me, he's not a good player and he will lose to me. Making him angry is my key for him. Because when he gets angry he makes a mistake. So I change my plans. I become super tight. I bully him until he stands up for himself and when he does I back off and fold. But then I go back to bullying him, each time he raises I fold. But he's not aggresive so he's not willing to do it. It gets to me with 325,000 and him with 75,000. We keep playing and I keep saying it's going to be over soon. Now I can afford to call one of his all ins, finally he goes all in, I've suckered him in and I have a good hand. He shows A10 and I have AJ. I win with a Jack on the flop and win the tournament. He finally says, "You're an awful player" and leaves. But what I did was get into his head. I told him he was crap, he got sick of it, made a mistake and then told me I sucked. Perfect play on my part.

It's a game of psychology, and that's why I love it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Might I make another quick plug for my tv blog. I'm putting effort into it, especially this week with the season premeirs happening.

Also have you noticed the coolest new invention? The cell phone pocket? I got new shorts yesterday and wore them today, and they have the same thing that one other pair of pants that I own has. In the right pocket there is another smaller pocket, next to the leg which is big enough yet also snug enough to fit a cell phone. It's awesome! Cell Phones Unite!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Television and Me

Now I know what some of you will think when I say this, you'll say, "Jon what are you doing? Another blog? Ugh, you foolish mortal, bow to me." Or something like that. Yes, it is true, I am starting another review blog, this one is going to be on Television. Both on talk of shows and reviewing seasons and giving recommendations and what not. I started my music review blog a while back and haven't updated on it in quite some time, and there's a very good reason for that, it's that, I don't really listen to music on my computer any more. I listen to it all the time still but in the past 6 months It's mostly been tv on the computer, while I do internet stuff or play games I also watch tv shows. Also now that I have my laptop I've been watching tv on my tivo while on my laptop.

I'm the type of person that when I get into something I want to become an expert at it, I've been wanting to do a blog like this for quite some time but always stopped myself from doing it until now. So here it is for those that are interested,

Put it in your reader or ignore it. Basically if you find you like tv or would like to watch the best of the best then check out the blog.

That is all.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Part the end

I did want to let you all know the whole thing is over. Apparently there were literally about one hundred hits for the apartment, someone bought it and the management gave me a document signed that stated I would get my money back and was no longer liable to anything to do with them. Huzzah.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Trouble With Hawaiians or How I Learned To Steal a Playstation 2

(I wrote this out as a whole story from the beginning if you've been reading the past two posts you may skip the first three paragraphs.)

Here's a story for the ages. As fall semester was steadily approaching I was told by the nine fingered man that he wanted me in his apartment, this man is a part of the improv comedy troupe I currently belong to, (for those still in Utah Valley we're having a show in two weeks, email me if you wanna come). I told him I was interested and we set up the details, it was to be six of us and things would work out once the house was ready to move into. Suddenly other friends started offering apartment arrangements, I said no to each for I was to be with these fellows. However one day I come to find out that besides me and the nine fingered man the other four found two others and found an apartment somewhere else. Oh thought I, so I headed to nine fingered guy and he said yeah they told me so I got an apartment somewhere else. So I proceed to call each of these friends to see if I can still get in with them, alas they have all gotten full apartments. So I decide it's time for me to go out and search on my own, my criteria for an apartment? Single room, good internet, house apartment, basement a plus, air conditioned, cold. After searching for a couple days I find this amazing apartment with my own private entrance in one of the rooms. Amazing I think and I proceed to take the apartment, I'm informed that my two roommates are going to be Hawaiians. I move in and all seems to be good, for I have found all of my criteria and then some. I look around the apartment and notice that even better, the guys who moved out had left a tv and a Playstation 2. Huzzah, this is looking to be a good apartment.

Fast forward two days, the Hawaiians move in and are they pissed to see me. The lead Hawaiian informs me his name is Jason. Jason was not pleased to see me because they had signed a hold of the room with the management so that his cousin could come in and sign for the room. His cousin he proceeds to tell me, has had some trouble with drugs before and he's trying to help keep him on the straight and narrow. He gets involved with Polynesians easily and doesn't want him falling back in with the wrong crowd. He says if I move out he'll even give me compensation and that everything will work out, his cousin will take the place and I can find another place. I think about the pros and cons of such an arrangement and decide that a BYU football player/rugby player who is huge and Hawaiian that wants to kill me because I stayed in the apartment and his cousin got into drugs would be a bad idea for my mental health so I bow out and say okay, your cousin can take the apartment, it's all good guy, take the place let's just make sure it's square with the management. So we go to the management, his cousin meets us there and we tell them the whole situation. The management says all that needs to happen is for this cousin to sign some stuff and pay the fee and then the management will send my 425 dollar check back to me and everything will be fine, I should expect the check to come back in about 3 weeks. They say they will call me if anything is to go wrong. I say farewell to the good apartment and head on my way. I don't hear from anyone for three weeks.

Flash forward three weeks to this past Thursday. I'm in one of my classes and decide to see how much exactly I have on my bank account. I expect to see somewhere around 200 dollar but I want to know the exact amount. I open up my online account and to my surprise I am at -300 dollars. I am quite surprised and I look to see what has happened and the management company apparently decided that it would be a good idea that instead of sending me back my check, they should cash it. So they cash it, and the bank puts on 100 dollars worth of Overdraft fees. I am quite furious it's only 4:30 and so I call the management, I keep getting the answering machine that says our office hours are from 9 to 5. I call over and over again and finally at 5:15 I leave a message saying please call me first thing in the morning.

Friday I get really sick in the morning and so I can't actually make it out there until 4 in the afternoon, I never recieved a phone call. I get there and ask what the problem is and why they cashed the check, well they check their system and then say, the third guy pulled out and decided not to take the apartment so you are still the owner of the third room......

Oh. I thought you said you would call me if things went wrong, you did not do that. No one has contacted me, I've been living somewhere else awaiting my check back. Sorry we can't give it back unless you find someone to take your contract. No I say, you find me someone to take the contract, because you never called me you should at least be responsible for that. So they post a listing on the BYU website assuring me it will sell. They also tell me if someone does take the apartment I will get my 425 dollars back, I inform them of the overdraft fee and they say they aren't responsible for something like that and refuse to pay it. So I leave very very angry, and I'm out for revenge.

I drive out to the apartment ready to face the Hawaiians and get in their faces and start some trouble. Some of you have seen me angry, but I assure you, I can only think of maybe four times I was angrier then this my entire life. So I arrive at the apartment to find they are not in fact there. One of the Hawaiians moved into my room and they're using the extra room for storage of their snowboards. I look around and see the Playstation 2 from earlier and think to myself, my brother's PS2 just broke. They don't appear to have any games, they just have a movie out by the tv....

I unplug the cords pick up the PS2 and put it in my car. Then I feel slight guilt pangs and knock on the door of the guys upstairs. Matt answers the door, his mother owns the house and they use the management company to rent out the rooms. I explain to him the situation and then tell him about the PS2. He says, "Good for you, if they give us any lip about it I'll tell them it was my PS2 and I gave it to you as compensation because they couldn't give you the common courtesy of one phone call." In fact he goes on to tell me, when they found out about the other guy not taking the room they found some guys who wanted the room and each time they would bring someone down to look at it the Hawaiians would say "No we have a different buddy who's going to take the room so it's not up for sale." They keep saying this over a three week period and no one has shown up yet, they sure do like living just by themselves. So I leave for a bit and come back cause I still want some confrontation with one of them to tell them how awful they are but again they aren't home, but one of them did come by while I was gone and say they saw my car and kept going around the block until I left. Now I have a good PS2 and need to wait to see if someone purchases the apartment.

Don't mess with dishonest Hawaiians.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Do not under any circumstances deal with Aspen Ridge apartments

So as a follow up to my post just before this, the apartment company Aspen Ridge apartments when I dealt with this whole thing we undid the contract and I took the contract. They also said they would mail me the check back so I wouldn't have to worry about anything. Well what do they do? Yesterday they CASH the check, and put me in the hole and now I'm 300 dollars in debt with about 100 dollars worth of overdraft fees. I can't even spend my money any more cause I don't have any. So I find this out at 4:45 and I call their number but they don't answer and the answering machine does say they're in until 5, but of course they don't answer. Basically they just stole money from me. So as a warning, never deal with this company ever.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Whole Predicament or "Why you think you know, but you have no idea what's going on in my life."

I'm going to write this and put this both on my blog and my facebook as it's a story a lot of people are going to want to hear but I it's long and I don't want to tell it too often. So here is the whole ordeal.

In trying to find an apartment this semester I was none too successful, I had set up living with a bunch of guys but when that fell through I was left with no options left, other oppurtunities had presented themselves while I was to be with those other guys so I turned those ones down, when I no longer had it however I went back but all of them had filled. So I was stuck. I had been hesitant to find an apartment as well since I wasn't sure whether I was to leave in January or May for the east coast. (For those who haven't heard I'm off to the east coast as latest the start of fall 08.) Well one day I decided to try and find an apartment, my needs included a cold place, good internet, and my own room. The cold factor was actually most important as I've become less and less tolerant to heat over the years. So I looked all over Provo, I wanted to live in Provo cause most of my friends were there. Finally after much searching I found the place, a little house at about 150 north and 800 east. Cold and amazing. I moved in yesterday and got all set up and it was looking great. The guys upstairs were all cool, my two roommates who hadn't moved in yet were apparently Hawaiian and we even had a really cool cat that liked to lay on my chest while I watched tv. Everything about the place just seemed amazing and I thought how could this go wrong?

Enter the Hawaiians. They came in at 2 pm today just eight hours ago. They both looked confused to see me and asked what I was doing there. I told them I had gotten a contract and I was going to be their new roommate, well neither of them looked pleased at this. The bigger of the two a Hawaiian football and rugby player explained to me the situation. His cousin was to be the third roommate, they had signed a hold of room for him so that the management would hold the room until he got there to sign the contract. Well the management did no such thing as I was sold the contract. So he asked me if there was any way he could find me another apartment and I could move in there so that his cousin could move in with him, apparently his cousin he was afraid if he did not live with him would get into trouble and drugs and what not. So he said he would pay for all my expenses here and my first and last month rent at whatever place he found as long as I liked it and said yes, by no means were they kicking me out but it was still not a good situation to be in. So i talked it over with my mom and there were two options, either move out and not have to worry about it, or stay and get a big Hawaiian pissed at me and he would be a hellish roommate for a whole year, can you imagine him saying "Thanks Jon, my cousin is now on drugs." So the best option was clearly to get out of there. Tomorrow we're changing everything over, all in all I won't be losing any money in fact he's giving me more money to sweeten the deal. So I have moved back home again and will be living here for fall semester in Woodland Hills. So Woodland Hills people, you haven't gotten rid of me yet, I'm still here.

So that's the story. Now I'm aiming to head to the East Coast in January after all.

New Apartment Day One

Wow, new apartment and there's some weird stuff.

But the biggest and best of all the news is that we have a cat. His name is Wilson and he's the nicest cat I've ever met, apparently he came with the house when the landlord bought it. So the tenants take care of him, I learned today that unlike my mother I am not allergic to cats. Way I found out was when Wilson came into the living room, jumped on the couch, jumped on my chest and lay on my chest for ten minutes while I watched tv. I've never had a cat lay on me before, it was really cool.

What a cool cat.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Poem ala spam

I'm sorta scared to post this as I don't want weird people coming to my site, but I am proud of this. I composed a poem the other day, I went into my spam messages folder on one of my emails and took bits and pieces from spam messages recieved on august 9th and 10th. I didn't add or alter any of the words I just took the snippets I liked most and then tried to string them together in some surreal way. I liked the results and I hope you do too, spam messages have really gotten clever now a days, go check them out. Each time it goes to a new line is where a new section of spam is. That's how I seperated them, so without further ado, Poem ala Spam.

Nothing is less sensible than the advice the Duke of Cambridge who is
to have harumphed:
Have you ever wished for a high dollar Watch?
Industrial Man was machine-tooled
like put every cultured feline language, contains within kiss itself
an implicit philosophy.
They get no training for role versatility.
He drives battered, seven-year-old automobile.
This game went much the same way
It would be not merely superfluous carry but ridiculous wooly to
enlarge here upon the extent wept to strange
There are, of course, caveats.

No need to have a doctor recommendation
He has high intellect and low "boring point,"
the God who is simply understand the bleach Reason of the Universe and
not Thou subtract canst not dug prove the Nameless,
and to be distinguished
individual personalitythat is BLACK CLOUD

Long-life battery so the
film footage and audiotapes are an important to achieve results
To eliminate and adaptive reactions would be to eliminate change,
including growth, self-development, maturation. It complete stasis.
Baronesses always giggled at me
Well, now I hee-haw at them

as Heaven does its rains
based on bureaucracy, will simply not able to cope with the and rate
of change in the system
and destruction that book are incompre-hensible to forego noise rule garden
but then they were like horses well managed;
Your privacy is important to us
were researched demographically to deliver above average sales
too cunning, to suffer a man to keep
admitted to decapitating
policy, and dissimulation or closeness, are indeed habits
Nothing more clearly anti-adaptive.
then want to lick your lollipop.

Change is not merely to life; it is life.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Top 100 albums of all time as of this week

On the emails a friend of mine decided to start a list of his 100 best albums of all time, another friend followed and I did as well, as I easily have 100 albums to put on top, so the following is that list I made. The funny thing is, is that it is a list in which will change and so this list is just of this past week, even in the past two days I've found an album which I think at this point could overtake a couple albums on the list. But it shant this time since I made this list already. So here is my list and an introduction to how I listen to music. This is a long post so go ahead and skip it if you'd like.

Just as a intro to my head, when I listen to music, the concepts of music I enjoy most are complexities in music, driving rythmns, how the song is sung, with a spice of eerie. One thing that sets me apart quite a bit from most music listeners is I have a much harder time comprehending lyrics. So if a song is considered good because of it's lyrics, I won't notice, however if the way it is sung, is beautiful I will. It's the tone, not the message that gets me. Though with some albums especially those on top of the list, I can add that in as well because I've really gotten into it. It takes a lot of work though for me to comprehend the lyrics, and so a song has to keep my attention long enough for that to happen.

#(100-76) album title - band/composer - blurbie

100. With Love And Squalor -- We Are Scientists -- Barely making it onto the list is the first cd by this smaller band. Only two of the songs "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt" and "The Great Escape" keep me listening to this album. Both are very catchy and enjoyable songs. The rest of the album isn't up to par on these two songs, but can be a good listen once and a while.

99. Pigeon John Sings the Blues! -- Pigeon John -- This album is the winner for having my favorite design on the cd. Pigeon John is interesting in rap as he's opposite most rap artists that he puts on a better live show then he does an album. This is the best album of his so far, and it has some of the most clever lyrics I've heard, yet doesn't have the backgrounds I've come to like in rap albums.

98. Atlantis: Hymns For Disco -- k-os -- The Canadian Rapper with his first appearance on this countdown. This cd is incredibly funky especially with the standout song "Flypaper". k-os is known for being a perfectionist in his music and it shows. A nice funky album.

97. We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank -- Modest Mouse -- The first half of this album is a nice and funky selection of songs. Bringing on Johnny Marr formerly of "The Smiths" as a guitarist was a good move and it shows on this album. The second half of the album gets lost for me though, I often forget what's on it and tend to be done with the album by the middle.

96. Spectrum -- Quannum -- Quannum Productions is my favorite label when it comes to hip hop, all my favorite rap artists except k-os and Jurassic 5 come from Quannum. This album is a sampling of all of their talent, yet it doesn't repeat songs you might find on the other albums so it's an essential album for any Quannum lover. The best songs on the album are those in which features most of the members, like "Storm Warning" and "The Extravaganza". The big problem with this cd however is the stupid and lengthy narration by Mac B-Dawg.

95. Rage Against The Machine -- Rage Against The Machine -- The first album from the politcal activist band is their most pulsing and enjoyable of their albums. Though I must admit I like this album for much different reasons then most who like this cd as I enjoy it more for the musical aspects of it, and enjoy the lead singer's voice. Though when he starts repeating things it gets a little tiresome. The best songs are the pulsating "Bombtrack" and "Fistful of Steel" which gets into the cooler side of the guitarist.

94. XO -- Elliot Smith -- So far this is the only album by Elliot Smith which has really caught my attention, mainly due to the more musical nature of the cd over his other albums. My favorite song is the funky "Baby Britain", though I couldn't tell you what any of his songs are about though I hear it's mostly depressed stuff. This album has more melody and so I enjoy listening to it from time to time.

93. Meteora -- Linkin Park -- Many probably would look at this and scoff. But this album grew on me. This cd is the best Linkin Park has to offer, and I find myself enjoying the screamtastic voice of the lead singer in some of the songs. Mostly I really enjoy the DJ of the group, he puts on a really cool instrumental tune on the disc call "Session" which I listen to quite a bit. As I enjoy harder stuff and this mixes in some DJ elements, it makes my list.

92. Antipop -- Primus -- This album is a very interesting album to me as I consider it to be about the darkest album I own. Primus decided to go sinister on this album. "Eclectic Electric" is a song which I'd have to consider the darkest tune I've ever heard. It excites me sometimes but usually I can't stomach this album because of it. But when I'm in particularly devious moods this album is one of the top of my list.

91. The Album -- Latryx -- This album has one song which I consider to be one of the most experimental and amazingly pulled through songs ever created. This song being the first track "Latryx" where Lateef and Lyrics Born rap at the same time and then get into as many different tones as you can think of. The pure brilliance of this one song outshines anything else you can find on the album however, and though there are a couple of good songs, nothing even comes close to the brilliance of the first song.

90. Songs For The Deaf -- Queens of the Stoneage -- A hard rush of adrenaline is what's starts out this album. With the drumming of Dave Grohl this album is one of my angrier albums which I listen to when in gloomy moods. But it does have some good breakthrough songs like the almost Metallica-esque "Mosquito Song" and the driving rifftastic "No One Knows".

89. Discovery -- Daft Punk -- It took me quite a number of years after their album Homework before I was finally ready to give this excellent dance/techno cd a chance. I'm glad I waited though as it's become a treasure in my collection. The robotic voices mixed with good dance tunes makes this cd a good choice. Even when Daft Punk pulls out their amazingly annoying repeating bass pound in "Superheroes" it becomes a much cooler tune then expected.

88. Finally Woken -- Jem -- Jem surprised me with her fusion of styles combined with her intoxicating voice. Mixtures of Rock Ballads with Trip-Hop makes it for an interesting listen. When Jem is on, she's really on like in songs "They", "Come on Closer" and "24". But she isn't able to keep it up through all of her songs.

87. Ruckus -- Galactic -- Making their only album appearance on this countdown is my favorite live band Galactic. The live shows this band does are incredible, but their albums don't quite compare. This one however is the best of their studio abilities. It comes with uber funky songs such as "The Moil" and "Bongo Joe" and comes with the final appearances of Theryl DeClouet as their singer, yet he goes out on top in the song "Never Called You Crazy", which seems to be made just for him.

86. EP -- Jurassic 5 -- The first sampling from Jurassic 5 is this eight song EP. It comes with the very catchy "Concrete Schoolyard" and "Jayou" and shows the amazing skills of Cut Chemist in the song "Lesson 6: The Lecture". This cd shows the raw talents of Jurassic 5 before they perfected themselves. This is one of few bands to make it 3 or more times on the countdown.

85. Ruby Vroom -- Soul Coughing -- The first album from the crazy band Soul Coughing is their best. It's raw and has lots of weird and magical moments, like the amazingly eerie "Bus To Beelzebub", The giddy tune "Down To This" and the really jazzy "True Dreams Of Wichita" which dabbles into a really funky moment near the end of the song. This cd has the best that Soul Coughing has to offer and has some really weird and funky songs.

84. Gorillaz -- Gorillaz -- The first cd from the amazing mind of Damon Albarn as the comical cartoon band The Gorillaz. A cool mix of rock we came to expect from Blur mixed with some cool Hip Hop stylings. The standout songs from this album are the high energy hip hop song "Rock The House", the cool tune "19-2000" and the super mellow and nicely funky groove song "Double Bass".

83. Sunrise Over Sea -- John Butler Trio -- Listening to this cd makes you wonder why more people don't go for a more Bluegrassy sound to rock music. The John Butler Trio whom is one of the biggest Austrailian Bands of all time, come out with this super album which keeps you rocking through multiple listens. Very Rootsy, and also rocking at the same time. This band excels most with it's high power and faster songs then when they go for the slower tunes.

82. Moontan -- Golden Earring -- The best cruising song of all time, "Radar Love" comes first on this funky ballad album. All five songs are over six minutes and give a good sampling into what this band can do. Very driving and it keeps you coming back.

81. Decksanddrumsandrockandroll -- Propellerheads -- This techno duo comes out with an uber funky techno album. But what stands out is the the soulful "History Repeating" which features vocals from jazz singer Shirley Bassey, an amazing dance tune. Also collaborating with the Jungle Brothers on "Cominagetcha" is the other highlight of the album. When this band collaborates, they find their best sounds.

80. Nia -- Blackalicious -- Blackalicious is the mixing of The Gift of Gab whom is a talented rapper and the mixing of Chief XCel. This album was when they started figuring out their sound. They found a groove in about 6 or 7 really good songs. The rest of the cd is close but not quite there. The vest song is probably the spooky "Smithzonian Institute of Rhyme".

79. I Gotta Get Mine Yo! -- Chubb Rock -- This guy flew under the radar of the early days of rap, he was the original huge rapper. This album came out in 92, and it's super funky while starting to show signs of what gangsta rap is now. I first got this album as a joke but found it to have a lot of really catchy tunes.

78. White Album -- The Beatles -- This album has a really good mix of tunes, and it gets rockin. It's an essential Beatles album. The stuff I tend to get into on this album mostly stay towards the beginning of disc one, and around the middle near "Rocky Racoon" and "Why Don't We Do It In The Road". I tend to steer clear of disc two for some reason however, except for a tune here or there.

77. Let It Die -- Feist -- This album has a lot of songs which really make me groove. Feist has an amazing voice but also found some cool sounds to go with her songs. "Mushaboom" is by far and away my favorite on this album.

76. Please Mr. Lostman -- The Pillows -- This is my favorite album by the Japanese rock band "The Pillows". This album has such a good selection of what they have to offer. They really get into a groove on this album and it makes for a really good album. The lead singer's voice on this album especially though I can't understand most of what he's saying, is very melodic and inviting.

75. Half Full Ashtrays, Half Empty Glasses -- The Laboratory Rats -- This a local band out of Columbus Ohio. Imagine white boy rap with a rock band behind him rapping stories and you have The Lab Rats. This is their only album and it's a good one.

74. Perennial Favorites -- Squirrel Nut Zippers -- With such songs as the eerie and inviting "Ghost of Stephen Foster" and the happy song "Pallin' With Al", this album is a great choice for some cool songs.

73. IV -- Led Zeppelin -- What more can be said about this already amazing album, if you don't have it, you should.

72. Boston -- Boston -- A very masterful album. My favorite moment of the cd is the rockin' intro "Foreplay" to "Long Time".

71. Volume 1 -- Fear of Pop -- The first solo project from Ben Folds brings us such great moments as why we should stay through the whole movie, "Funky Bass" and "The International Brotherhood of Lying Fickle Males".

70. Demon Days -- Gorillaz -- The first album was good, the second album was better. They improved on what was good in the first album for this one, if you don't believe me have a listen to "Feel Good Inc."

69. Naked Baby Photos -- Ben Folds Five -- A good selection of random stuff by Ben Folds Five including the insane and yet really fun to listen to balled that is "For Those of Y'all Who Wear Fanny Packs".

68. U.S. Crush -- U.S. Crush -- I swear I'm the only one who ever knew about this cd. A band that came and went and no one ever knew about and only put out this one cd, but it's a good one. Rock leaning towards punk, it has a lot of heart to it, but not enough to keep the band together. Lots of catchy tunes on this one.

67. Ganging Up On The Sun -- Guster -- Guster is really good at creating catchy songs that keep you coming back for more, especially with their drummer who uses his hands. This cd is a good selection of what they can offer.

66. Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume 1: From Fear Through The Eyes Of The Mad -- Coheed & Cambria -- This is the fourth cd from a band who brings very nerdy lyrics to really rockin' music. This one starts with the really good song "Welcome Home" and then goes through every nerdy subject you can think of about Dragons and such.

65. Come On Feel The Illinoise! -- Sufjan Stevens -- I wasn't sold on this album until I got near the end and got to the one two combination of "Predatory Wasp..." and "Night Zombies". Though I have a hard time getting into singer songwriters, this guy was able to give me enough background stuff to keep me coming back. Now I like the whole thing, very beautiful album.

64. Tenacious D -- Tenacious D -- This album is the best comedic rock cd I've ever heard but it also has some rockin' riffs and overall good songs. My favorite song is the sing-alongable "F*** Her Gently".

63. Farmhouse -- Phish -- There aren't any standout songs on this album yet overall it's just a good album, each of the songs compliment the others on the album. This album shows a much wiser Phish looking to create a good album.

62. A Weekend In The City -- Bloc Party -- This band has about the silliest lyrics you'll hear from any band, but what they lack in lyrics they add in their music. This album is the second and more crafted album. When listening to it, you can feel they took care to make sure they were making a good album. It has a lot of different sounding catchy songs.

61. Talkie Walkie -- Air -- This duo makes a really good electronic type record here. There isn't a song I don't like. They're able to mix actual lyrics with electronic sounds for a very different sound then most.

60. In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3 -- Coheed & Cambria -- This is the third and best album from Coheed & Cambria. It's one of my two favorite albums to play video games to. The title track to this album is the best song and it's ballad like quality makes it an eight minute song that makes you feel pumped up. This is one of the better rock albums of this century.

59. Make Yourself -- Incubus -- This seriously rockin' album which at times is hard, times it's soft and times it's scratchin'. This album has some good radio hits but better songs that aren't. The best song is the record scratchin' "Battlestar Scralatchtica".

58. Add It Up -- Violent Femmes -- This is one band who can keep my with the lyrics. I love what they have to say in their songs especially the great song of love "Kiss Off". This album also has the best Xylophone solo I've ever heard in "Gone Daddy Gone".

57. Crash -- Dave Matthews Band -- The second album and second best album from DMB is an amazing album. The sound of Dave's voice mixed with Guitar, Saxophone, Violin and Drums keep me coming back for more each time. This band knew how to make an album.

56. Shack Man -- Medeski, Martin & Wood -- This is the best album from the Jazz trio MMW. I'd put most of their albums however in the same place too so this one will suffice as their best. This one has some of the best solos especially in the song "Think", nothing can get me like the upright bass solo in that song.

55. Pretzel Logic -- Steely Dan -- The singer's voice to the very jazzy tunes makes this my favorite album from Steely Dan. This is a good place to start if you haven't gotten into them yet.

54. Loop -- Keller Williams -- This one man band makes some really rockin' songs and some really clever lyrics. One of my favorite songs of all time comes from this album and that's "Blatant Ripoff". Everyone should give Keller a listen and see if they like his stuff.

53. More Betterness! -- No Use For A Name -- This is the only punk album that I'm able to enjoy the entire thing. Punk has always been a hard genre for me, but this album keeps me rockin' the whole time.

52. Check Your Head -- Beastie Boys -- The thing that's so interesting to me about the Beastie's is that they have so many hits and yet all my favorite songs are not the hits. These guys are musically trained and this album shows some really jazzy songs, some of their best are even instrumental. But their best raps come out of this album as well.

51. Master Of Styles -- The Urge -- Take 60% Mighty Mighty Bosstones and 40% Disturbed and you have the one and only "The Urge". This is their best of three albums and it has some really finely crafted hard rock/ska songs.

50. Palookaville -- Fatboy Slim -- This album is when Fatboy Slim really found funky, with guest stars Lateef and Bootsy Collins on different songs he makes some really sweet grooves. Even when he hits you with his techno he goes for the groovy first, the best album from Fatboy Slim yet.

49. Frizzle Fry -- Primus -- The most raw album from Primus. This one has good songs written all over it including the head banging song "Groundhog Day". This album has more to offer then most of their albums.

48. The Moon And Antarctica -- Modest Mouse -- The most story like album from Modest Mouse. Also a very haunting album with lots of eerie sounds resonating through out, plus the delightful "Tiny Cities Made of Ashes".

47. Silent Alarm -- Bloc Party -- The more raw of their two albums, this album punches out some really good riffs and melodies. Also my favorite album to play video games with, try taking on the last guy in Shadow of Colossus to the first three songs. Amazing stuff.

46. Rockin' The Suburbs -- Ben Folds -- This is a must for any Ben Folds fan, it shows he didn't skip a beat from his band breaking up. Very good tunes on this one.

45. Give Up -- The Postal Service -- Almost nintendo beats mixed with the inviting voice of Ben Gibbard makes a very delightful album.

44. The Sunlandic Twins -- Of Montreal -- Mixing Psychedelic sounds with the present Indie scene, this cd makes some amazing melodies and excellent sing-along choruses.

43. The Story Of The Ghost -- Phish -- A very mellow album with lots of good melodies. Plus a couple of grooves that keep you dancing. A good mix on this album.

42. Soundsystem -- 311 -- This album is on of the only albums which I found a new song on each repeated listening until by the end I liked every track. This is the best album from the rap rock guys in 311. Best riffs and best overall songs.

41. Rift -- Phish -- Their second concept album which makes for a very dreamy sound through out. The title track especially.

40. Wood -- Moxy Fruvous -- This album has some of the best folk-pop I've ever heard. The acapella like sounds mixed with the folk melodies makes this album an excellent one.

39. 12 Golden Country Greats -- Ween -- From the crazy band Ween comes an album entirely of Country like songs. There are so many inviting melodies and funny lyrics that this album keeps you coming back to a genre that you thought you hated.

38. ... And Justice For All -- Metallica -- This is my favorite album from Metallica, they find some amazing ballads and mix it with thrash metal to make some really rockin' songs.

37. Dark Side Of The Moon -- Pink Floyd -- The psychedelic tones of this album just make it all worth it. Pink Floyd scores with this one.

36. Amputechture -- The Mars Volta -- The modern day version of Yes, this band makes Progressive rock into something beautiful. Singing half in English half in Latin this band makes some of the most hauntingly inviting sounds you'll ever hear. This is their latest album and it has one of my top favorite songs of all time in the genre shifting song "Day Of The Baphomets".

35. Chocolate and Cheese -- Ween -- Though this album is everywhere, it has a lot of their best songs and is a very good singles album.

34. Houses Of The Holy -- Led Zeppelin -- This is my overall favorite album from Zep. The best melodies comes from the inviting "Over The Hills And Far Away".

33. De-Loused In The Comatourium -- The Mars Volta -- These guys really blow my mind. This album is a lot more mellow then Amputechture but yet has some really amazing things going on for it. On this one Cedric Bixler-Zavala's haunting voice comes through so amazingly, check out the haunting melodies on "Televators".

32. Ben Folds Five -- Ben Folds Five -- Most of my favorite songs by BFF come from this album. The lyrics combined with the amazing solos in "The Last Polka" get me every time.

31. Absolution -- Muse -- This haunting rock album from Muse about the End of the World is their best by far. It has so many good songs but is lead by the amazing "Stockholm Syndrome".

30. Dig Your Own Hole -- The Chemical Brothers -- Coming in second place for my favorite techno album, this one has some amazing dance tunes. The whole album excels in the sounds they were able to create for this one.

29. Street Signs -- The nine piece band that fuses Latin, Hip Hop and Rock decided to try going for some Indian types sounds on this one and came out on top. Their ability to mix such different genres makes this band one of my favorite bands.

28. Launchpad -- Particle -- This electronic jam band scores with their only album to date. This album has some of the most groovy jams I've ever heard add to that my love of good electronic music and you have an amazing danceable album.

27. Think Tank -- Blur -- This album hits on every level for me when it comes to Blur. Unfortunately it was their last album but yet has so many amazing songs. The sound of Damon's voice on top of these songs melts me.

26. Colour And Shape -- Foo Fighters -- The third album I ever bought and man is it a good one. This cd has some of the best alternative rock songs from the 90s.

25. Whatever and Ever Amen -- Ben Folds Five -- This is the best crafted album by BFF. So many good songs and good solos.

24. Under The Table And Dreaming -- Dave Matthews Band -- This album gives me goose bumps when I listen to it, it goes into every avenue DMB have open to them, the song "Warehouse" is a good example of this as it starts off nice and haunting, and then goes into a driving happy song.

23. Foo Fighters -- Foo Fighters -- The more rocking of their first two albums, this one just has good rockin' song after good rockin' song. One of the best cds of the 90s.

22. Tales From The Punchbowl -- Primus -- This is the best collection of songs from Primus, the best stuff are the long funky ballads they can come up with, especially in the first three songs.

21. Quality Control -- Jurassic 5 -- This is the cd that got me into rap music in the beginning. 4 rappers and 2 DJs making very danceable songs with amazing lyrics.

20. Ozomatli -- Ozomatli -- With Cut Chemist and Chali 2na helping make their first cd, this cd shows the raw energy that I've come to expect from Ozomatli. Awesome samba and Latin arrangements behind the deep amazing voice of Chali 2na makes this cd amazing.

19. Airdrawndagger -- Sasha -- When I first listened to this album I didn't like it, but after listening to it more and more it has become my favorite techno album of all time. This man creates the most tantalizing beats you'll ever hear mixed together. The songs on this album flow together so well it's almost as if it's one song moving from one frame to the next.

18. So Much For The Afterglow -- Everclear -- This is the second album I ever bought and I still listen to it from beginning to end like any other album. The songs still give me the same feelings they did when I first listened to it. The staying power of this album is enough to get it very high.

17. Year Zero -- Nine Inch Nails -- So far this is my favorite album this year. I was blown away when I listened to it. 16 tracks and all of them are as good as the others. Excellent electronic mixes with the amazing staying power that Trent Reznor has in his voice. Even the lyrics which are usually hard for me to get into snagged me so quickly. My favorite song though has to be the electronic dream "The Great Destroyer".

16. Frances The Mute -- The Mars Volta -- This album is the one that made me fall in love with The Mars Volta in the first place. With each songs which makes you want to get on stage with the band, to the format of it going back to a classical motif. This album is just amazing.

15. Quebec -- Ween -- Usually it's the more normal songs on a Ween album that I gravitate to first, however this one is the opposite, their weird songs are the best but they put in some excellent good songs too to make the whole experience a grand one.

14. Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes -- TV On The Radio -- The minimalist electronica with the haunting and inviting voices of TV On The Radio made this an instant favorite for me. And any album that makes someone like David Bowie call up the band and ask to guest star on their next album because he liked it so much has to be good.

13. Later That Day... -- Lyrics Born -- I had thought of combining both of Lyrics Born cds together and probably should have, but I didn't. This is the first of two which makes the raw edits of some amazingly funky songs. Lyrics Born is an amazing MC and if you haven't heard him you need to.

12. Bargainville -- Moxy Fruvous -- This album doesn't have a bad moment on it. The Fruvous Quill brings out the best harmonies you'll hear from any folk rock band.

11. Riot On An Empty Street -- Kings Of Convenience -- I've never known an album to be able to calm down as well as this one has. Their voices are so soothing and mesmerizing that I just had to listen again and again. Also this is my favorite album to play poker to.

Top Ten!

10. Same !@#$ Different Day -- Lyrics Born -- Lyrics Born took what was good with Later That Day and added to it ten fold.

9. Joyful Rebellion -- k-os -- k-os scored amazingly with this album. He didn't miss a beat anywhere and he put in every good sound he could find. This album makes changing genres seem effortless.

8. White Pepper -- Ween -- With some of the best transitions between songs, this album puts Ween so far ahead. I can't get enough of this band.

7. The Audience's Listening -- Cut Chemist -- The best DJ out there today with his first full length album does not disappoint in the slightest. When I listen to this album it's the exact kind of album that I want to write some day.

6. The Craft -- Blackalicious -- With help from the rest of the Quannum crew, Blackalicious comes out with an amazing album which hits every aspect you could think, even the lyrics are incredibly creative.

5. Wish You Were Here -- Pink Floyd -- This album is just phenomenal, with only five songs and yet taking you on a fantastic journey it goes everywhere I would want it to. This is my favorite thing to come from it's era.

4. The Bends -- Radiohead -- With Thom Yorke's amazingly voice and the inviting melodies, this album was love at first listen. Every song scores.

3. Junta -- Phish -- The first album from Phish is by far my favorite, it has my absolute favorite song of all time in "Divided Sky" and has some of the best Jams ever recorded. Without this album half the albums on this list wouldn't be there.

2. Power In Numbers -- Jurassic 5 -- The most perfectly crafted rap album ever. Jurassic 5 scored on everything, and not just the songs, but the order and the transitions too. This album convinced me that rap was an amazing way to make music.

1. The Mollusk -- Ween -- Making five appearances on my countdown, Ween takes the top spot with their concept album about the ocean. Beautifully brilliant songs have made this album have some songs which I listen to more then most any other album. I am truely in love with Ween and this album is the heart.

And there it is. I excluded soundtracks and live albums, but if I had added them in, my list would also be radically different.

Friday, July 27, 2007

moe. Concert July 26th 2007

This is a picture of the band "moe." This picture is not from the concert last night. So last night two of my good buddies and I were off to the Gallavan Center in Salt Lake City to see moe. put on a free concert. moe. is a Jam Band, so for those who don't really know what to expect from a Jam Band, imagine a rock concert except you aren't smashed up against everyone there, people give you enough room to dance, and also imagine almost everyone is stoned. The band plays long jams which crescendo and the band plays off of the energy of the crowd. That's a typical Jam Band concert. When I went to Warped Tour less then a month ago, I realized I didn't have it in me to go to regular rock concerts, I needed to stick to the Jam Band scene and other acts, no mainstream for me, unless I do want to not breathe. Anyways, so we headed off to this free concert, a band called Dr. Dog started us off, we didn't know them, they weren't all that great. So when moe. took the stage we started to have some fun. Now I'm going to tell of my top three favorite concerts, my first was held at the Gallavan Center a year earlier, it was the band Galactic, they put on an amazing show and the crowd was awesome, they literally when their time was up asked the event producer if they could play longer because it was such a good show. My second place goes to my first Phish concert, to see such a legendary band was an amazing experience. It was in Vegas and was an overall good time. My third place goes to last summer when Ween came to town. Now surprisingly, this concert has now beat out the Ween concert to make it to my third place. And here's the reason why, the Gallavan center for those that don't know is an outdoor theater in the middle of Salt Lake, about 300 south and Main. Well midway into the third song, it starts to rain, just a little bit, but about midway through the fifth song, it starts to downpour, well because of this the crowd started getting happier and more excited cause a rock concert in the rain is amazing. moe came out with a huge jam at one point getting higher and higher in the crescendo and the rain was pouring down on us and everyone was dancing and having a great time as was I. I've never had so much fun soaking wet. Rain makes any concert better. So there you have it, imagine an entire plaza full of hippies getting rained on while listening to a concert. It was one of the best days this year by far. So much fun.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Just fulfilling my creation last week.

I'm up to 264 posts and have used this blog for about 2 years and 4 months. I'm going to slightly copy someone since I really felt like it after reading their blog. But mine will be slightly less poetic.

I now understand why I was able to do the teaching job.

Marriage does wonders for you.

I am truely scared for the psychological damage your dad can have on you, and I wish you could see it even slightly.

What you said about me is so very hurtful that I no longer want to have any contact with you ever. I won't even acknowledge your presence, don't worry blog readers this person does not read my blog, but will still recieve said treatment because of how hurtful a comment it was.

I'm still reeling from Hyde, and am still confused at how it all turned out.

I'm super excited about the move.

The loose ends seem to be wrapping themselves up, this move must be important.

I really hope we get the white house.

I'm now lactose intolerant.

I need to move back to Provo not just for my mental health but also my physical.

I'm surprised at my non-worriedness.

There are still people who I'm sure don't even remember me that I still want to prove wrong.

When you use such tactics to nullen void my opinions, I do exactly what you don't want me to.

Comforting your mom was really weird that night.

I really wish you'd stop using the same examples you've been using for years to say you don't understand how people can do it. I've got your message already, and if you looked at how I'm doing it then you might understand, no wait, you wouldn't. No wonder I don't tell you.

You have no idea how much I love psychology. Half of the things I do are aimed in that vein. But I sometimes get scared that some friends will think wrongly of it or think they're involved when they aren't.

When it comes to the whole love issue I have never been so calm for this long a period of time in my whole loving life. It must have something to do with the move.

Please for once, surprise me and do something different, please?

Battlestar Gallactica is starting to get really good.

I have a couple of theories of why you stopped talking to me all together, and none of them seem to be any good, for how good of a friendship we had. It does not make sense to me.

I really enjoy the unknown.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Jumbled Thoughts Number 835

I went to Warped Tour this past weekend. It was wicked hot. I decided upon going becase there were three bands I wanted to see. Coheed and Cambria, Bad Religion and K-OS. I was dissappointed by Coheed more so because of their fans, I didn't realized they had psycho beat each other up punk fans. They did play the songs I wanted to hear so I was good, but the lead singer couldn't sing as much cause his hair got in the way, but oh my how I love his hair. I didn't see Bad Religion cause I was too tired and went home after K-OS. K-OS was also dissappointing, he was either too high, didn't want to be in Utah or both. He missed most of his lines, and most of the songs he played are his lesser songs in my opinion. Unfortunately all sets were only 30 minutes. The best show was by a band called "Two and a Half White Guys". They were at one of the smaller stages, and they're a local band apparently. They put on an excellent show.

Speaking of heat, I've been getting heat exhaustion a lot lately. Basically my body is getting less and less tolerant to heat. Thus why I'm currently living at home even though I still have to pay for an apartment, because that apartment was always too hot and I was getting sick while being there because my roommate and I have about a ten degree difference in our body temperature. Basically if I'm outside for about ten minutes I start getting heat exhaustion, so i have to do any exercizing outside while it's so hot. So living at home where the house is always air conditioned is basically the only thing I can do, I'm so looking forward to next summer when it starts getting hot because I'll move north and I'll be able to handle the weather.

My autistic brother Michael is currently at a camp for six weeks. It's a little hard because of the thought of him not knowing what's going on. But it's really helping us out, the house is always very quiet. Once he gets home is about the time that I'll be getting a new apartment.

I'm very excited for this new apartment, I'll be with a bunch of the Happy Pirates guys lving right next door to Uffish, Krebs, MGD and more. It's going to be an awesome street. And it's going to be a really good last two semesters, especially to have such good friends all around me. Huntsman is supposedly coming up for a two semesters as well so I'll be able to have fun with him too. Not much to do left before then, so I'm just getting myself excited and having fun while I can. :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The past couple days have been interesting ones. In fact they've been a couple of life changing days. Because of this I've felt about ten times happier then usual. You know, it feels so much better when instead of having something be up in the air, you actually know when it's going to happen, well I now know when something is going to happen. Sure it's still up in the air as to the exact date but I will say this.

Sometime next summer I am moving out of Utah.

It's been decided and I am super happy about it. I've been wanting to leave the state for years and the only things keeping me have been school and friends (to a lesser degree). But my free tuition stops working in august of next year, and I could continue going to UVSC and finish my schooling there paying a bunch of money, or I could go somewhere else and get on with my life and finish my schooling elsewhere. So I've started school shopping.

Many of you might look at this and think, "But Utah is a great state, you're family and friends are here, why would you want to leave?" and to those that did think that I would say, "It seems you don't know me as well as you think you did". Here's why, I'm someone who loves change. I love new experiences and I love being outside of my comfort zone. I've lived in this general area since I was six. Minus the mission I've basically been here the whole time, and because I've been here so long I feel stagnant. The only thing that is new for me is I can meet new people, but that's about it. I've been wishing for a chance to move that wouldn't hinder my progress in some way, and I finally found a way to do so.

So now what am I looking for? I'm looking for places with a large group of LDS singles. But not just that, I'm looking for schools which have the major and minor I want, I'm also looking for places in which I can handle the weather, in other words anywhere north of Utah. I'm also looking for a big city, and preferably I'd like to live near the ocean. I also want to live somewhere in which I can go to a large variety of cultural events by driving in any direction. So I've been thinking of two places in specific. Boston and Philidelphia. Seattle has been thought about too, but for other reasons of which I can't speak of yet, I'm thinking east coast would be better.

So now for my plan. I'm going to take classes fall and winter, ones I need for my major, and ones I know I'll get good grades in. Then, choose a bunch of schools and apply for a transfer and if i get in to one of them, go there. Overall I know I'll be happier elsewhere then if I stay in Utah, I've talked to a bunch of people close to me including my parents and they all agree that i would be happier elsewhere. So to my friends, we need to hang out more cause I just have year left and then I'm outta Utah for good.

In similar news, I was talking to my mom and she decided to tell me about my dating life. You didn't read that wrong. It was weird but she knew all my misgivings and all my thoughts on dating and she described to me the kind of person I should be looking for and it made complete and total sense, and I realized I hadn't been looking for that type of person all that much. It was actually invigorating hearing it cause i knew that's the kind of person I'm attracted to, she also said there really are very few girls like that in Utah Valley or even in the rest of Utah, and that I would probably be able to find someone who matched that criteria, out of state.

Overall it was a very good talk I had with my mother, who knows me better then I know myself. And I've become excited again for what's to come, the past couple days I've been getting excited about the future again, because now it's less then a year away. And I suspect i'll be happier overall.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Something Big

Sorry for the Ambiguity, but something big happened today, in the last couple hours. The ambiguity is actually the same for me, since I have no idea what I'm talking about, but you know when you can just feel it? Well I feel like something big happened, but I have no idea what....

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Vegas Trip

I am going to vegas in two weeks. I'm not sure when I plan on leaving, it'll be sometime after wednesday. The purpose in this road trip is three fold, first to get a road trip in cause I need one very badly, secondly is to visit one of my best friends "Huntsman". The third is to try out poker in person. I've got two tournaments that I'm going to do and see how I do. For those that haven't heard I have a poker fund, it's money in which I have made from poker. The only money i've ever put forth in poker is money I already won in poker. This poker fund is at 220 dollars, so if I perchance do not make any money in either tournament, I will still be up 180 dollars. I mainly want to do it for the fun of it, to see how it is actually playing in person, I'm really excited for how much fun it's going to be. I know Huntsman is planning already to take me to a couple of roller coasters in and around the Vegas area. I'm super excited, if anyone wants to come, let me know. I'll consider it. Ha Ha Ha.


I had a really weird day on friday, for one I woke up at my parents house which I haven't done in a while. Secondly I went to a really good friend's Barbeque, It was that of my freshman year roommate. He's now married and about to head off to Chicago in a couple of months. The weird thing about it is of all the people from freshman year, he only invited me and our other good buddy Brian. He did also invite Freda however she couldn't come due to being in Washington DC. I realized that day that the legend that was the freshman year is now dead. I had tasted it when we had a reunion a little while back. There are some people in whom I was really good friends with who now don't even say hello to me when I say hello to them, it's weird. In talking to others about this they speak of how that's how it is with high school friends, but in my case I still talk with the really good friends from high school, so freshman year is the first group of friends who are doing this to me. It's taken a while, but it's weird how some people just will not even take the time to say hello. Basically now when it comes down to freshman year, it's the big four in whom I speak to now more then any others. (Grouch if you're reading this, you are in that four) It is sorta nice that one of the people from freshman year set up a blog for everyone to keep up to date, and some of those good friends are on there and even when I write a post they don't comment. It's really weird to me.

Now for the next thing I did on friday which was really interesting. I went camping up Payson canyon. Have you ever been up Payson canyon? I never had and let me tell you it's probably the most beautiful canyon in Utah, holy smackdown it was amazing. It's my new favorite place to go on a day when I need nature. It goes winding straight up until you can see trees for miles and miles. It's awesome. The campout was interesting. I found some really really rude girls there. There were two girls in particular in whom I tried the whole get to know you thing, one answered a question or two then got up and left before answering the rest and sat next to someone else, the other girl when I asked her what she did she said, "I'm in the FBI so I can't talk about my past." She then turned away and started talking to the guy next to her. I left at 6 am and had a really peaceful drive down. If you haven't been up that canyon go soon, it's awesome.

Saturday, June 02, 2007


There have been a lot of things I've meant to write about like what i learned from teaching, and my fun going camping, but I've actually been taking somewhat of a break from being on the computer as my job required me to be on it and now that I'm not required I'm still in my I have freedom I want to do everything fun mode.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Yes I got injured, again.

For those that have not yet heard I shall now tell the story of how I got injured yet again. So I was at the mall and I was walking up the escalator (a practice which I had already vowed not to do but for some reason I was doing it) and my sandal didn't make it all the way up over a step so it hit the step thus making my big right toe get punctured by the escalator spikes. Now I have a big gash on my toe and lots of dead skin. It hurts to walk. Bah. Stupid escalators, now I never will walk on them again.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Update on my Ribs

Well my ribs haven't gotten better like I had hoped, so I'm going to see the doctor, unfortunately I can't go until my job is over as it takes up the whole day, so I have until a week from today, Wednesday the 30th, which will be the earliest I can go to the doctor. Ugh. I hate having things to wait for because it makes the days longer.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Good writers needed everywhere

Thanks by the way for all the well wishes, my ribs are feeling better though I still can't sleep on my left side.

So Tuesday and Wednesday were both interesting days for me. Both of which I had three invites to possible things to go to, all at the same time. So tuesday, I was trying to decide what to go to, three possiblities, all of which I wanted to go to about equal, so which did I choose? Well I decided to take a nap at about 6 pm, I set my alarm for 7 pm at which point I'd decide. Nope, slept through my alarm and didn't wake up until 6 am the next morning. Whoops.

So Wednesday, again, three things I got invited to, three things I wanted to go to, this time I did make a desicion and it was to go the open mic night at the Tower Theater in Salt Lake, it was a bunch of film makers showing off their stuff for the open mic. What I learned was that there are a couple of talented film makers in this area, all of whom could really use a good writer. I also learned there are a lot of really bad film makers, all of whom could use a good writer. And there are a lot of pretentious film makers, all of whom could use a good writer. There was one especially bad film which all my friends think is something they made 20 years ago and decided to show it at this thing, but I still think it was 3 pretentious indie girls who decided they wanted to say something. Even though you couldn't hear a word they said. So lesson learned, if you're going to be a film maker, please, get a good writer.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ow, my rib.

This past weekend my friends and I got together for an experimental 48 hour film shoot. For having 11-12 people of all differing opinions I think the experiment went pretty well. We ended up doing a little mocumentary on a group that gets together for an annual red rover day. It was pretty well done and I liked being a part of it, I had planned on participating in all aspects of the shoot, but something came up. So during the filming I was going to do a prat fall and go to the ground and clutch my shoulder in pain. Well the fall wasn't real, but as they were filming me clutching my shoulder it actually was in pain. I thought to myself as I was rolling on the ground how cool it was because during this part of the filming, I really wasn't acting cause I really was in a lot of pain, it almost made me laugh right then and there except for the fact that I was supposed to look like I was in pain. After we finished filming we all went out to eat and there was still plans on doing other things but by that time I was still in a lot of pain and really just needed to go home and rest, so I went home and let everyone else pick up my slack. Turns out though that it wasn't my shoulder that was hurting, I had bruised one of my ribs. I could tell that was what it was when I tried to lie down. Since then I think my rib has been healing, it's not hurt badly enough to do anything about, it's like a sprain, but in the rib area. It's been getting better each day but it still smarts when I cough or lie down. Luckily I usually sleep on my right side and it's on the left so I'm good in that area. Once it's online I'll post where it is and you can check it out.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's Official, I'm a Weaver

I now proclaim it forth to the high heavens, I've become a weaver. For those who don't right out know what I mean, it is one whom doth weave in and out of traffic. I used to not like weavers but I now see why they exist as I have become one, but why have I become one? Well I'm now commuting every day from Orem to South Jordan and back, and I have a fast car, that being a cop car. So to get to work on time if I leave at 6:50, I have to go about 80 mph the whole way there. I have to leave at 6:40 or earlier if I plan on going 65 mph. But being as how I don't like not having sleep, I go for the 6:50 option. Now here's what drove me (Bwa ha ha) to become a weaver. Now those that know me, know that I am a safe driver, so even as a weaver, I try and weave safely, that is not to cause others to be inconvenienced by my weaving. But what made me this way is how so many people feel it is their right to stay in the left lane. I feel the left lane is there for our passing benefit, but yet so many people feel it is their right to drive 65 in the left lane and not move. One morning I got so aggravated by this that I counted how many people i passed on the right because of there not being any people in the middle lane and yet having lots in the left lane, that morning I counted 33 cars. 33! I passed 33 cars by going into the middle lane and passing them while they were in the passing lane. The other thing people tend to do, is I will pass them and they'll have a lot of room in front of them, but the second I put on my blinker, they close the gap, it's an outrage to have someone pass you like that. Thus the need to take the gap when I have it and not wait for them to be nice enough to let me in, because they're not nice enough. On my commutes I spend most of my time in the far right lane as it's the least populated of the lanes, the left being the most populated, often times I can go miles just staying in the two right lanes as the left lane is completely bumper to bumper, unfortunatly for me, though I believe them to be the best types of drivers, there are still those law abiding citizens who drive slow in those two lanes, so thus I have to sneak my way into the left lane, I dare not make the law abiders life misery, only unto the left lane folks, those who will not move. Did you know a law has recently been passed stating if a car speeds up and is faster then you then you must move over to let them pass, how nice it would be if people followed such a law. The few occasions I get those who drive faster then me, I do my duty to let them pass me.

I've never had to deal with this kind of traffic on a day to day basis before, and I can see how people get road rage, luckily I enjoy driving so much that I don't get road rage. :) So now you know, the rest of the story.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Morning Routine

There have been som morning routine stuff going around the blogosphere as of late, some people being proud of their 17 minutes and out the door, some of their full 2 hour morning stuff. Well whenever I have to work and wake up in the morning, if it was work or school or whatever I've always had everyone I know beat. My usual time is about 10 minutes or less. In high school I would wake up at 7:15, and by the time school started at 7:35, I had showered, had breakfast, gotten ready and been on time to class at about a 5 minute drive away.

Take this morning for instance.

6:10 Woke Up
6:11 Shower
6:15 Out of shower, realized it was 6:15, went back to bed.
6:40 Woke Up
6:41 Get Dressed and ready to go
6:45 Out the door.

So on a usual day when I don't accidently wake up early I wake up at 6:30 and am usually out the door between 6:40 and 6:45. As I've said before I multitask like crazy, and I'm especially good at it when it's the morning and I'm grumpy.

Beat That Suckas.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Oh How Tired.... and What Relief.

Last night there was a concert I had planned on going to, it was DJ Shadow and The Lifesavas. I'd never actually heard stuff by The Lifesavas but I know DJ Shadow quite well. Well when I woke up yesterday morning I was wicked tired. When I arrived at school, we couldn't enter my room as they were uploading Vegas onto the computers, so I had to take my class to some other room, I kept falling asleep during class, even when standing, I was that tired. Well we were supposed to have the class back by second period but things hadn't gone right and so he needed more time, so I took my class to the library where I kept falling asleep for a couple seconds but couldn't actually stay asleep for longer then a couple seconds, now usually when I'm this tired I sleep on the futon in my room during 3rd period and lunch, but they were still doing stuff on the computers so I couldn't sleep on the futon. I went out to town and was able to find a Wii which my brother had wanted for his birthday back in February, and I picked up the new Lifesavas cd to check it out. When I got back they had finally finished doing everything but I only had 20 minutes left before 4th and I couldn't sleep. So I had 4th which I was able to stay awake through and then head home. I had planned on taking a nap when I got home but halfway home my battery light went on in the car, this had happened earlier in the week but after turning off the car and turning it back on it went away, this time it didn't. So I called my dad and explained to him what happened and how each time it happened the Volts went down slightly. He told me it was okay to drive the car out to the auto garage we go to. He said to meet there at 5:00. I got home at 4 and didn't have enough time to nap so I played with the Wii and then went and switched cars at 5. The good thing about having this car is that it runs on natural gas ($1.20 per gallon!) and because it's a clean fuel car I can drive by myself in the car pool lane! Well I got home at about 6 and watched some tv with my roommate until at 7 I was too tired to stay awake. I finally fell asleep at about 7 and ended up sleeping all through the night until I had to wake up this morning at 6:15. I almost got 12 hours of sleep last night. Obviously I missed the concert but I doubt I could have stayed awake during it. Oh man, I feel good this morning. I predict today to be a good day, and not just because of that but also because of what I'm doing tonight. :D I'll mention what it is later.

I also wanted to mention that there is a kid at this school that I sometimes pass in the hall that looks exactly like one of the Geeks from the TV show "Freaks and Geeks". But I can't find a picture of him anywhere as I don't remember his name on the show or his actual name. But for those that have seen the show, you remember the Halloween episode? He's the one who has an arrow through his head. Not one of the main Geeks but the supporting one. This kid looks EXACTLY like him. I seriously thought it was him for a couple of seconds. It's uncanny.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Night of the Living Marrieds

My high school buddies are where I tend to look when it comes to singledom. I always expected college friends to go off and get married, but luckily I still had the high school buds to go to when I needed the singledom. So when most of my friends from freshman year got married I wasn't surprised, then the people I was good friends with from my recent ward and the summer ward, again not as surprised. But then it goes back to the high school buddies. I'd say on a good day we can get a group together of about 10-12 of us and sure like all groups we have little off shoots, and even someone getting married but it's never felt like the majority until recently. WiL was the first one married and gone. He left for Indiana. Then went Gary and then Steve. Both of them were ones I just sort of expected. But now this summer we've got three couples going into the married life. Which as far as the Provo contingent leaves just me and one other guy. Now you might say they're not dead in married life, but so far each of my friends minus Patrick have dissappeared when in relationships, they're hangout ability score has dropped a good 40 to 50%. Which I'm certain will drop when actually married as has been the case with the other married people. Then there's the factor of one possibly two of them moving out of state. I've always been on seacrhes for new friends in part because I just like having lots of friends but also as a precaution for something like this.

So though it's exciting having friends get married, it's also sad in a way losing friends to marriage. Good luck all you crazy people.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Funds Renewed

Well crisis averted, not the way I had hoped though as I still have not been paid. But hopefully I will today or tomorrow. Luckily the bank processed in bank things first and so I was not penalized for this stuff, though I did notice on my bank statement that a recent purchase disappeared and is gone, which means it'll be back when I least expect it like this last one. I'm confused why they let them dissappear like that. If only money weren't so important, le sigh.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


It's not a mystery that in the overall scheme of things, I'm not good with money. But it's when I get screwed that I really get ticked off. I'm close to getting screwed right now and all I can do is wait and hope I don't. On my mission I learned how to live without money, and I can do it quite easily now, I know how to go weeks without spending a dime. In some areas of my mission such as Machias, it was a very small place in terms of everything except geography. Only two yellow blinking lights in the whole area, 4800 square miles. No stoplights. Branch of 20 people, well because of this we had about 2-3 meals a week from outside sources. Other then that we had to pay for ourselves and we got an allowance of 128 dollars a month. Well when there's only one grocery store for 60 miles they can charge 5 dollars for a gallon of milk and you have to buy it cause you aren't going to drive 120 miles just to get a gallon of milk for half that price. Anyways, point of that is, I would usually be out of money after the first two shopping days. So I got really good at not spending money.

This ability has carried over to now, however on the other side of things, when I have money I tend to spend it. Now here's where my current troubles come up. I've overdrafted on my debit card about a month ago, apparently I had gone to the gas station and had gotten some gas so I could go to work. Well one gas statement hadn't gone through for about 2 weeks and decided on that day to go through, so I was over 1 dollar and they stamped on a 40 dollar overdraft fee. So now as for today, I'm getting screwed again, I'm supposed to be paid about somewhere around 500 dollars today for my job, if not more then that. But when I checked my account last night at about 12:30, I had a balance of 30 dollars in there. I didn't have enough gas to get to work this morning and I looked through my expenses and I didn't have anything pending, well this morning I put 12 dollars of gas into my car, thinking I'd still be fine, and knowing that I was getting paid today, well as I check my account, what do I see, I am over one dollar and 48 cents, because something that hadn't appeared until last night at about 2 am which I got nearly 3 weeks ago, took my available balance to 10.50, and when I put in 12.00 I am now over 1.48. I have three dollars in my wallet and can easily go over and give them the money and I'll be fine, however I don't go on break until 10:40. So I have to hope they process my 500 dollars before they process the negative dollar or else I'll get another 40 dollar fee and likely get my account revoked. So to say I'm panicing and literally can't do anything for the next couple hours is an understatement, please oh please banks, I know you love to screw me over, but please don't do it this time.