Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Early Bird Gets The Worm

So this week due to my last week falling asleep much too late, I had a drastic schedule change (which I do often) and am now waking up early. I mean really early. The past couple of nights I've fallen asleep around 9 pm and woken up around 5 am. Now my biggest problem with this is, I have nothing until 2 pm. Nothing. This whole "The Early Bird Gets The Worm" thing. I don't really understand it. I don't know what to do with my time in the mornings. At least when I have a late schedule I know what to do, wake up, go to class, have fun with friends, come home, do homework go to sleep. But with waking up so early, it becomes do homework, finish homework, do stuff on the internet, wonder, ponder, think, look on the internet again, read something, think, look at the clock, go look for something to do, can't find anything to do, just an hour more before class, get ready, go to class, come home want to play with friends but really blasted tired, fall asleep. Not working out for me. I've thought about getting a gym pass, but that only gets rid of two hours in the morning. What I want to do is substitute the friends part in the morning. At least when Freda was around I knew I could go have fun with her in the mornings, but who else is up and willing to do fun things in the mornings? If you're there, let me know, I wanna go have some fun, and it's 7:30 am. Augh. I would go Yard Saleing, however being as how it's conference weekend, I doubt there will be many yard sales out. But, if it does end up getting too boring, I may end up trying anyways.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

This Morning

As an addition to my homeworkin' yesterday, this is what I did this morning.

I read a couple of chapters in my radio book.


I read a couple of chapters in my 3D animation book


playing a poker tournament and winning 7 bucks.

So I made 7 dollars while doing my homework. :)

That's 27 bucks this week.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


So today was my do a lot of homework day. Guess what I had to do for homework.

1. Read about 10 chapters in the 3D studio max book on how to make 3D graphics

2. Read about 5 chapters on the history of Radio and how Radio works.

3. Watch the movie "Paths of Glory" by Stanley Kubrick

4. Create an old time radio show and put it together

5. Go out to the mountains and take a whole bunch of cool landscape shots. (I found some really surprisingly vibrant colors in the mountains that I didn't expect to find since this is Utah and there isn't supposed to be that kind of color.)

Yeah, that's what I did today. I sure do love my classes, for me to watch a cool movie, make a radio show and drive up into the mountains all in one day, that's pretty sweet.

I didn't have enough time today to go exactly where I wanted to go in the mountains, I wanted to go up Hobble Creek Canyon, but didn't have that kind of time. Maybe later this weekend when I have less other homework to do. :)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006



The thing about apples is I like them, in fact I really like them. I just never end up eating them. You would think that if I liked apples then I'd eat them, but it isn't that simple. The biggest problem is that apples don't have legs. If apples had legs, then they could walk right up to my apartment, knock on my door and there would be a good apple, ready to eat. No, I have to go out and buy one. Now I'm not entirely apposed to buying apples, it's just that I have to take time out of my day to go and buy these apples. Then in that time my life is dedicated to going out and buying apples, and my whole day becomes screwy. When I want a delicious apple, I tend to forget that I need to eat other things, like Vegatables, and grains and drink water. That's the trouble, I love all that other stuff, the other stuff makes my life very good. The problem that occurs most of all however, is that I'll get to the store, find an apple that is quite good and find that it's not for sale, or it's rotten from the inside, or it's not for sale, or a friend has thrown it around before I got there and I can't eat it cause it's all germy. Because of all these factors I have never and probably will never eat a good ripe apple.

I'm never myself when around apples.

Now don't get me started on the stems...

Monday, September 25, 2006

BAM cont.

So you can only see it if you log in....

1 Thirdmango Real $20.00
2 philzuk30 Real $15.00
3 dusted_pdx Real $10.00
4 HarvellRico1 Real $7.00
5 Daydragon Real $7.00
6 RAGE RULES Real $5.00
7 llbcolo Real $5.00
8 Monettes Real $3.00
9 dirtbags99 Real $3.00
10 Ringo570 Real $3.00

The tournament was free to enter, it started with 1000 people and only the top ten get paid real money. I got first, 20 bucks for me, and all the while I did the following -- Had a conversation with my roommates, did homework, wrote a music review, and played Kingdom of Loathing, all the while winning 20 bucks. I'm pretty pleased with myself. So now I'm gonna go buy something with that 20 bucks. Woo!

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Click here to find out why I'm very happy tonight.

I think I can retire.

I'm gonna buy me a new cd monday morning! None of it will go to betting, all of it will go to a new cd, which one should I get?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

List Time

I've been thinking lately and I thought about doing a list.

Things I want to do at some point in my life in no particular order.

I want to...

Follow any one golfer on a PGA tour event.

Finish a novel

Make an album

Play in 3 World Series of Poker events including the Main Event

Buy my own bowling ball with bag and have them custom fit to my fingers

Join a bowling league

Get golfing lessons

Paticipate in one golf tournament

Play at a frisbee golf course

Attend a Conan O'Brien taping

Go to all 50 states (Only 13 left)

Go to New Zealand

Attended a Mars Volta concert

throw the first pitch at a Boston Red Sox Game

Go to the Super Bowl

Go to Wrestlemania

Spend the night at a bus stop

Make a webcomic

Go to Bonaroo

Go to an anime, star trek, science fiction and comic book convention

Get a picture of myself in front of each of the 50 states signs

Meet William Shatner

Go to the academy awards

Watch Avenue Q on broadway

Go to an X Games

Play Polo

That's all for now, thoughts?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Regular

I really like being a regular. You know when you go into a deli and the guy behind the desk sees you and says, "Hey, you want your usual?" That is one of the most beautiful lines in the english launguage for me. Not the fact that I go to the place all too often, but that the guy behind the desk whom I don't know has taken the time to remember what my favorite sandwich is. The most recent time that happened was when I was having an IHOP addiction, I came in one day and the guy whom had served me before said, "Hey, you want your usual?" I replied in the affirmative and he indeed did bring out my philly cheese steak with mashed potatoes minus the pickle spear and a dr. pepper. I was impressed. In the same way, I want to be able to get to know the person behind the counter, so that I can come in say, "Hey Jimmy!" "Hey Mr. F, you want your usual?" "You know it Jimmy."

There's a deli in Haverhill Massachusets that I got to this point, it was a really good deli and I knew the guy behind the ocunter from coming in, plus he was running for some sort of political office, so he was extra friendly.

Anyways, I don't really know why I thought about writing about this, I just thought I would, and I really thought I had more... Guess not.

Lazy Day Saturdays

The one problem with having three day weekends is you've got all your homework done by friday night, so then saturday comes around, and everyone you know is either at work or doing homework. Sometimes I'm a little over anxious to do things, it drives me crazy when I am. I'm really good with patience but when you've been patient for a long period of time you tend to get anxious. I'm feeling very anxious today which is why just being able to have a lazy day isn't very appealing to me right now. Hopefully I'll be able to find something fun to do, cause being inside is going to kill me.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rafting at UVSC

Yesterday Morning I was helping out the UVSC radio station club by being out for their booth, during the club week what not. For those that don't know much about the layout of UVSC, the entire campus is interlocked. You can get from one class to another all while staying inside, sometimes it may not be the fastest way but it is pretty cool. Well in the middle of campus is an open area that is a courtyard with a cool pool of water. Well the outdoors club had an inflatable raft out there. You can see me barely, I'm in the grey, I have samurai hair. My radio teacher is in the back. We're rafting around.

So here we are closer to the end of our trip and we're teetering. I'm a little bit of a big fella, not overly big, due to how tall I am, being 6 foot four. As a side note I've been dieting over the past couple months, about 20-30 more pounds and I'll be to my ideal weight, I give myself about 6 months and it'll happen. Yay. You can't really see the bun in my hair, but it is there, when I comb that bad boy out it gets humongous. But back to the story, we started teetering and losing out balance until...

Just One More Post...

Until picture time, can you feel the excitement?

So I've decided I'd like to start emailing. E-Mail has always been something that just sort of alluded me, I've been able to excel in all other forms of the internet and yet the only emails I ever get are from websites updating me on things, I don't actually get true emails from people any more. It pretty much stopped right after the mission because I wasn't on a mission any more. Once I got home I found that I could communicate with people without using email and thus it wasn't needed. However, now that I'm taking a bunch of courses and all but one use computers the whole time, I'm online a lot more, also since most of my homework is computer related, I'm online more often too, and it's not a depressing thing or anything like that as I find I still have time to visit friends and talk on the phone and all those funky things, I just want an email or two, especially since I find that apparently everyone else gets at least two a day. Wow, what a crazy world. So I figure since I'm getting so into this whole computer thing, I should start emailing. So tell me how you are, send me an email at and I'll be sure to reply and then everything will be right in the world.

On a side note, for some reason I always liked those 50 question questionare emails, I don't know why but I like them.

Anywho, I'm off to class, then I'm going to watch the Protector tonight and then there's a Firefly tournament going on at my place tomorrow night, if you haven't seen Firefly, you should, everyone is invited that wants to come, just let me know.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Tinkered at the links section, made it a little up to date, though not done yet. Also have a cool adventure in picture form coming sometime in the next couple days.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I've been really enjoying life as of late. I haven't had a major bout of depression in over 18 months and most everything right now is going really great. Of course, I still want to have a girlfriend, but besides the whole love life thing my life is at the best it's been in years. Classes are just about the best thing right now, Radio is one of the coolest classes, even 3d modeling which is just about one of the hardest classes I've ever taken is awesome just because I'm enjoying the whole program. My writers block of forever is gone, I'm writing about 3 different novels including screenplays as well. They're not quite to where I want them obviously, but just to be able to get the ideas down on paper is awesome. I've been writing music which is awesome, I've been editing movies, I've just been really enjoying life and there have been very few things that have pissed me off, and when they do, I just ignore them and don't go near it. I'm really liking where music in general is at the moment, and overall I'm just finding that there actually is a chance at my graduating and moving to one of the coasts at some point. I really want to live on either the west or east coast near the northern edge. I'm just overall enjoying life right now and I'm finding that I don't think life sucks, cause it doesn't. You know how awesome it is when you're no longer at that point where "life sucks"?

You know what's been the two main things in helping me to this point?

Firstly it's the getting rid of guilt as a motivation. Guilt sucks as a motivation, you feel guilty for doing or not doing something so then you do it better or some such what not, that just sucks. To be able to change my motivation so that I do it because I want to, and if I don't succeed, I don't worry about it, it's not the end of the world.

Secondly is being able to enjoy and not feel bad about doing nothing. Oh man, this one was big, once I could enjoy and not feel bad about doing nothing I was a made man. Sometimes you're just tired of everything and you want to spend an entire day playing some stupid video game and not caring about anything and I just feel so refreshed! And I don't beat myself up because I didn't accomplish anything cause that's just silly, that just makes you need to accomplish and you get into a vicious cycle. Being able to get rid of those bad motivations and being able to control how I feel about things has been an amazing change in my life and has just made everything much more fun. I actually enjoy school because it's not that I need to accomplish things, I just want to, and since it doesn't become a need it doesn't become a stressful thing. And for me stress always seems to be associated with bad.

I'm really enjoying amatuer work, I'm finding that getting into the basics and the raw vessels that people produce, and finding the good in them, makes everything else I read seem more magical. Wow. Things are just sweet.

Now mind you, I'm not without my problems, there are a lot of things currently which if I let them could really get me down, and sure they're still weighty and bogging me down, but really screw that crap. I'll deal with it and not let it bother me, it makes things so much nicer.

Now sometimes it sucks when dealing with actual people, since there are some that are just non stop gloomy, and sure maybe I might make them gloomy with how I act, but you know, maybe I'm just a little selfish or maybe I'm a lot selfish, I don't know. Right now, I'm doing things for me. I'm doing things for others as well, but right now, it's mainly about me. Before, I made it about other people, and what happened? I focused too much on others and failed all my classes and was never happy. So at the moment I feel I need to be selfish, so that I can succeed at something.

Anyways, that's about it. What do you think of those motivations, do you find being selfish no matter what is wrong? I'm interested in hearing your thoughts. Anywho, if you need some optimism, I can give you some. And in exchange you can get me a girlfriend. :)

Monday, September 11, 2006

What things you learn about while being in class

While in class today the teacher talked about This.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Are You Completely Insane?

So today in my 3D modeling and animation class (which I'm actually getting to the point where I can do things) this guys sat next to me and started talking about the weirdest things, apparently he had it from a very reliable source that since macs could now start running the windows operating system, that macs no longer needed to make their own operating system and would just stop doing so and make all macs use the windows operating system. There were about four of us sitting there trying to register what he just said until each of us said in our own way, "That doesn't make any sense at all." That's like saying "Well now that our company can just buy this kind of bread, we have no need to sell our own any more, let's just stop making money." This guy however was insistant that he was right, he in the next couple days plans to look it up and find the source so that we can all see how right he is...

Find Your Spot Part Deux

In Honor of Everyone else doing it, and due to the fact that maybe I've changed a little over the past year and a half I decided to take the test again. First what I scored a year and a half ago.

1. Knoxville, Tennesse 687,300
2. Seattle, Washington 3,555,000
3. Cincinnati, Ohio 1,650,000
4. Norfolk, Virginia 1,551,000
5. Carlisle, Pennsylvania 615,000
6. Greenville, South Carolina 56,000
7. Charlotte, North Carolina 1,335,000
8. Charleston, South Carolina 549,000
9. Chattanooga, Tennessee 155,000
10. Long Island, New York 2,780,000
11. Richmond, Virginia 966,500
12. Hickory, North Carolina 342,000
13. Olympia, Washington 207,300
14. Nashville, Tennessee 545,500
15. Kent, Washington 80,000
16. Asheville, North Carolina 70,000
17. Jacksonville, Florida 778,000
18. Johnson City-Kingsport, Tennesse 100,000
19. Tacoma, Washington 194,000
20. Louisville, Kentucky 801,000
21. Chesapeake-Virginia Beach, Virginia 624,000
22. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 507,000
23. Clarksville, Tennessee 104,000
24. St. Louis, Missouri 2,600,000

Now My list today, it didn't let me do the same format. In paraenthesis is what number it was before if it appears again.

1. Long Island, New York (10)
2. Seattle, Washington (2)
3. Eugene, Oregon
4. Olympia, Washington (13)
5. Corvallis, Oregon
6. Providence, Rhode Island
7. Tacoma, Washington (19)
8. New Haven, Connecticut
9. Kent, Washington (15)
10. Danbury, Connecticut
11. Portland, Oregon
12. New York City, New York
13. Bellingham, Washington
14. Carlisle, Pennsylvania (5)
15. Boston, Massachusetts
16. Salem, Oregon
17. Manchester, New Hampshire
18. Nashua, New Hampshire
19. Worcester, Massachusetts
20. Portland, Maine
21. Medford, Oregon
22. Cape Cod, Massachusetts
23. Hartford, Connecticut
24. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

I think this time it may be more accurate, last time I had five from Tennesee this time, none. This time I also had cities that I really want to live in such as Boston and Seattle. And cities I love such as Portland Maine and Manchester NH. I also think if Sara still reads this, that she'll be very happy with my number 21.

Monday, September 04, 2006

I'm a wikipedia editor...

I've been neglecting this blog as most of my writing has gone towards my music blog. But i did want to saythat I made my first contribution to wikipedia today. When reviewing Panic! At The Disco's cd, I went to the actual cd site and noticed that the words as and synthesizers were without a space so it said "assynthesizers", so I put in a space and saved it in, so go and check it out, that was me! Woo!

I've been meaning to write a story here about something that happened to me this week, I probably will write about it sometime this week, hopefully, otherwise you'll just have to wonder forever, so sad.