Monday, July 31, 2006


I had quite the week this week. I saw three movies, which I'll start on now.

Brick - Very intriguing movie. It looks like the real world but it's definatly a made up world. If you want to see a movie that will make you think during the movie then go see this one. The most interesting thing about this movie is how tame it is, there is no swearing, no sex, very little violence but it's a dark movie. It's R rated and I think it should be, because it really doesn't feel like it could pass for PG-13, but if you went based solely on the subjects it would be PG-13. For once I think the MPAA made a very good call on this movie. For that alone if nothing else you should see this movie. If you're fine with R rated movies of course.

A Scanner Darkly - I really didn't like this movie. The animation was really cool, but if you have low blood pressure, be careful as it may make you dizzy as it did me. There were so many scenes which really didn't have any barring on the story and though you could tell what was going on, it didn't really have a point. The part that really just made me feel weird was the fact that the nudity in the movie seemed like the only reason why it was in there was so that the animators could animate breasts. There was really no need for it. Overall very low, and not recommended.

Wordplay - Wow! A documentary about Crossword puzzles which really draws you in and really entertains you. I'm amazed at how good this was. They start off giving you information, but not too much, a good amount, then they give you a story and it really gets into it. I've had a lot of looks from people when I say this is highly recommended but believe me, you will not be dissappointed by this movie. If you've ever enjoyed a crossword puzzle you'll like this movie. Go see it! I have nothing bad to say about this movie.


I went up to Salt Lake City almost every day this week. I drove so much it was crazy. Also we had a good edition of "The Magical Science Club" our weekly writing group. This was my first time not bringing something but as I've spent so much time away from my computer (including work computer as I missed a couple days this week). I'm up to 6 chapters in my book and I'm really happy with it. I went and saw Ween in concert this week, it was really quite good.


I was teaching Gospel Doctrine today and there was this one guy who kept making comments and I was trying to place why I knew him for the longest time and then half way into teaching I suddenly had it, he looked exactly like "Arnie, The Strongest Man in the World" from the show "The Adventures of Pete and Pete".


I got a co-worker for the graveyard shift, cause they wanted someone who could do fiche all night. So it's weird having a second person. It's not too bad though. It's a little more cramped in here.


I was hoping to say something interesting, but couldn't think of anything.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mango Svithe

For those that know not what a Svithe is, I would recommend going here Thmazing's Blog. It's basically meaning a religious whatnot, so if you don't like them religious stuffs turn back now. I had been planning on writing one of these for a while but now I actually have a reason. So first off, in case you don't know I'm my singles ward's Gospel Doctrine Teacher. It feels really weird, because my last ward, there's no way they'd ever trust me enough to be in that kind of position, but this ward is a lot different. I fully expected when I went in for the interview for them to say something about my hair, but to my shock they asked me to be the Gospel Doctrine Teacher. This along with this other girl in the ward.

So onto my lesson, I started it off with something constant but through in a twist. I asked if anyone had read, one hand rose and I said, "Good, I was hoping none of you read so this will be as new to you as it was to me."

What we talked about was the Prophet Elijah in the new Testaments, specifically 1 Kings 17-18. The first story was about Elijah coming to the woman who was ready to die, the thoughts that came out of that one were how when you're in trouble in some way someone will come around and will be able to save you, you just have to be willing to become friends with them or what not. You never know who has gone through the same thing you have and can help. Also that even when prayers are answered it doesn't mean it's time to relax because you'll never know what could come up.

But overall I really liked the story in chapter 18. Elijah basically calls out Ahab and says "Your church is false. So bring all your priests to the mountain." So they do and Elijah gets up in verse 20 and basically says to all of the masses there, "Either choose Baal as God, or The Lord as God, stop sitting on the fence and make a decision." The people just sorta looked at him so they had a competition, he told the priests to build and alter and he would too, and they would call upon each God and whichever one was God would light a fire. So the 450 priests all got up and cut their bodies and tried to call upon their God, and could not. Then Elijah got up and called upon God and long story short God lit the fire. Pretty cool sign there. The interesting thing that was brought up though is we got into a discussion of how testimonies sometimes come through big signs but to keep them the small things need to happen. In Kings 19 Elijah is reminded of the still small voice, we couldn't get that far though which is too bad.

Anyways, I gotta go now so more to come later maybe. I do have the entire ward for the next three weeks. :)


I know nobody cares, but I won 5th place in an Omaha (Poker) Tournament out of 2000 people and won 7 bucks.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Sleeping is Overrated

I've found that I've never ever been able to sleep normally. I just can't sleep like normal people. My problems with sleeping come in wide varieties and they are always looked upon by others with shock and awe. I remember people in high school telling me they usually got about four hours of sleep a night. I have never been able to do that. When I wake up after four hours my body does this weird thing where it takes control of my mind and tells the Brain, "I am still tired, and I will go back to sleep, and if you don't agree with me, well you can just deal with it, cause I'm in control of this ship and there's nothing you can do about it." So back to sleep I go, even if there's some place I need to be. See my problem is I always get too much sleep. Now when I tell people this they wish they could do what I do, but to that I reply "NO! You do not! Believe me, it's not awesome!" My freshman year of college I averaged about 15-17 hours of sleep a night. My body will literally go into a comatose (comatoast? (Yes!)) state. Unless I have an alarm to wake me, and sometimes even then I'll stay asleep for that long. My longest time without being sick was 22 hours. Now maybe if it was a problem where I overslept and got 10 hours, then it would be fine, but this is 3/4ths of a day.

Luckily though, I don't really have to deal with that as much any more. Now since I have so much to do, I will get about 8 hours of sleep except on occasion where I end up getting around 12, which was the case on saturday. Last night, I tried to get only 5 hours of sleep, because I wanted to wake up to go to Literary Society (Sorry guys, I just can't remember what the official title is), but I could not wake up and missed it to get my body's required 8 hours of sleep.

If this was not bad enough, I have incredibly vivid dreams, I can remember each of my dreams after waking from them. Even coming to the point where my dreams will wake my up and I'll be very disoriented. Now believe me when I say I have very weird dreams. They never make any sense, yet are incredibly vivid.

Now it really isn't all that bad and I do like complaining. But really I just wish we didn't have to do this sleep thing, I have too many things I want to do. And I hate missing events because I had to sleep.

In other news I'm teaching my ward's Gospel Doctrine class next week. So th. I know you've been waiting anxiously, but soon it may happen that I will do a Mango Svithe.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

As Some Of You Know

I've recently become a poker addict. It's true. I've always been a addict of most card games, those that know me well, know that at any moment I am completely game to play hearts. Spades and Rook are included in that as well. I just love card games. I also really like board games. The thing I really like about poker are tournaments. The thing being that it's not really a game about the cards but how you bet them and how you use the money to your advantage. Now I've been playing internet poker for about a month now, and when I posted about getting 84th place, that was pretty good. Ever since I haven't done as well and just sorta play for the fun of it. Well a couple of days ago which is the site I play on (Because it's the only one that is mac compatible) suddenly decided that for an entire month they would not allow people to play unless they have money in their account. I was a bit pissed, but thought, I do like these tournaments, and hey, it's like a sign up fee. So I did it, I put in the minimum amount which is ten bucks. Well that couldn't have come at a better time. Why? Well, today I was playing my best tournament, and that is pot limit Omaha. For those that aren't familiar with Pot Limit Omaha, it is slightly different from No Limit Hold Em. In No Limit games you can bet as much money as you want, doesn't matter. With Pot Limit, the maximum amount you can bet is how much is in the Pot. Hold Em gives you two cards and then there are five cards on the table. In Omaha, you are given 4 cards, BUT you can only use two of them and there are five cards on the table. It's easier to lose in Omaha and that's why I like it more then Hold Em. Well today I got 15th place. Which is pretty good for having only played a month or two. I won 3 bucks! Woo! With this three bucks I plan on spoiling myself by going to FYE and finding some dvd which through my discounts I can find for about 3 bucks and buy that. Then I can say poker bought me this dvd. It'll probably end up being the movie "One Night At McCool's" which is a decent movie and I think it would be a cool movie to own, and it is only 3 bucks there.

So I'm happy because I really just enjoy the whole game, I played for free, and got a couple bucks out of it.

Oh, and I did all of this while at work, I have the best job ever. It's funny too, because I would have to turn away from the game while I was actually working, which helped me out a lot too because I wouldn't play those hands and people would go out while I couldn't play.

But it was amazingly hard to get even that far, and I did get out with a really good hand that I thought I might win, but the cards wouldn't have it. Still I'm happy with my 15th place. I don't suspect I'll ever get 1st, but it's still a fun game to play. Now we'll have to see if I can do my homework when the semester comes, if not, I'll have to ban myself from poker altogether. Heh. We'll see.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


My pickiness has been called into question by one Rachel and she seems to think that she is pickier then I. So I will now classify how I am picky and we'll see how she or any of you others can dispute your ligitamacy in the pickiness war. So here we go.

1. I do not like anything sour.

If it's sour, I do not like it. Pickles are out, sour candy, anything containing vinegar. Now there are slight exceptions, Wendy's makes a good honey mustard that tastes more of honey then other honey mustards. I like that kind of honey mustard. Another thing that is sour are the berry family. I do not like raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries or cherries. I do like jams of each but not pies. Though I do like blueberry pie but that's because of my mission and being in the area that produces most of the blueberries in the world.

2. I do not like anything spicy.

This includes Hot foods. Now I don't mean hot as in cooked and it's warm out of the oven. No, I mean I don't like medium salsa because it's too strong for me. I can't handle spice, and yet people seem to love it, I just can't figure it out.

3. I do not like anything Tart and/or Tangy

This can go in the same catergory as sour, but some might see somethings in this catergory that they wouldn't in others.

4. I do not like anything bitter.

Some people seem to like to damage their taste buds with bitter foods. I just do not like them.

5. I do not like anything Italian.

Now this is a bit off because any time I say this someone asks, "well how about pizza?" And i have to say, yes, I do like american pizza, but I dislike Italian Pizza. Have you ever had true italian pizza? It's so very loaded with tomato. Basically I don't like anything with tomato in it, which is basically everything italian. I like that white sauce, so I'll eat stuff with that, as long as I have salt.

6. I do not like anything European.

I usually say this after Italian because people often think of Italian as it's own catergory, but I basically don't like any European foods. Name it I probably don't like it. Especially German. I very much dislike it because it's all about vinegar and really greasy meat.

7. I do not like breakfast foods.

Now this isn't as strong. I do like on occasion pancakes and/or waffles, but usually I can only have them once every three months. I don't like hash browns at all. I don't like sausage. I'm not a big fan of eggs.

8. Desserts

I have to be careful with this one because I do like a lot of desserts, but the following deserts I do not like. Any type of fruit pie (This includes apple and pumpkin). I do occasionally as I said before like blueberry pie. Cheesecake. I do not like cheesecake in any form. Carrot cake. No good. Most birthday cakes. Occasionally I like birthday cake. Tortes.

Now after all that there's gotta be something I do like. Well yes, I like most meats. I like most vegetables. I like most beans. And I love seafood. Now some would say because I like seafood I'm not picky because everyone hates seafood. Well, I still have a lot there I don't like. Basically if you give me anything Asian, I like it. Also Brazilian, that's not too spicy. And anything from the ocean or a lake. So there you have it.

Friday, July 07, 2006


Some have said that it is a disgraceful awful thing that I do not like most foods. However I actually like being a very picky eater. From what I can tell, everyone seems to like their own taste buds. After all, our own taste buds tell us when something is sweet, sour or any other miriad of flavors to choose from. Yet when we see that someone else doesn't like that thing which our tongue enjoys, we scoff at them for it is absurd that such a thing that could bring you such great joy would taste so awful to me. So, me being the same as everyone else, I enjoy my taste buds, because they tell me what I like and don't like and I can act accordingly. Now what is the one thing that my tongue likes more then anything else in the entire world?

Now what would you answer to this question? Most would say, cheesecake, or some sort of pasta. Most would say some sort of food. I however...

Salt. Oh glorious be the day that Salt was invented in the briny sea. I love salt more then I hate self rightousness. Salt can make almost any thing taste better. The only problem with salt for me however, is that it just does not taste good alone. If it did, I would consume salt by the truck loads. It's a good thing my tongue doesn't like truck loads of salt or I would be in trouble.

All of my favorite foods are my favorite foods because of salt. Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Chicken Salad, and onion soup to name a few, all made better with salt. Now of course there has to be a good mixture because too much salt can ruin a perfectly good meal, but my intake level is so much higher then most that your limit will be surpassed and I will be on the brink of perfection.

Now all of these points are well and good, but do you know what the greatest thing about salt is? The fact that I inherted my mother's low blood pressure. I have very low blood pressure, yet because of my love of salt, I have normal blood pressure. Amazing.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Weight Loss and HAM

So, in the past 3 months I have lost a total of 30 pounds. That's right, I'm losing weight, now I seem to end up losing about 30 pounds every summer and then in the winter I gain it back. I hope to be able to capitalize this time and keep it down. Now what do I attribute my weight loss this time to? Kirkland Brand immitation slim fast shakes! Costco has these great slim fast type shakes which I will admit now is actually quite filling. I don't feel like eating after having one which is a very odd sensation for me. They do taste alright and I actually do enjoy them from time to time. But that's the only thing I can think of that is keeping my weight down. Well plus the fact that of most people I know I can fluxuate weight much more then the average human. I'm just that cool I know. So the direct result is I find that these shorts I'm currently wearing are falling down a lot. No longer can I pull of the skater punk look as it's gone past being able to ride on the hips. Now it just falls. And that's no good.

In other news I am very very happy about Steve's idea to have a writing group. I've been really surprised to find how many of the guys in the group actually write stuff. But the thing I like the most about it is it gives me insentive to write my novel. And because of this, in the past two weeks I've written up to 15 pages and have 4 basic chapters down. I seem to find that the way I write is like a mixture of a novel and a screenplay. I don't like writing in screenplay format but the general feel almost feels like a screenplay. I've also found that I'm good at getting the general point across. I can see why most people say they go through a couple revisions. This first draft is definatly that, a draft. But so far I am pleased with how much I've been able to write and general consensus of how it's been recieved. I seem to be the only one writing this kind of story which does feel refreshing. I think it the best format my novel would eventually be found in would be a graphic novel or a comic book of sorts. But anyways, we'll see. I think I'll go ahead and post some of my story on here, or at another location which I will link to. Then I would hope that any of you who read this, might give some comments on it. But we'll get to that when it comes up.

And on a last note. I really love my job.