Thursday, June 29, 2006

Garfield is funny for once.

I love my new job. I'm currently at it by the way. It's sort of a cubicle job except it has a lot of free lag time and I'm the only one here so I can watch movies and play music as loud as I want. It's wonderful. It is a little stuffy in here and today since I have to do the FICHE I have to wear gloves. But that too is alright, because I won't be doing FICHE most of the time. FICHE is more hands on. It's actually just fiche, but imagine me saying FICHE really loud. Cause it's a fun word. FICHE is pronounced like Fish except with a rich frenchman's accent.

The garfield comic is from my good friend WiL. I now think edited garfield is funny. Expect to see more posts from me as I have a great place to write being this job.

Oh and for those in the know (Master Fob), I am a complete Quannum fanatic. Lyrics Born is my favorite of all of them as I now have all of his released stuff. You (MF) and I need to have a music trading party before you go into the unknown where we can celebrate all things Quannum. If The Master doesn't read this, then I may have to direct him this way.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Summer of Concerts

Here are the following concerts I want to go to this summer. If any of these interest any of you let me know. If no one comes with me I'll still probably go to each of these so it's no big deal.

This friday String Cheese Incident with Bob Weir and Ratdog is playing at Great Salt Air in SLC. I was already planning on going up earlier in the day to see the movie "Lady Vengance" so maybe I'll stay there and go to the concert. Though I didn't know about it until now I may not just cause it's not enough time to prepare. I have seen SCI twice and have really enjoyed them and would love to see them again as it has been a number of years. I haven't yet seen Ratdog or Weir.

Then the next friday 7/7/06 Blues Traveler is playing at the Suede in Park City which is a very good venue. I haven't yet seen Blues Traveler and I understand John Popper is absoultly phenomanol live.

4 days later 7/11/06 (Tuesday) Particle and Ozric Tentacles are playing at The Depot in SLC. Particle is a really good mix of electronics and jamming which really makes me want to see them live. I haven't ever heard of Ozric Tentacles but I love hearing new stuff.

Paul Oakenfold plays the next night (7/12/06) in SLC at In The Venue, I probably won't make it to this one unless others want to go. I'd really like to try out such a blatgant dance party atmosphere with such a dancy DJ. It would be a really interesting experience.

One Week later (7/19/06) Rusted Root goes to The Depot in SLC playing with Zox. This is another I would probably only go to if I went with friends. I enjoy Rusted Root but maybe not enough to see them in concert, plus I've never heard of Zox.

Edit: (7/22/06) Saturday. My friend Pat has expressed interest in heading down to Las Vegas to see Steely Dan. It's more likely I'll go to this one if I'm not driving. But still this one could get expensive and drop out a good number of the rest.

(7/24/06) The Monday after Rusted Root, we've got three very interesting bands that I've heard a lot of good about but haven't listened to too much of their music. Them being Panic at the Disco!, Dresden Dolls, and The Hush Sound. All playing at In The Venue in SLC. I may have to try borrowing a copy of Panic from Petra or Optimistic to see how they are and see if I want to try my luck at this one.

(7/27/06) This one is the thursday after and one of my absolute favorite bands of all time is coming to In The Venue in SLC, and which band is that? Ween. Oh man I love Ween. I've only seen them once before and though it was amazing they weren't able to play for long because production value of the festival was very low. I am definatly excited to see if I can make it out for this one, though I won't be able to have Joe with me for this one which is a sad day, and I would assume I won't be able to convince any of my other friends to go see them so I'm pretty sure this one I'll be going at it alone.

A very compelling concert is one on 8/6/06 which is a sunday night, and that is Herbie Hancock at the Red Butte Garden Amphitheater in SLC. I don't think I will make it to this one unless I can get friends to go, but it would be gauranteed to see such a renowned Jazz artist live to be an amazing experience. As one of my favorite Jazz artists I think this one would be really cool to see.

8/8/06 has Death Cab For Cutie coming to UVSC. I don't think I will make it to this one as I'm not a big fan of Death Cab though I really enjoy Postal Service. I might go if someone convinces me to go with them, so if you're looking for someone to go with you cause you do want to make it I would be willing to go at that point.

8/16/06! (Wednesday) This one is the first of my three gauranteed concerts of the summer. I will definatly go no matter what. It's going to be Mars Volta playing with Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Delta Center in SLC. Now most people will probably be going for RHCP however I am going mainly for Mars Volta, as one of my top five favorite bands I've discovered in the past year I can not wait to see these guys play. They are so incredibly inventive and play things you will not hear out of any other band. I'm sure RHCP will headline the show so I'll make sure to be there early for Mars Volta, and I'm sure RHCP will also put on a good show. I'm sure this one I'll be able to get the most people to say that want to go so let me know.

8/18/06! (Friday) The second of my three gauranteed concerts of the summer. Galactic will be playing at Harry O's in Park City. Galactic is officially my favorite band to see in concert and is also the band I've seen the most in concert as I'm currently at three times. Their best concert was the summer of 05 when they had a free concert in the middle of SLC. It was such a good concert that they begged the venue if they could play another half an hour. The first set wasn't all that great but it was enough to filter out enough people to keep the hardcore fans. Joe has already confirmed his desire to come to this one, so I have at least one with me. Which does remind me that i need to call Nick.

(reminder to self: Call Nick)

8/22/06 (Tuesday) Ben Harper and Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley at USANA in West Valley. This one would be a very fun one to go to, and I imagine I could get people to come with me. Though by this time I may become concerted out and not have as much money as I thought up to this point.

8/27/06 (Sunday) Wolf Parade at In The Venue in SLC. I just found out about Wolf Parade maybe 4 days ago and have liked what I've heard so far, so depending on the price and the time I have is whether I go to this one.

8/30/06 (Wednesday)) Dave Matthews Band with Robert Randolph and The Family Band. Being as how I've been a fan of DMB for a very long time this one would be a good concert to go to, also being as how i've heard good things about Rob as well. But being as how DMB is very well known I imagine this one to be just too expensive.

9/11/06 (Monday) The third of my three gauranteed concerts of the summer features Jurassic 5 and X-Clan at The Depot in SLC. It's been a long standing dream of mine to see J5 in concert and here's my chance to do so. I haven't heard of X-Clan but I'm sure I'll know more about them soon.

And that is it. Honorable mentions could also go to Warped Tour which is at some point and might be fun to go to, but the rest are a bit more pressing to go to. So as I've said before if anyone that reads this finds one of these that they would like to go to as well let me know.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I'm Free

I'm now free from the DA, there were some things I really liked and some things I really disliked. It was weird my last day, because one or two of the kids started getting the teary glazy eyes. I actually felt really bad that I was leaving them. I need to leave for my own sanity, but those kids are going insane in there. I just hope they'll be okay.

But now that I'm free I've had this weekend to relax and recouperate. It's been really nice. All i've basically done is played a lot of poker tournaments and watched movies and such. Very boring. I've also been buying things. I'm not too bad when it comes to money, just sorta bad. I am a pack rat after all. I made my 11th purchase on ebay. I'm up to 11 now. It was actually something I've wanted for a really good price, Season One of Star Trek the Next Generation. Wooo.

The main thing that is driving me crazy is the lack of socialness I've had to endure. Living so far away doesn't help at all for that. I just really like being around people. But now I can, with my new job. It'll just be really different.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Social Blasphemies of a year ago

(Note: I found this post as a draft about a year ago, It'd be nice to finish it but I think it's good as is. Enjoy.)

Hmmm, I find myself having some time to right something, so I think I shall. Let us speak of Blasphemy, and no not religious blasphemy, blasphemy in a social sense. For instance....

I do not like Cheesecake in any form.

What was the first word that came to your mind when you read that sentence? For most of you it was Blasphemy. Maybe because I already put it in your head, but you probably would have thought that anyways. Alrighty, here goes another, and I know of a bunch of people that will spurn me for this one.

I'm not a big fan of Sufjan Stevens.

I like some of his songs, but overall it's not an album I'm going to go back to a bunch. On my iTunes each song has been listened to at least 3 times, because I keep wanting to give it a chance. But I'm not finding it. It's a clever cd, but there are too many moments where I have to change the trackbecause it gets too annoying.

The Two Towers is one of the most boring movies I've ever seen.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


So it turns out these poker tournaments happen every two hours, and to actually win a prize you have to have four player points. How do you get player points? Well basically you have to have lost around the amount of an iPod to get four player points, then you can get 20 bucks if you get first. So I decided to keep playing anyways because I find it to be a lot of fun. I've played three more tournaments since that one. All of them have been out of 2000 people. The first I got somewhere around 1400, the second I got out within a couple minutes and got 1950 or so. Then this last time I got as far as 81. It's really fun when you can make it that high. It sucks when you're gone in the first half hour. It's also fun to watch your netflix shows while playing a tournament.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

184th place

I just did my first free online poker tournament. I finished in 184th place out of 1156 players. I went for 1 hour and 28 minutes. I was doing really well until I made a vital mistake and then I was out a hand or two later. I'm a little pissed at when I went out. I thought I could have been in it a lot longer. It was incredibly fun though. I don't like internet tournaments as much as playing in real life, mainly due to the fact that it's really really hard to bluff because you can't see what the other people are doing. I'm quite good at watching people and that's what I find the most fun out of the whole thing. I do like these free tournaments. First prize is twenty bucks! Wooo! Only people in the top ten get money. So obviously not that much, but it would have been cool to get further in. But I am somewhat proud of my first time. I'm of course still not going to put real money into it, cause look at me, I got 184th place. Not in the top ten. Even then I would probably only use the money I won. Get it up to 300 and then get a new iPod.

Oh well. In other news I got my new job which has better hours, better pay and a lot less stressful. I'm excited. It's with a microfilm company, basically I load the machines and make sure they don't fall apart and then I can do whatever I want. Internet access is there, so it'll be good. I'll probably bring in my computer when I have film stuff I need to do. It'll be grand. It's graveyard shift so it goes from midnight to 7 am, considering I'm posting this right before I go to bed at 6:30 am, I'll be fine. It's just the first week I'm concerned about since I gave my old job two weeks notice and they're going to hold me to it, so wednesday I have work from 3pm to 11pm then from midnight to 7 am. That'll only be wednesday, monday and the next wednesday then I'm done. Phew.

Monday, June 12, 2006


It is now paid for.

In just a few short days, you all will be able to bask in the glory that is "", for now it has a temporary home at where you will be able to do nothing but see a little representation that my friend John has made. John being the webmaster over "", where thirdmango will be done through. And it will be good.

So I have a connundrum. I'm currently working at Discovery Acadmey, that troubled teens boarding school that so runs my life. And as I have mentioned just a moment ago, it runs my life. I find myself only thinking about that place and how it has taken away my entire social life. I work MWF 3-11 pm. I've been desperatly trying and wanting a graveyard shift as all my problems would go away, I could do what I do now at night and get paid for it and my social life would come back from the depths. But I also have some openings coming up, I just had an interview for some place in Lindon to do their graveyard, which would be sweet, or I could move to the discovery ranch in Mapleton. The only reason I see for not leaving and I know this is really corny but I'm helpin' the kids out. I've already noticed it. It's pretty awesome. But it's come down to either the kids or me. Blast.

So yesterday at work, this kid named Eric, who had since I'd been there called me names, swore at me and hit me any time he saw me. Well I had to be in his dorm for like two hours while they cleaned up, he was especially frisky and wanted to fight. So he gave me one dead arm as I did nothing, then he went for the other arm, finally I got up, and turned to fight him. He got excited and told me to bring it. I went in with both my arms to grab him and he grabbed both my arms. So I stepped my leg in between his and moved forward, he tripped over my legs letting go of my left arm and so I swung my left arm around his neck and squeezed as I brought him to the ground. I asked him if we were done and he said yes. So I let go. Since then he was chipper and happy to see me. All I needed to do was beat him and then he'd show me respect. Man, this job is weird.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Four Items

In honor of June 6th, here are four items I'm not particularly fond of. Enjoy. (Though number 3, I do like the picture, so it's not like I don't enjoy it, but you know, and stuff.)

1. The Dentist. For those that don't know, I really don't like the dentist. I would go as far to say that I fear the dentist. As a kid I never had any good expereinces with Dentistry. I never have toothaches, even when I have big cavities, so when I go to the dentist, I go through a painful procedure and then I am hurting for a couple days afterward. So my mind says, when you go to the dentist you're in pain for a few days. Well, I finally did it, after 5 years of avoiding the dentist, I finally went in and did all the stuff. I had 7 small cavaties, and I've had them all filled, though the last one was one of those hidden ones where it was really a big one hiding under a small one, and I have to go in this week to get a crown. Oooh boy, I'm scared, but I'm gonna do it. Hoo boy.

2. Lemonade. So as I was late to the dentist the other day, I passed by two girls and their lemonade stand. It was a very rural neighborhood with no traffic and so they're going to get their money from people like me. Now I'm not a fan of lemonade. I don't like sour. But it was only 25 cents, and to make these girls day i could have just given them a quarter, taken the lemonade and dumped it when I drove far enough away. But I was late for the dentist and suddenly a memory came in my head and it was enough to get me to go. What was this memory? When I was around 4 or 5 I decided I wanted to have a lemonade stand. Well my dad explained to me, that there was no profit in lemonade stands, he gave me the figures and I wasn't going to make any money so I would just waste an afternoon. I decided it was too much work to try and get my dad to still let me do it. That was the only time I tried a lemonade stand, but the Man stopped my little job from happening.

3. 666. In honor of 666, here's a picture of Hitler, on a swing. This is done by my good friend Stephen Gashler.

4. Bumblebee. So I am quite scared of bees, being as how i am allergic and what not, but nothing can get me rilled up as much as I big bumblebee. Regular bees it takes a second to realize it's not just a fly, but bumblebees you know on the spot. Well as I was on my way to work I had my window open when suddenly a bumblebee flew in, hit the passenger side seat and it fell down and started walking around on my stuff. I was so scared, I immidiatly pulled to the side of the road, turned off the car and jumped out. I decided to wait for it to fly out. Well as I'm sitting there on the side of the road, a truck pulls over and the guy asks if I'm having car troubles, I explain the situation and he laughs and drivesd away, and still the bee hasn't left the car. Well suddenly I see it. The wings of the bumblebee have been broken by the impact to the seat, it can't fly out. At least I don't think it can, but something in my brain says, "You fool, it's still a bee, it's trying to trick you!" So because I need to get to work I decide to try and get it out somehow. I look and try to find a bag but can't find one, but I did have a Wendy's bag. So I grab the wendy's bag and try and get it to walk in, it won't have any of that. So then I got desperate. I jumped in the car, grabbed the bag and clenched the bag over the bee trying to kill it, I was so scared, that I threw the entire bag out of the window, turned on the car and drove out of there as fast as I could. Sure I littered, but I scared to much to realize I had. Wow. That was scary!