Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Soon to come, another edition of the past 8 cds i've bought.

I saw two really good movies today. I first saw the movie Millions about the british kid who finds alot of money. It was well worth seeing. I'd recommend it to anyone. I also saw X-Men 3 which is so far my favorite of the 3 x-men movies. Though I really didn't like two of the characters (Angel and Storm) all the other characters were awesome. I felt this one really defined itself as it's own story line and not just a movie based on comics. That's why i liked it a lot. It was cheesy at times, but then so are the comics. The biggest problem, and it's not really a problem, but anyways, You can not see this movie if you have not watched the other two. You will be lost. You have to have seen the other two. So it's definatly not a stand alone movie, however it is the third in a series of movies, so it makes sense that you need to watch the other two to get what's going on. I'd say give it a chance if you can. As ong as you liked the other two as well. If you disagree with me, I'm always up for discussion, in person would be best since there's a lot for me to defend since this has gotten such horrible reviews.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I had a really awesome weekend. Friday I had a really good day at work, and I've gotten my sanity back. Saturday was wicked awesome too, I went to SLC with my friend Kay and we saw Thank You For Smoking. It was my second time seeing it and I liked it the same amount as the first time. Then i picked up two books at the coolest used book store in Utah. I got Al franken's "Why Not me" which I had read only half of before, and now as I read it I find it to be funnier then I remember. I also picked up Douglas Copeland's Generation X. We then had a barbeque with Hulzinga and her hubby. That was cool. Then I dropped her off and had some awesome conversational material with the buds. As well as an all night marathon of scrubs. I drove home very happy and contemplative, when I'm contemplative I know I'm happy.

Last night I had a really cool dream, and as I woke up I thought, wow, that could be a cool futuristic movie. I was hanging out with a very random group of people, the main thing that confused me is I've never dreamed about some of those people before. It was night time and we were chilling on the second floor patio of an apartment complex. We're all looking out at the horizon at a sunset. When suddenly the wind picks up and the clouds go by super fast. We all look mystified and think it's one of the coolest things we've ever seen, until suddenly the wind starts knocking some buildings from their foundation and they go into the wind too. We got a little scared but then we were really scared when we saw it was being caused by a giant man who was waving a giant fan. We thought it might be prudent to get out of there, so we ran away. We found that running directly away from the man was best. As we were running we found that there were gates on either side of us that we couldn't get over. We finally got through a house when we stopped in our tracks. There was an alien invasion coming on the other side. We were all stuck in this apartment complex place and couldn't get out due to either flying buildings or aliens. It was funny.

In the last bit of news, I'm deciding to start up a rantdom blog. However I will not be the only one who will write rants for it. I'll be in contact with some of you, if you're interested just from that tiny sound byte let me know.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Wow. So obviously I'm in a little bit of shock. But I think I'll be good. i have a couple of options to try. Basically I'm going to see if I can't move to graveyard or be on call until graveyard opens up, if not I'm going to wait until at least saturday to make a decision on what to do for my job. Cause I don't want to quit and then regret it. So I'll see how the next couple days works out. Thanks for all the concern everyone. This is just a rough week. Oh, so in accordance to that I'm going to bed a lot earlier then usual. Cause the day time hours are the only times there's quiet in my house and I don't have to be quiet. Very relaxing.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Sunday was literally one of the hardest days of my life. I went into work at three. Well it was a fine day for a while, until sometime around 9 pm. At around 9 I heard on my radio that there was a fight and T ran. So if I was to see T I needed to stop him. Now since I'm still a little new my mind hadn't figured out who T was until he ran into me, pushing me over. They finally got him in one of the rooms but the biggest problem was the fact that kids get really rowdy after a fight. It caused a whole lot of things to happen that night. The worst of which was me having to stop a kid from doing something very bad in the showers. I had to hold him down. I won't go into specifics but let's just say after having to do this my mind was messed up. It was a kid I liked too. I had to stop him from doing something that probably would have put me in jail for a very long time. I went home in a haze that night, the worst part was that I had to go into work the next day. I went into work and I was a mess all day monday. I barely made it through the day without breaking down during work. I broke down today. And what did I realize, I really wish I had someone's shoulder to cry on, but I don't. Thus. I'm lonely. Sucks. I didn't really care that much until I had to deal with something so trumatic as that. I'm still contemplating whether to quit the job after only four days. I probably will. I'm not sure yet. Life just got put in perspective for me.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Wikipedia Adventures

I decided to take Optimistic's challange. I decided to browse around Wikipedia a little bit and then I decided to see if I could take on a challange. I decided I wanted through only links to go from Machias Maine to Provo Utah, but I had to make a stop at Marvel Comics. Surprisingly I was able to to do it quite quickly. I went from Machias to the county it's in Washington County, to another city in that county of Lubec. Lubec is connected to Campobello Island, and Island of New Brunswick. This island was featured in a 1960s movie called Sunrise at Campobello which stars Hume Cronyn. Hume was also in the movie Brewster's Millions which also starred John Candy. Candy starred in a short lived animated show called Camp Candy. The animated show inspired also a brief lived comic book of the same name which was made by Marvel Comics! So I'm at Marvel Comics, I knew once I got there the rest would be easy. I went to the Hulk which is one of Marvel's staple comics. The movie of the same name was directed by Ang Lee, who also directed the movie brokeback mountain which takes place in Wyoming. Wyoming and Utah are neighbors and Provo is a city in Utah. Wooo!

So now I'm going to attempt something a little harder. I'm going to start with Provo Utah and end with the Bering Strait. However I can't use any of the links I used in the previous one, and I have to make stops in "The Big Bang", "Battletoads", the band "Ween", The Book of Nehemiah in the Bible, and The UFC and ex-WWE wrestler Ken Shamrock in that order.

So I started with Provo and went the obvious route of religion by doing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I then clicked on the New Testament, then the Old Testament, the first book Genesis and went with the theology of Creation, knowing I had to get away from religion I found the sentence "Creation is a doctrinal position in many religions which maintains that one or a group of gods or deities is responsible for creating the universe." Luckily universe was in blue so I clicked on that. So in Universe one of the first things it talked about was the Big Bang!

Wow going from the Big Bang to the nintendo game battetoads was a little harder. First I thought maybe if I click on a random book I can get through the entertainment route. But first I clicked on Materialism cause video games are very materialistic. So I found the book called "The World as Will and Representation" which was written by Arthur Schopenhauer. As I was looking for something else to click on, something caught my attention. This line, "Many of the views articulated in Will and Representation are also closely related to those of Spinoza and Leibniz." I thought, hey, that's the same as Leibniz's Blogging name so I decided to find out who this person was. Turns out his name is Gottfried Leibniz and according to wikipedia "He invented calculus independently of Newton, and his notation is the one in general use since." So I then thought about going through computers, so I clicked on calculus. That took me to Computer Science which led me to Computer. Computer had Computer and Video Games which took me to the Nintendo Entertainment System. I read through that one for a little while and found out that the game "Bible Adventures" was created by a religious company and didn't have the permission of nintendo to make the game. However Nintendo felt they shouldn't sue because they feared a public relations backlash. I couldn't find a listing of games until I went through the game Kirby's adventure and then found the listing whihc finally took me to the game Battletoads which was the eighth game I owned as a child.

Now Battletoads to one of my favorite bands, Ween. The main enemy in Battletoads is the Dark Queen who looks a lot like cult movie star Elvira. Elvira was the host of a horror film show which showed different horror movies. So i went to the horror film genre, from there I went to the Genre of Science Fiction. Then to Science Fiction in Television, and to the show the X-Files, which had a movie based on the series, the soundtrack of said movie had the song Beacon Light by Ween!

For anyone wanting to know a little more about the band Ween, just type in Ween on the search and you'll get a really good overview of the band, much better then I can give.

Now going from Ween to the book of Nehemiah. It is said of Ween, "Their earliest home recordings were anarchic and free-spirited." The Word Anarchic brought up a listing of different forms of Anarchy. So i went with Anarchism which is a term of Philosophy. Philosophy took me to Belief then to Spirituality, Christianity, Old Testament and finally the book of Nehemiah.

Now Nehemiah to Ken Shamrock. Starting in Nehemiah this book consists of four parts including "An account of the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem, and of the register Nehemiah had found of those who had returned from Babylon" So I clicked on Babylon where the Hanging Gardens was one of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World. On this list it also has a list of modern wonders including the Empire State Building. This building is located in New York City where another building called Madison Square Garden is. Madison Square Garden has been the location of three Wrestlemanias which the WWE considers it's grandest night of the year. On the WWE's main page I was able to find "The Kat" a female wrestler. She was once the valet of Val Venus who had his second major fued with Ken Shamrock!

Lastly Ken Shamrock to the Bering Strait. This was an easy one. Ken Shamrock fueded with a stable in the WWE which featured female wrestler Chyna who's name obviously is a knock off of the country China. China is a part of East Asia which borders North Asia of which Russia is a part of, and Russia borders the US by the way of the Bering Strait!

This ends my adventures on wikipedia. Have fun.

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Summer Of Preperation

I'm officially dubbing this summer as "The Summer Of Preperation."

This summer, I'm living at home. Which means very little socialness goes on, just take it when I can get it. I'm also working a lot. That means that i get money. Since I'm living at home I have little to no expenses. So all my money is going towards such things as a laptop, A Portable Harddrive, a new iPod (I'm going for the 60 Gig on this time, cause I'm over full as it is.), a DVD burner, Mr. Show, a decent tripod, and whatever else I can think of. That's the order I need to get stuff too.

Also because of this job I can't take classes during the summer, hopefully once fall comes around I can keep the job and the classes, but if not then that's fine.

Other then those things, I really don't have anything else to do. It's pretty nice, so days like today were spent watching a movie or two. Doing random internet stuff and just sitting around. It was nice. The only thing that drives me nuts right now is the fact that people need to know...

I'm not a police officer! I may drive a retired police car, but that doesn't mean you need to drive 25 in a 40. These small town cops are sticklers for speeding because they don't have to do anything else, so they've scared these residents into driving slow. My mom got a ticket for going 45 in that same 40. So when people see my car, especially if I'm driving behind them they literally slow down. It took me an hour and 15 minutes to get to work the other day because of people driving too slow. I wish there was some way I could tell people that I'm not a police man. I try dancing, I try smacking the side of my car to the music, I've even put my head out of the window and made faces. Nothing seems to work. Only when I'm on the freeway do people just get out of the way. Freeway driving is so nice in this car. But country driving is truely a giant headache.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Post #150

So for those who are not aware, I'm living the summer months in the basement of my parents new home in Woodland Hills Utah. My parents built this place just about a month or two ago so it's really new and sturdy. Also in other big news I started working on Monday. I got a job with Discovery Academy, it's a troubled Teens Boarding School and I'm a mentor there, I'm going to stay there until I have some sort of job with UVSC's film program, one of the guys in charge told me when someone graduates he'll let me know and I'll probably be able to get a job in the editing bay. Now the really sweet things about living here with my parents are as follows. The internet is awesome, we have the fastest connection I've ever had. I was able to download 25 episodes of an anime series in only about 2 hours, it was crazy. Also since having a good internet connection I was able to do a much needed music finding day, I got a whole bunch of stuff and am currently listening to it now, the one that's the most surprising is Jem, I really like her stuff. And I'm not the type to like girl artists. Another good thing is having a satelitte and a nifty recording thing, much like tivo. There's a channel called Rave which is nothing but live concerts, so I just record them and watch them whenever, it's been really nice. I also like the solitude this place has, we're halfway up a mountain and have a killer view of the entire Utah Valley, also the stars are magnificent as there isn't a street light for miles.

The downsides are having no friends up here and having to wait until I'm in town to hang out with people. Also with gas prices how they are, I basically can only come into town when I have work. Since it's like this, I'm thinking about getting a place summer semester back in provo. But it's still up in there, right now, I don't want to make any desicions.

I've had a lot of thoughts to write about over the past month or two, so since I'm in suclusion up here, I'll probably write them all down at some point.