Sunday, April 23, 2006

A case of mistaken identity

My junior year of high school I was in a drama competition. I was doing a Pantomime. For those that don't know what this is, it's basically miming but to tell a story, so think of telling a story to your friend but you can't use any words. So that year was my best year, I had come up with one where I was a car theif and that I got beaten up by a police officer and then I retailiated and beat him up. Well I went to the finals that year and was up against some good competition, I ended up getting third place. The pantomime that recieved first place was done by a gymnast and it was called, "One small step for man, the astronaut." It was really cool, but also I was pissed cause she did all these gymnast moves like standing on her chair with her arms, to make her look weightless. It was weird. Well the second place finisher was the same premise, it was someone in space and going to the moon. Then I got third.

This morning I was a judge for the Utah state competition. It was really a lot of fun, my first round was classic scenes and this scene that was from The Death of the Duke of York by Shakespeare was portrayed and it was amazing! It ended up getting first in the whole competition which was very fitting. Well the second round I did was Pantomime, and at the beginning of each round you're supposed to get the title and author of the piece, well usually in pantomime the kids make up their own, so I said, if you're the author you don't need to tell me. Well this little slender girl says, "One Small Step For Man, The Astronaut." I looked at her and said, "are you the author?" and she said, "No, it's been going through my school for years." I wanted to give it last out of spite but I knew I couldn't. Luckily there were two that were much better then her's so I could give her third. I did feel a little retrobution but also felt sorta bad that she got me as a judge.

Freda who was also judging, and I went to the finals round for Pantomime and Humours Monolouge. The two that I gave first and second place were there as was the first really good dramatic pantomime that I've ever seen. It was a very bittersweet one about a statue. It was really good.

Still it was really surreal for me today to have judged a pantomime that beat me six years ago. Weird.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I finally finished my final project "Battle of the Sams". I finished all editing and musics for it at about 7 am this morning, and now I can finally go to sleep. What this means is now the next step is to get me a website. Woohoo. So if you wanna see the new movie, either wait for that or let me know you wanna see it and I'll show it to ya. It's pretty good, I'm especially happy though with the music, I scored big time in that respect. So now I must plug because of the music, go to

Shake Your Peace

You can download his entire album, might I recommend "Juss a little bit mo" and "In the arms of the gypsy"

Monday, April 17, 2006


I've been limiting my internet time lately due to the overall need to do well in classes and figure out what's happening in the summer.

For High School friends if you read this, I created a message board for us, at Go and register and all will be grand.

For them blogging types, those that know what a svithe is shall soon recieve a mangorantsvithe. In honor of Easter. Hoo Daddy.

For all the rest of you, go to bed.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Jeff Megall: [Talking to Nick on the phone, late at night] Gotta go. London. It's 7 AM in the Great Kingdom.
Nick Naylor: When do you sleep?
Jeff Megall: [Pause] Sunday.

This was my favorite quote from Thank You For Smoking. It was a funny movie, but a little too cool for it's own good.

You know that feeling where you're backed into a corner, I feel like that. Except I have two choices, I can continue to stay in the corner, or I can take a machete and cut through many many people. Ha Ha. Wow. Morbid.

Good Night.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


So I dissappeared a little bit. I'm really good about obsessions. What I mean is I let my self obsess. I really like the anime Naruto. It's really addictive. And when my friend came and gave me episodes 51-125, I was so very happy to continue where I left off. So day one I started on 51 it's now day three and I'm up to 96. That's 45 episodes in three days averaging to 15 epsiodes per day. At about 20 minutes per episode I spend about 5 hours per day watching Naruto. Wow. So thus, I've been behind on all internet related stuff (but not my homework surprisingly).

So I wake up this morning at 8 and I think, Ohh, I should watch some Naruto, but then I thought, no, I should get 8 hours of sleep, so I'll wake up at 10, so thus getting 8 hours. So I wake up at ten and some crazy things start to go down. I turn on my computer and I hear something outside, so I pulled my blinds up, opened the window to look out and I see in the parking lot next to mine an electricty cable has snapped in half and fallen across a bunch of cars in the lot. There's a firetruck nearby and an electic truck with a guy working on the pole. As I'm watching I hear a tree branch snap and I look to where it is and it's coming from one house down. The tree snaps in half due to the weight of the branches (it must've been a long time in coming) but it takes with it a wire that is in the tree, The wire comes down and the telephone poll it's connected to snaps in half! *BZZZT* Power goes out in my room. "Holy Shit!" Yells the electricty guy who was the only other guy watching. I jump out of my window and he notices me. He comes over and we remark on it, I tell him my power is out and he says, "Yeah, it probably is." Well the people in the other apartments start trickling out wondering why the power went out and it hasn't come back yet. So I start talking with the electricty guys as well as a fireman and the police officer on the scene. It was crazy, come to find out that the snapping in half caused all but one building on the block to go out of power. (As a side note: Optimistic lives on my block and here's his blog about what he did with no power. Optimistic ) So I got tell the Landlord of Optimistic's place what's going on then call mine. Ha Ha. It was a funny morning. We got the power back after about 3 hours.