Saturday, October 29, 2005


Thanks for the comments on my last post. I was a little scared when posting it that it would be taken wrong. But then, I've only had one post so far that I never did post, and it's just because I forgot to finish it. But thanks.

So in this addition of the Saturday Morning Post, you will now get. My friday, that's right ladies and gentlemen, you're going to get a journal entry for friday October 28th. Because overall, there were some fun things that happened and I want to log it in.

So to start it off, I've already told everyone of my getting up at 1:30 to get to work by 2. So usually, my phone goes off as my alarm at 1:30, I turn it off and then go quickly to do all my morning stuff and I'm out the door at 1:40. Then I usually see the clock in the car telling me it's 1:45. Well this morning my phone goes off and I'm out of the door in ten minutes. When on my way I see the clock saying 11:45. I thought that was a little odd. So I look at my phone and there's a text message waiting for me. And it says.


Text often or a lot? Save money when you sign up for an SMS Text Message option. Visit

I got a spam text that woke me up! A spam text! So I went back and fell back asleep. But really.

So then I went to work. Had a fine time.

Then I went home to get some stuff from my brother, now he has this crazy thing on his computer which is Dance Dance Revolution but it's design for fingers. It's 4 to 5 times faster then DDR and my brother is really good at it, it's absoultly amazing. If you ever see him do this, it blows your mind.

So then I come back to my apartment at about 7:30 and see the thing for my ward's halloween party which I totally forgot about, so I get back in my car and as I'm driving over there I think, Oh, I don't have a costume. But then I remembered I had my elephant hat and golf clubs in my trunk. So when I get to the wilk parking lot I opened my trunk and put on the hat, found my giant "Sean John" red sweat pants were in there, so I put those on, saw my green dart leauge jacket was in there too. Put that on and took out my golf clubs and took that too. It was a cool costume entitled, "Things found in my trunk"

My main goal at the party? Horde as much free candy as possible. Mission successful.

I then went to a Freshman ward party. I've always loved my freshman ward people, but this time was really weird. Because only about 4 of us weren't married, engaged or with a steady girlfriend. The other thing that was funny was only one of the aforementioned couples had only one of the two from freshman year, all the rest were girls who had waited for their missionaries. Overall it was a good party. It was really good seeing my freshman year roommate, he's currently enjoying a long distance relationship.

I came back a little early, stole the 3rd disc of season one of 24 from Angry Block and watched them all. So here's my thoughts on this show. The first four episodes it drove me nuts, because it was so full of tension with no relief at all. It drove me crazy, but I had to keep watching because of the whole cliffhanger thing. It's gotten better as the show goes along, so I'm able to watch it without dying. Though I'm pretty sure I won't get myself into the other seasons.

Then I watched the first 6 episodes of the amazingly brilliant show "Curb Your Enthusiasm" If you haven't seen this show, it is worth it. It's about the life of the Co-Creator of Seinfeld, Larry David. He plays himself and a nuch of famous people play themselves in individual episodes such as Ted Danson and Julia Louis Dreyfus. But the other half of the cast play fake people, for instance Bob Odenkirk plays a retired male porn star in one of the episodes. It's a really funny show. I also noticed that Larry Daviid played the voice of the Manager of the Yankees in Seinfeld.

Then I started writing this blog as I have been uploading all my cds onto iTunes. I'm up to 883 songs and 3.67 GB. And that is all for today.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


So I'm still being a hermit and I'm really enjoying it. Alrighty, so here's some thoughts that have been going through my head lately. First off, I really want a girlfriend. For specific reasons though. Let me explain myself.

1. I want a girl that I can hang out with often, maybe not every day, but at least having the knowledge that I could be with her if I wanted.

2. I want a girl that is willing to experience new things. I have so many things that other people haven't seen or heard and one of my favorite things is showing people these things, and I want her to be able to enjoy that. On the reverse of that I also want a girl who would want me to experience new things, someone who has things that I haven't seen or heard that I can get into because of them. And she doesn't neccisarily have to like all that stuff, just be willing to try it out.

3. I want a girl that isn't in marriage mode, and one that realizes that I'm not either. I want a relationship for the sake of having a relationship and experiencing it and feeling love for someone with out having to worry about all that other jibberish. Now if this relationship goes on for 8-16 months then there might be something to look into.

4. I want a girl to cuddle with

5. I want a girl with problems, that I can help out with, but also someone who has problems and can help me out with mine.

6. I want a girl who's cool with meeting my friends and is cool with me meeting her friends

7. I want a girl who likes driving in the car

8. I want a girl that is a talker and a listener. I'm a listener by trade but I can also be a talker, but when I'm with someone who won't talk I go crazy.

9. I want someone introverted so that we both have walls to tear down

10. I want a girlfriend to gain some confidence back, since I've been overall either unsuccessful or sabotaged.

Is this all too much to ask? The biggest problem right now is I'm back at the point where I always am, without any solid prospects, and I've fallen for people so many times and had my heart broken so many times that it just doesn't seem worth it to even try anymore. When you're 0-15 or 0-20 or whatever, it's hard to get up and try to keep playing the game when your success rate is so low. I'm getting to the point where I'm thinking I may never even have the chance to just have a girlfriend, not too mention the whole marriage thing which we hear about so often.

Speaking of such things, I really want to ask a bishop or some other teacher when they're teaching about marriage why we would really want to get married. I understand all those things about exaltation and such and eternal principles, but I want to hear something else concerning the subject, how about why we even go on dates, why people are so hooked on the money aspect, and why do we really want to get married, in other words what is something I can use to motivate myself in the here and now besides your future will be all good. But then, I am in marriage country and I'm not going to get much else. So in addition

11. I want a girlfriend so that people can ask, why aren't they married yet and I can say, screw off jerkface, in answer to their query.

Ha Ha. I don't really care about that. Anyways.

"So here you go girls of the world, I want a girlfriend, when you look at me, no matter how off putting I am, I really just want to be loved by somebody. And hey, I'll be cute for you when you need me to, I'll even work on the whole giving hugs thing or the whole giving complements thing. Oh yeah, and I intially have a crush on basically every girl i know, I usually figure out if there's anything there right off the bat and then give up on that whole thing, so if you're actually interested, you might want to tell me."

I should take this quotation and pass it out in front of the Wilk. Then everyone would understand.

Friday, October 21, 2005

A bunch of Avatars

As I started writing this, I turned on iTunes and it did a random song, and it came up as The Eels, "I need some sleep" Ha Ha.

So I sorta wanna move out of this place winter semester, but I probably won't.

And now for your veiwing pleasure, my first five avatars on Blue-Beta, and a look at what could come in the future.

First One. Metal Man.

Second, Game Boy, of Captain N fame.

Third, Mayor Jeb from Men in Hats

Fourth, The Sad Clown Jeriah which was on there a little too long. Also from Men in Hats.

Fifth and current, imagine Kirby breathing in Darth Grevious, and you have this.

Possibility number one, imagine Kirby breathing in the President of Mexico.

Possibility number two, a random picture I found.

Possibilty number three which if it had worked would have been my third avatar but the Mayor was my backup.

There you have it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

New Computer Go!

I'm so excited about my new computer! Here's a picture of it, I will now also include some pictures of note.

This was on my wall in my last apartment.

A Picture of me taken on the mission breathing fire.

One of my companions that had amazing arm strength and balance.

A cool picture taken by me of my companion. He had a digital camera and so we took many pictures together. Maybe next time I'll actually have pictures of my face that are recognizable.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Final post from my iMac

I can't believe this thing can finally go to it's grave. I got my new computer yesterday, it's an iMac G5, and it can run my editing program which is awesome. The only reason why this iMac is still out is because I couldn't get my landlord to put me on the internet until a little bit later today, so once that happens, then my new computer will be hooked up and this computer will go into the corner to be used when I need to get some old info off of it. Other then that it will gain some dust. It has served my family well for something like 6-7 years, so for that it's a good computer, but it's younger brother has taken over.

So since I have had this iMac G5 for a day and a half without the internet I've done the only other thing I could do, I took all the mp3s on this computer and all the ones I had on cds, and threw them all into iTunes. Guess what the bottom thing says on my iTunes now that I've done that. "304 songs, 1 day, 1.55 GB, so I could almost fill up an entire iPod nano or whatever and only use mp3s I have and not include any of my 500 some odd cds. Holy smack.

So in funny news from today, after not going to church I ended up just staying in my room all day. At 5 pm my roommate Frenchie gives me a call, so I answered and he asked where I was since he hadn't seen me all day, they needed me to do something. I said, "I'm in my room" and he said, "Oh, we're in the living room." He felt really embarresed that he didn't just knock on the door. What a wacky fellow. The past couple nights I've wondered whether he rolls around in his sleep or if he smacks the wall when i'ts too loud, I really can't tell. I've told him to tell me if it's too loud, but I don't know if he understands to just tell me. Interesting fellow.

So I had decided that I wanted to see if I could grow facial hair, but after three days it itched so stinkin' bad that I had to shave it, I don't understand for that fact how people can do it, it's so itchy!

I think I've decided to go on a dating strike for a little while, it's too much work and too much money, and I want an iPod, so any money that I would put into dating will go towards an iPod, in fact I think I'll have a bottle that says dating fund, and then once it hits enough to get a 40MB one, then I'll get an iPod. Go Me!

Friday, October 14, 2005

The Annual Rearrange

Everytime I come into a new apartment, the first thing I do is I visualize my stuff in the room and how it work out the best. Then I put it in that way that i've thought. However, after living there for about a month or two I end up rearranging my room to something more effective then i had orginally planned. Last night was that night when I finally do it. So my room is very much different. I'm not a big fan of the fact that I have a smaller room then I did last semester and the fact that I was paying less for it, but this landlord isn't evil so that's fine.

Speaking of rearranging, I called my dad today and asked him about some computer stuff, well it turns out that I can't do my film editing in his office after all. The plan was for me to be able to go in after ten and work most of the night, but he wasn't able to get permission for me to do that, so I would need to go in before ten, which might be fine besides the fact that my dad uses his office a lot. Which means I would be able to do 7 to 10 on weekdays and saturdays, which would mean I'd have to get rid of club meetings and socializing, and that would get rid of the whole purpose of me going to bed late. Since I do so much better on homework after I've socialized and know people are in bed, then I don't think about it, where as when they're ready to play and I'm not, I'll think about hanging out with them while trying to do my homework. It's a runaway train to failure. I know most of you are able to prioritze and say, I'll reward myself, I'll do my homework then I can play. But I can't function that way, I've never been able to function that way, I'll want the prize so much that it'll distract me from my homework and then I can never concentrate on it, however, if I do the prize first then I don't have to think about it any more and I can work on my homework. Anyways, so we thought, what are we going to do.

Now many of you have noticed me complaining at one time or another about my computer. It's an old school iMac, the first in it's class, right when Macs got their act together. However, being as how the computer systems upgrade pretty fast, my computer is now a dimwit of modern society. It can only handle internet explorer 5 and the highest MSN messenger it can handle is 2.0, which MSN doesn't even support anymore, so users of said messenger can no longer log on because MSN has abandoned them. My computer also has a busted cd drive, and so I can't put cds on my computer either, it can do the basic functions, but it does them slowly because it's growing old.

So in an effort to solve both these problems my family came up with a great solution. My dad was just appointed the job of Dean of Undergraduate Education at BYU. Basically he's the one that's in charge of all them GE classes you take. Higher position obviously means more money and since I'm going to UVSC next semester and will get free tuition, suddenly a little money can be used. So, for my birthday my parents are getting me a new computer which can handle the editing equipment. Now when I called my dad today he said he was going to pick up the computer tomorrow and it would be in my possesion by this weekend! My birthday is coming 2 months early. I've really become endebted to my parents, they are really helping me out with what I want to do, and I am really grateful for it. So in two days, I'll be able to put pictures on my blog! Do you know how much I've wanted to put pictures on my blog? But because of IE 5, Blogger doesn't give me that option that the rest of you get. Sad, ain't it. So you can look forward to my own edition of funny signs which I have plenty of, and a bunch more pictures since I'm so generous. In the future things will be rearranged.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hermit Life / maybe I should sit down

I'm really enjoying my new cds. I got Muse's Absolution, and Of Montreal's The Sunlandic Twins. So this post will be done to the Of Montreal cd which I'm listening to right now.

Lately I've been quite the Hermit. I had moved my tv out to the front room earlier because it was the only one that could play dvds. So when I would have people over, we would watch movies. Well I haven't had people over in a while and I was getting tired of having to deal with my roommates, so I moved it back into my room. Luckily I have cable tv in my room. So after putting it back in my room and purchasing two video games for the Playstation 2, I very rarely leave my room. The most i've been doing besides work of course is going by Optimistic's house and playing games.

This all brings to mind my social life as a whole. I've always had many many friends. It's just in my nature, I love learning about new things and one of those is I love learning about new people and finding friendships. I also like keeping up my current friendships. Problem is, I just don't have any motivation to do this right now. I'm having trouble keeping up with old friends, I'm having trouble making new friends and actually going over to their houses and getting to know them better, and overall my shyness nature is coming back. I haven't had my shy nature in a long time, but it's in full swing right now. So if I'm not in contact with you, now you'll know why, I'm just being very shy, I would really like to hang out with people's more often, I just can't get up the courage to actually call them and say, hey, let's chill. So in the next little bit, if you want to chillage with me, give me a call, cause I can't gain up the courage to do it myself.

And now, I'm going to post the lyrics to the Of Montreal song "The Party's Crashing Us" just because I'm really enjoying that song right now, and I really like the lyrics. Not there is an F word in it, I'm not going to edit it just because, so be forewarned, if you really don't want to read it, it's in the 3rd/Last stanza.

"The Party's Crashing Us"

You’re such a mystery I just want to stand and stare
Nibble on your ear and smell the ocean in your hair
You know you damage me you leave me tangled in a knot
But when you reappear I see Neptunian blues that eyes forgot
Neptunian blues that eyes forgot

I only feel alive when the vu’s flashing alarms going off in my head
I want to grab you and just kiss you maybe I should sit down
No sense in cashing us now
Still I only feel alright when the vu’s flashing bombs going off in my head
I want to grab you want to scream at you no icing me down
The party’s crashing us now
The party’s crashing us now

Oh well we made love like a pair of black wizards
You freed me from the past you fucked the suburbs out of me
And all those ugly days that made us so sick
They are just fossils now we’ve learned the elevating trick
We’ve learned the elevating trick

Friday, October 07, 2005

I thought I'd write a little about some stories I've been working on. More so just so I can keep these ideas out there, but also for others to know what I'm working on.

But first I'd like to tell a sad tale. When I first got into writing it was something like 9 to 10 years ago, and it was all because of x-wars. For a link check my side bar. Because of x-wars I became a writer, and from it I've basically only written mutant type stories. That's where most of my ideas for stories come from is through super powers and such. Well the sad part of it is x-wars has officially died after my being with it for 10 years and it being alive for about 13 years or so. Through x-wars, two of it's members ended up getting married and they have a couple kids and I still keep in touch with them. The reason why it died was being as how it was message board type, the system completely wiped everything clean. Nobody had the gumption to keep going after a hit like that, plus it was on a steady decline the past year anyways. But that's where my two story ideas came from.

My first story is a mix between a pychological analysis and a prison story. It's basically about one mutant who had no control over himself for a number of years and killed many people. He's put in the highest security prison in the world, and he goes through a lot of self analysis. The other 5 main characters are the 5 mutants in the cells next to him. One to his right, one to his left, one in front of him and the two on either side of the one in front of him. There are four others that he can hear once in a while but usually he just hears about them from the ones he communicates with. There's a lot of back story to the story, from stories each of them say. I'm afraid I may never finish this one as I have no idea how it'll start or how to end it or how to make it into a recognizable story instead of just a whole heck of a lot of jumblings. Only two other people have read parts of the story, and it's basically gaurded up in my vault where no one can get at it.

The other one is my way of trying to write a comedic type mutant story. It's basically about one kid who desperatly wants to become am utant. He tries so many things, every day he tries to see if he can fly. Finally after a while he finds out his wish has come true, but in a really lame sort of way. His mutant power? He can unlatch things with his mind. That's all. Buckles are no match for his might and mind, especially since buckles can't fight back. He can also make your pants fall down, but only if you fastened them with a some sort of latching equipment. He finally finds that his power is useful since he can unlock doors. Then he goes out on a search to see if any of the super powered groups will hire him so that he can fulfill his dream of being on a super powered team. That's basically all I have for the story so far, but I find it to be promising.

Other then that I've been writing a lot of screenplays and hopefully will get to filming them, so just so you know, if you have a screenplay and want someone to film it and edit it, I'm your man.


So, I am a little different when it comes to the majority of human beings when it comes to weather. I need it cold. I have a hard time doing anything in hot weather, I have a hard time falling asleep, I can't function normally. But give me a nice cold day and I feel good. Air conditiong calms my nerves. But if it gets too cold I can always put on a nother layer, where as when it's hot, I can't just get rid of a couple layers. So last night was one of the best nights of sleep ever because I was finally able to sleep with my blanket for the first time in months. And what happens today? I come into my room and my room is blisteringly hot, why? My roommates really cranked up the heat. So that's not too bad besides the fact that I don't want to pay a high heating bill, the worst part about it is, my heating vent won't shut. Oh mercy of mercies, how can this be?!? Why do I have to endure such evil? Nothing about this apartment has bugged me quite enough to the pint until tonight when I couldn't close it. Now heat is rushing in. I turned the heat off and opened my window as far as it could go, but even that won't help me tonight. Tonight, I'll have to sleep once again without my blanket. Oh horror of horrors. And now for something completely different.....

Bands that I've found out about in the past two weeks which I really like right now.

Of Montreal
Mello-D and the Rados

That is all. Thank you for your time.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A Long Embrace

As we were hugging
her head against my chest
we knew we were to be together
our embrace lasted for so long
I looked down towards her face
and she looked up to mine
I said I loved her
and she just smiled and said
you haven't trimmed those in a while have you?

A poem by Thirdmango

Monday, October 03, 2005

Two Big Rants in One Large Lump Sum

Toasteroven said to me a while back that the way I write is purple in the triangles thingy. I usually like to believe what that guy has to say. So once again, I'm going into this with a lot to say and I'll probably say half of it, and find another half to say and maybe piss some people off in the process.

First off I'd like to talk about Tact and Malicious intent. Something that has been bothering me about BYU students in general is their inability to use tact and their willing or even unknowing use of malicious intent. In general it seems that when it comes to some form of doctrine or basically any form of something, BYU students seem to lose their ability to use tact. Now I say this is a BYU thing more then just a Provo thing, being as how I grew up in Provo and have found it to be less used in High School then it has in this cauldron of Return Missionaries, General "only mormon's in their small town", and a small band of misfits that live in trees. For instance, I like the tv show Desperate Housewives. Now wait, think about that for a moment and then as if I were there in front of you and had just told that to you, think what you would say to me at that moment, whether you know me well or not. Got it? Did you remember to use some tact in your comment? Or was the first thing you thought of some form of Maliciousness. Now back to this, I enjoy Desperate Housewives, in it's first season it was the highest watched tv show in the nation each week. I missed the first episode but my mom saw it and told me I shoudls ee it because it looked to be really good. The basic plot line was a bunch of people in a neighborhood where one of the women end up dead, and everyone wonders how such a wholesome woman could be dead. So the rest of the nighbors find that their lives aren't as secretive as they thought and then try to find out how this happened and find out about each other in the process. Now how many of you have ever watched this show? And of those who haven't how many of you have very strong feelings about this show being absolutly horrible. I mean look at the title, it sounds like a porn movie. Of the four main characters let's see how many adulterous moments each of them have. First girl, none. Second girl, none. Third girl, none. Fourth girl, plenty. Anyways, now that that's behind us. I didn't really want to get to much into the actual show, just the fact that I enjoy it and I feel okay about watching it with my mother.

Anyways, one week ago I was watching the season premire of this show and when my roommate came in and asked what I was watching, I told him and he looked like I had just farted a noxious fume. He promptly told me how such shows are degrading our society, how it spoils the sacred institution of marriage and how I was a sinner for watching said program. I was confused by his comment, and quite preterbed. So I decided to tell a couple of other people in my ward about it, I either got the same comment or the same face as well as a "you are a sinner glance." When I watched the first season of this show winter semester, I told a couple of my high school friends, none of which like the show. They all just laughed and said, Okay. Then they were on their merry way, and we were talking about something else, no sense of, "You are so going to Hell."

On Blue Beta today "Iris" posted a comment which goes along perfectly with what I'm saying. The topic is titled Homework on Sunday, but the way this person says it is so tactless. And I quote:

So, I was at a ward luncheon a minute ago, but mentioned I had to leave early because I have loads of homework to do this afternoon (and now I'm wasting more time on Blue-Beta, but that's another issue). Anyway, one guy spoke up and said, "Isn't doing homework on Sunday a sin?" I was a little taken aback by the bluntness of his comment.

But then she goes on to talk about whether you should or shouldn't do homework on sunday. Now with an issue like this, many of us can relate. How many of us have either raised the question or had it raised to us. And how many of us have heard this phrase at some point, "Isn't doing homework on Sunday a sin?" especially after saying you were about to do said practice. I'm pretty sure most of us have heard this at some point. This comment is loaded full of prejudgement and has no tact to it. It's almost as if he's saying, "Ah, you are about to sin, and I being better then you, I'm going to correct you on this decision by stabbing at your conscience with a rusty shiv." It lacks the caring that we as human beings are supposed to have. What happened to the, "You know, you're a good friend of mine, and I feel strongly about this subject, and I'd like to know how I can help." Or some other phrase that actually shows some amount of caring for the person instead of a sun soaked judgement juiced baseball bat. Then if the person obviously doesn't care that much, just drop it, and wait for a better moment to bring it up or just let someone else do it that actually knows the person.

How many of you as kids weren't allowed to watch The Simpsons. Now of those who said yes, how many of you watch it a whole bunch and think it's a very funny show? Do you remember why you weren't allowed to watch it. As one lesson went in Deacon's Quorum as a kid, "Bart Simpson is what is wrong with our society, no morals and no judgement for his wrong doings, this shows the family in a misjudged light and we as human beings shouldn't have anything to do with it. This show is just plain bad." (I don't remember if these were his exact words but I do remember most of what he said, being as how I was an avid watcher of The Simpsons at the time.)

Another episode in the tale of my roommate was when I watching "Best in Show" on Comedy Central, he saw the Comedy Central logo. He basically went through the same tirade as before with Deperate Housewives, and why the ol' CC is against our value system. Does he really want to help me repent and come unto Christ by telling me what a horrible person I am for things I do? Could we as humans maybe think to use a little more restraint and a little more tact now and again and understand that we as humans don't like being told we're dumb, stupid or evil. When that happens we back into a corner and and lash back with spite. It's how we as humans defend ourselves from verbal attacks. I almost wish that these people would have some sort of sin they commit that it takes them a lot of repentance to go through just so they can understand what it feels like and how best to try and help someone out. After reading over this again, it makes me sound as if I feel bad about watching CC or DH, but I do not since I don't think what I'm doing is wrong. I don't find anything wrong with it besides maybe retina burnings or worshipping a false comedic idol with it's pants down. I just want to convey that people go on missions to leanr how to love people and learn how to help them through kindness, and sometimes people come back or people start out in general by being some sort of (un)knowing animal of spite and ego, relentlessly looting villages and spouting their ego propaganda. So remember, more tact, less malice.

Now for the malicious part of my entry. How many of you didn't see that coming?


As I wrote this my internet went out, I'm afraid I may not be able to post this until the morning. I sure hope not.


I went upstairs today. I live in a downstairs apartment. It's a dank hovel of darkness and forbodence, but I love it like I would a little child as he sucks his thumb. Upstairs is an aparment, almost identical to ours in layout, only the bathroom is a noticable difference, being as how ours has the light switch right as you come in where as there's has it further into the room and around a quick corner, as well as a spot in the wall with a well worn indentation resembling a forehead. Anyways, I went upstairs today and to my amazement there was "Petra" of board of fame sitting at the table. I had just seen her only days earlier as I hung out with her and a few others as we played a game of Trivial Pursuit. She could not stay long after I arrived for she was off to watch a truely attrocious movie for her need of massichistic pleasure. I took her place at the table and she left. After speaking with the guys there one of them told me of Petra saying that I was a "Board Groupie", I understand Petra and I give her no ill will at this comment, but it did put a resentful black spot in my heart for which there is no cure and I will surely die within a week. However I wish to speak a little bit about the 100 hour board. I may be disbarred for my comments, but such is the need of me to relay my current thoughts. I haven't read the board in about 3 months, one in part to my computer crashing every time the 100 hour board appears (I do check my email and BB mid day on another computer which does not crash at the sight of the board), but also second in the fact that it just is not enjoyable. I now use it every once in a while when I want an opinion for a question that I don't want others to know it's me asking it but that's about it. I am friends with many of the people on the Board and hope they find no disrespect with these comments. There are two very vivid reasons why I just don't find it enjoyable. The first is the Board holds a very sarcastic nature and it clings to it's sarcastic nature like a young lion cub sucking for sustanance. It just won't let go. When did Saracasticness take a front seat to the ever popular wit and humor of western society? It seems every writer needs to post a sarcastic comment of some kind each day to fulfill a quota. A question answer oranization needs to do two things, they need to answer questions and they need to know how to entertain people. People will come for the Q&A and they'll stay if they're entertained, and telling them some inside joke they don't get or giving them a sarcastic answer isn't going to entertain them.

The second thing in which I'm finding to be unenjoyable is the overpowering sense of superiority and ego that goes along with the great calling of being a board writer. Everyone has a sense of self satisfaction when they are able to answer somebodies question, it gives us a sense of accomplishment. But when that power gets to our heads, we start to lose sight of why we did it in the first place and it becomes an ego fueled addiction. Board writers have an amazing power, they are able to give answers to things that people don't know the answer to. That's an invigorating feeling. I know, I love being able to answer questions people have about film styles and to give them recommendations, but when you start to feel better then someone else because of your knowledge, then it starts to seep out and you start to stink. I had introduced one of my friends to the board, a while back, and he said to me about a month later, "Sure they're supposed to be annonymous, but does that mean they have to be stuck up as well?"

Once again I'd like to stress I don't mean disrespect by this, I just think the Board would be so much better if those feelings of ego and sarcasticness were filtered out. It's like a football team, if someone sucks then it ruins the whole team and the fans stop coming because it's not enjoyable seeing a team that can't seem to get things together. There seems to be politics behind the scenes that are seeping out in writing as well, just remember why you wanted to do it in the first place, remember to when you were just a "Board Groupie" and why you read the board and why you wanted to write for it, and then write like that. Cause nobody wants to be told they're stupid. No one wants to be stereotyped. And elitism just doesn't work.

And now you are allowed to berate me and kick me in the seat of my pants. Because that is what a comments section is for, and if something really did urk you, make sure to tell me about it and we can work it out like human beings instead of having to place blame and call each sinners.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Quick Comment

Thanks for all the comments on sleep. Good to see there are people out there.