Thursday, June 30, 2005

Arizona is Too Hot

Well so far I've had a pretty good trip. I saw my grandpa, and it's really weird to see him with no energy what so ever. It's like seeing the shell of a former man. Now, when it comes to my grandpa's family, I don't know how they do it. See my grandpa first had my dad and then his 1 brother and 2 sisters. Well after my grandma died before I was born, he married again to the step grandma I have now. And together they had 5 daughters and then adopted 12 kids from Russia. 12! So there are 17 kids in that house between the ages of 18 and 2. And 5 of them are all 10. Now I can deal with kids usually pretty well. But when you have about 12-15 very excitable and extremely touchy feely kids around I clam up. I don't know how many times a kid would suddenly bolt and jump for my lap and knee me in the groin last night. I was in so much pain. It was also weird to have just about every kid try and sneak their hand into my hand to hold it, I kept pulling away cause it was so weird the way they did it.

Then also last night I was able to see for the first time since the mission one of my best missionary companions. He was the one I served with the longest and in my favorite area. 4 1/2 months together. I also got to meet his fiance. It was really cool being able to see him again and reminice a bit.

Then today we drove out to Thatcher and I've been having real problems with the intense heat. It's 113 degrees outside and anytime I go outside I immidiatly feel sick and I sweat profusely. I'm someone who can handle 20 degree weather just fine, but when it gets too hot I shut down. I'm having trouble doing anything in that heat and we still have to load up the truck. My dad told me to go take break in the local college where I am now, because as he said, you look like you'll die if you don't go rest. And I had only been working for about half and hour. So basically from this trip I've made up my mind that I can not live in Arizona ever again. I lived here from 3 to 6 and I liked it just fine, but now, it's no bueno.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bad News with a little funny thought in it

So first the bad news which I did cry quite a bit about when I first heard about it. I got a call from my dad yesterday saying that my grandpa (his dad, not my mom's dad that was a part of the cruise) just had a stroke, and it's not looking good. They're thinking he might live at most a year. So my dad told me this and then said he was going to fly down to Arizona today and go visit him and take a whole bunch of the art in his house up to SLC. Now my dad found out recently that he has two more hernias (he's already had hernia surgery before) so he can't pick anything up so he needs me to go along, and also the fact that this may be the last time I can see my grandpa before he dies. Now I've never had anyone close to me die before so this is the first time I've even had to deal with the possibility of it. So I'm headed to Arizona today at 3 and getting back on Saturday. So yesterday after crying a bit, I did what I usually do when something bad happens, I distract myself by doing fun things, so that's what I did. And I had a mighty good time too.

Now here's the funny thing about this. For those that do or don't know, I've got meself a missionary. Now as most people do when they've got themselves a missionary they'll still date. Go on dates and all that jazz. Well since being home I've only gone on two dates and both went horribly. Now I finally had the guts to go on my third date on this friday but because of family emergencies I had to cancel it. So I think it's a bit funny that someone sees fit to control the fact that I can't date anyone while I've got me a missionary. She's probably controling it from afar.

But this date was a really cute thing the relief society came up with. Every guy that wants to participate enters a tie in, then the girls pick out a tie and that determines who they go on the date with. So then the girls secretly perform some sort of service for the guys, like cook them breakfast or something like that. And they guy doesn't find out who it is until the date. So that would have been my third date. But it looks like we may change it for the 4th by hiking up the Y and watching fireworks or some such like that.

Now if anyone wants me to pick them up a postcard in Arizona or anything else, comment and tell me. If you want an Arizona rock or something.

Monday, June 27, 2005


I saw that Duchess had done this so I wanted to show it off to everyone of mine. I've been to a lot of places. And from what Duchess said airports don't count, but luckily I was able to still count all those states.

Though I've been to more states then her, she's been to more countries.

Go here to do it yourself, has anyone been to more states then me? States

Sunday, June 26, 2005


I was thinking of something I did my freshman year which would make my life oh so much easier. Flashback time. So there was this girl named Katy*. I saw her fall semester going out with some guy and they were always making out. But I thought she looked pretty cool cause she was always wearing tie-dye t-shirts. Well when winter semester came along she broke up with what's his name and we ended up talking randomly one day. She was pissed at her ex because he never said what was on his mind, and it ended up being the ruin of them. Well we were having fun talking and then she said, "hey, now that we're friends, let's have a unique relationship," I was fine with that, "Why don't we tell each other what's on our mind about the other person when we see them, and don't hold back." I said, that'd be cool. Holy Crap did that work out well, not only did I gain like the best friend ever that semester but I always felt comfortable around her cause if I was stinky she would say, you're stinky, if I was rude, she would say so, if she had PMS she would tell me and then smack me for no reason, if she was disgruntled about how I treated someone, she would tell me, and if she was delighted to see me, she would tell me that, and it was so easy to believe her. Well we almost ended up hooking up and I even visited her home in South Carolina at one point where her mother basically told her to marry me. Well she ended up marrying some other guy but that's not the point.

I have gotten a mite miffed lately. See, I can pick up on signals pretty well. For some reason I have now been included into the girl's way of thinking and now can understand their gestures and all such non verbal communication. I can tell if I'm not wanted, I can tell if someone is ignoring me, I can tell if someone wants me dead. And today as I was thinking of a couple girls I know including the sister of Katy, I thought, now why can't I have another relationship like that, and if I do have one, which girls do I know would actually agree to it and then actually tell me what's on their mind about me. I got so sick of Katy's sister today because she's ignoring me completely and I can't figure out why, I just know that she doesn't want me around. So what do I want? At this point in my life I'm getting to where if a girl immidiatly basically implies, yeah I don't want you around here then I'm like, Psh, screw you. But I still go around anyways. Why? Cause I want some freakin' Closure! If you don't want me around just tell me the reason why! Then maybe I can fix whatever it is I'm doing wrong for someone else. Why is it just so easy for them to say, ah, I'll just give him the cold shoulder so I don't hurt his feelings. Do women not understand us guys? We can take it if you say directly to us, "Hey, we don't want you around for such and such reason." But we can't tolerate the we won't speak to him and hope he gets a clue route. We usually understand it, except the truely dense ones, and it drives us batty.

So I tired to confront Amy's sister about this one, but she wasn't home. But now I'm wondering who I could use it on. I've decided I am done with doing the dance. I'm to the point where it's not funny any more. I don't want this life of back and forth where people want something better then a nice guy, they want mr. I'm not really myself but I'll act perfect just for you guy who is doing it so that he can get in the door. I just can't get in the door cause I refuse to do that. I'm not going to be someone I'm not just so that someone will notice me. My mind is all a jumble and I can't think straight about this stuff cause I've been fuming all day on this stuff, and now I'm venting. Just think about how much easier life would be if we didn't play the game, if we didn't do the dance. If we were just honest with each other from the get go. Sure some feelings might be hurt right off the bat but people can move on from that, it's a sudden drop in communication that we can't understand. We'd all be so much happier if we were a little more blunt with people. And we'd be happier if we realized that maybe just maybe this random guy or this random girl isn't here to try and get in a relationship with us. They're just there to have a good time.

Anywho, I could say a whole lot more, but I'll stop there and go to bed. Any thoughts on how nice life would be if we were just honest with each other, so anyone that knows me, that will read this, they might get the honesty talk from me. No, they probably won't cause I'm too chicken to do such a thing, it's hard enough for me to call people on the phone.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Calling all Freakzoids, please report to the dance floor

Wow, have I had a great week. On monday I helped [a href=""]Tiblittle[/a] with her note taking. (if I knew how to link to someone's blog with their name I would do it but I don't know how) Then I went to Costco! Yay for food. I also started watching the tv show "Scrubs" on dvd. The tuesday was crazy, I guess my reputation proceeded me so I went and met [a href=""]Novel[/a] and [a href=""]Uffish[/a]. Cool cats they be. Happy BDay Uff. Then I went to Poetasters. My friend Steve had called me up earlier that day and knowing him to be a poet I invited him along. He showed up and quoted from memory his favorite poem that he had written himself called "Of Frogs and Men" It was grand, I'll have to snag it from him and post it on my site or see if he's fine with sending it to ambrosia for the book. So yeah poetasters was great, a whole bunch of people showed up, I met [a href=""]BAWB[/a] and [a href=""]Eleka[/a] for the first time. Eleka is a lot shorter then I pictured her being. I also read four of my poems, I don't really like my poetry, especially when I read it to people. In the end I think the consences was liking my missionary one the best so I'll post that on here. Then later that night I went to a mission companions place and we caught up on old times by playing the best companionship game ever. Idiot! There's no winners, only one loser in that game. It's a great two player game which works well with companionships, and it can be played with up to as many people as you'd like as long as you have enough decks.

So then today I got a hold of a friend of a friend and snagged the third season of 24 on dvd and let Uff and Nov steal it for a while. So now they can feed their addiction, but they owe me, even if I have to take their souls. Bwa Ha Ha. By the way, in high school my friends and I would deal in souls, selling each other's souls and such. So I own 1/16th of my friend's little brother's soul. Ha!

After letting them get the addiction I went home and saw Team America World Police. It was my second time since seeing it in the theaters, it wasn't as funny the second time. I wouldn't recommend it to most people I know, unless you watch South Park on a regular basis. But even I don't do that as much as I used to, I don't have comedy central any more.

Then I played Night games and then went to a girl's BDay party a little late and we threw a giant dry ice bomb and it made a very loud boom. Then someone gave me Pink Floyd's The Wall on dvd for no apparent reason. I've already seen it and it is one screwed up movie.

Tomorrow is Arrested Development Day! Oh yeah and I'm up to episode eight in Scrubs. And now with out further ado is the poem entitled "Called to Serve"

You said 18 months
gone to help others
I'll see you later
and the dream begins

To me, you've falled asleep
three months and I recieve a letter
but it's not from you
it's from your publicist

She tells me you're doing well
apologizes for the lack of writing
the area's good, companion's good
life is good, talk to ya later, bye

When did our long nights
of sharing hopes and dreams
become cordial remarks
and abbriviations

Ah yes,
It must've been while I was asleep for two years.

P.S. Thanks [a href=""]Chosha[/a]

Sunday, June 19, 2005


I am so glad to be home! Oh and for you color people I talked to my dad about the triangle and he already knew about it, and then he said, son you're definatly a yellow, I'm a white, and your mom is a blue. We were talking about the same triangle so it works out.

Friday, June 17, 2005

First Paragraph is about Longest Yard and Wrestling, skip it if you'd like, and hit paragraph two for a really happy me

Saw Longest Yard today. 1 and a half stars. Now for those of you that have read my entire blog, you know that yes I do indeed like to watch wrestling. If you haven't read that, go to the second post I ever posted for an explanation. And if you don't wanna just know, that yes I do like it, no I don't want to watch it with you, because yes I know what you will say, yes it is fake, but you know what? I have liked it since I was 6, and will probably continue to like it, because I enjoy it. I'm one of those guys who like to critique the storylines, the acting and overall just enjoy the shows. So now that that's out of the way. I know a lot about wrestling and the wrestlers in them. For instance, Matt Hardy was screwed. Anyone who gets fired because they get mad at their friend for cheating on them with a higher priced wrestler and gets fired for publicly venting on his blog about it. Now that is getting screwed. But that's not what I came here to talk about. Now when it comes to wrestling, most of these guys are not good actors. They are good at what they do, and that's wrestle and do the cliche wrestling promos. I can think of two wrestlers off the top of my head who would do fairly well in the movie industry. The Rock is currently doing pretty good where he is now with movies, and good for him with that one. Now besides the Rock, most people try to get into movies from launching off of Wrestling, let's look at Hulk Hogan, what did he do? Mr. Mom, Suburban Commando, a made for tv movie from Ted Turner over there in TNT land. Now most wrestlers usually end up doing a guest star role, for instance Triple H in Blade Trinity. But now it has come to my attention that a movie has decided to put not one which can be allowed for some movies, but THREE wrestlers into a movie. And that was done with the Longest Yard. But not only three wrestlers, but three in three seperate companies. You've got the first, Stone Cold Steve Austin who is the highest on the WWE checkbook besides possibly The Rock who is still emplyed with WWE. He broke his neck a while back and was still able to walk, however he can no longer wrestle, so he does work behind the scenes, makes guest appearances, drinks a beer on camera here and there and does a little work in movies. That's all fine and good. Now the second is Bill Goldberg. Bill was the right thing at the right time for WCW just before it went under. He was their unstoppable machine. He went something like 125 and 0 before capturing the world championship. Problem was they made him too good, so when they tried to give the belt to someone else no would could believe he could do it. Right when he lost the belt, WCW also lost the ratings war with WWE which they never recovered from until it ran them out of business. WWE picked up Goldberg and gave him the belt but they couldn't handle the guy. He was too hot headed for them and couldn't do anything with him unless it was belt related so they let him go and he s WWE now. He now does a car show for the History channel and was in this movie. Lastly is Kevin Nash, Kevin Nash was one of the front runners for WCW and started the ratings war that kept WCW on top for 3 years. He now works for TNA after doing a brief 3 month stint with the WWE. So now if any of you are still reading this, I thought it was amazing that they got 3 guys all from different companies into this. All 3 of them have been noted on wrestling sites to have problems with each other and yet they were all in this movie. Pretty wacky to me.

Now for those that followed the title's suggestion. I am coming back tomorrow, I need to go back home. Too much family and too many things I want to do at home. I've realized on this trip that a lot of things are going good for me right now, and I really like life at home. I can't wait to meet more people and gain more friends and help out the existing ones as well. I can't wait, and it's just tomorrow. I'm gonna be all happy and giddy for like a week cause I have so much I wanna do. I'm gonna be at Poetasters with a couple of my poems on tuesday, I'll be at Juggling club and have fun there on thursday. I'm gonna see Batman Begins with my buddies. I'm gonna do a whole bunch of homework on my independent study course so I can finish that as soon as possible. I'm going to have an Arrested Development Marathon of sorts. Hopefully show some people some Michel Gondry videos, and have a lot of fun. I ripped and ready to take a hold of life and get out there and make something happen, so watch out Provo cause here I come.

Oh yes, and just as another note that I'm now editing in, and as a reminder, if ANYONE has a scrapbooking party and I mean ANYONE. Give me a holler, cause I need to do some scrapbooking and I only do it when I'm with people. I know, guys don't scrap book but I do!

Thursday, June 16, 2005


The cruise is over. Now I just have tonight and all day tomorrow here at my grandparents and then i fly out back home saturday. Yay!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Random Musings from the Ocean

I watched Howl's Moving Castle for the second time today. That movie is so imaginative, it's amazing. I actually liked the english dub and maybe even better then the japanese which is very different from my usual views on the matter.

Tomorrow morning I'm waking up at 6 am to watch a sunrise on the water. We'll have nothing but water on all sides so I'm super excited for it.

My awesome cousin Ryan who's 4 years old said something funny today, "Goofy is Hot" He is a funny one.

Can I just say for a while there I was not looking forward to having children because I was afraid I wouldn't like thier personalities as kids. But these cousins of mine, Ryan and Rachel twins at 4 and Erin the one year old, they are the most amazing kids. Ryan fell asleep on my lap today and Rachel fell asleep in my lap a couple days ago and Erin whenever she sees me wants to sit in my lap too. It's so much fun. I love these kids, makes me feel like I may have some hope when it comes to children.

On this trip I went into a Virgin Music store for the first time and found they had a list of 16 bands that they recommended that I hadn't heard of, so I gave a listen to most of them, but I especially fell in love with a band call Bloc Party. They're like a mix of Radiohead with Modest Mouse. I really like their style.

So I told Jade like a half hour ago that I wanted to wait on posting poetry until I took it to Poetasters, but I wrote part of a poem while in South Carolina, it was more of just an idea for a poem, but when I read it to my mom she said it was really good just as it is and now I think I agree with her. So here's a four liner that was inspired by a review of Coldplay's newest cd which I haven't listened to, in fact the only song I know by them is that speed of sound song whihc I've heard about three times. I'm not sure what I'll title this one yet so any suggestions would be appriciated, so here for the first time is a poem posted on my blog.

Untitled for now

Why is it that the puzzle
is always missing one piece?
My life is the same way
oh wait, there it is, under the couch.


Oh, and I finally decided to do one of those quiz your friends quizes, so to take mine go to...

Monday, June 13, 2005

I changed my name

Now my blog posting name reflects my persona more on here. I don't know why i didn't change it sooner.

Fripp to Disney

Alrighty, let's cover at least the Fripp Island part of the trip. So for the first part of the trip I was my families representitive to check out this new beach home that my grandparents had purchased. Now I first have to explain a little bit about my mom's side of the family. My grandparents are crazy, at least I think they are. They are both ultra ultra republican and believe that if anyone in the family doesn't believe the same things as them that they are wrong no matter what. My grandma does this the most, she comments to my mother all the time about how she shouldn't be raising us in the manner she is but should do what she was taught. It's gotten so bad that with my autistic brother my grandmother happened to make the comment that our family shouldn't have to live with that burden and he should be sent to a mental institution, but if we were to keep him around, we should use physical abuse to keep him at bay. My mother almost snapped at that one and calmly told her that if she ever talked to us about my brother again like that, we would cut all communication with them. The other thing my grandmother does is she yells and screams at people and doesn't explain herself and expects them to understand what she's getting at. My grandpa is a little less my grandma. He's not as outspoken and he's a lot more understanding, but he can get cranky some times. He's a retired Lt. Col. in the Marines. Now I love my grandparents, and the whole famly agress that they are really good when you're in a big group with them because their attention is divided. But when it's just you and the two of them or just you and my grandmother, you have to be careful, cause she'll come out with those comments. So the first part of the trip was Me, my grandma and grandpa driving on a six hour trip to Fripp Island South Carolina. It wasn't so bad, there were a couple of points that they would get frustrated and start bickering back and forth, but for the most part it was calm. Now luckily my aunt and her six kids also decided to come to the beanch home for the weekend I was there, so I was able to see some cousins I hadn't yet seen and they are so cute and so well behaved. It was great.

The best parts of the Fripp part of the trip was by far in front was spending times with my cousins, and playing hearts with my grandparents and aunt. The other cool things include, I got to swim in the Atlantic Ocean, We had a 9 foot 50 year old alligator in our front yard, we went to Subway one of the nights and when I asked for stamps the dude gave me 17 stamps.

I've now decided that one place I can never live is in the south states, at least during the summer. Ever since I've been doing all my exercising and losing all this weight, I tried to do the same exercises in Fripp and I was sweating within 10 minutes instead of around 50, and I could do about 20 minutes before I was beat where as I usually go walking for about an hour or two a night. I can't handle this humidity, I could on my mission but I wasn't really exercising as much.

So then we drove down to Orlando and this is where the fun began with my G-Parents. Once again it was just the three of us and so the comments started coming out, my grandma told me my hair was just a bit too long and that girls don't like long hair like mine, after all she's a girl and she knows. I had to tell her that I wouldn't marry someone who wasn't fine with me growing my hair into an afro. She then tried to convince me that Film was a heathen's major to go into. That if I did it I would fall away from the church and that I should go into the Religion department so that I can become a general authority. She finally came down to the point through our arguing that she knows what she's talking about and she speaks the truth. So I just had to take it. Then there was listening to Rush Limbaugh and agreeing with everything he said even when he's just too mean about things. But the best part was when we entered Orlando. I've been to disney before, but they hadn't. Well when we were about 12 exits away, the map quest said to get off the free way, and I knew that wasn't right, and I told them to stay on I 4 but they said they woul follow mapquest to the end. So I called up my aunt who was on the same route and was ahead of us and she said yes, it was 12 more exits and she was currently taking it and had mapquest that told her where it was. But my granparents followed our mapquest though I kept pleading with them that it was wrong, yet they kept telling me I was wrong. So where'd we end up? In the middle of a residential area. But still they wouldn't listen to me, so we stopped for directions and the lady immidiatly said, no you should have stayed on I4. Turns out my grandma accidently put in dinseyworld instead of disneyworld. So the nice lady printed a new map quest for us and when we were off again they both blamed me for not seeing that it said dinsey world and that I wasn't attentive enough to the signs to see that we needed to stay on I4, and when I said I had been pleading with them that yes I was doing so, my grandmother said, "Why can't you admit when you're wrong?"

We got into the hotel that night and my grandmother was yelling at all the front desk people to get everything right. Well I went up to check on her and she was at the ticket office getting the tickets for dinseyworld, and she was swearing up a storm at the lady that looked like she was about to cry. When I arrived my grandma said, "See if you can knock some sense into her, I need to sit down." So she went to sit down and the lady said, "I can't process 26 tickets in two minutes." Come to find out through the whole thing my grandma hadn't listened to anyone and we ended up paying for 10 adult tickets and 15 children tickets. But kids 10 and up have to be adult tickets, so we needed 20 adult tickets and 5 children, but my grandma didn't listen to them. So I had to work it all out which took another hour and when my grandma came back demanding that she take care of it I had to stand up to her and tell her no, which was VERY hard cause I'm yellow and it's hard to go into a red column. Ha. But I talked to one of the other tellers later and it turned out while dealing with my grandma she had to go into the back room "to get some stuff" but in reality she went back and cried. Yeah, that wasn't cool, but my grandma is in her own world and she's very forceful about it. So I fixed the tickets and then I was done with grandma for the trip.

So then we had disneyworld which was fun, except when I threw up on the space ride at Epcot. I can't take spinning rides since I have such low blood pressure. But I tried anyways and failed. And then I got food poisoning the next day so I spent the third day in my room. My favorite park this time was MGM, I did all the different things including being picked to be an extra for the Indiana Jones presentation because I could yell the loudest out of everyone in the audience. It was so cool.

Then sunday we drove to Cape canaveral and boarded the cruise which I'm now on. And let me tell you it is sweet. I've had some crazy things happen which I'll cover later. Man this is a long post, and it's all stuff that happened instead of philosophy and whatnot. Too bad. Well there will also be poetry once I read them at Poetasters then I'll post them here if I like them enough after a group listens to it. I've got until saturday and then it's back to Utah, and I'll be glad to be home. But I think tomorrow when I got snorkeling, I'll have an awesome time. I also grooved my way through a 70s dicso night last night, that was way cool.

That's it for me.

I've got a lot to cover

But I won't do it now, cause I'm on a cruise ship. Maybe tomorrow, but most likely when I get back.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Landlord edit

landlord situation averted, things worked out. Yay!

Day 2 Part 2

I went on Lake Lenier with my grandpa. Man that is a huge lake, he has a dock of his own just by the house. We saw a mansion of the man who figured out how to get rid of the fat in Tyson's Chicken products. Pretty wacky.

Day 2

Oi, day 2. I'm here in Atlanta Georgia. Had a good flight out, I wrote two poems on the plane. I'll post them once I've got them edited to my liking. I then rode the metro up here to Cumming Georgia. It's funny cause as I was helping my grandpa out with errands this morning he mentioned to me, "Do you see any black people around here?" And I thought about it and realized that I hadn't seen any since I left Atlanta. I said No and he said, "Well that's because we're in Forsyth county, and here in Forsyth county is where the Ku Klux Klan was originally formed, and we still have a chapter of them here, you can see them walking around main street every once in a while." Wow. Now there's a funny one. From here I head to Fripp Island, South Carolina for the weekend and then on tuesday I head down to Disney. I'll check in every now and again when I'm at a computer.