Monday, April 25, 2005

Arrested for playing steal the flag?

So I had a crazy weekend. It was nuts. I have quite a bit to tell but I think I'll only tell about the game of steal the flag which was played. A friend of mine invited me to play steal the flag on saturday night. We got a good 7 on 7 game played in between Centenial Middle School and Rock Canyon Elementary School. The funny thing about this game was cell phones were suddenly used quite a bit. It was amazing, almost everyone had a cell phone, and they were amazing tools for the game. I had to leave at the beginning to get a coat but by the time I came back my team had caught 4 people form the other team and we still had 7. I talked to one of my teammates and he said that they had more players however because some girl showed up. So I was on defense and near the jail when (Bob) was on his cell phone, and I suddenly heard him say "Turn off your lights." I looked around and saw a car turn their lights off in the parking lot and recognized the car as Bob's girlfriend's car, we'll call her Sally. So I started walking towards the car when I heard Bob tell Sally to pull out and drive around the block. Now obviously we hadn't set rules about cars and suddenly they had a car. I wasn't cool with this. So a couple of minutes later most my team went for their flag and suddenly the car pulls back in the parking lot. It starts driving towards the jail and I jump in front of it. She sees me in her sights but doesn't slow down, so when she gets to me, she does start to slow down and I smack her hood. Then I ran to her door, opened it up and tagged her. Right after I tagged her Bob touches the car and runs off, I yell to him that I tagged the car and he says I didn't even though he saw it and he grabs the flag and runs over to his side. I figured our team had already gotten the flag since there was so much more time, but still I was pissed. I start walking to the safe zone in the middle of the battlefield when Bob comes back Screaming at me that I broke the law. I broke an entering to touch his girlfriend just like someone trespassing in someone's house. I come back with telling him it was just a game and that I physically tagged her before he even touched the car and he saw me hit the car before he did, he comes back with the fact that I didn't have the power to tag her on the car but because he was on her team it would count for him. We got into a huge argument because he was being a putz. Well we come to find out that my team hadn't found the flag because they brought back five (FIVE!) decoy flags and apparently hadn't brought back the real flag that was underneath rocks. But our one flag in easy accessable eye sight was taken back by a guy who was technically still in jail and I could be charged with attempted rape charges. Well obviously this friendly game of steal the flag hadn't turned out quite the way I thought it would. Luckily I've known Sally for 6 years or so and know she wouldn't have me arrested although I guess technically she really could. Later Bob called me up apologizing for being a jerk and everything was fine. But ti's funny because when I get together with this group I realize after everything goes into controversy that this happens every time we get together.

So we all went back to someone's house and played some of the funniest games of Mafia that I've ever played. Everyone was on the floor laughing and it worked so well. I alsoplayed four hours of frisbee that day and got sunburnt. So it was a good day.

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

A Tale of sadness

A tale of sadness I have to say today. Does anybody remember the game Final Fantasy one for the original nintendo? Well back in the day when i had this game, I went through the entire game, I had gotten all the way into the final temple where you have to fight all the feilds again and then Chaos. Well when I had gotten to Tiamat the second time, I lost. I tried again, and again and again, and I could never beat it. My warriors were too worn out and I finally decided I had a crap team and I restarted the game. So you might wonder why I tell this tale, well it gets worse for those that know the game. I had chosen a pretty good team, a fighter, black belt, Red mage and black mage. But before I restarted my game I thought to myself, why do they even have the black belt? He is the worst character! I had the iron nunchucks on him the whole time and he never got better. That is the sadness. No one had told me, "just take off his weapon." I was a young kid and thought weapons only enhanced someones fighting ability. If I had been told before it was erased I would have beaten the game, but now about 14 or 15 years later I am finally playing the game again on the GBA and I might finally beat the game that plaugued me for so long. That of Final Fantasy.

Friday, April 22, 2005


Watched two movies today. The first being Super Size Me. I'm glad I've lost 12 pounds in the last month, cause if I hadn't I'd feel like a horrible person after that one. The other one I watched was ONG-BAK, it's an action movie from India. It was pretty good, first Indian movie I've seen, so that was new. But it was a good one.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

So I decided to check out after checking out Jade's blog for today and now I'm going to post my top 24 cities so i don't have to go back to the site just to see what my cities are. I was actually quite surprised by the cities it gave me, especially since I had neevr even considered some of these states in the first place. So next to the ones I had never even thought of I'll put an asterix. Also I'll put the populationg of the city after the city and before the asterix. So now without further ado is my top 24 spots I should maybe live in according to

1. Knoxville, Tennesse 687,300*
2. Seattle, Washington 3,555,000
3. Cincinnati, Ohio 1,650,000
4. Norfolk, Virginia 1,551,000
5. Carlisle, Pennsylvania 615,000
6. Greenville, South Carolina 56,000
7. Charlotte, North Carolina 1,335,000
8. Charleston, South Carolina 549,000
9. Chattanooga, Tennessee 155,000*
10. Long Island, New York 2,780,000*
11. Richmond, Virginia 966,500 (I've lived within 20 min of here)
12. Hickory, North Carolina 342,000
13. Olympia, Washington 207,300
14. Nashville, Tennessee 545,500*
15. Kent, Washington 80,000
16. Asheville, North Carolina 70,000
17. Jacksonville, Florida 778,000
18. Johnson City-Kingsport, Tennesse 100,000*
19. Tacoma, Washington 194,000
20. Louisville, Kentucky 801,000*
21. Chesapeake-Virginia Beach, Virginia 624,000
22. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 507,000*
23. Clarksville, Tennessee 104,000*
24. St. Louis, Missouri 2,600,000

5 cities in Tennessee? Dang. Including number one? That's really weird. I can't wait to tell my mom.


The Pillows! I'm currently listening to the Pillows. They're a Japanese Band that are wicked sweet! I found out about them because of the 6 episode anime FLCL. I saw that for the first time about 6 months ago and watched it again about 2 weeks ago. It is so sweet. My roommate made me a copy of a whole bunch of the Pillows music. I love these guys.

Why is it that Rye Chips from Gardettos are one of the greatest creations ever?

I've gotten more hits! I'm so happy. If Jade signs on before I can get to a better computer, I tried to post a comment on yours but my computer is sometimes stupid with that stuff. But it's nice to meet you and since we're going into the same things we'll probably have a lot to talk about.

I like making new friends.

Oh and I read the 100 hour board today and there was some question about some guy who was concerned about a girls looks, this made me think of one of my favorite people, my favorite companion on my mission who said, "In 15 years it's not going to matter who has the hottest wife, it's going to matter who has the coolest wife. 'Sorry dude, my hot wife won't let me leave.' 'Yeah dude, me and my wife would both love to come.'"

Next movie on my list to watch

at home: rear window

in the theaters: hotel rwanda

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Know what's funny? Is after writing the last blog, I ran into the girl two hours later and talked to her for a little bit. That's funny, and I know funny, I've had a lot of experience with funny and that is funny.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I Will Survive

I saw someone in the library today that reminded me of a time a couple of weeks ago. I had been invited to this killer music party where a bunch of people were going to play instruments and such. So I combed out my afro put on my orange moxie shirt, My red "Sean John" Sweatpants* and my bright blue suit jacket. I went to the party knowing I didn't know any musical instruments, however I had a couple of aces up my sleeve. When I first got to the mike I pulled out my crowd inspiring version of "I will survive" which had all the girls crying at the end. Then a little later I pulled out my raping skills and jammed off all the lyrics to "rapper's delight"

It was definatly a fun experience but there was this freshman girl that came up to me afterwards and asked me how I learned to rap, and how I should do it professionaly. It was so weird to have some hot girl telling me I should be the next Eminem. I saw her in the library today but since I cut my hair she didn't recognize me, how sad.

*I got the "Sean John" sweatpants at a white elephant gift thing on my mission and when it was unveiled a bunch of "cool" elders said, "Those are Sean Johns! How Sweet!" I had no idea what they were talking about, but they were huge and dang comfortable so I ended up with them. I guess now I'm cool for wearing red sweat pants with a small SJ on the left leg.

So there it is. Should I become a professional rapper?


Don't you just love the library after midnight? I'm a night owl by nature. I wish this place was always open past midnight. I do all my best thinking past midnight and I also wish the testing center could give you a test at 2 in the morning. That would help me so much. The atmosphere in here at 1 in the morning is awesome, there are very few people here and it's so nice. I'm now done with studying which I've done in here since about 7 pm so now I'll play some hearts on yahoo and then go home. Wanna play hearts with me sometime?

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Monday, April 18, 2005

9:19, monday night, first floor library

This blogging thing is fun. WEEEEEE!

Have you ever heard of The propeller heads? They do this wicked sweet remix of Soul Coughing's Super Bon Bon.

Last night I had a scrapbooking party with a friend in the ward. The crazy thing is, I'm a guy, and I enjoy the whole act of scrapbooking. What is up with that? I'm not supposed to like things like that. The thing is I have over 700 mission photos and alot of junk I collected from zone conferences and such, and I need to put them all in one place so scrapbooking isn't so weird in that instance is it? So here I am a 22 year old guy scrapbooking in this girl's apartment with two girls, one which is 29 and the other is 27. Both aren't married and of course the dating life comes up, and when doesn't it when you're at BYU? So they both asked me what my dating plans were, and I answered them truthfully. So my question is, why can't I find anyone that matches my Criteria? I don't necessarily think my criteria for finding someone is too hard, yet it seems in the BYU setting it is. First off I want someone who believes the gospel to be true of course, I mean which Latter Day Saint doesn't? I'd prefer a return missionary, but if not that's alright, just one that is a good Latter Day Saint. That is something easy to find, just about eevry girl here works in that situation. So let's go on.

I want a girl who is fine with political debates, and what I mean by that is I'm an independent who leans more towards Democratic views, but I can understand why someone votes republican because I agree with some of the same stuff too. Every time I've taken an internet test to find out where I am in the liberal/conservative viewpoints and I always end up as a Centrist. Right in the center, not because I don't have radical viewpoints but because for how many radical liberal points I have the same amount of radical conservative viewpoints. So I need a wife who can understand my feelings and won't go off the deep end like some friends of mine have when I say such things like "I think Clinton did a pretty good job in some of his policies."

I'm a pack rat. I'm gouing to need someone who'll be fine with that and not immidatily throw out all my things. I remember when my mom threw out my basketball cards, I spent all night going through the dumpster getting them all back. I do need someone who can help me so I don't become too cluttered but also someone who doesn't go crazy because of that.

I need someone who will talk. That is a biggy. All the companions I didn't get along with on my mission were because they wouldn't talk. I love listening to people but I also like for people to listen to me as well. But if they don't talk I won't talk either and then I'll be left to my unrelenting self concious to say things until I go crazy.

Now all of these can be dealt with, it's true, I don't usually have trouble finding girls that can fit into these catergories, however now we'll hit the more drastic points which usually get rid of the whole BYU population.

I'm a nerd. I have a lot of nerdy things about me. I'm not the hottest guy in town, I'm a little fat, I enjoy wearing funky clothes. What am I nerd about though. The biggest thing is movies, I'm going into movies for one. I'm studying to be a film editor. So I'm really big into movies, often times people say, "I hate the critics, they never agree with what I think." The opposite is true with me. I watch so many movies that i feel I'm a very cultured individual. You know what the biggest turn off for me when it comes to movies is? The comment, "Oh, I have to read this movie?" I'm a very big fan of foriegn films, half of my dvd collection is foriegn, mostly chinese. When people ask me my favorite movies I tell them a long list and they haven't heard of a single one. I don't really like mind numbing comedies, romantic comedies, or box office smashing action movies. By most accounts they're all the same movie. But give me a Coen Brothers film, a Stephen Chow film, Woody Allen, Hitchcock, Wes Anderson, Tim Burton, Tarintino, or an old school Chaplin film and I've got me a good night. I watched the Hitchcock film Vertigo with a group the other night, I thought it was amazing, and everyone else thought it was boring. When I say hey, let's go watch the Hudsucker Proxy and they say, I haven't heard of it so I won't watch it, instead let's go see the new queen latifah movie Taxi. That always drives me batty. I want someone who's willing to go out of thier comfort zones and explore new things. And overall if my life is going to be all about movies, if I can't talk movies with a wife, then I don't know what I'd do.

So there's a biggy, I'm also a big music fan. I've talked a bit about Phish before so I'll save that one, but that one isn't as big as the movies thing.

I love to travel, I've been to 37 of the 50 states, and 3 other countries. And that includes living in the same city for 14 years.

I love comic books, I'm in the juggling club, I play ultimate frisbee every week, I like performing in plays, I love playing nintendo, I enjoy hearts the card game more then most things, I'm an artist coming from an artist family, and the biggest thing is, I don't fake it.

I don't fake the funk as one of my friends said. I'm proud of the fact that I like to play nintendo games and that I'm good at most of them. I enjoy having an afro and wearing a blue suit jacket and shorts. (of course I don't have an afro now, since I cut my hair) I enjoy being myself and I don't usually when meeting people try to influence them by being a different person as so many people I know do. I don't often give off good first impressions because I'm not exactly what everyone wants me to be when they first meet me. If I'm mad at something, I'm mad, if I'm happy, I'm happy. I'm proud of my being able to do the rubix cube in one minute. I enjoy wrestling, and I won't stop just because someone tells me it's stupid. That's who I am.

But it seems nobody wants me for who I am, they want to mold me into what they want, how they want to see me, and sure, I too want to mold people but overall I want someone who's true to themself, I don't care if they're hot or not, I've found I prefer girls without make up, I'm slightly allergic to strong smelling perfumes and lotions, I don't like wearing jewelry. I'm not the usual BYU mormon that you can find on any street corner. I'm me, and that's how you'll get me.

The whole time as I wrote this, I kept thinking of my freshman year. I've got so many friends from the dorms, I had an afro, I was in many ways the same guy, and most of the ward excepted me for that. But then in this ward I'm in, nobody excepted me for those things. It's weird how these things work out like that.

Anywho, that's my rant and ramblings, maybe some day I'll find someone that'll mesh well with me, we'll enjoy all the finest things, and we'll get into fights too. That's how it'll be. Nothing is ever perfect, but I don't want it to be perfect. I just want it to be fun.


So I'm one of those weird blokes who is really into the WWE. I've been a fan since I was like 10, back in the days of Hulk Hogan and the Junkyard Dog and that lovable guy Doink the Clown. I remember my favorite character was the 123 kid, now known as X-Pac. But because of this early liking of the product I am now genuinly hooked. But not like most of the general populace. I'm one of those avid fans who regularly checks the behind the scenes news, my favorite place for that is and I also just enjoy the overall storylines. I admit, if I hadn't gotten into it back then I wouldn't become a fan now, but since I've been following it for so many years I'm still an avid fan. I understand everyone's thoughts on wrestling and I respect them for it, but I just say when I'm watching wrestling leave me alone. I often just tape the segments and watch them late at night, it's a hobby of mine but I've gotten into a solitude factor with it that basically says, I don't want to hear it, I've heard everything, just go away and let me die. That's me and the WWE. So often times i may spitout a wrestling observance and if so I'll preface it and end it as well so that no one has to read it if they don't want to.

I'm am also happy to announce that in only my second day of writing this, I have had one visitor. Maybe I'll have more if it's interesting enough.


I saw Melinda and Melinda the other night, it's the new Woody Allen movie. It was a good one. It was Enoch's birthday. That was nice.

Friday, April 15, 2005


So here I am in the library. Around 10:30 on the fourth floor. Nobody will be reading this, at least for a while. Since after all this is really my frist post, since my last post was just me trying to figure out this blasted contraption of a blog. I've been into internet stuff for years and years, back in the early days of my internet usage I was obsessed with a community known as x-wars and I still have a warm chair open there whenever I want. This community was a bunch of people who loved writing and loved writing about mutants and marvel comics type things. So everyone had thier own character and it would go back and forth in a writing RPG style. I got into it probably back in freshamn year of high school and was refered by some weirdo that I haven't seen since, so all in all I've been a part of it for about 8 years now. I made up some name from the only email I could get, i tried so many different things until Pophy got through. Pophy or Paw-Fee made himself known until he gained friends and I became one of the group. Ever since then I've always wanted to feel like I was part of internet communities. I also like being a part of real life communities but there's something special about internet communities where you can be yourself and people don't judge you on physical appearances and the like. X-wars has become a home for me somewhat. I know everyone on the board and it's nice, problem is there is no possiblility of meeting any of them. Most of them live far away, as far as a military base in japan and so thus there is no close communication of my peers. But then I found it, The 100 hour board at my college BYU. It's a board on the internet where people ask questions and the many board writers can answer them, just the kind of internet community I've been looking for, one among my peers where I can first woo someone with my vast trivial knowledge and then possibly get to know the other writers. Of course to become a board writer there's an application process to be had. Well first off, I first found the board before my lds mission. I read it a little bit but it was recommended not to become a boardwriter if you were going on a mission, thus I just decided against it. When I came home I perused the archives for the rite of passage or in other words the way to apply to the board. I started with the board using the name "Crazy" Jon. Reason being that was my nickname my freshman year, and maybe someone would know me by the name, but it never came up. So after about 3 months I finally decided to apply. I recieved an application and tried to be a little clever without being too show off-ie. I submitted it under a different name, one that only my close high school friends would know, the one problem I thought of in doing this was I had never posted under this name and thus who would know that I've been over the board ten-fold. I haven't recieved anything back since and the only reason why i even brought this up was I was looking at board member's blogs and remembered that I had this. I did live journal for a while but the only people I ever had on it were the x-wars people. Anywho, though no one is going to read this since I haven't given this to anyone it's still fun to write it as if someone will read it eventually. I've been wanting to keep a journal since I did well on my mission but haven't since. Now I think I may update this every once in a while. Anywho, I'm a bit of an odd sort, I go to BYU and I'm a film major, I enjoy quite a number of things that most BYU students I've come across have never heard of. I have about 450 cds, and the bands mostly include such stuff as Phish, String Cheese Incident and other Jam Bands. The funny thing is, I've found maybe three students in my two years at BYU so far that have actually heard Phish's music. Most people don't realize how big this band is but yet because they don't get radio play nobody knows who they are. f you wanna check them out go to or and you can find some stuff. Thus the title of this post one of thier songs I was listening to when I started, Fluffhead.

Anywho, on to my day. I started the day off with frisbee at kawanis park, I usually make it every saturday morning at 10 but this time it was scheduled for today because of finals starting tomorrow. I then went home watched about 7 episodes of GTO and then found that I was bored. I tried going over to a neighbor's place and i talked to them for a little while. This ward I'm in is kind of a drag. I came into it winter semester and I guess it may be my slightly radical appearance or something else but nobody would really talk to me dispite most people saying how friendly a ward it was. I've made a couple of friends in the ward but overall it doesn't seem like if I moved any of them would care. I have two roommates, one who is antagonistic towards the church and one who couldn't understand the immidiate cold feelings we recieved as we entered into the ward. He has less patience in things like that and so after trying to get to know a couple of people and basically getting shrugged off at every turn he said screw it and he goes to a different ward. Now with saturday coming up I have just learned that a girl in this ward who started off really friendly has invited everyone in the ward except my apartment to her birthday party. How much of a drag is that, what a friendly ward this is. When we moved in we only had one person welcome us to the ward besides the people that live above us, and that was our FHE parents, no one else from the ward stopped by to meet us. It's such a change from my freshman ward where I made a whole bunch of friends who I'm still friends with, and I knew everyone in the ward and got along so great, and suddenly I get home from a mission and move into a ward that ignores us. Just a little rant, where was I? Ah, then i walked up with one of the really nice people in the ward to the library and now I'm here, I did a little bit of homework then spent most of my time doing this. Anywho, if anyone ever reads this post a comment. Thanks.


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