Thursday, May 10, 2012

Police Story

So I drive to UVU (My local University) around 7 pm and as I'm driving there I notice two people being pulled over by cops in different places. While at UVU I see someone out the window get pulled over by a cop. As I walk out to my car around 11 pm I see a police car drive past me. As I drive to the gym I see yet another person get pulled over. So at the gym I'm like, "Ah today must be a quota day. I oughta' be really careful on my drive home." As I leave the gym around 1 am I think, man I'm hungry I could go for a sandwich so I head down to Smiths in Provo. I was driving the speed limit the whole way and as I make my way down bulldog avenue I pull up to the stop light at 500 North. Across from me in the left turn lane is a police officer. There is no one else around and I'm thinking, this guy is going to pull around and pull me over for some stupid shit even though I've done nothing wrong. Then like a bat out of hell or for me a guarding angel 3 blocks behind me at the other stop light this guy with his brights on comes barreling down the road. This light is awful cause it stays red for like 2 minutes and only switches to green for like 15 seconds so I figured he wanted to get there before it switched on him. He drives super fast pulls into the left turn lane (with his brights still on) and stops right as the light turns green. He peels off turns left, the cop turns on his lights and turns right pulling him over and effectively saving me from getting pulled over.

Thursday, March 01, 2012


The only thing of note I did for leap day was that I did some blog hopping. Back when I originally created this blog back in 05, that's primarily what I did. The funny thing is, most of the early readers of this blog and if you identify yourself under the old categories of either 100 Hour Board people or Blue Beta people I met you because of blogging. And I met a lot of really cool people due to that. But basically what I did was I would start with a friend look through their friends and see what their friends were writing and if I had anything to say I would comment when I felt like it.

Funny thing is maybe this is too strange now. The internet is a much different beast then it was 7 years ago. Last night in doing this I went to a couple of friends blogs, clicked on their friends, read random stuff, happy blogs, depressed blogs, blogs on love, philosophies, movies, travel. There were two blogs which felt eerily similar to my own life a couple years ago and I wrote lengthy comments. I got on this morning and found one of them deleted the comment which I'm not surprised about, I actually probably would have deleted the comment to. If some random person wrote some comment about life getting better though still sucking in some ways I'd probably be like, "Crazy person 12 o'clock."

In 2005 I did this and made some of my best friends at the time. I didn't really believe the internet could produce those kind of results. Some of those friends I never did meet in person but we became blogging buddies and commented back in forth. There's one girl in Alabama that we talked about life for a good 3-4 years. I quit blogging sometime around 09 or so, it was when I had moved back to Utah from Boston and resumed my college career. At the time I was so focused on school that a lot of things like blogging didn't really seem important anymore. But in the past couple months I've been itching to write things again even if it was just simple thoughts, things about nothing. And as such I started blog hopping again. There's a cool local buddhist girl that I found, a gay dude that loves silent film, and a girl at BYU that does sculpture that I've found so far. All besides the ones I commented on last night.

So if I commented on your blog last night and you're coming here and you're like who the hell is this guy that wrote on my blog. I'm some wacky fellow who's nearing the end of his college life in Utah. I do know and am friends with someone you know (Or at least you know blogging-wise), but I haven't met you in real life. I'm as you can see a long winded guy who writes really fast. Most people would look at this blog post and be like man he must have spent an hour, it's only been 8 minutes now. It's just my morning streaming thoughts.

I like you blogging friends, I've found since I was gone most people don't check their readers any more as I didn't for a good couple years so there's only a smattering few of you. And you are awesome.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hairy Dating

I remember in high school when talking to someone about dating that I first came upon this phrase told to me, "You know if you'd just change this about yourself more people would want to date you." This is for the most part a flawed concept. I say for the most part because there are aspects that are totally true such as cleanliness and such like that, but when it comes to most other aspects of someone's personality there might be gradual change but I can't accept this as a rule to dating. I am a single guy who does want to find someone at some point and would rather it be sooner then later but I've always had this idea that if I were to change myself especially an aspect of my personality of which I really like just so that girls will find me more universally attractive and then I do end up dating a girl, is she dating me because she likes me or is she dating me due to an artificial change? One of the big ones especially in my college days was due to my hair. Now most of you if not all of you know me and know my hair but if you don't here is my favorite picture of my hair, it is a little blurry but I think it adds to the value of the picture.

I love that picture. Growing up in good ol' Provo Utah I was always told that if I just cut my hair then girls would want to date me. A couple of times I did have to cut my hair for various reasons, here is an example.

I've cut my hair to a buzz about 4 times in total after having a full head of hair. These cuts did not bring about dating opportunities and in fact I've dated girls while I've had hair. But this is one of those cultural issues of Utah, where for the most part the majority would rather date the guy in the second picture versus the guy in the first picture. I did have one girl in particular tell me that if we ever dated she would not let me have long hair to which I replied, "then we will never date."

Here's my philosophy, I want someone to love me for who I am and who I love being. Unfortunately what plays against me is the notion of prince charming. What I mean by this is many girls have aspects of their perfect guy, things they've been dreaming about since they were young girls. I know many guys who are the same way, and in a way I guess I am the same just in that I am looking for uniqueness and self confidence in your own uniqueness. But what I'm trying to say is that I am quite unique and when I initially talk with someone I see a lot of potential in that I look for a wide range of variety. But what works against me is since I have this wide range of variety there are things about me which could be someone's "no-nos" which they'll quickly dismiss me for regardless of our actual potential.

It may be a part of my ego that I feel this way, that I feel myself to be a bit more unique then a lot of other offerings out there but i also have to realize I'm playing with those offerings and am often viewed as one of those offerings. Someone will initially look at me and not think unique. Which is often why I feel the need to converse with someone before they can make up their mind.

Now I'm starting to ramble. But basically what it comes down to is I am someone who wants someone's true self and wants to be my true self within a relationship. And that is something of which I'm not willing to budge on so I would rather be single then have someone love me for a fractured self. So this is one of those general whiney oh I want to be in a relationship posts but it does still have a twist that I am happy that I'm not with someone I hate or someone who hates me. Plus my hair looks awesome.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jimmy's Birthday

I had a weird week but last night was quite refreshing. My friend Jimmy had his 30th birthday party. He basically reserved a room at a local club and had a dj in who did karaoke for us. So it was about 50-70 people all of whom I had at least met once before, all friends with Jimmy doing an epic night of Karaoke. You haven't really experience true karaoke until you do it with these guys. The DJ even at the end said, "I've never seen a group that brought it from start to finish as much as you guys did, it's been an honor." I did my usuals of Natalie Imbruglia's Torn and Cameo's Word Up but added a new one which I think I did quite well with:

Talking Heads: Life During Wartime

I think the best part though came because of my friend OJ. Utah is hard place for me because I am so extroverted and when I lived in Boston or London or even when I was in LA for a very short period I could do lots of flirting, I have a little bit of game outside of Utah. But inside Utah I just don't know how to do it. My friend OJ brought a first date to the party and that first date brought a random friend of hers. I didn't know her, I likely won't see her again, but in those 3 hours or so, I had some good game. It was a good ego boost. I've been needing that for a while. I stuck her with the humor charm, it worked pretty well.

Now tonight I'm back up to salt lake to see those blokes again as Jimmy and Jeff have their annual Academy Awards party at Brewvies Cinema Pub. If you haven't been to Brewvies you're missing out, it's a bar and a theater and you can order food and eat it inside the theater, and their tickets tend to be a good 4 bucks cheaper then real theaters.

Once monday starts I'm going to have to go back to being responsible and doing homework. Man it's so nice to have a killer weekend sometimes. I'm pretty sure there were some really good pictures, once everyone wakes up I'll post one or two in my next post.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


One of the worst things about living in Utah is that all the gyms close down on sundays. This kills me because it's a lot easier for me to keep something up on a daily schedule and sometimes on tuesdays or wednesdays because I'm doing school I can't go to the gym. So by missing one of those days I just lose another day and can only do 5 days a week instead of 6. If Golds Gym was open on sundays I could go and be awesome. The closest one that is open is the one off of Van Winkle in South Salt Lake (murray maybe? I don't know suburb names up there) but that one is only open from 8 am to 4 pm. So if I happen to wake up at 3 pm then that no gym for the day.

I'm not complaining today however because I'll likely be laying in bed most of the day. There is a golds in orem that is open 24 hours but then on saturday night it closes at midnight and monday morning opens at 5 am and then stays open until midnight saturday. That's the one I tend to go to, it's not the closest but it serves my needs. So often if I want to do a saturday workout I have to plan for in the day or right before midnight so if I'm doing some sort of social party then no gym on saturday. Last night a bunch of my friends went to see Dave Foley do stand up, I was also invited by another friend to go see the oscar nominated shorts in salt lake, but as I spent too much money last week and know I will be spending a bunch of money next week (Jimmy's Karaoke birthday party! on Saturday and Oscar night at Brewvies on Sunday) I knew I didn't have the funds to do either thing. So last night I thought I'll go to the gym and get a good workout in. At about 8:30 my mom was like, "Hey I'm gonna watch Moneyball, you wanna watch it with me?" And of course I wanted to since i haven't seen it.

One thing that may surprise those that don't know my parents is they both have excellent taste in movies. Of course they do come to me first on most of their decisions to make sure something isn't over the top gory. We watched Drive the other day and didn't realize it had very sudden moments of over the top gore. There was one scene and I won't really spoil it, but if the first gore scene were the only gore scene I think the movie would have been better because it would have been one moment of insane terror to juxtapose the rest of the movie. I did like the movie even though it was quite weird. My dad is super into foreign movies, I probably would not have seen the beautiful French movie Jean De Florette if not for him.

My mom does prefer action movies but she also likes sci-fi which is fun as well. But both of them are always willing to watch oscar nominated films. So yeah we watched moneyball which i do think should win for sound editing. Then the movie ended at about 10:40 so I knew I had one hour to do the gym for the night. So I got on the elliptical and let the music decide how fast I would go. Often I'll just put my ipod on random and run to the music and see where it takes me, well if you read the title you can probably guess what happened. Here are some of the songs I ran to last night, you don't need to listen to all of them but you'll just find they are all quite fast paced. But if you're looking for some new music these are a good mix of decently fast songs. (apparently I don't know how to embed.)

We Are Scientists -- The Great Escape

Chiptuned Rockman -- Shadow Man Remix

Dj Satomi -- Waves

The Pillows -- Come Down

Apocalyptica -- Drive

Stratovarius -- Forever Free

Now click on the last one and listen to about 30 seconds and then see that it is a 6 minute long song and that it doesn't slow down at all. I clocked in 4 miles in 40 minutes and at the end was completely drenched in sweat. That last song especially I was pumping my fist as I ran mouthing the words "Forever Free!" It was pretty epic. Regardless I don't think I'll be moving much today because I am insanely sore. I'm a bit behind on my chinese movies class so it'll give me a chance to watch those movies.